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Art books are forever

The digital realm will never fully satisfy lovers of art and design, as they’re always in search of more contact with the artistic creations they admire – at least not in the same way a book can. Flicking through a beautiful art book is always a whirlwind of visual delight and inspiration. Here are five of our top art and design book recommendations \ By Adi Fogel Hollander

For Art’s Sake Collectors’ homes

If you love art and design, you need this book in your home. Its pages are dense with beautiful shots of the extraordinary homes of 25 of the world’s most prominent art collectors, art dealers, and gallerists, as well as interviews with each of them, conducted by Tiqui Atencio Demirdjian, a renowned art collector herself. The interviews offer a glimpse into the lives and careers of these inspiring personalities, who candidly expose their homes and beliefs about art and artistic creation. Their homes are not only filled with exquisite art, but some are also designed by famous interior designers, adding an extra layer to the story. Available at selected bookshops

Ori Sela has been covering the world of design for over 25 years, spending the last three fully focusing on the local Israeli design scene. Her book, Local Dot Com, showcases 25 product designers specialized in designer homeware. Through them, Sela explores the trend of slow design, by which the values of creation, craftsmanship and process are integral to the product itself. The book also examines the work of 11 of Local Dot Com Flashing a spotlight on Israeli design

Israel’s most influential personalities in the spheres of gastronomy, theatre, cinema, and communication, chosen here for having created their own “utopic interiors”, (be it a restaurant, theatre stage, etc.), inspired by the objects that appear in the book. Sela also writes extensively about the development of a person’s own personal taste, in terms of interior design in particular. Available via: localdotcom.shop


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