TDK Lambda Magazine | Jan 2021

TDK-Lambda offers high voltage units within the Z+ Series of 200W, 400W, 600W and 800W Programmable DC Power Supplies. These high voltage power supplies address the requirements of applications such as renewable energy, testing, laboratory and industrial use. Main Benefits: • 2U high • Outputs up to 650Vdc • Highly flexible system integration • Optional LAN, GPIB & isolated analogue programming interfaces • Built-in USB, RS232 & RS485 The Z+ Series is gaining popularity in solar power applications. For example, the product helped to test vehicle’s solar roof systems. Cells embedded in the glass panel operate the vehicle’s ventilation fan to extract heat. This avoids having to turn on the air condition at maximum when first entering the car, again saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. The Z+ units can actually simulate solar cell performance through the use of stored programs that fully test the panels. FOR HIGH VOLTAGE NEEDS IN GREEN ENERGY APPLICATIONS: Z+ SERIES OF PROGRAMMABLE POWER SUPPLIES


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