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Less than 20% of Redefine Meat employees are vegan or vegetarian – the rest are all meat-eaters. Aside from its Rehovot based manufacturing plant, the company operates an additional one in the Netherlands where it produces 500 tones of plant-based meat per year. Redefine Meat is the first company to have launched a vegan “cut” of meat simultaneously on two different continents: in Israel, the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany. Redefine Meat products are sold in more than 100 delis and supermarkets and Israel, and served in more than 400 restaurants across the country. The company has recently launched a product line for home use.

Photo: Afik Gabay

Creating a meat-eating experience

acclaimed chef served Redefine Meat tenderloin with cream of Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom ragu.

Asian fusion dishes. International Michelin-starred chefs Marco Pierre White and Ron Blaauw are already serving the new Redefine Meat “cuts” at their respective restaurants in London and Amsterdam, and both have been present at a number of company launches. An additional recent company achievement has been the marketing of a line of products for home use in Israeli supermarkets. This shows the importance the company places not only in reaching top chefs and restaurants (400 Israeli eateries currently offer Redefine Meat dishes), but also the general public as a whole, thus contributing to bringing about a new meat-eating revolution that speaks to everyone - not just to vegans but flexitarians as well. “We’ve had vegan customers send back our products because they deemed it “too meat-like””, say Ben-Shitrit and

More research, more production

This past year, Redefine Meat has sourced more than $135 million worth of funding with the aim to establish more manufacturing plants to increase production, as well as research capacity and product lines. The company is active in Israel, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. Last October, it launched a joint initiative with French and Italian market players at the SIAL world food fair in Paris. Placed at the center of the fair complex, the Redefine Meat stall, with its tenderloin and striploin products, received much attention. The striploin cut is great for Mexican or

Lahav, declaring that their ultimate goal is to become the world’s leading meat company. “There’s a spot on the market that’s our to take: that of a major plant-based meat company for everyone”.

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit and Adam Lahav, founders of Redefine Meat: “We decided we weren’t going to try and imitate a cut of meat but rather to understand the structure and characteristics of the meat-eating experience and replicate it”



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