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5 things to know about the Fattal Terminal:

When should you book the terminal’s services?

Usually, bookings take place between 48 and 72 hours prior to the flight. When it’s peak travel season and demand is high, it’s wise to book two weeks ahead. When you make your booking, you will need to provide your flight details. Is there anything you need to do before arriving at the terminal? No. The Fattal Terminal takes care of everything. How long do all the pre and post flight procedures take? If your flight is outgoing, you’ll need to get to the terminal two hours before departure. If you’re traveling with just a carry-on, you can even get away with arriving merely an hour before. If your landing in Israel, the process of entering the country depends on how long it takes for the luggage to be unloaded from the plane, but even that is quick and easy, as the process of retrieving your luggage is taken care of for you by the Fattal Terminal agents. Can you stay the night in the terminal? Yes. The Fattal Terminal’s three How much does it cost ? The baseline price is around $500 per person, but the price decreases according to the amount of people traveling together – $400 for the second person and so forth up to five people. If there are more than five people, the price then stays the same. Use of the meeting rooms, bedrooms, and private spaces is at an extra cost. bedrooms are available for bookings (at an extra cost).

Shani Shiferman, CEO, Fattal Terminal: “A lot of thought and planning went into creating something that would make people feel at home, pampered and cared for. Every detail has been carefully weighed"

Photo: Aya Ben Ezri

visibility. “The pandemic was a time in which our terminal garnered huge attention, as it became a crucial location for governmental meetings, business meetings between major international players, and job interviews. People would land in the country, come to our terminal for their meeting, and fly back without having to enter the country, though the health regulations applicable at the time were of course put in place”. Anyone flying through the Fattal Terminal will tell you that its most significant advantage is that it’s such a timesaver. Some use it for business meetings (the terminal’s meeting room has a capacity of up to 50 people), some come for a meeting,

stay the night at the terminal (there are three bedrooms with showers and toilets), and fly somewhere else the next day. “In the summer and during the holiday season, there are lots of families with children who use our services, and since April 2022, companies use our services for their employees’ business trips. We also cater to large groups and delegations, and of course, many celebrities use our services as well”, says Shiferman. “There are now 50 people working in the terminal, a number that has steadily increased since it opened. Our mission is to make every passenger feel at home and release them from the stress that airports can so easily generate”.




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