TDK Lambda Magazine | Jan 2021

In many field applications, electronic systems need to operate in harsh environments where convection or forced air cooling is not viable. TDK-Lambda’s PFH500A AC-DC power module can tolerate a wide range of ambient temperatures (-40°C to 100°C) as it can be conduction cooled. The 4”x2.4” PCB mounted power module accepts a wide range of AC input and deliver an adjustable, regulated 28V output. Among the advantages of PFH500A: High power density; less heat in the system; high efficiency (up to 92%); and droop load share (optional). This next generation module also has a PMBus™ interface, with read/write capability for remote monitoring and programming. FROM -40°C TO 100°C : THIS IS TDK-LAMBDA’S TOUGHEST AC-DC POWER MODULE


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