TDK Lambda Magazine | Jan 2021

Splitting shifts, working in capsules and increasing inventory - these are just some of the moves that have helped us continue uninterrupted production, supply and service throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns, while safeguarding the team’s health. As an essential enterprise, TDK-Lambda’s activity in Israel continued as usual during these difficult days and under all COVID-19 restrictions. The sales office in Petah Tikva was open as usual, in accordance with the guidelines. The sales, support and repair systems continued to provide continuous customer service. The company also increased the extra inventory production, in order to ensure a continuous of supply to customers. The expansion of the factory in Karmiel has also been taking place as scheduled. The company is in the midst of a transition to increase production lines and build new warehouses. One of the reasons for the expansion is an increase in demand for advanced power supplies by several companies including medical equipment manufacturers which are part of an industry that is at an all-time high in production due to the pandemic. We have continued to consistently work hard, even during these difficult days, in order to provide you with quality products and continuous service. THIS IS HOWWE WORKED AT TDK-LAMBDA ISRAEL DURING THE PEAK OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN 2020


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