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5 proven reasons to go on a romantic couple’s holiday \ By Shiri Brook-Sagie Love is in the air

gives couples a chance to focus on intimacy and emotions. They create opportunities to be more romantic Holidaying with your partner gives you an opportunity to be romantic in ways you might not usually be. Spreading sun cream on their backs, helping them carry their bags, or helping them choose what to get at a restaurant – these small romantic gestures all participate in creating more intimacy. ♥ According to psychologist and couples’ therapist Dr Amy Rollo, holidays are opportunities for couples to be romantic towards each other, which allows them to develop their own “love language”, which includes those seemingly small gestures that increase intimacy far more than bombastic ones in daily life ever could.

They improve intimacy A research study published by the U.S.

Travel Association shows that couples who travel together are more satisfied with their relationship than couples who don’t, enjoying higher levels of intimacy and better sex after the holiday. The study reveals that holidays are far more effective in improving intimacy than exchanging expensive gifts. ♥ No need to go traveling around the world in 80 days – a short weekend getaway will do the trick just fine! Romantic holidays can be highly effective at reducing stress levels since they allow you to relax both physically and mentally. In a survey published by the U.S. Travel Association, 89% of respondents said going on even just a one-day or two-day trip allows them to forget about daily stressors such as work or the kids, and just enjoy spending time together. ♥ To maintain stress levels low, keep things simple. According to the They reduce stress levels

couples’ therapist and blogger Megan Harrison (couplescandy.com), anything too complicated may backfire and unnecessarily end up causing stress.

create something fun to look forward to, which in itself pumps new air into a relationship. They improve communication If you feel like all you ever talk about with your partner is shopping lists and what time to pick the kids up from violin practice – plan a holiday asap. Holidays give you time to really talk and have meaningful conversations – not just exchange a few words on your way to or from work, when you’re tired and stressed. ♥ According to energy psychologist and couples’ therapist Dr. Karyne Wilner, stepping out of the familiar surroundings of the home,

They create shared memories

Feel like you’re in a relationship slump?

Plan a holiday together somewhere neither of you have ever been, or even just a night in a hotel. Holidays give couples a chance to share common interests and create shared memories. ♥ According to dating and relationships expert Hunt Ethridge (huntforadvice. com), when couples plan a holiday together, they


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