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JAN 2021

EM POWER ING YEAR In a very challenging year, in which each and every one of us has lost something in his life - new beginnings have also found their way. Throughout 2020, the TDK-Lambda team in Israel has been an active partner in an exceptional manufacturing effort for the struggling medical industry. At the same time, we continued to launch new developments – and to expand our facilities. Even under COVID-19 limitations, together we have found creative ways to develop, produce, and virtually meet with our TDK friends worldwide, while ensuring a better future for the organization and our families.

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According to a Wall Street Journal article from September, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically boosted e-commerce revenues. Total e-commerce revenues for U.S. logistics providers are estimated to reach $53.3 billion in 2020, up 23% from 2019, as a result of the pandemic; and as many companies continue to outsource online fulfillment operations. To meet today’s 24-hour order-to-delivery consumer demand, distribution centers, warehousing and logistic companies are relying heavily on automation. This minimizes labor costs and reduces the period of time from receiving a shipping order to having it ready for transportation, particularly during peak activity. TDK-Lambda’s power supply products play an important role in the automation field, including in distribution centers, warehouses and logistic facilities. In a case study by TDK-Lambda UK, a packaging company selected TDK-Lambda’s DRL DIN rail mount power supplies for a new series of automated wrapping machines. In this specific project, the size of the product was a key factor in minimizing the size of the electronic control enclosure. As the highly efficient power supplies dissipate minimal heat, the case size can be reduced without compromising reliability. Sources: Wall Street Journal TDK-Lambda UK:


TDK-LAMBDA’S NEW DC-DC CONVERTERS FOR THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY TDK-Lambda is introducing the 15 to 20W PXG-M, and 30W PXD-M board mount DC-DC converter series. The two series are certified to IEC 60601-1 and IEC 62368-1, and can be used in multiple medical and industrial applications. The new DC-DC converters will serve the medical device industry, which is boosting manufacturing to historical levels, to meet the urgent demand from hospitals worldwide fighting coronavirus. Their possible medical applications are hospital equipment, dentistry appliances - and research laboratories, including Covid-19 labs. Their compact dimensions can especially fit home-care clinical devices, a fast-growingmarket. The series are equipped with advanced protection capabilities: Over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature. No external EMI filtering is required for compliance to EN 55011-A, EN 55032-A.



TDK-Lambda offers high voltage units within the Z+ Series of 200W, 400W, 600W and 800W Programmable DC Power Supplies. These high voltage power supplies address the requirements of applications such as renewable energy, testing, laboratory and industrial use. Main Benefits: • 2U high • Outputs up to 650Vdc • Highly flexible system integration • Optional LAN, GPIB & isolated analogue programming interfaces • Built-in USB, RS232 & RS485 The Z+ Series is gaining popularity in solar power applications. For example, the product helped to test vehicle’s solar roof systems. Cells embedded in the glass panel operate the vehicle’s ventilation fan to extract heat. This avoids having to turn on the air condition at maximum when first entering the car, again saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. The Z+ units can actually simulate solar cell performance through the use of stored programs that fully test the panels. FOR HIGH VOLTAGE NEEDS IN GREEN ENERGY APPLICATIONS: Z+ SERIES OF PROGRAMMABLE POWER SUPPLIES


THE MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY IS GEARING UP TO MEET CORONAVIRUS DEMAND • The whole medical device industry is boosting manufacturing to historical levels, to meet the urgent demand from hospitals worldwide fighting coronavirus. Increased production has been seen for the manufacturing of life-saving ventilators, ultrasound devices, X-ray systems, CT machines and patient monitors. • The FDA has taken several actions to increase production, allowing for medical device makers to adjust existing products in order to adopt them for easy use in the COVID-19 crisis. • Several innovations are taking place, with creation of special protecting face visors, new screening and diagnostic tools, 3D printing for medical equipment, robotic devices for patient monitoring and more. Even automakers GMand Ford are taking part in pivoting tomedical equipment manufacturing during the crisis. At the Israeli branch of TDK-Lambda we have been serving local healthcare and medical device companies, for 30 years. We are working hard to support the global effort of the healthcare industry, and to fulfill the demand for power solutions – which are the heart of every medical device.



Splitting shifts, working in capsules and increasing inventory - these are just some of the moves that have helped us continue uninterrupted production, supply and service throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, while safeguarding the team’s health. As an essential enterprise, TDK-Lambda’s activity in Israel continued as usual during these difficult days and under all COVID-19 restrictions. The sales office in Petah Tikva was open as usual, in accordance with the guidelines. The sales, support and repair systems continued to provide continuous customer service. The company also increased the extra inventory production, in order to ensure a continuous of supply to customers. The expansion of the factory in Karmiel has also been taking place as scheduled. The company is in the midst of a transition to increase production lines and build new warehouses. One of the reasons for the expansion is an increase in demand for advanced power supplies by several companies including medical equipment manufacturers which are part of an industry that is at an all-time high in production due to the pandemic. We have continued to consistently work hard, even during these difficult days, in order to provide you with quality products and continuous service. THIS IS HOWWE WORKED AT TDK-LAMBDA ISRAEL DURING THE PEAK OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN 2020


The TDK-Lamdbamanufacturing facility located in Karmiel has started a significant expansion in order to meet the growing demand for its advanced power supply lines: • Genesys+ – a new series known for its outstanding interface with several communication protocols and high efficiency • Z+ Series – has become popular mainly due to its compact size, wide variety of programming options and high accuracy • Power+Solution (utilizing TDK-Lambda’s existing technologies). Has become popular by tech companies in Israel and worldwide due to creative power design The growth in TDK-Lambda’s customer-base has brought to the need of a fast expansion of the facility, with support by the parent company in Japan. New warehouses will be built, allowing for the use of the existing warehouses as additional production lines, including a 3rd SMT line. TDK-Lambda Israel is getting ready for new additional and exciting developments, which will be added to the existing products in the upcoming years. The factory expansion is occurring at the celebration of 40 years to the establishment of the first factory of the company in 1979 (the previous “Nemic-Lambda”). TDK-LAMBDA IS EXPANDING THE MANUFACTURING IN KARMIEL



In many field applications, electronic systems need to operate in harsh environments where convection or forced air cooling is not viable. TDK-Lambda’s PFH500A AC-DC power module can tolerate a wide range of ambient temperatures (-40°C to 100°C) as it can be conduction cooled. The 4”x2.4” PCB mounted power module accepts a wide range of AC input and deliver an adjustable, regulated 28V output. Among the advantages of PFH500A: High power density; less heat in the system; high efficiency (up to 92%); and droop load share (optional). This next generation module also has a PMBus™ interface, with read/write capability for remote monitoring and programming. FROM -40°C TO 100°C : THIS IS TDK-LAMBDA’S TOUGHEST AC-DC POWER MODULE


WHAT IS THE “POWER+SOLUTIONS” SERVICE? We recognized that each customer’s application is unique , and so are his power supply needs. Therefore we developed the “Power+Solutions” Service - a FULL PROJECT MANAGEMENT, TAILORED TO THE SPECIFICATIONS OF EACH CLIENT. Your initial enquirywill behandledby local TDK-Lambdacommercial andengineering staff. Then, the TDK-Lambda staff will manage the development of your custom power solution - with your full involvement throughout the whole project. The service covers both the development phase and the manufacturing phase - including local support in Israel . The maintenance engineering work (component EOL, request for ECO’s, etc.) will be fully owned managed by TDK-Lambda - and reduce your overhead and engineering efforts. Our Power+Solutions service offers customized solutions for customers – using our existing wide range of power supply products. We have recently completed a unique development for a Defense company: a system with 5 programmed channels, in only a 1U rack size! Each channel has a power of up to 300w (total power of 1000w); and is monitored and controlled with RS232 communication and remote programming methods. This customized solution is based on 5 standard power supply products of TDK-Lambda’s new GXE series , that offer a power of up to 600w. A UNIQUE POWER SOLUTION: 5 PROGRAMMED CHANNELS, IN ONLY A 1U RACK SIZE




Comprising multiple input and output voltage combinations, the CC-E series of DC DC converters suits a variety of applications: green energy, factory automation, test & measurement and telecommunications. The light weight converters have a metal case to reduce radiated EMI. Main features:

• Compact footprint (low profile) • Requires no external components • 5V, 12V, 24V & 48V inputs • Output voltage adjustment • Input-Output isolation

• RoHS compliant • 5 years warranty


TDK Ventures has added Israel-based GenCell, a world leader in hydrogen and ammonia fuel cell technologies, to its investment portfolio. TDK’s corporate venture capital fund was launched in 2019 with a mission to invest in innovative startups that focus on digital and energy transformation, and contribute to sustainability. GenCell solutions will comprise a key component of the emerging hydrogen economy. The company’s emission-free alkaline fuel cells could power fully off-grid rural areas where electricity is not a commodity, contributing to TDK Ventures’ sustainability goals and investment thesis. GenCell was founded in 2011 with a vision to offer affordable, clean power. Leveraging core competencies in catalysis and materials science, GenCell’s unique alkaline fuel cell technologies target long-duration backup for telecom base stations, data centers, medical facilities, utilities, as well as totally off-grid power. TDK’s activity in Israel is supported by TDK-Lambda Israel, a TDK subsidiary. GenCell will be able to leverage TDK Corporation’s global reach and deep expertise in power electronics. The cooperation can boost the development of solutions for the emerging field of clean power. TDK VENTURES INVESTS IN ISRAELI DEVELOPER OF FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGIES




TDK has launched a new visual tool to illustrate all of the company’s activities. In the virtual tour (“Digital World”) you can be exposed to the company’s wide range of products by industry (transportation, communications, medicine, manufacture and more), or by technologies (power solutions, sensors, batteries, magnetic solutions and more). On your tour you will also discover TDK’s innovative developments in areas that are considered the hottest in the technology world today, including virtual reality and IoT. The new tool also includes products made by the Israeli branch of TDK-Lambda, which is responsible for the development and production of power supplies, voltage converters, filters and more.


What do power supplies consist of? Which parameters affect their efficiency? What is the difference between a linear and a switch-power supply? These are just some of the topics learned in our first webinar. Evgeni Rabinovich, TDK-Lambda’s Technical Director, shared professional knowledge with about 70 participants who took part in the online seminar. Among the participants in the webinar were electrical engineers, R&D Managers, hardware professionals, product managers, purchase managers, students and more. Participants came from various industries, including medical and aesthetic device, telecommunications, 3D printing, semiconductors, the defense sector and academic institutions. 70 PARTICIPANTS IN TDK-LAMBDA’S FIRST WEBINAR



85 years of our

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TDK-Lambda Israel congratulates TDK Corporation for celebrating 85 years of success. From magnetic tapes, to recording heads and power supplies - TDK has gained its position as a world-leader in the electronics industry.

R&D, Manufacturing and Headquarters: 56 Ha’haroshet st. Karmiel Industrial Zone Marketing & Sales: 1 Alexander Yanai, Segula Industrial Zone,

Petach Tiqva 03-9024333


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