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Issue 265

Issue 265 | December 2022

Haifa Calling 16 P.

Breathtaking views, art galleries and food stall delights – the city where the mountain meets the sea is in constant renewal and ideal for a weekend with the kids or a romantic getaway

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In-flight I Issue 265 I December 2022


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Editor’s Letter December is the time winter sets in and the air fills up with holiday cheer and warmth, as Israeli cities gear up towards Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s, adorning their streets with lights and decorations. Haifa, Israel’s third largest city and home to Jewish, Arab Muslim, and Arab Christian communities, also holds its very own Festival of Festivals this time of year, making it the ideal moment to go explore its streets and alleyways, and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Perpetually evolving, Haifa offers not only a myriad events, tours, and markets, but also one of the country’s most vibrant food scenes, some its most innovative museums, and spectacular beaches. Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Nazareth are they too getting ready for the holidays, as special events take place all through

the month. In this issue, you’ll find our recommendations for what to see and where to go, and a glimpse into Israel’s booming wine bar scene, as more and more have been opening across the country in recent times, and our design section includes some beautiful hanukkiahs made by contemporary Israeli designers – the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Also this month: an aperçu of the main local cultural events, a beginners’ guide to skiing, a brief overview of the hottest new hotel trend, the themed hotel, and a look into Tel Aviv’s trendy new co-working spaces, where start-uppers and entrepreneurs share not only elegantly designed work spaces, but their creative energy as well. Wishing you a pleasant read and a safe flight, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Christmas, and Happy New Year! Nava Marton

Head Of Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity Tal Kalderon Talkal@elal.co.il

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Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



In-flight I Issue 265 I December 2022


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Co-Working Spaces Connect with Israeli start-ups Time management 5 Rules





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Check-in I Local events I December 2022 I By Shiri Brook-Sagie

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Culture | The Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Festival Jerusalem

This year, the Hullegeb Arts Festival will be marking its 13 th edition under the inspired eye of artistic director Efi Banya. It will be taking place in Jerusalem’s Confederation House as well as several other locations in the city, with a rich variety of performances, including productions especially created for the occasion. The festival promises to be a celebration of theatre, music and spoken work, this year focusing on trailblazing Israeli Ethiopian female artists, such as Oshi Masala, Orit Tashoma, Ayala Ingedashet, Tehila Yeshayahu-Adega, Tamaradah and more. December 7 th -14 th , confederationhouse.org/ en/

Photo: Shlomi Pinto

Dance | Makom, A Vertigo Dance Company World Premiere Across Israel Choreographer Noa Wertheim’s new piece Makom engages in spirituality, existentialism, and the interaction between our inner world and the life around us. Wertheim transforms movement into inspiration, as part of what she describes as “our perpetual quest for the place that engages us with ourselves”. Makom is a reflection on the ephemeral nature of our physical existence and the contradictions and paradoxes of our lives. Music is by Ran Bagno, and costumes and styling, by Sasson Kedem. Until December 29 th , vertigo.org.il/en/

Photo: Elad Debbi



Photo: Maya Maymoni

Photo: Daniel Dormea

Art | The ElseWhere Night Museum Haifa

This collaborative initiative involving artists, designers, event professionals, and Israeli investment fund “Reality”, is the first museum in the world to open its doors at nighttime only. For 100 nights, visitors are invited to go on an interactive, multidimensional journey upon which they’ll encounter LED light tunnels, secret passageways, an infinity bar, a circus, an immersive theatre, a 3D dancefloor, a disco elevator, and a sound-blasting music tunnel. The ride ends with a restorative coffee at the museum rooftop café overlooking the

Festival | Colors of the Desert Negev Desert and across the Arava The Colors of the Desert Festival will be taking place all through December with hundreds of activities, treks, workshops, and attractions for participants of all ages, and at the cost of merely NIS 20. It kicks off the Negev’s winter trekking season, with music performances by local artists, happenings involving local storytellers, food experts, and guides who know the desert like the back of their hands. Activities include desert treks, exploring Beer Sheba nightlife, food tours in the city of Sderot, breakfast in Mitzpe Ramon, a music workshop in Yeruham, agricultural activities, a tour of the Old City of Beer Sheba, and more. Throughout December gonegev.co.il

Photo: Lior Keter

Music | The Liturgical Music Festival Nazareth A music festival set against the backdrop of Nazareth’s Christmas festivities, with markets, decorations, and general merriment lighting up the city streets. This year, the festival includes a production of Dona Nobis Pacem (“Grant us Peace”) with Israeli singers Achinoam Nini and Gil Dor, with the Polyphony Quartet, as well as Mendelssohn’s Elijah Oratorio, and many more performances staged in the spirit of creating bridges between the different communities living in Israel. December 15 th -18 th , liturgicalnazareth. co.il/en/

beautiful bay of Haifa. Starts December 2022 elsewhere_nights



Check-in I Our Guide

Ski holidays can be magical, but they require a good dose of planning ahead, especially the first-time round. Here’s how to pick the right resort and gear, and get your body ready for the slopes / By Guy Halamish, “Outpanel” Online Travel Magazine 6 tips for the perfect ski trip

01 Where to stay and when Skiing requires snow, and a lot of it, so peak season is always going to be the best time to go on a ski trip, i.e., January and February, though resorts at high altitude have snow up to mid-March. December and April are the two ends of the season and there’s no guarantee the snow will be suitable for skiing. 02 What to bring A successful ski trip requires quality skiwear and gear. Ski jackets, pants, gloves, and socks are absolute must-haves, and it’s highly recommended to pack thermal breathable underwear as well. Ski hats are less popular these days as skiing with helmets is now the standard; and don’t forget to bring ski goggles with you! It isn’t necessary to buy the most expensive items, though it’s paramount you ensure your gear is of good quality. 03 Opt for all-inclusive package deals and choose a hotel that’s near the ski lifts If you’re going on your first ski trip, all-inclusive package deals are the way to go, i.e., ones that cover the flights, hotel, ski passes, gear, and ski lessons. This will save you precious time and avoid organizational pitfalls. Make sure your hotel is close to the ski lifts or directly situated by the slopes. Walking more than a few meters with ski boots on, to a bus or a ski lift, is no fun at all.

Photo: Eugene Levit

04 Rent your ski gear on-site If your package deal doesn’t include ski gear, talk to the staff at your resort’s rental shop. They’ll help you pick what you need. There’s no need to schlep heavy equipment on the plane! 05 Only take lessons form a professional instructor Don’t try to learn to ski on your own! The best way to start having fun on the slopes is taking lessons from a professional. Bypassing lessons would be a grave error as you could potentially injure yourself. Ski requires technique so you need a pro to show you the ropes.

06 Get your body ready Preparing your body for a ski trip is highly recommended. A combination of cardio and strength training (leg muscles in particular) should do the trick. Being tired makes you prone to injuries and falls, so make sure you rest on the third day of your holiday. That way you won’t tire out. Explore the nearby town or do some shopping and get back on the slopes on the following day – you’ll feel totally energized for the rest of your holiday.




Check-in I Checklist

Flight essentials for your next trip

Everything is Illuminated: rechargeable lanterns

In the wintertime, when it gets dark early, portable lanterns are a must when you’re out hiking or camping. Top German brand Ledlenser has launched a new line of rechargeable Micro Prism LED lanterns that ensure optimal, glare-free light distribution and energy efficiency. The line includes two types of camping lanterns, an ultra-compact one that can be attached to a keyring, standing at barely 10cm, and weighing 139g; and a bigger one that is 18cm and can be used as an energy bank to recharge other devices such as tablets and phones. The integrated swivel hook and magnetic base render the lanterns ultra-versatile and perfect for illuminating any surface. The lanterns offer two brightness levels, ranging between 300 and 750 lumens (depending on the model), dual power technology that extends usage time, and red light for enhanced maintenance of night vision. Price: NIS 209-399 (7-year warranty included), available at selected outdoor gear stores, and online at ledlenser.com/en

Cirrus Flex insulated, durable, breathable, and incredibly versatile jacket by Rab, NIS 529, available at all outdoor gear stores and online at kalgav.co.il

15.6” Hedgren laptop backpack, NIS 469, available at all iBAGS stores and online via ibags.net

Insulated water bottle, NIS 30, available at all Jumbo Stock stores

Foldable Marco Polo Kal Gav travel bag, NIS 49, available at all outdoor gear stores and online at kalgav.co.il

Silver Troika belt bag with two compartments, including one that is RFID-protected for your credit card, NIS 69, available at the Swagg store in Netanya, and online at swagg.co.il

Yana Proviz makeup bag by Deal Cosmetics, NIS 89, available online at dealcosmetics.co.il

Rubber Eva slides by Dr Flex, NIS 125, available at all Blue Heart stores and online at blueheart.co.il



Check-in I Passport Control

When’s the last time you were abroad? “I went to Paris in September to shoot a movie called “My beloved daughter”, and it was beautiful, delicious, and perfect”. How do you usually pick your destination? “There are places I love going back to, like New York or Amsterdam. In general, it depends on what I’m looking for at that moment – sun-soaking by the pool, or exploring a big city. I love any type of holiday”. What do you always pack with you? “A portable charger”. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive? “I go for a walk around the hotel to check out the neighborhood”. What would you never do abroad? “Complain about long lines at the supermarket checkout”. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on holiday? “On one of my last flights, I made the classic mistake of getting to the airport at 12 o’clock in the afternoon instead of 12 o’clock at night. Obviously, I’d missed my flight, which was to Miami with a connection; I was sure I’d ruined my whole trip, but thankfully, a new flight was sorted out for me, and I ended up missing out on just half a day in Miami, which is a great place to stay by the way”. Where do you dream of going? “Mexico and Vietnam”. Who would you most like to go on holiday with, and where would you go? “I’d go to Texas with my dad. He loves country music, and it would be great to be able to fly out there with him to go see a concert”. Any recommendations? “There’s no place like New York, no words can describe it”.

What does he pack in his suitcase, what would he never do abroad, and where does he dream of going? Actor, singer, and content creator Ido Bartal shows us his passport \ By Adi Shalom “There’s no place like New York, no words can describe it”

Ido Bartal (38), divorced and father to an 8.5-year-old, is on tour this month with his band. They’ll be performing his famed musical mashups that garnered hundreds of thousands of online views, as well as original songs. 2.12 at Zappa Tel Aviv (Friday afternoon show), 8.12 at Zappa Haifa


Photos: Private album, Shutterstock

Yossi Avrahami invites you to upgrade to the home you always wanted. Visit the selection of exclusive projects we are building all over Israel Redefining luxury living



Images are for illustration purposes only



* 2232

Lifestyle I Wellness

5 tips for a healthy and wholesome winter break \ By Shiri Brook-Sagie Nice and Cozy


well. The good feeling you get from this even has a name: outdoorphins – a term coined by the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute Meik Wiking – it’s a combination of “outdoors” and “endorphins”, the body’s natural painkillers.

2 Dress wisely According to an old Norwegian saying there’s no such thing as bad weather, only insufficiently adequate clothing. But even if you’re not planning to drag a bobsleigh up a mountain, there’s something to learn from this saying. Simply put – dress according to the Adopt a positive wintertime mindset A New York Times article recently revealed the findings of a study conducted by Stanford graduate and health psychologist Kari Leibowitz on how the Scandinavians manage during the long winter months. According to Leibowitz, the secret lies in their positive wintertime mindset. What can you do to get one too? Start by embracing the Danish concept of “hygge” which celebrates the coziness of winter, or the Swedish one of “lagom”, which is about finding meaning in the simplest things, as well as the yet again Swedish concept of “fika”, which involves having a coffee and a pastry – purely for mental health reasons of course!


Take good care of yourself

It isn’t always possible to keep viruses and colds at bay, but there are a few preventative measures you can take: Pack a first aid kit with you with fever reducing medication, sore throat relief, etc. Take good care of your skin and bear in mind that even at the height of winter, UV rays can do a lot of damage - particularly when you’re skiing, as snow is highly reflective - so make sure you put sunscreen on you, especially before hitting the slopes. Drink lots of water. this may sound obvious, but we tend to drink less water when it’s cold and may end up dehydrated. If gulping down cold water is hard, keep a thermos with you and fill it with the warm beverage of your choice.


3 weather outside, layer up, think ahead, pack a sweater and a coat, and don’t forget the indispensable winter accessories: scarves, hats and gloves. Seek out activities that’ll help you stay warm Even when the cold is at its peak, going on vacation in the wintertime can be an activity-packed experience. If the weather is too rough to spend the day outside, plan visits to places that’ll help you stay warm, such as museums, art galleries, and escape rooms, or spend time in a cozy café.

Spend time outdoors

Who said going outside when it’s freezing was bad for you? Research shows that spending time in nature can be beneficial not only for your physical health but for your emotional wellbeing as well – provided you are healthy of course. In 2019, science journal Nature published the findings of a study that showed how merely two hours a week in nature can significantly boost your mental health. So make sure your winter destination has somewhere green to walk in, though snow-white ski slopes will do the trick as





TheAltairHotel.com • 786.535.1500 9540 W. BAY HARBOR DR. BAY HARBOR ISLANDS, FL 33154


Informative Content

YOLO - You Only Live Once – is a philosophy gaining even more traction since Covid-19. Retirees, especially, are realizing that now is a great time to grab hold of happy days. Israel's sunny skies, vibrant culture and delicious food make it a magnet for Jews all over the world who dream of retiring here / By Pamela Peled Live every day like you’re on vacation

the sea as a backdrop. Sea One contains 270 apartments of the highest standards, ranging from 50 to 130 sq.m., including unique seafacing garden apartments. Each unit has a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen as well as a private terrace, and is designed to please the most fastidious international residents. “One of the greatest advantages of Sea One Rishon LeZion is that it facilitates an easy transition from ‘home to home’ with no irrevocable commitment; anyone can experiment with living by the sea knowing that they can end their membership at any time,” says Nahmias. “Deposits are fully refundable, minus an annual discount of approximately 4%.” The exclusive Sea One Rishon LeZion project is the brainchild of the Oranim Group, a prominent Israeli real estate development company that has been instrumental in transforming the Tel Aviv seafront into one of Israel’s most luxurious locations. Their projects, which are synonymous with meticulous design and outstanding quality, include the Sapphire on the Herzliya coast, the Sea Twins and Sea Pearl on the Tel Aviv beachfront, and the 5-star Luxury Collection Royal Beach Tel Aviv Hotel and Residence. Sea One Rishon LeZion is the flagship property of Oranim Club Sixty Five – an innovative concept that will include a portfolio of luxury facilities for retirees. Join as full-time residents, or make Sea One Rishon LeZion your summer escape, and experience the “joie de vivre” of waking up every day in your stunning home on the Israeli coastline. For more information: club65.co.il Meticulous design and outstanding quality

and wonderful meals from morning to sunset-over-the-sea. The central location in the beachfront city of Rishon LeZion – a mere 15 minutes from Tel Aviv, 15 minutes from Ben- Gurion Airport, and 45 minutes from Jerusalem – makes every part of Israel easily accessible. Sea One Rishon LeZion provides all the amenities of a world-class resort: concierge and laundry services, extensive spa facilities, gorgeous swimming pools for friends and family, banquet halls, business lounges and workspaces, a bridge club, art studio, cultural events, a synagogue, and round-the-clock activities, all with

Many parents, grandparents and siblings would love to make Aliya to be closer to family, but packing up and moving after a lifetime abroad is not without challenges: emotional, bureaucratic, and logistic. Now Oranim Group, an Israeli real estate development company, is making the transition seamless with the launch of Sea One Rishon LeZion, a seafront luxury resort and unique community under construction. “Olim aged 60 plus can move straight into a warm, embracing community in an elegant seafront home and enjoy an active, pampering lifestyle with world-class amenities and services,” explains Shira Oren Nahmias, Deputy CEO. “We are there to provide logistical and emotional support while our residents settle into their new lives.” resorts in the United States, Sea One Rishon LeZion was designed to provide the last word in comfort and convenience. Sea One Rishon LeZion will soon open its elegant doors and welcome international retirees into an active life of sports, culture, volunteering, community, Innovative concept Inspired by the 55 and over retirement

Photo: Eyal Toueg, The Marker

Shira Oren Nahmias, deputy CEO of Oranim Group: "This is a unique offer that will ensure the smoothest Aliya and the promise of a better life"

New Exhibition Opening 20.12.2022 Tel Aviv Museum of Art


The exhibition offers a renewed encounter with the astounding body of work by the artist Maryan S. Maryan (Pinkas Bursztyn, 1927—1977), following his life and artistic journey through Poland, Auschwitz, Jerusalem, Paris and New York.

Maryan, Personnage with Hood and Donkey Ears , 1971, courtesy of Spertus Institute, Chicago Design: Ayal Zakin tamuseum.org.il

In collaboration with MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami

The exhibition is generously supported by

Mr. Harry Habermann

See the Sights I Haifa

Exploring Haifa

With its new underground funicular, vibrant food scene, and fascinating art galleries, Haifa never ceases to amaze and delight. December is a great time to wander through its streets and alleyways, for a city break with the family or a romantic couple’s weekend, just in time for the festive season to set in \ By Yulia Prilik-Niv

Haifa is a city in constant renewal, offering visitors an endless diversity of sites and attractions, restaurants, bars, art galleries and museums. Here are some of our favorite things to see and do, in the city where the mountain meets the sea. Cable cars, funiculars and buses Haifa’s public transport system is among the country’s most advanced. The new funiculars and old cable car system connecting the city’s various neighborhoods, are extremely fun to experience, especially with the kids. The funicular system scoops passengers up from Haifa Bay to the heights of Mount Carmel where Haifa University lies. The ride up takes 20 minutes, and the views are breathtaking. Combine the ride up with a visit to the 30 th floor of the

Eshkol building for a truly magical view of the bay, and a visit to the Hecht Museum where beautiful archeological artifacts, paintings and sculptures are on show year-round. (Entrance is free; a ride on a cable car costs NIS 50). And while we’re on the subject of public transport: no visit to Haifa is complete without a ride on its underground system, the Carmelit – the shortest in the world, and inaugurated in the 50’s. There are only six stations and the system spans 1,800 meters, from Kikar Paris to Haifa Central station. You’ll find the Carmelit extremely useful, as it stops right by the city’s main attractions, with stations by the cinematheque, the zoo, the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, the Louis Promenade, the Madatech, etc. Interested in learning more about the history


of Israel’s public transport systems? Haifa is also home to the country’s national railway museum where original prototypes are exposed and exhibitions take place. (Entrance fee applies, www.rail.co.il) Madatech, Israel’s National Museum of Science Technology and Space Haifa is a perfect destination for a holiday with the kids, since it allows you to combine time at the beach with urban attractions. Most of them are well-known spots, such as the zoo, the Louis Promenade, etc., but there are innovations there too. The Madatech for instance, has inaugurated a series of permanent exhibitions dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, aviation, visual deceptions, puzzle games and more, aside from the temporary one which changes every few months. The museum’s multisensorial Klimt exhibition about the meeting between science and art will remain on show until the end of December 2022 - a one-of-a kind international exhibition that’s well worth a look into. The museum also holds 3D printing workshops for kids and adults alike. (Entrance fee applies, madatech.org.il/en). Food market tours Haifa has many different markets famous for the quality and diversity of their produce. Wadi Nisnas and Talpiot markets are replete with delicious street food offerings and seasonal produce of the highest quality. Its flea market is considered to be the most authentic of its kind in Israel, constantly renewing its stock, mainly with merchandise shipped each month from Belgium and Holland. In order to know exactly where to eat and what to buy, the best thing to do is to join one the city’s numerous food tours. Moshe Angel gives wonderful culinary tours of the Wadi Nisnas market (thetastetour.co.il/t-en), and Erez Golko

The Klimt exhibition at the Madatech I Photo: Javier Naval



See the Sights I Haifa

Happy December The festival of festivals For the past 29 years, the municipality of Haifa, in collaboration with the center for Arab and Jewish culture Beit HaGafen, has been organizing a festival of festivals in December. Most of the events take place in the German Colony, Wadi Nisnas, and Beit HaGefen neighborhoods. All the information regarding specific events can be found on the haifahag.com website, though the whole city will be peppered with lights and decorations, especially the Strudel restaurant, where beautiful Christmas lights illuminate the street for the whole month. Food stalls serving Hannukah delicacies and Christmas delights, as well as carol singers and Christmas trees, will dot the city for the whole month. At a few minutes’ walk from the German colony, Wadi Nisnas also puts up decorations and streetlights, thus completing the city’s festive feel.

Photo: Yulia Prilik-Niv

Photo: Efrat Ra'anan

is the ultimate expert on the cuisine of Haifa (inmykitchen.co.il); his knowledge of its history and recipes is encyclopedic. Chef Vered Feren knows Talpiot market like the back of her hand and offers delicious tours of the market’s best food stalls and eateries (instagram.com/vered_ feren_haifa_chef). Talpiot market is currently being restored and is set to become a foodies’ mecca, with new bars and food stalls constantly opening. Feren also gives cooking classes and offers private dining experiences in her studio which is located in the heart of the market itself. Downtown Haifa is where food expert and entrepreneur Ne’ama Sobol gives her wonderful tours. Her company, “Tarbut Achila”, offers

food and cultural tours of every kind (tarbutachila.com). Tomer Foux is a tour guide and flea market expert brimming with knowledge about the history and culture of the city. On his “Magic of Haifa” tour, he talks about the multicultural aspect of the city, and the ways to bridge the gap between communities, as well as about Haifa’s vibrant gay scene ( fouxtomer). Art galleries and artists’ studios Jewelry designer Liat Waldman and entrepreneur and content writer Shiri Wizner joined forces and founded their own cultural tour company specialized in art galleries and artists’ studios in downtown Haifa. Their tours allow visitors


to discover the world of Haifa’s designers and creatives, painters, ceramicists, jewelers, and sculptors (haifacitymakers.com). Also, Wizner’s blog is a great source of information on the city’s cultural events and happenings (hey-fa-it.com). Foodie heaven Aside from its wonderful food markets, Haifa is home to one of Israel’s most delectable culinary scenes, with much-beloved decades-old restaurants, and new eateries and food bars mushrooming everywhere across the city. The range of options is dizzying, from gourmet restaurants to street food stalls – there’s something for everyone in this food lover’s paradise. Here are four recommendations well worth a try. Del Mar Probably the restaurant with the prettiest view, Del Mar is located in a century-old building on Yefe Nof street, from where the entire bay of Haifa is visible. Helmed by Chef Ido Melchin, the menu of this fish and seafood restaurant is as diverse as it is plethoric, and service is impeccable. Diners can enjoy such dishes as fish tartar, saffron bouillabaisse, calamari stuffed with labneh and goat’s cheese, grilled seabass with freekeh, pasta dishes, meat dishes, and more. Make sure you leave a spot for dessert – you won’t regret it! ( Del Mar). Knock Out Owner Igor Gorotzki fell in love with the smash burger on a trip to the States and decided he would bring it back with him to Haifa. Gorotzki’s new eatery is an ode to the American burger, as top-notch beef patties sandwiched between soft burger buns, are served with or without cheese, and a zillion other toppings. The fries, shipped over from Belgium, are totally superior, as are the crispy chicken sliders.

Knock Out I Photo: Asaf Karla Sketch I Photo: Micha Brikman

Del Mar I Photo: Anatoli Michaelo Mangal I Photo: Anatoli Michaelo Photo: Aya Ben Ezri

Where to stay Haifa has many accommodation options, including well-known hotels such as the Colony, the Schumacher, Dan Panorama, Leonardo Plaza, Villa Carmel etc., aside smaller boutique hotels and B&Bs. This past November, the Fattal hotel chain launched a new spot in the city’s German Colony neighborhood called Hotel Botanica. It offers 164 exquisitely designed rooms and suites, has a lobby and bar, a café, restaurant, VIP lounge, gym, pool with a view on the Bahai Gardens, a conference room, a rooftop bar, and a mini mall area (fattal.co.il). ■

Deserts are American and very decadent, and include giant s’mores cookies and milkshakes. Beverages include Dr Pepper and AriZona tea. ( Knockout Smashop; knockout_ smashop). Mangal This new kosher street food eatery has a top location and even better prices. Here, barbecued meats, fish, and grilled vegetables are served in pitta and laffa bread to hungry revelers until the small hours. The portobello mushroom pitta and cauliflower laffa are two Sketch Located beside Haifa’s Sammy Ofer stadium, this café serves homemade gelato in a décor that’s entirely in black and white. Everything here is in monochrome, from the tables and chairs to the ceiling and walls. The menu includes pizzas, pasta dishes, etc. Opening hours may vary according to match schedules ( sketch_haifa). great vegan options. (mangal-bbq.co.il).



See the Sights I Christmas in Israel

Nazareth. two-month-long festival of lights

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Cometh Christmastime and the cities of Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Jaffa go into intense celebration mode. Here’s a selection of the myriad magical events and happenings taking place, drawing visitors of all faiths and religions \ By Yulia Prilik-Niv

Nazareth The biggest Christmas tree in the Middle East Christmastime in Nazareth is a two-month-long festival of lights, events, and fun. This year, the city will be illuminated by thousands of lampions and decorations for 60 whole days, as Christmas markets and happenings take place throughout the season. Some events are free, while others require an entrance fee. Main festivities include: the Christmas market at the Anton Sacred Center,

Jerusalem Winter lights in the Botanical Gardens The Botanical Gardens’ Winter Lights initiative is a celebration of Christmas decorations and fun. Starting December 12 th and till the end of January, a million tiny lampions placed across the garden grounds will light up each night and illuminate the garden trees and vegetation. Food stalls, jugglers and street artists add to the festive spirit as performances take place all through the season. Entrance fee applies (botanic.co.il/en).

the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation (with the participation of the bishop of Nazareth, the mayor of Nazareth and residents of the city), exclusive Snow Globe performances by members of the Saint Joseph Theatre, and the fourth liturgical music festival comprising six concerts in several locations. On December 24 th , the city’s 39 th Christmas Parade will take place in a spirit of peace and human fraternity. (Full details at: visit-naz.co.il).


Photo: Oren Dolev

Timna Park | An unexpected Christmas location Located in the heart of the Arava desert, Timna Park spreads wild across 70 km2 of land. For four whole days, it will hold its very own Christmas market, with a 6m-tall Christmas tree, and a myriad more attractions, such as present wrapping stalls, installations of every kind, a reindeer sleigh, a “Santa’s corner”, etc. Live music will add to the atmosphere, as will the “Sparks” circus performance, as acrobats and aerialists make the sky their stage. 26-29.12, from 18:00, to take part visitors need to sign up and pay in advance, via parktimna.co.il/en The Emanuel Centre Jerusalem Simultaneously hotel, restaurant, café, and garden, the Emanuel Centre is an important heritage site with a museum and an Anglican church on its grounds. Many events are scheduled to take place here over the Christmas period – some free, some not. Festivities take on a resolutely European spirit, with gingerbread cookies and mulled wine becoming café staples for the season. (December 24 th opening hours: 17:00-22:30, emanueljlm.co.il). The YMCA The lighting of the YMCA Christmas tree on November 27 th marks the beginning of festivities at the Jerusalem YMCA, as it gets ready to host its annual Christmas Bazaar which takes place on the following dates: 8-10.12, 15-17.12, 22-24.12, 29-31.12. The “JLM Lights” tour of illuminated Jerusalem A guided night tour aboard a tourist bus, of thirty of the city’s main sites, all illuminated and decorated for the festive season.

Christmas Delight | The Galilee Table: flavors, sights, and stories from the land where Jesus walked

Yosef “Zuzu” Hana, one of the country’s most inventive chefs, has just published his very first book. Hana, or as he is known by all, Zuzu, is the man behind the wonderful Magdalena restaurant at the Galilee Migdal junction. There, he composes exquisite dishes that riff on the traditional flavors of Arab-Galilean cuisine. Not by chance is the restaurant located in Migdal, birthplace of Mary Magdalen (hence the name of the restaurant) and Zuzu’s nearby hometown of Rama. The beautiful Galilean landscapes, with their majestic olive groves overlooking the Sea of Galilee, are both the inspiration behind Zuzu’s rich and diverse cuisine, and the very literal fertile ground, in which the ingredients he cooks with grow. The book is an expression of his deep-rooted connection to his place of birth. He writes about his life there and the significance family meals always had for him. The book is Zuzu’s attempt to connect the Galilean food traditions he grew up with, to the stories of the land where Jesus walked. The book is divided into six themes: bread, fish, Christmas recipes, Easter, pre

Lenten meals, and food for

celebrations and special occasions. Each recipe is accompanied by Daniel Lailah’s

magnificent photos, with shots of the Galilean landscape peppered in between. Zuzu manages to combine classic flavors of traditional Arab cuisine with his own personal touch, achieving meticulously precise dishes that are as impressive to behold than they are delicious to eat. “The Galilee Table” contains more than 40 recipes, including for lahmajoun, grilled kebab on a bed of mashwieh, St. Peter’s fish fillets with roasted tomatoes, shishbarak meat-filled dumplings in yoghurt and mint sauce, and more. Many of the recipes found in the book are on the menu of the Magdalena restaurant, a stunning place to lunch or dine at, drawing tourists and locals all year round. magdalena_restaurant The book is purchasable via thegalileetable.com



Photo by Dan Gold, unsplash

Jerusalem - a celebration of lights at the botanical gardens I Photo: Tom Amit

The following are some of our services: Selling your property or buying your next property. Pre-sale or pre-purchase assessment. Loan valuations for all Israeli banks. Site identification and negotiation for purchaser or seller. Objection to rating and taxation valuation. LOOKING TO ACQUIRE OR SELL REAL ESTATE IN ISRAEL? WE HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS FOR YOU

Jaffa - happenings and colorful celebrations

The bus leaves the First Station Complex at 20:00, Mondays and Thursdays all month-long (holidays excepted), with the option to join the tour at five different stops along the way. Santa’s House. Located in the heart of the Old City, Santa’s House hosts visitors all through December, mostly families with children eager to have a true Jerusalem Christmas experience. The Kassissieh family lives here year-round, while Issa Kassissieh takes on the role of Jerusalem’s Santa for the season. The initiative is non-profit and made possible thanks to donations, its only aim being to spread laughter and joy. (Old City, St. Peter Street 2). Jaffa Christmas mass, lights, and decorations The city of Jaffa marks the festive season with happenings and celebrations, as the city’s churches and main roads are adorned with pretty lights and decorations. Main events include: guided evening tours of the city’s streets and Catholic churches, Christmas mass at the Catholic Church of Saint Anthony (24.12, Yefet st. 51), guided tours of Jaffa’s main Greek Orthodox sites and the annual scouts’ parade and ceremony in the courtyard of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church (for further details and joining the tours, log onto my-israel. org). Information on additional guided Christmas tours can be found on yallabasta.com and il.funzing.com. ■

The company is led by Mr. Saul Haim Bazaz , a certified Real Estate Appraiser on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and a member of the Real Estate Appraisers Association in Israel. We are a one stop shop for all your real estate needs in Israel.

BAZAZ Real Estate Appraisers Real Estate Agency www.appraiserisrael.com 972-52-245-3732 bazaz.shaul@gmail.com


D UBLIN NEW! non-stop flights to

Come and discover the perfect combination of the magical breathtaking nature, vibrant nightlife and extraordinary historical sites. 3 weekly flights starting March 2023

For departures from Dublin to Israel starting on March 16, 2023 • On selected dates subject to availability of class of sale • Entry and departure to/from the destination is subject to the rules and procedures of such country, which might change from time to time. It is the responsibility of the passengers to be updated and verify the rules and the relevant entry and departure requirements • EL AL reserves the right to make changes • Subject to the terms on the EL AL website • Errors and omissions excluded.



Magazine I Community

“Flying with my daughter Mai isn’t easy”

Look at this photo here. It shows a family, like thousands of others, happy and smiling, on holiday somewhere abroad. Similarly to all those thousands of other families, mine loves vacationing in foreign lands. It’s just that in our case, one of our family members has special needs. My youngest daughter Mai is ten, and absolutely wonderful. She’s sensitive, beautiful, and smart, as well as coping with a rare genetic disorder, Williams syndrome, which she encounters with her daughter, in the hope that next time you see a family like hers, you may be more understanding and compassionate \ By Hadas Cohen You will surely have come across a family with a special needs child in an airport or onboard a plane. You may have noticed their disability, or perhaps not and might have wondered why they jumped the line at the boarding gate. Hadas Cohen, mother to a special needs child, shines a light on the difficulties

Good to know EL AL offers accessible travel for those with special needs EL AL service counters help special needs passengers with a variety of matters, from booking flights to making a call. Wheelchairs are made available for passengers with mobility issues, guide dogs can board planes, and assistance is ensured on medical flights. EL AL is committed to making your flight as comfortable and pleasant as possible, from the moment you get to Ben Gurion airport and onboard the plane until it reaches destination. For further details and information, log onto: elal.com/eng/specialneeds/ accessible-travel


Photos: Courtesy of the family

makes stepping out of her comfort zone extremely difficult. She has a heart defect, which means she gets tired very quickly, and the smallest thing can trigger intense anxiety, and boarding planes is no exception. She can easily get overwhelmed and finds it hard to go from hot temperatures to cooler ones, or to deal with rain and wind. To put it in a nutshell, she’s extremely sensitive. That said, this doesn’t mean we’ve given up on family holidays abroad and making memories as a family. Here are a few words on how we manage it all, and a few more, on how you too could help make Mai’s flight experience a smoother one. Choosing the right destination Let’s start by saying that a family with a special needs child must choose a destination that is suitably adapted to the child’s disability with a flight duration they can handle. In our case for instance, Europe is as far as we’ll go to, since Mai can’t take more than four hours aboard a plane. Mobility solutions Before I buy flight tickets of any sort, my first task is to find mobility solutions for Mai. When she was small, she had a stroller, but now, she’s big and she walks. But since she tires very quickly, when we’re traveling across Europe, we use a stroller that’s especially adapted to a 10-year-old. It took a lot of work from me as a mother, and from her siblings, to accept the idea of the stroller as a mobility solution, and not a symbol of developmental regression. And of course, not to mention the difficulty ignoring the looks we get from passers-by, puzzled at the sight of a big girl in a stroller. It’s important for me to stress that Mai herself has no problem whatsoever using it. All she wants is

to enjoy herself, and the means to make that happen don’t matter to her. Unlike us, she takes no notice of what other people think – which I find amazing! Jumping lines At the airport, children like my daughter Mai are entitled to jump lines. Indeed, we receive priority access at check-in and boarding, which is essential. Though we fortunately always get the much needed help and support from flight attendants and ground crew, we sometimes come across exasperated fellow passengers who give us stern looks as we walk past them towards the front of the line. “Excuse-me, why don’t you get in line?” is a frequent comment we hear. I choose to be open about our situation and simply show them Mai’s disability card and explain that she is entitled to jump the line. But I warmly invite you, who are reading these lines, to think about what families like mine go through, and how unpleasant it can be to have to

discuss a child’s disability in public with strangers. Add to that the fact that when someone makes an angry comment and I’m compelled to explain that I have a disabled daughter, it feels deeply unfair both to Mai herself and to us as a family. We’re on holiday, eager to relax and forget about the daily struggle and strife, and we might not want to tell perfect strangers about our daughter’s disability, particularly since we dislike the term, though it’s the one on Mai’s disability card. I’m bringing my daughter up to be as independent as possible, and sometimes, when someone forces me to use the word ‘disability’ in front of her, it can ruin years of confidence building. So I ask of you, that you may take my words into consideration, and the next time you see a family jumping the line, instead of making a face, why not offer them an understanding smile instead. ■ The author is a coach and guide to parents of children with special needs



Lifestyle I Travel

Themed Hotels

Israel’s tourism industry is in full bloom, and the trend of the themed hotel is on the rise. Here’s everything you need to know about this new and exciting pampering experience \ By Sharon Ben-David 5 recommendations for a different kind of holiday

A touch of internationa prestige The Kempinsky Israel hotel

The Kempinsky Israel Hotel, recently voted best new hotel in the world of the year 2022 by luxury travel magazine Ultratavel, took eight years to be completed. It’s the Kempinsky chain’s 80 th edifice and was launched to mark 125 years since the company’s foundation. This hotel sets new standards for what to expect from a hotel stay, with concierge services, a beautifully designed lounge, a gourmet restaurant, and an impressively stocked whiskey bar. The hotel includes 250 rooms, equipped with LED screens that connect to your phone, sleekly designed bathrooms, and huge beds. The highest floors are the most luxurious, with 14 suites and a private lounge and pool. The luxury suite is the most lavish of its kind in Israel, and includes three spacious floors, a private pool and gym overlooking a breathtaking view of the Tel Aviv coastline. kempinski.com

Photo: Asaf Pinchuk

The sea in all its glory The Nahsholim hotel

This hotel is entirely devoted to the sea. Its theme is resolutely Greek, with every design element evoking the Cyclades and their beauty. A whole wing is reserved for families and two separate structures cater to couples. Spacious lawns separate the different areas, while flowerbeds lead to the communal dining areas. The hotel offers many water sports activities, such as kayaking, surfing, and sailing, and guided tours of the coastline can be booked as well. Workshops of various kinds are regularly organized for kids and adults alike. Nahsholim offers a level of relaxation and fun that will linger on in your heart long after the end of your vacation. nahsholim.co.il

Photo: Sivan Askayo


A taste of Thailand on the shores of the Kinneret The Yama resort A new luxury vacation resort has recently opened on a secluded beach nearby Kibbutz Ginosar. A beautiful mansion complex spread across 5000 m 2 of land, with two luxury villas hidden behind the glossy greenery of a tropical garden, offers guests the holiday of a lifetime. Prices are extremely steep, but the level of luxury on display here is hard to fathom. The hotel’s private heated pool and spacious balcony overlooking the Kinneret are dreamy, and each villa is designed to perfection. There are four suites per villa, each able to sleep eight people in total. The villas are fully equipped with ultra-modern kitchens, and there is no end to the pampering options here: from private chef dinners to water sports classes on the Kinneret, to every spa treatment imaginable. Even helicopter rides can be arranged. The sky is truly the limit at the Yama resort. yamaresort.co.il

Photo: Gidon Levin

Photos: PR

Photo: Itay Sikolski

A night at the museum The Elma - hotel and arts complex The Elma hotel in Zichron Ya’akov is an ode to contemporary Israeli art in hotel form. The edifice was built by renowned Israeli architect Ya’akov Rechter and served as a nursing home for many years. Its current owner is Lily Elstein, herself born in Zichron Ya’akov and patron of the arts. In collaboration with the Givon Art Gallery, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and installations made by some of the most influential Israeli artists have been integrated into the hotel’s design and décor. Two theater halls with a stage have also been added to the hotel’s structure, in order to hold concerts and shows year-round. The hotel offers guided tours of the grounds and gardens, all dotted with beautiful art works. The rooms themselves are beautifully designed, as are the hotel spa, pool, and restaurant. The hotel’s iconic building, the artwork on show, and the beautiful gardens, all contribute to making Elma a truly unique place to stay. elmahotel.co.il

All the world’s a stage The Backstage hotel The Atlas hotel chain’s new venture draws inspiration on the legendary “Ohel” theater, Israel’s first workman’s theater, founded 100 years ago. Its structure is a Bauhaus building designed by architect Arieh Sharon whose wife was an actress. The beautiful building has undergone thorough restoration and has been turned into an ultra-sleek urban boutique hotel, right by Tel Aviv’s trendy Dizengoff square. The hotel’s 48 rooms have a distinct vintage vibe about them, with stage theater elements composing their design. Shows and performances are also regularly held at the hotel, in collaboration with the “Clipa Theater Ensemble” – a thrillingly avant-garde Israeli theater, dance, and music troupe. atlas.co.il/backstage-hotel-tel-aviv

Photos: PR



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