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February 2023

Issue 267 | February 2023

February in bloom From visiting vineyards, skiing on Mount Hermon, and admiring the flowers in bloom - our selection of the most exciting things to experience in Israel this month, from north to south

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In-flight I Issue 267 I February 2023


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Photo: Rafi Babian

Editor’s Letter With travel now instensely back in our lives, it’s safe to say everybody’s feeling the urge to pack their bags and go somewhere inspiring, somewhere where the landscapes, culture and flavors are new and unknown. Though the desire to travel creeps up no matter the time of year, February is still very much wintertime in the northern hemisphere, and though that may mean endless rain, wind and cold in some regions, the sun is never too far away in Israel, even on those much-anticipated days of snow. February is peak-bloom month in Israel, with thousands of anemones painting its hills and fields red, cyclamen and irises dotting its every surface, and almond trees blossoming everywhere. As if enjoying the flowers in bloom wasn’t reason enough to set off on a daytrip, there are dozens of events and activities

happening across the country. We’ve selected 12 of the best of them all, for you to choose from on your next family break or romantic getaway – as February of course means Valentine’s Day as well! From outdoor fun in Tel Aviv’s new park to soup festivals in Jerusalem, skiing on Mount Hermon, visits to museums, vineyards, or rooftop gardens – the options are endless. Also in our magazine this month: art show and events’ recommendations, a look into the country’s first private airport terminal, a peer into Israel’s leading FoodTech company that’s about to revolutionize the way we eat meat (hint: no animal products are involved), and plenty more articles we hope you’ll enjoy. I wish you all a pleasant read and a peaceful flight, Nava Marton

Head Of Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity Tal Kalderon Talkal@elal.co.il

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Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



In-flight I Issue 267 I February 2023


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See the Sights 16 Explore Eat, Travel, Enjoy: 12 of the most exciting things to experience this month

Lifestyle 24 Hotels The Glorious Restoration: the story of one of the world’s best hotels 28 Design Five top art and design book recommendations

Magazine 22 Easy landings

Meet Israel’s first ever VIP terminal, Fattal Terminal

Business 32 Technology CES tech fair highlights 34 FoodTech The Israeli FoodTech

company leading the meat revolution without an animal product in sight



DREAM. ACHIEVE. CAESAREA. Lots for Self- Building 600 m 2 from NIS 5.8 mi l l ion | 1-dunam lots from NIS 12 mi l l ion

| * 6 5 5 0 Choosing Caesarea means choosing a lifestyle with uncompromising standards, which combine all the advantages of the town – a high quality of life, uniqueness, sea views, outstanding education, and rich community life. For details: www.caesarea.com

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Check-in I Travel News & Updates

February Highlights

Consider this: the tomato juice question Ever wondered why tomato juice is only served onboard planes? In an experiment conducted in Germany they found that altitude modifies our juice taste good to us when we’re 30 thousand feet above ground. You’re more than welcome to put this theory to the test yourselves! tastebuds and makes tomato

New Opening / Tel Aviv’s first ever hotel Last month, MGallery inaugurated its new luxury hotel in Tel Aviv’s picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. The Elkonin Hotel stands on the foundations of what once was the White City’s first ever hotel, erected in 1913 by Malka and Menahem Elkonin. After years of thorough restauration (undertaken by architect Bar Orian), the hotel has finally opened its doors, offering 44 sleekly designed rooms in 13 different categories (including 2 luxury suites), scattered between two connecting structures, the old 3-story edifice, and a new 7-story one. The building hadn’t served as a hotel since the 1940’s and had stood empty since the 80’s, until it was bought by French investor Dominique Romano, who gave interior designer Adriana Shor full rein as the hotel’s creative director. The result is superbly Parisian in elegance and style, in part due to the

Photo: Sivan Askayo

hotel’s restaurant L’Époque, the first Joël Robuchon eatery in Israel. The menu is described as French with a Mediterranean twist and includes Joël Robuchon classics as well as typically French desserts. The Elkonin is also the first hotel in the country to have a spa managed by French luxury skincare brand Clarins. Prices start at NIS 1,800 a night for a standard room. The Elkonin Hotel, Lilienblum 9, Tel Aviv

Photo: Amit Geron

A new hotel is set to open on Mount Hermon The project to build a European-style ski resort on Mount Hermon is finally set to take off, after years of waiting for it to be greenlit. The resort hotel will be a 5-star establishment with 100 rooms, heated pools, and open views on the country’s highest mountain. If everything goes according to plan, the resort will open in 2028.

The Jaffa Hotel has been added to the prestigious list of the world’s best hotels Exclusive travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler has added The Jaffa Hotel to the 57 establishments included in its list of the world’s best hotels. Judges supported their choice by remarking that “the feel of ‘old meets new’ is present in every one of the hotel’s spaces”, and that “Jaffa is one of the most creative and vibrant places in Israel” (see p’ 24).

Israel expects 5 million tourists in 2023 In 2022, Israel welcomed a total of 2.6 million tourists. Though this figure is far-off from the 4.5 million of 2019, it remains an impressive number after two years of pandemic-induced lockdowns. According to Israel’s recently appointed Minister of Tourism Haim Katz, “breaking the 2019 record is a realistic goal”.



Photos: PR, Mount Hermon mock-up by Dor Architecture and Urban Planning

Check-in I Local events I February 2023 I Shiri Brook-Sagie

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Art Exhibition | The Imperial Hotel Wonderland Tel Aviv The new multidisciplinary pop-up show at the Imperial Hotel is part of the series of pop-up art shows that have been drawing in crowds across Tel Aviv in recent months. Dozens of artists will be exposing their work across 37 of the hotel’s rooms, thus turning them into wonderlands of art, discovery, and magic. Curated by Ya’ara Sachs, the exhibition includes more than 50 artists and young designers working in a range of disciplines. Visitors are invited to wander through the rooms and spaces as if walking through a 3-D psychedelic trip, somewhere between the Château de Versailles and a tropical jungle. From February 9 th , HaYarkon 66, Tel Aviv, tickets via to-mix.co.il

Dor Peleg - The Imperial Hotel Wonderland

Theatre | Under Construction, the Davai Israeli Clown Theatre Group Across the country The Davai Israeli Clown Theatre Group is traveling across the country, delighting audiences with the show that garnered such great success at international festivals this past year. The play tells the story of three men who wake up one morning in their small rundown apartment and try to turn on the kettle. The result is 80 minutes of comedy without a word being spoken, drawing the audience into a world of absurdist fiction that’s constantly tiptoeing on the borders of reality. February 3 rd – 12 th , davai-group.org

Photo: Alfredo Millan



Photo: Carlos Yanez

DIOZ - Guy Bloom

MarK Eliyahu - Chamber Music Festival

Art Exhibition | For the People: Street Art and Graffiti The Negev Arts Museum, Beer Sheba This new exhibition is bringing some of the best Israeli street art from the outside into the inside, giving artists full rein to express themselves directly onto the museum walls. The exhibition focuses on the three layers of graffiti art: the artist, the art itself, and the person looking at the art, each layer telling its own story: be it of loneliness, of social criticism, or of a specific moment from everyday life. The exhibition includes many impressive works, drawn or painted onto the museum walls, doors, cupboards, shelves, etc. (Curator: Nirit Dahan). Until April 30 th , negev-museum.org.il

Music | The International Chamber Music Festival and the Eilat Jazz Festival Eilat Two important music festivals are taking place this month in Eilat, making for a great opportunity to enjoy top-rate international music as well as some winter sun. The chamber music festival is being held at the Dan Eilat Hotel and includes more than 100 artists and ensembles from around the world, such as the Gabrieli Consort & Players, and international star Mark Eliyahu. The jazz festival is back in its winter format, with concerts celebrating great jazz standards, as well as tribute concerts for such musicians as Michel Petrucciani and Shoshana Damari, aside performances by young international jazz musicians. The International Chamber Music Festival, February 8 th – 11 th , eilat festival.co.il; The Eilat Jazz Festival – winter edition, February 23 rd – 25 th , redseajazz.co.il-*

Josie Katz I Photo: Yael Rozen

Music Festival | The Charles Bronfman Auditorium Winter Festival Tel Aviv The yearly Charles Bronfman Auditorium Winter Festival is back again, this time marking the auditorium’s 65 th anniversary. Singer Josie Katz will be opening the festival, accompanied on stage by a string of fellow artists and musicians, while the Tipex band will be closing it, performing on stage with singer Sarit Hadad. This year’s edition is giving center-stage to female artists, and will include performances by singers Riff Cohen, Nurit Galron, Rona Kenan, and Daniela Spector. In addition, there’ll be a bar serving alcoholic beverages and live shows will take place each night before the main show. February 8 th – 11 th , hatarbut.co.il



Check-in I Our Guide

You’ve arrived at the destination of your dreams, the food is delicious, you’re enjoying every second of your trip to the fullest - but the thought of falling out of shape because of all the fun, is gnawing at you. Here are 5 strategies to rev up your heart rate to avoid that disheartening scenario \ By Oren Herschlag 5 tips for staying fit while on vacation

01 When packing: always remember to pack a set of gym clothes and keep in mind that there’s no better way to get to know a place than on foot (even on sunbathing holidays). 02 Go for a run or a walk: check if there are any parks or outdoor areas where you can go for a walk or a run (shop hopping doesn’t count!). It’s always a good idea to consult hotel clerks as they can point you towards the best running or walking spots. 03 Check out the hotel gym: nowadays, big hotels usually have their own gym. Go check yours

out – you’ll soon discover it’s far from crowded, and you’ll feel like you’re in your own private gym. Half an hour on the treadmill in the morning will get your heart rate nicely pumped and release all those wonderful endorphins, even while you’re on vacation. If you prefer to abstain from your usual daily run, do 30 minutes of weightlifting instead, to make sure you stay fit and active. 04 Go for a swim: going for a half-hour swim in the morning or evening in the hotel pool is it too, a great way to stay in shape while on holiday. It will keep you feeling active during the vacation, and if you’re holidaying by the sea, go

for a swim along the shoreline (only when there’s a lifeguard around of course). 05 Go for a bike ride: more and more cities in the world are making space for bike trails. Cycling is a truly great way to get to know a place, as well as stay active, as it allows you to be fully autonomous, dispensing you from having to rely on public transport. (Remember to always put your helmet on!) Courtesy of Shvoong, Israel’s most comprehensive and professional endurance sports website, covering running, triathlon, biking, and swimming / shvoong.co.il


Check-in I Checklist

Flight essentials for your next trip

Shearling lined Birkenstocks with flexible cork sole that adapts to the shape of your feet, available in several colors, for children, women, and men, NIS 699.90, available online at originals.co.il

Ski jacket by Picture Organic, NIS 899.90, available online at outsiders.co.il

Trekking pole with anti-collision and Quick Lock system by Outdoor Revolution, made of aluminum, 66-145 cm length, easily collapsible and extendable to adapt to any terrain, NIS 79, available online at kalgav.co.il

Sleekly designed insulated mug by Canadian brand Asobu, constructed with copper lining, double-walled stainless steel, and a ceramic inner coating insuring 12 hours of heat retention and 24 of cold, NIS 149, available online at gentleman.co.il

Expandable toiletry bag with interior compartments, a zipper-pocket, a leakproof one, a swivel metal hook to hang on any bathroom door, large, meshed side pockets and an intended spot for a mirror, available in several colors, NIS 55, available online at kalgav.co.il

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro smartwatch health and fitness tracker, elegantly designed, software available in Hebrew, 1.64” AMOLED screen, 12-day battery, NIS 369, available online at mi-il.co.il

ART Bright Metallic shoulder bag by Kipling with dual carry handles, removable and adjustable strap, NIS 499, available online at ibags.net and kipling-il.co.il

Feet warmers by Only Hot, NIS 19 per packet, one pair per packet, available online at onlyhot.co.il


Photos: PR

Yossi Avrahami invites you to upgrade to the home you always wanted. Visit the selection of exclusive projects we are building all over Israel Redefining luxury living



Images are for illustration purposes only



* 2232

Check-in I Wellness

5 proven reasons to go on a romantic couple’s holiday \ By Shiri Brook-Sagie Love is in the air

gives couples a chance to focus on intimacy and emotions. They create opportunities to be more romantic Holidaying with your partner gives you an opportunity to be romantic in ways you might not usually be. Spreading sun cream on their backs, helping them carry their bags, or helping them choose what to get at a restaurant – these small romantic gestures all participate in creating more intimacy. ♥ According to psychologist and couples’ therapist Dr Amy Rollo, holidays are opportunities for couples to be romantic towards each other, which allows them to develop their own “love language”, which includes those seemingly small gestures that increase intimacy far more than bombastic ones in daily life ever could.

They improve intimacy A research study published by the U.S.

Travel Association shows that couples who travel together are more satisfied with their relationship than couples who don’t, enjoying higher levels of intimacy and better sex after the holiday. The study reveals that holidays are far more effective in improving intimacy than exchanging expensive gifts. ♥ No need to go traveling around the world in 80 days – a short weekend getaway will do the trick just fine! Romantic holidays can be highly effective at reducing stress levels since they allow you to relax both physically and mentally. In a survey published by the U.S. Travel Association, 89% of respondents said going on even just a one-day or two-day trip allows them to forget about daily stressors such as work or the kids, and just enjoy spending time together. ♥ To maintain stress levels low, keep things simple. According to the They reduce stress levels

couples’ therapist and blogger Megan Harrison (couplescandy.com), anything too complicated may backfire and unnecessarily end up causing stress.

create something fun to look forward to, which in itself pumps new air into a relationship. They improve communication If you feel like all you ever talk about with your partner is shopping lists and what time to pick the kids up from violin practice – plan a holiday asap. Holidays give you time to really talk and have meaningful conversations – not just exchange a few words on your way to or from work, when you’re tired and stressed. ♥ According to energy psychologist and couples’ therapist Dr. Karyne Wilner, stepping out of the familiar surroundings of the home,

They create shared memories

Feel like you’re in a relationship slump?

Plan a holiday together somewhere neither of you have ever been, or even just a night in a hotel. Holidays give couples a chance to share common interests and create shared memories. ♥ According to dating and relationships expert Hunt Ethridge (huntforadvice. com), when couples plan a holiday together, they


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We are ICONYX Our spceiality lies in breathing life into culture assests by turning them into diamond jewelry Contact us +972542985818 Info@iconyx.jewelry

Business I FoodTech See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

01 Photo: Rafi Babian

Though it is the shortest month of the year, February is also a time when the landscapes of Israel are remarkably beautiful. It offers myriad activities to discover and enjoy with the family or on a romantic getaway with your better half. Here are 12 of the month’s highlights – from visits to vineyards, skiing on Mount Hermon, to admiring the flowers in bloom / By Ariela Aflalo February in Bloom: 12 of the most exciting things to experience this month

Darom Adom A festival of red anemones in the South Anemones are in bloom, peppering the fields that lay between the Shikma and Basor streams in the Negev, making for the best backdrop to the yearly festival of Darom Adom that takes place in their honor. Activities include: guided treks, visits to local farms, bike tours, recycling and durability workshops, strawberry picking, markets and fairs, as well as live shows with such performers as Rami Kleinstein, David Broza, Shlomi Shaban and more. When: February 1 st – 28 th Where: across the northern Negev area Info: @daromadom






Photo: Ariela Aflalo

Almond trees in bloom The buds of spring


Asif The rooftop garden of the Culinary Institute of Israel

05 “Back to our Roots” The Jezreel Valley Festival of Flavors For its 19 th edition, the Jezreel Valley’s Festival of Flavors, is this year celebrating its agricultural roots and their connection to regional food. Activities include: guided tours of farms and vineyards, tree-planting, outdoor workshops for kids and adults, meals at renowned local restaurants and vineyards, visits to local galleries, and more. When: February 1 st – 11 th Where: across the Jezreel Valley Info: hafaka-ivrit.co.il As almond trees start to blossom across the country, they seem to herald the coming of spring as they cover parks, trails, valleys, and neighborhoods, in exquisite tones of pink and white. They are a joy to behold and offer a great opportunity to take the family on a weekend getaway, perhaps in celebration of the Jewish Holiday of Tu BiShvat, also the day of ecological awareness in Israel. Info: kkl.org.il

Asif is an experiential and cultural hub centered around the research, documentation, and celebration of Israeli cuisine. Established by the Jewish Food Society and Israeli tech company Start-Up Nation Central, the center operates a first-rate restaurant and café that places great emphasis on local produce and offers a menu composed of typically Israeli dishes. There’s also a deli, a gallery, and a unique collection of cookery books. The institute also boasts a wonderful rooftop garden filled with plants and herbs, some cultivated using innovative AgriTech technologies. The garden is a cornucopia of heirloom plants and new varieties of fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs. On Fridays, between 10:00 and 12:00, there are guided tours of the gallery, library, garden, and kitchen, where participants are invited to taste some of the delicious dishes served here. When: Sundays to Thursdays: 09:00 17:00, Fridays: until 15:00 Where: Lilienblum 26, Tel Aviv Info: asif.org

Photo: Dvir Lahar


Mount Hermon Israel’s official skiing site

Mount Hermon is in constant renewal. Its new closed-cabin ski lifts transport visitors 2,040 m - high in 5 minutes’ time, protecting them from the cold and the wind – a definite upgrade from the chairlifts previously in use. The new cabin lifts can service up to 2,400 people an hour. There are 11 ski tracks to choose from, a ski school, snowmobiles, an “extreme” mountain sled called the Sky Rider that allows you to levitate at 12 meters above ground (while watching a movie as you do so, if you also choose to wear the Sky Rider VR goggles). When: all week Where: Mount Hermon Info: skihermon.co.il



See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

07 HaNadiv Park For a day of outdoor fun


Photos: Eran Turgeman

The lavishly renovated Gordonia Hotel Perfect for a romantic Valentine’s weekend

Photo: Ariela Aflalo

Ramat HaNadiv lies between Zikhron Ya’akov and Binyamina and spreads over a thousand acres of land. An oasis of green expanses and wild nature, it was first established in honor of Baron Edmond de Rothschild. HaNadiv Park, nicknamed “the Versailles gardens of the Carmel region”, possesses a multitude of paths and trails across five different sections including a rose garden, a waterfall garden, a palm tree garden, a herb garden, and a rare iris garden that is awe-strikingly beautiful in February and March when the flowers are in bloom. The park is also home to the mausoleum erected in memory of the Baron de Rothschild and his wife, and its visitors’ center screens a documentary telling the incredible story of the Rothschild family. There’s also a games’ park, a wishing well, and the remains of an ancient Byzantine villa. When: Sundays to Thursdays, Saturdays and Holidays: 08:00-16:00; Fridays and Holiday Eves: 08:00 14:00 Where: the district of Haifa, between

Nestled in the heart of the Jerusalem Hills, the Gordonia Hotel has undergone many changes since it was first established as a nursing home in the 1940’s by members of the Ma’ale HaHamisha kibbutz. A few months ago, the hotel underwent extensive renovations and refurbishments (costing no less than NIS 20 million), doubling the number of suites so that it now offers 40 of them, 27 of which include their own private pool and hot tub. The beautiful views are only one of the reasons to come to the Gordonia. The other ones all have to do with the extreme levels of pampering. All

the suites have a mini bar, hand-sewn bed linen, (guests can even choose their pillows’ level of softness). The hotel has a 15 m heated infinity pool overlooking open views, aside a giant hot tub and sauna with a view on the Hills of Jerusalem. The Gordonia has also acquired a new “buffet salon” where guests are invited to enjoy food and drink whenever they please (at an extra cost), a spa that offers all sorts of treatments (the spa is also open to non-guests), a Jacuzzi, and a dry sauna. There’s also a bike rental service if you feel like a romantic cycling tour of the valleys and hills. The Gordonia Hotel is for adults only (18+) and offers various package deals: some include a stay and spa treatments, others also include a tour of the nearby vineyard or a tasting tour at the Mahane Yehuda market. Prices range between NIS 1,800 for a mid-week stay in a suite without a pool and NIS 5,000 for a stay in the presidential suite on a weekend. Where: The Gordonia Hotel, Ma’ale HaHamisha Info: gordoniahotel.com

Zikhron Ya’akov and Binyamina Info: ramat-hanadiv.org.il/en/


10 The Arava Open Day Exhibition A look into agricultural innovation

Photo: Fabian Koldorf

Photo: Ariela Aflalo

The Yair R&D center in the Arava is dedicated to AgriTech innovation and research. With the advent of the Jewish Holiday of TuBiShvat and the Israeli Ecological Awareness Day, it is opening its doors to present the biggest agricultural exhibition in the country, offering a look into the wonders of AgriTech innovation. Sprawled across 20000 sqm, the exhibition showcases more than 200 companies from everywhere in the world, specializing in the most cutting-edge technologies in domains ranging from water management, air quality management, solar power, off-road vehicles, etc., aside stalls presenting the latest developments in fruit and vegetable cultivation. The exhibition will also include: guided tours of the center’s greenhouse, a visitor’s center, screenings of an interactive 3-D movie, a farmers’ market, and the option to go on guided tours of the Arava area, visit a crocodile farm, and numerous other desert attractions. Entrance is free. When: February 1 st – 2 nd Where: Yair station, Moshav Hazeva Info: aravaopenday.co.il


Tel Aviv’s Park HaMesila Outdoor fun

Now the greenest spot in the south of Tel Aviv, this used to be where the old Ottoman train passed through on its way from Jaffa to Jerusalem and back. The new park is situated between the Neve Tzedek and Florentin neighborhoods, and is a great spot to enjoy a picnic, let the kids play, ride a bike, have a coffee, or a slice of pizza at Eyal Shani’s nearby eatery “Romano”. This is also where the new Elifelet tram station is located, already ready for the light rail trains to pass through it in the coming months. When: 24/7 Where: Between Nahalat Binyamin (near its junction with Yehuda Halevy st.) and the Old Station complex.

09 Photo: Shlomi Amsalam

The Inbal Hotel Soup Festival A taste of winter

The yearly Inbal Hotel soup festival allows hungry visitors to enjoy as much as they desire of a huge variety of soups, including onion soup, corn soup, miso soup, leek and chestnut soup, and more, at the price of NIS 87. When: Sundays to Thursdays, 12:00 – 22:00 Where: The Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem Info: inbalhotel.com



See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Photos: Roni Cnaani

Photo: Ariela Aflalo



ANU The Museum of the Jewish People

The Vickar birwatching observation deck Following the migratory birds This observation deck at the Mishmar HaSharon reservoir is one of the best places in Israel to watch the multitude of birds flying through the skies. Pelicans are particularly easy to spot here, some merely stopping on their way south, while others remain for the whole winter season, knowing fish is abundant here. Waterfowl, seagulls, and herons are also common sightings. Entrance is free and note that the nearby Alexander River-Italy Park is a great spot for a picnic. When: 24/7 Where: Mishmar HaSharon Reservoir,

The ANU Museum of the Jewish People is dedicated to Jewish history, heritage, and culture across the ages and the world. Its exhibitions are always fascinatingly multilayered, and presented in such a way that visitors of all ages are drawn into the exhibits and installations, via interactive games, touchscreens, and animated movies that tell the stories of trailblazing members of the Jewish People, such as scientist Albert Einstein, Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz, or spy Eli Cohen. When: Sundays to Saturdays from 10:00, Fridays from 09:00 Where: Klausner St. 15, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv Info: anumuseum.org.il

near Moshav Haniel Info: kkl.org.il/travel


Picture a more caring world…

EL AL and Bank Hapoalim are ongoing supporters of ALUT, ALEH and ADI. We invite you to join us and take part in our "Small Change . Big Dreams." campaign for the benefit of children with disabilities.

Your small change (the unused loose bills and coins from your trip overseas) can grant a multitude of wishes for tens of thousands of children with disabilities. With your help, we can give them hope, empowerment and care. Your donation envelope will be collected during the flight by our EL AL crew. The children of ALUT, ALEH and ADI wish you a pleasant flight and hope that all of your dreams come true.

חלומות גדולים.

הרשת הלאומית לטיפול וקידום ילדים ואנשים עם מוגבלויות The national network for the treatment and advancement of children and people with disabilities ALEH CREATING HOPE

Magazine I Airport News

Easy landings: meet Israel’s first ever VIP terminal, Fattal Terminal Ben Gurion Airport now has its very own luxury private terminal, where all pre and post flight procedures are carried out for those traveling through it: check-in, security checks, hand luggage screenings, passport control, etc. No more airport stress and headaches – just a beautiful lounge designed to make you feel at home \ By Nava Marton

Israelis and tourists, arrivals and departures

Anyone who’s ever enjoyed the services of Ben Gurion Airport’s Fattal Terminal knows how liberatingly timesaving and pampering it is. “We opened the terminal in 2019, under the impetus of David Fattal, chairman and owner of the Fattal Group, who recognized the airport’s need for a private terminal”, says Shani Shiferman, the terminal’s CEO. “At first, it was mostly used by passengers of private planes, but now, four years since its opening, there’s a definite pick-up in demand from passengers flying commercial as well, even more than we expected”. Easy to use and a (huge) timesaver The Fattal Terminal is Israel’s first private terminal. It offers VIP services to all its users, either entering or leaving the country, flying both private and commercial. Spread across 1,300 sqm, it includes an elegantly designed lounge, six private spaces with adjoining showers and resting areas, spacious meeting rooms, giant TV screens, a cigar lounge, three bedrooms with toilets and showers, a bar, a generously stocked buffet, check-in services, security checks, duty-free stores, private transportation to the

departing plane, and more. “More than NIS 18 million went into it – it’s a huge investment”, says Shiferman. “A lot of thought and planning went into creating something that would make people feel at home, pampered and cared for. Every detail has been carefully weighed, with zero compromises along the way”.

“The terminal has an area for arrivals and another for departures but the personalized services and overall experience is identical either way”, explains Shiferman, remarking on the fact that counterintuitively, though the pandemic hit the airline industry hard, it ended up being beneficial for the terminal, giving it wide

Photos: Asaf Pinchuk


5 things to know about the Fattal Terminal:

When should you book the terminal’s services?

Usually, bookings take place between 48 and 72 hours prior to the flight. When it’s peak travel season and demand is high, it’s wise to book two weeks ahead. When you make your booking, you will need to provide your flight details. Is there anything you need to do before arriving at the terminal? No. The Fattal Terminal takes care of everything. How long do all the pre and post flight procedures take? If your flight is outgoing, you’ll need to get to the terminal two hours before departure. If you’re traveling with just a carry-on, you can even get away with arriving merely an hour before. If your landing in Israel, the process of entering the country depends on how long it takes for the luggage to be unloaded from the plane, but even that is quick and easy, as the process of retrieving your luggage is taken care of for you by the Fattal Terminal agents. Can you stay the night in the terminal? Yes. The Fattal Terminal’s three How much does it cost ? The baseline price is around $500 per person, but the price decreases according to the amount of people traveling together – $400 for the second person and so forth up to five people. If there are more than five people, the price then stays the same. Use of the meeting rooms, bedrooms, and private spaces is at an extra cost. bedrooms are available for bookings (at an extra cost).

Shani Shiferman, CEO, Fattal Terminal: “A lot of thought and planning went into creating something that would make people feel at home, pampered and cared for. Every detail has been carefully weighed"

Photo: Aya Ben Ezri

visibility. “The pandemic was a time in which our terminal garnered huge attention, as it became a crucial location for governmental meetings, business meetings between major international players, and job interviews. People would land in the country, come to our terminal for their meeting, and fly back without having to enter the country, though the health regulations applicable at the time were of course put in place”. Anyone flying through the Fattal Terminal will tell you that its most significant advantage is that it’s such a timesaver. Some use it for business meetings (the terminal’s meeting room has a capacity of up to 50 people), some come for a meeting,

stay the night at the terminal (there are three bedrooms with showers and toilets), and fly somewhere else the next day. “In the summer and during the holiday season, there are lots of families with children who use our services, and since April 2022, companies use our services for their employees’ business trips. We also cater to large groups and delegations, and of course, many celebrities use our services as well”, says Shiferman. “There are now 50 people working in the terminal, a number that has steadily increased since it opened. Our mission is to make every passenger feel at home and release them from the stress that airports can so easily generate”.




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The Glorious Restoration Tel Aviv is home to many great, even superb hotels – but The Jaffa Hotel is unlike any other. How so? Because of the layers of history steeped deep into every brick and stone of its structure. It took ten years to restore this exquisite edifice and transform it into one of the most luxurious hotels in Israel (and in the world). Here’s the story of how a 19 th century hospice became a 21 st century luxury boutique hotel / By Yulia Prilik-Niv

The Jaffa Hotel has been added to Luxury Travel Magazine Condé Nast Travel’s latest list of best hotels in the world. But it took a lot of imagination to envisage the ultrachic hotel it is today, when stood in front of the derelict ruins of the 200-year-old building on the corner of Old Jaffa’s Yefet and Louis Pasteur streets. And yet, 25 years ago, a group of visionary architects and investors did just that. After ten years of work and planning, they succeeded in bringing this diamond in the rough back to life (and making archeological discoveries along the way). Meticulous restoration and modern design The story of the Jaffa Hotel starts in 1995, when talk began of making changes to this area of the city. Once the Jewish-American real-estate investor and fervent Zionist Aby Rosen entered the fray, the project

took flight. He bought the land from the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph and recruited British architect John Pawson to join Israeli architect and urban planner Ramy Gill, who was already involved in the project, to work on the building’s transformation, and add an extra wing as well. Restoration projects such as this one, invariably involve overcoming numerous hurdles, and the bigger the project, the bigger the hurdles. Gill and Pawson were met with one such hurdle when the remains of a 13 th century Crusaders’ garrison were discovered underground, when work on the building’s foundations were taking place. The Israel Antiquities Authority stepped in, and the project was stalled, until the decision to integrate the remains of the garrison walls into the project’s design was taken. Today, the remains are visible as you walk into the lobby, and they continue right down into the beautiful inner courtyard.

Photos: Amit Geron




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Photos: Amit Geron

Dozens of restoration experts and craftsmen and women took part in the project, achieving a truly remarkable result: layers of color belonging to beautiful frescoes were uncovered and reclaimed, original window frames were salvaged thanks to the addition of imported crystal glass panes, the chapel was restored to its former glory, and the list of conservational feats goes on. Visual separation between old and new The Jaffa Hotel is composed of two parts: the U-shaped structure of the old historic edifice and the new wing, built to form a perfect square with the “U”. The two structures that encircle the inner courtyard are completely conservation and restoration laws require. Adding new structures that use different architectural languages is part of the restoration process. “By clearly marking the separation between the old and new, we’re ensuring future generations will have a grasp of the building’s history”, different from one another – as international architectural

explains architectural conservation specialist Tal Gazit, from the Amnon Bar-On architectural firm. The new part has no intention of “competing” with the historic one – its design and structure are entirely modern. The hotel’s delicious breakfast is served in the beautiful inner courtyard, though the jewel in the crown here has got to be the chapel, with its dazzling stained glass windows. Duly deconsecrated, nowadays - aside from being admired for its beautiful marble floors, gothic arches, and sculpted columns – the chapel serves as a bar and an occasional venue for live shows and DJ sets. The contrast is exhilarating and particularly photogenic - and reminiscent of certain atmospheres you can experience in Europe. Modern interior design and a first-rate location There are 120 rooms, each unique in size and design, though they are all beautifully chic and modern. The historic building houses rooms with high ceilings, arches and thick walls, and have an

air of distinguished nostalgia about them, while the rooms in the modern building have a lighter, more minimalistic aesthetic. The Jaffa Hotel also includes 32 permanent living units, including a 1,500 sqm penthouse, sold for no less than $65 million. The hotel has its own outdoor pool, sunbathing deck, bar, gym, deli called Golda’s (in honor of former Prime minister Golda Meir), restaurant (that serves non-Kosher breakfasts to guests and non-guests alike), and a spa complex run by the international beauty brand L.Raphael. The hotel lobby has the remains of the 13 th century garrison wall on one side, and hugely impressive Damian Hirst creations on the other, precious works of art, donated by Aby Rosen himself. The Jaffa Hotel is the only Marriott International hotel in Israel (and it has the price tag to prove it, with one night costing an average of NIS 2,800). It is also on the exclusive American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts Virtuoso list, and the international travel magazine World Travel Awards has added The Jaffa Hotel to its 2021 list of the world’s best hotels. thejaffa-hotel.co.il ■


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Art books are forever

The digital realm will never fully satisfy lovers of art and design, as they’re always in search of more contact with the artistic creations they admire – at least not in the same way a book can. Flicking through a beautiful art book is always a whirlwind of visual delight and inspiration. Here are five of our top art and design book recommendations \ By Adi Fogel Hollander

For Art’s Sake Collectors’ homes

If you love art and design, you need this book in your home. Its pages are dense with beautiful shots of the extraordinary homes of 25 of the world’s most prominent art collectors, art dealers, and gallerists, as well as interviews with each of them, conducted by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian, a renowned art collector herself. The interviews offer a glimpse into the lives and careers of these inspiring personalities, who candidly expose their homes and beliefs about art and artistic creation. Their homes are not only filled with exquisite art, but some are also designed by famous interior designers, adding an extra layer to the story. Available at selected bookshops

Ori Sela has been covering the world of design for over 25 years, spending the last three fully focusing on the local Israeli design scene. Her book, Local Dot Com, showcases 25 product designers specialized in designer homeware. Through them, Sela explores the trend of slow design, by which the values of creation, craftsmanship and process are integral to the product itself. The book also examines the work of 11 of Local Dot Com Flashing a spotlight on Israeli design

Israel’s most influential personalities in the spheres of gastronomy, theatre, cinema, and communication, chosen here for having created their own “utopic interiors”, (be it a restaurant, theatre stage, etc.), inspired by the objects that appear in the book. Sela also writes extensively about the development of a person’s own personal taste, in terms of interior design in particular. Available via: localdotcom.shop


Inside The homes of interior designers It’s always interesting to see how design professionals arrange their own interiors, as it’s truly their opportunity to express their individual taste without a client limiting their choices one way or the other. An interior designer’s home is the embodiment of their taste and vision for the ideal living space, and the expression of their authentic sensibility. The book includes 60 homes of all shapes, sizes, and styles, and beyond the fact that it allows readers to get to know the people behind the big names of the interior design world, it’s also a fascinating look into the variety of inclinations, attitudes, and beliefs about interior design. Available at selected bookshops

A Room of Her Own Inspiring women

This book’s intriguing cover and title invite readers into a world of living spaces designed by female designers from all four corners of the world. It tells the story of 20 women working in the art world today, in various capacities - as artists, curators, cultural ambassadors, photographers, etc. – though many are involved in many different activities, accumulating job titles and professions – like many 21 st century women do. Texts and photos are by Australian artist Robyn Lea, who artfully draws readers into the rich worlds of these fascinating women - into their homes, living spaces, workspaces, and worlds of visual imagery. What a pleasure of a book. Available at selected bookshops

Broken Fingaz Street art A great way to introduce street art into your home, is to buy an art book about it. The mystery and photogenetic quality of many street art creations have turned this art form into a global trend. If you’re into skulls, skeletons, flowers, and wild boars – you’re going to love this book. It tells the story of a collective of street artists from Haifa who have been working together for the past 20 years. The Broken Fingaz collective is composed of four internationally renowned artists known solely by their nicknames - Unga, Tant, Kip, and Deso. Together they have won numerous awards and their work has been shown in galleries and museums all over the world. This monograph is a glimpse into their individual creative processes and how they come together to create a unique intertwining of sensibilities. Available via: fingazstudio.com



ICHILOV medical center presents the guide to

Medical Tourism in Tlv The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world

I'm Semen Smirnov, 34 years old. On the October,8 2022 the MRI with contrast of the kidney detected a kidney tumor. I decided to avoid any risk of unsuccessful treatment and contacted the International Department of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. On 24 October I started the examination, just after 3 days of examination doctor Avi Bary consultation took place. Doctor explained me all the details of my situation with various ways of treatment and I chose to have the surgery of the partial nephrectomy by DaVinci ISR: +972-3-6973511 RUS: 8-800-100-9616 UKR: 0-800-501933 my experience plan. This will help avoid repeated testing upon arrival, saving you precious time and money. A cost estimate will be provided in advance to give you an approximation of the expected treatment costs. We have Russian-speaking and English speaking designated coordinators who will accompany you every step of the way, from arrival to discharge. At the end of your stay at our hospital, you will receive all of your test results, in English or in Russian, at no extra charge. Your treatment coordinator and our medical staff will be happy to answer your questions regarding further recovery and follow-up. For more information visi t https://ichilov-clinic.gov.il/ or email us at medtour@tlvmc.gov.il

The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world Why choose Ichilov? Israel’s healthcare is world-renowned for its personalized approach to every patient. The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world, providing highly professional medical care and consultation to thousands of patients, adults and pediatric on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. We are constantly upgrading our facilities to make sure they feature state-of-the-art technologies, from cutting-edge diagnostic tests to the most prospective patients send us the results of diagnostic tests done at home so that our doctors can review them and make a personalized examination and treatment advanced laboratory methods. Before arriving, we request that

robot. The operation was scheduled for 4 November. All the time during my stay in Tel Aviv the major consultant of the International Department has been extremely helpful to me in all issues. I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Avi Bary, the operating room team for their professionalism and attention. Honestly, I've never experienced such kind treatment in Russia. On the 5th day after the surgery, I could fly home. The kidney function has been fully preserved, no special diet is needed, and only limitation of physical activity for 1 month.

heal thy l iving

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Cancer Treatment

Surgical Departments

Ichilov Medical Center offers a series of medical tests aimed at prevention and early detection of cancer. Treatment strategy is selected according to the cancer type and severity, presence or absence of metastases, and the unique characteristics of each patient. Our world-class specialists are expert in treating many different types of cancer in adult and pediatric patients, including: breast cancer, brain

Ichilov Hospital uses cutting-edge

At Ichilov, we use the Da Vinci System – a robotic surgical system. The system uses a minimally invasive surgical approach, helping to avoid large cuts and minimizing side effects. Our surgeons closely collaborate with every other department of the hospital, to create a personalized diagnostics and treatment plan for each individual patient.

tumors, lung cancer, gastric cancer, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, orthopedic oncology, skin cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, vaginal cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, blood cancer and more. Our unique experience in treating children with various forms of cancer allows us to work wonders in curing our young patients.

surgical technologies for a wide variety of surgical interventions in adult and pediatric patients, including complex cancer surgeries, cardiovascular surgery, chest and heart surgery, brain and cranial base surgery, urinary tract surgery, head and neck surgery, spinal surgery and organ transplantations.

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