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Photo: Ariela Aflalo

Almond trees in bloom The buds of spring


Asif The rooftop garden of the Culinary Institute of Israel

05 “Back to our Roots” The Jezreel Valley Festival of Flavors For its 19 th edition, the Jezreel Valley’s Festival of Flavors, is this year celebrating its agricultural roots and their connection to regional food. Activities include: guided tours of farms and vineyards, tree-planting, outdoor workshops for kids and adults, meals at renowned local restaurants and vineyards, visits to local galleries, and more. When: February 1 st – 11 th Where: across the Jezreel Valley Info: hafaka-ivrit.co.il As almond trees start to blossom across the country, they seem to herald the coming of spring as they cover parks, trails, valleys, and neighborhoods, in exquisite tones of pink and white. They are a joy to behold and offer a great opportunity to take the family on a weekend getaway, perhaps in celebration of the Jewish Holiday of Tu BiShvat, also the day of ecological awareness in Israel. Info: kkl.org.il

Asif is an experiential and cultural hub centered around the research, documentation, and celebration of Israeli cuisine. Established by the Jewish Food Society and Israeli tech company Start-Up Nation Central, the center operates a first-rate restaurant and café that places great emphasis on local produce and offers a menu composed of typically Israeli dishes. There’s also a deli, a gallery, and a unique collection of cookery books. The institute also boasts a wonderful rooftop garden filled with plants and herbs, some cultivated using innovative AgriTech technologies. The garden is a cornucopia of heirloom plants and new varieties of fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs. On Fridays, between 10:00 and 12:00, there are guided tours of the gallery, library, garden, and kitchen, where participants are invited to taste some of the delicious dishes served here. When: Sundays to Thursdays: 09:00 17:00, Fridays: until 15:00 Where: Lilienblum 26, Tel Aviv Info: asif.org

Photo: Dvir Lahar


Mount Hermon Israel’s official skiing site

Mount Hermon is in constant renewal. Its new closed-cabin ski lifts transport visitors 2,040 m - high in 5 minutes’ time, protecting them from the cold and the wind – a definite upgrade from the chairlifts previously in use. The new cabin lifts can service up to 2,400 people an hour. There are 11 ski tracks to choose from, a ski school, snowmobiles, an “extreme” mountain sled called the Sky Rider that allows you to levitate at 12 meters above ground (while watching a movie as you do so, if you also choose to wear the Sky Rider VR goggles). When: all week Where: Mount Hermon Info: skihermon.co.il



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