TDK Lambda Magazine | Jan 2021

TDK Ventures has added Israel-based GenCell, a world leader in hydrogen and ammonia fuel cell technologies, to its investment portfolio. TDK’s corporate venture capital fund was launched in 2019 with a mission to invest in innovative startups that focus on digital and energy transformation, and contribute to sustainability. GenCell solutions will comprise a key component of the emerging hydrogen economy. The company’s emission-free alkaline fuel cells could power fully off-grid rural areas where electricity is not a commodity, contributing to TDK Ventures’ sustainability goals and investment thesis. GenCell was founded in 2011 with a vision to offer affordable, clean power. Leveraging core competencies in catalysis and materials science, GenCell’s unique alkaline fuel cell technologies target long-duration backup for telecom base stations, data centers, medical facilities, utilities, as well as totally off-grid power. TDK’s activity in Israel is supported by TDK-Lambda Israel, a TDK subsidiary. GenCell will be able to leverage TDK Corporation’s global reach and deep expertise in power electronics. The cooperation can boost the development of solutions for the emerging field of clean power. TDK VENTURES INVESTS IN ISRAELI DEVELOPER OF FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGIES



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