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They welcome you with a smile when you arrive at the airport, make sure you are comfortable, and fly you safely to your destination – time to get up close and personal with the EL AL Israel Airlines ground and flight crew. Meet Sun d’Or Sales Manager Lea Ben-Lulu

“I believe quality personalized customer care is the key to success”

Photos: Courtesy of Sun d’Or

Name: Lea Ben-Lulu | Status: Married +3 | Position: Sun d’Or Sales Manager | Years at Sun d’Or : 11


What led you to join EL AL? “In 1992 I joined my husband who’d been sent to China on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There, I began working at the EL AL Beijing station, and have been with the company ever since, working in several of its stations around the world, notably in France and the Netherlands. Though my family and I spent 12 years abroad, being part of the EL AL family allowed me to feel connected to home. Since returning to Israel about ten years ago, I’ve been working as sales manager for the EL AL subsidiary Sun d’Or”. What does your position entail? “My job involves selling tickets to individual customers as well as to travel wholesalers, and organizing special flights per the request of specific companies and institutions, on such occasions as sports tournaments, birthday celebrations, company retreats, etc. I serve as point of contact for all our customers and answer their queries regarding pricing, conditions, and everything in between”. What do you most like about your job? “I work under immense pressure, so what I enjoy is to reach a project’s completion, knowing the customers are satisfied and that I’ve contributed to the company’s overall success”.

Which part of your job do you find most challenging? “At Sun d’Or, our team takes calls and responds to requests around-the-clock. I believe quality personalized customer care is the key to success”. What do you always have in your suitcase? “Gym clothes and make up”. Which EL AL destination do you most enjoy flying to and why? “I recently flew to Thessaloniki. It’s a lovely city with a young vibrant atmosphere full of street markets, history, a strong Jewish community and of course, delicious food”. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? “I love sports, especially running. I take part in marathons and races in Israel and

Tips & Recommendations Hotel: The Met Hotel in Thessaloniki - it’s a high-end hotel with great attention to detail, located in one the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Restaurant: The award winning “Caffè Mexico” café in Napoli’s Piazza Dante, and “50 Kalò”, the ultimate Neapolitan pizzeria. Attraction: The Odprta kuhna food market in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s a gourmet food market open on Fridays from March till October with an incredible variety of dishes courtesy of a selection of the city’s best restaurants.

abroad and am currently training towards the Madrid marathon in April”. What would you be doing now had you not joined EL AL? “I’d probably be freelancing as a stylist”.



Photo: courtesy of Odprta kuhna

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