TDK Lambda Magazine | Jan 2021


According to a Wall Street Journal article from September, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically boosted e-commerce revenues. Total e-commerce revenues for U.S. logistics providers are estimated to reach $53.3 billion in 2020, up 23% from 2019, as a result of the pandemic; and as many companies continue to outsource online fulfillment operations. To meet today’s 24-hour order-to-delivery consumer demand, distribution centers, warehousing and logistic companies are relying heavily on automation. This minimizes labor costs and reduces the period of time from receiving a shipping order to having it ready for transportation, particularly during peak activity. TDK-Lambda’s power supply products play an important role in the automation field, including in distribution centers, warehouses and logistic facilities. In a case study by TDK-Lambda UK, a packaging company selected TDK-Lambda’s DRL DIN rail mount power supplies for a new series of automated wrapping machines. In this specific project, the size of the product was a key factor in minimizing the size of the electronic control enclosure. As the highly efficient power supplies dissipate minimal heat, the case size can be reduced without compromising reliability. Sources: Wall Street Journal TDK-Lambda UK:


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