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In-flight Internet Service

Connect to WiFi 1 Switch your mobile device to flight mode 2 Login to EL AL WIFI network 3 Scan the code using the camera on your device Troubleshooting information: What to do if the portal homepage does not load automatically? Please open the browser and type in the following URL address: wifi.elal.com. When trying to connect to wifi.elal.com, I have received a message similar to ״Your connection is not private״: Select > Advanced > or > Show Details > and proceed to the website by clicking on > Continue in an unsecure mode > or > Visit this website. The actual message depends on your browser. What if I cannot connect to the EL AL WiFi network? Go to the network settings on your device, select EL AL WiFi network and click on > forget this network. Then, re-select the EL AL WiFi network, open the browser and type wifi.elal.com or alternatively, scan the barcode at the back of the brochure. How to upgrade the WiFi plan? Go to the portal homepage or type wifi.elal.com into the address bar, select the preferred WiFi plan and continue to payment. The system will automatically calculate and charge the difference between the two plans. How to swap devices after purchasing WiFi service? Connect to the EL AL WiFi network and type “wifi.elal.com” in the browser. On the menu in the portal homepage, select “Switch WiFi to this device” and enter the email address with which you initially purchased the service. The WiFi plan will be automatically transferred to the new device. You can only use one device, associated with one email address at a given time.



• At this stage the service is unavailable on flights to the Far East, South Africa and on 737 fleet.

WiFi is available on EL AL's European and North American routes on selected aircraft • Please switch your personal device to airplanemode, then enable your WiFi • EL AL WiFi is subject to the terms and conditions as detailed on the portal homepage • In the absence of satellite coverage in certain regions or in areas with regulatory restrictions, the service will not be available • Audio or video calls (such as Skype, FaceTime) arenotenabledontheEL ALWiFi network•Thepriceof theWiFi is foroneflight segment andonedeviceat agiventime•TheEL AL WiFi network is secured by accepted industry standards. Nevertheless, caution should be taken when opening files and links and browsing onunfamiliarwebsites • The service isprovidedbyViasat, whichbears sole responsibility for the serviceandsubject to the service terms and conditions as detailed on the portal homepage • Further information about the service can be found on the portal homepage under > Help.


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