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In-flight I Issue 267 I February 2023


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Photo: Rafi Babian

Editor’s Letter With travel now instensely back in our lives, it’s safe to say everybody’s feeling the urge to pack their bags and go somewhere inspiring, somewhere where the landscapes, culture and flavors are new and unknown. Though the desire to travel creeps up no matter the time of year, February is still very much wintertime in the northern hemisphere, and though that may mean endless rain, wind and cold in some regions, the sun is never too far away in Israel, even on those much-anticipated days of snow. February is peak-bloom month in Israel, with thousands of anemones painting its hills and fields red, cyclamen and irises dotting its every surface, and almond trees blossoming everywhere. As if enjoying the flowers in bloom wasn’t reason enough to set off on a daytrip, there are dozens of events and activities

happening across the country. We’ve selected 12 of the best of them all, for you to choose from on your next family break or romantic getaway – as February of course means Valentine’s Day as well! From outdoor fun in Tel Aviv’s new park to soup festivals in Jerusalem, skiing on Mount Hermon, visits to museums, vineyards, or rooftop gardens – the options are endless. Also in our magazine this month: art show and events’ recommendations, a look into the country’s first private airport terminal, a peer into Israel’s leading FoodTech company that’s about to revolutionize the way we eat meat (hint: no animal products are involved), and plenty more articles we hope you’ll enjoy. I wish you all a pleasant read and a peaceful flight, Nava Marton

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Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



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