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Issue 268 | March 2023

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In-flight I Issue 268 I March 2023


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Editor’s Letter “Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done!” (Dr. Seuss) EL AL keeps on renewing and improving – this time adding two new direct destinations to its portfolio. The first is Tokyo – generating infinite excitement, as Japan is one the most inspiring and alluring countries in the world. The second is Dublin, the capital of Ireland and another highly coveted destination. The travel industry in Israel is by no means resting on its laurels either: this month, in parallel with the Dead Sea Pioneer Settlers’ March, many wonderful trek trails usually closed off, will be opening to the public, notably in the Land of the Monasteries and Beit HaArava. The march this year also symbolizes the post-pandemic reawakening of the

Dead Sea region as a whole - with its new seaside promenade, sailing tours, and more. It’s also a great opportunity to rediscover one of the most fascinating and beautiful places in Israel, while supporting its development and preservation. In addition, in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8 th , this issue includes an interview with incredible solo-traveler Esty Segal, a cancer survivor and leg-amputee. Also this month: a look into the new dance shows by the Israeli dance companies making their mark on international stages, a glimpse into the world of contemporary Israeli food, and many more sections and columns about the month’s cultural goings-on, in Israel and the world. I wish you all a pleasant read and a peaceful flight, Nava Marton

Head Of Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity Tal Kalderon Talkal@elal.co.il

Atmosphere Magazine is published monthly by RGE and LDI. Materials in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission. The opinions expressed in this magazine reflect those of the writers only, and not EL AL Airlines. The publisher and / or EL AL are not responsible for advertising content. For information regarding advertising opportunities Please contact Mr. Ofer Stessel at Tel: 052-8000618 Ofer_s@rge.co.il

Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



In-flight I Issue 268 I March 2023


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See the Sights 16 Explore Beautiful landscapes sailing activities, trek trails and much more. The Dead Sea is 430m below sea level and the place to be this month Magazine 22 Dancers Without Borders A peek into the dance shows setting stages on fire this month 26 Free as a Bird The story of 29-year-old leg-amputee Esty Segal traveling solo around the world

Lifestyle 28 Hotels A luxurious haven in the heart of Haifa 32 Food 5 of the country’s best farm-to-table eateries 36 Design Designing their own career 38 Fashion Cardie time! Business 40 Technology The tech novelties you need to know about this month

Travel News March Highlights 8 What’s on our Radar this Month Local Events 10 Our Guide 7 tips for overcoming jet lag 12 Checklist Flight Essentials 14 Wellness 5 ways to stay positive from five different countries



Huvy 1927-2022 | oil on canvas painting in 2000 Simcha dance L isten to your art

22 King David st. Jerusalem office@huvysgallery.com





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Check-in I Travel News & Updates

March Highlights

Consider this: The secret behind the window

Spotlight | Akko: rated Israel’s most welcoming city

Booking.com has elected Akko the most welcoming city in Israel, before Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Eilat. This honorific title is due to the ratings given by website users to the hotels and various hospitality venues they frequented. This past year, more than two million tourists visited Akko. Two years ago, the city of Rosh Pina was awarded with the title, falling to second position this time round. In third place is Had Nes, a community settlement in the Golan Heights, and

then come Arad and Mitzpe Ramon. Nazareth is placed seventh, Eilat ninth, and Haifa tenth. “We’ve hugely invested in tourism development and culture these past years”, says mayor of Akko Shimon Lankri, “the secret to the city’s success is the combination of its location and history, with unprecedented investment in tourism projects. We’ll continue to invest and make sure we offer the best experience we can to the many tourists flocking to our city each year”.

You might have always wondered why plane windows always have small holes in them. Here's a short explanation: the small hole helps balance out the atmospheric pressure when the plane reaches 30 thousand feet high - keeping it intact. Indeed, atmospheric pressure at that height is 80% lower than what it is on the ground. For this reason, in order to pressure is readjusted to what it is at 8,000 feet. The pressure differences (inside tremendous force that is also applied to the windows and the small hole helps to bridge these pressures. and outside the plane) cause a feel comfortable on planes, the air

Imaging: Studio 84

A new luxury resort where the Luna Gal waterpark used to be A new exclusive resort is currently being built where the legendary Luna Gal waterpark used to be, near the Sea of Galilee. The resort will be divided into an area for families and one more suited to couples and will include 150 rooms spread across 6 hectares of land, with a spa, a gourmet restaurant and a water sports complex to boot. Simulation: Feigin Architects

A second Six Senses hotel is on its way Two years after opening its first venue in the southern community settlement of Shaharut, luxury hotel brand Six Senses has announced it will soon be launching a second one in Tel Aviv, as part of the “Rothschild 10” project. The new hotel will include ten floors, 140 rooms, and a pool and spa on the 17 th floor. It’s set to be the first hotel in Israel to be built according to the Leed Platinum eco construction standards.

The UK will be launching a new tourist visa The UK has recently announced the creation of a new tourist entry permit called the ETA tourists will need to fill out online prior to entering the country. The system is officially set to be up and running by 2024 and will require tourists to pay a fee to enter the country. Note that the entry permit is considered a mere formality and potentially denied in special cases alone.



The best indoor amusement park in the world located 15 minutes from the center of Jerusalem. DUBAI IN ISRAEL!

T he Magic-Kass Park opened its doors in the city of Ma'ale Adumim. Designed to suit all ages, this indoor park promises to provide an unforgettable experience for families and thrill-seekers alike. The park features 18 different rides, from delicate carousels to heart-rending roller coasters, ensuring there's something for everyone. to create a park that would appeal to people of all ages," said the park's founder. "Our goal was to create an immersive experience that combines the excitement of a playground with the comfort of an indoor venue". Magic Kass has already become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a unique entertainment option in the heart of Israel. The park has also implemented a range of safety measures to ensure that visitors can enjoy their day without any worries. With exciting rides, delicious dining options, and a convenient location, Magic Kass is quickly becoming a must-see destination for families and theme park enthusiasts in Israel, with attractions suitable for all ages. For young kids, there are rides like cheerful turn swings and a pirate ship parallel to a huge jamboree and many attractions for toddlers as well, while older kids and adults can enjoy more exciting rides like the Beresheet and the Looper - a roller coaster that makes 4 complete loops at 60 km/h. The park also has a concert venue, and a huge arcade floor with 200 of the latest games updated regularly. In addition to the facilities, there are a variety of restaurants and food stalls inspired by Alice in Wonderland visitors can enjoy while taking a break from the rides and sit and watch people in one of the many balconies seating areas. At Magic- Kass, there is a high demand for its banquet halls that host Bar Mitzvah ceremonies, marriage proposals, and birthdays for an unforgettable experience where your guests will talk about the event. In addition, visitors can enjoy a variety of restaurants and food stalls located within the park. "We wanted

Photos: Courtesy of Magic Kass


Check-in I Local events I March 2023 I Shiri Brook-Sagie

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Art | NOON by Gabriella Klein Jerusalem NOON by artist Gabriella Klein (curated by Gaby Hamburg Fhima) is an exhibition currently showing at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens’ tropical greenhouse gallery. The works exhibited continue to express the language and imprint of Klein’s previous work, addressing the gap between what we see, and what we name and define. Klein employs Surrealist practices, zooming into her subjects, and thereby distancing them from their essence, stripping them of familiar meaning and verbal definition. Until March 16 th , botanic.co.il, Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Gabriella Klein - NOON I Photo by Yael Ilan

Food | The Mateh Yehuda Rural Food Festival Mateh Yehuda The Mateh Yehuda Rural Food Festival is back for the 23 rd time this year, celebrating the flavors of the Judean Hills. Many new participants will be around this year, including artisan bakers, beer brewers, and gourmet chefs, and there’ll also be vegan and gluten-free stalls, replete with delicious offerings. Workshops and culinary events for the whole family are set to take place

throughout the duration of the festival. March 9 th – April 1 st , tour-yehuda.org.il

Photo: Eldad Maestro



Pianist Juan Pérez Floristan I Photo: Yoel Levi

Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Magnin-A

Music | The Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition Tel Aviv The 17 th edition of the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition is back to its usual format this year, with 39 participants from 18 different countries. Two celebratory concerts will be inaugurating the competition, the first marking 150 years since the birth of Rachmaninoff, and the second, the 80 th anniversary of his death, with last year’s competition winners performing some of the great composer’s most beautiful piano concertos. A tribute recital to Arthur Rubinstein, by pianist Evgeny Kissin, will close the competition and include works by Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, and Chopin. March 14 th – 31 st , arims.org.il

Work by the artist Omar Victor Diop

Art | Contemporary Redefined: Africa Today, Sotheby’s Israel, Tel Aviv The new Sotheby’s Israel exhibition features the vanguard of African contemporary artists within the Sub-Saharan and western regions of the continent. It is a unique grouping of 31 works by more than 20 artists originating from eight African countries. The exhibition is curated by the Ghanaian artist and social entrepreneur Joseph Awuah-Darko, who selected artwork from the Olym Collection, a private collection of contemporary African art founded by two brothers based in Israel, comprising paintings, sculptures, and photographic art of powerful artistic expression. The exhibition delves into the complexities of African history and constitutes a fascinating encounter with the colors and techniques of African art. Until May 5 th , sothebys.com

From The Movie “Hidden Letters”

Cinema | The Epos Festival Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s international social and cultural cinema festival is back for the 14 th time, with dozens of films form everywhere in the world, about people, places, and events that changed the world – from architecture to music, China to Kenya. More than half of the movies presented this year are about important female figures overlooked by history, and there’s a special slot dedicated to Israeli cinema classics. The opening movie is “Hidden Letters”, a fascinating documentary about an ancient, secret language developed by women in southern China, and the closing one is “Italo Disco”, a documentary about the musical genre that made its mark in the Italy of the 1980’s. March 3 rd – 11 th , filmart.co.il



Check-in I Our Guide


tips & suggestions for overcoming jet lag

A common sleep disorder, jet lag happens when you travel across time zones and have trouble adjusting to the new rhythm. Here's a rundown of its causes and the ways with which to combat it when it strikes \ By Dr. Amalia Messika

and help it adjust to new surroundings. The field of studies related to this is chrononutrition, and researchers have shown that if main meals are eaten during the daytime – i.e., breakfast at 7am, and dinner at 7pm – the body clock is nudged into synchronization, the same way it is when exposed to daylight. 05 Flight timing It’s best to arrive at your destination when it’s still daytime so as to avoid going to sleep before evening (around 21:00-22:00). 06 Daylight exposure Getting lots of exposure to daylight on the day of your return is highly recommended. Stay outside for as long as possible, even if the weather isn’t great and the sun isn’t fully out. 07 Medication Melatonin is frequently taken to help reduce the symptoms of jet lag. It’s a sleep-inducing hormone that augments in the body as darkness falls and decreases in the morning. Melatonin can help the body adjust more quickly to a new time zone and can improve quality of sleep as well as reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. Usually, melatonin is taken for a few days post-arrival, and then again, for a few more after getting back. Dr. Messika leads CBT workshops at the Institute for Sleep Medicine at Ichilov Hospital

01 What is the body clock? Your internal body clock enables you to get in sync with your surroundings and adjust your sleep patterns to the local daytime and nighttime. It is flexible but may require some time until it fully adapts. 02 Synchronization For some, only a day or two will be necessary for the body clock to get in sync, while for others, it’ll be a week. This is partly due to genetics, age differences, and/or chronobiological disorders such as chronic sleep disorders or an out-of-sync body clock.

03 Sleep habits It’s usually recommended that those who fly a lot defer the moment they go to sleep on the days preceding their flight in order to get their body accustomed to the new sleep pattern – and advance it when flying east. In both cases, the change should take place gradually. Your body clock can get used to new time zones, but it needs time get accustomed to the change. 04 Eating patterns Some body clocks are located in the digestive system, so meal timings can modify the body clock’s functioning


Check-in I Checklist

Flight essentials for your next trip

“Essentials” 10x25mm compact monocular by Tasco, field view of up to 100m and 10x magnification, NIS 129, available at selected outdoor gear stores and online via t-and-i.co.il

Insulated water bottle for hot and cold drinks by Soltam, from NIS 129 (according to size), available at all Soltam stores and online via soltam.co.il

Passport cover by Lifefor Super Pharm, NIS 24.90, available at all Super-Pharm stores

Phone crossbody by Kipling, NIS 229, available at all iBags stores and online via kipling-il.co.il

Camo Park Trail t-shirt from the Adidas x Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collection, NIS 199.90, available at all JD stores and online via jdsports.co.il

Maya Microfleece breathable thermal shirt by Outdoor Revolution, NIS 79, available at selected outdoor gear stores and online via kalgav.co.il

Maximum comfort trekking sandals by German brand Caprice; their strong soles and scotch straps at the front and back allow for an optimal grip of the feet and ankles; anti-perspirant leather insert included, NIS 279, available at all Blue Heart stores and online via blueheart.co.il

Rab Space Case 7L belt-pack by Kalgav, perfect for trekking and camping, padded, with plenty of easy-to-reach

,pockets and stashes, NIS 179 available online at rabisrael.co.il


Photos: PR

LEVANT CUISINE by Chef Nimrod Hadas Manara is a Levantine-Israeli cuisine restaurant, facing the spectacular view of Tel-Aviv beaches and completing the Levantine experience that characterizes the restaurant’s kitchen, an Interpretation of the local Israeli culinary culture, and broad Mediterranean influences. Manara’s seasonal menu includes carefully selected fresh local ingredients, fresh fish from the Mediterranean sea, organic vegetables, hand-made pastas, a variety of For reservations: www.manaratlv.com 03. 6702220 Hayarkon 115 St. Tel-Aviv oven-baked breads, quality cheeses and desserts made daily in front of the diners, led by Chef Nimrod Hadas and his staff.


Check-in I Wellness

5 ways to stay positive from five different countries \ By Shiri Brook-Sagie The power of a positive attitude

concept behind it has to do with both enjoying nature in wintertime and staying snugly indoors when it’s cold outside. How to embrace it: have fun in the snow before sheltering from the cold at a nearby pub; or go for a walk in the mountains before having lunch somewhere lovely, or go glamping and light a campfire - whatever the activity may be, còsagach is in the air whenever there’s nature, whiskey, mulled wine, and a warm, snug blanket to wrap yourself around in. Meraki – Greece Another difficult word to translate, meraki is an Athenian concept that’s all about positivity and taking pride in yourself and your work. It’s about feeling satisfaction, and enjoyment from doing your job, whatever it may be. How to embrace it: instructions say meraki involves: keeping your shoulders back, holding your head up high, and maintaining an attitude of calm and confidence. In fact, why not add meraki to any activity you take on – from making feta cheese to decorating your home – the secret is doing things with love and pride.

Ikigai – Japan If someone told you

looking for the meaning of life could be both fun and simple, you might be surprised. But the Okinawa-born concept of Ikigai is exactly that. The word combines the Japanese words “iki” (life) and “gai” (value), which together mean “reason for being”, i.e., your ikigai is what brings your life joy and purpose. How to embrace it: ikigai is one of the most practical philosophies there are and is based on four foundational questions: what do you love? what are you good at? how can you earn a living from it? what does the world need? Try and answer those questions – your ikigai is the point of connection between them all. Lagom – Sweden The Stockholm-born concept of lagom is all about balance. Literally, it means “not too much, and not too little”, and reflects that distinctively Swedish calm attitude towards life in general – regarding clothing, food, and even how many hours to spend at word. In a nutshell, the idea is to never exaggerate

in anything and always aim for balance and moderation. How to embrace it: think like an Ikea designer who makes aesthetically pleasing items that are fully functional but not overly trendy; or when you’re delicious but don’t overdo it; and the same goes for work: you can be a good worker without necessarily trying to be “employee of the month”. Aim for the middle ground. Gezellig – Holland It’s hard to explain the concept of gezellig, as there are no direct translations of the word in other languages, but simply put, it’s the combination of the at a restaurant – treat yourself to something

pleasant feeling you get when you have fun with your friends and doing so while consuming alcohol. If you’ve heard of the Scandinavian concept of hygge – which aims for coziness and comfort – it’s similar to that, but with alcohol. How to embrace it: gezellig is the feeling you get when you go out to dinner with friends, or when you go out for a drink with a friend after a long day’s work or when you go for a bike ride with a bunch of friends and bring beer and wine for the ride. Còsagach – Scotland This impossible-to pronounce Scottish Gaelic word can be loosely translated as “snug, sheltered, or cozy”. The


Yossi Avrahami invites you to upgrade to the home you always wanted. Visit the selection of exclusive projects we are building all over Israel Redefining luxury living



Images are for illustration purposes only



* 2232

See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

The Dead Sea is alive and kicking As if waking up to new life with its new and improved beach facilities, sailing activities, trek trails, and even shopping malls and food courts, the Dead Sea is 430m below sea level and the place to be this season \ By Ariela Aflalo


The lowest point on earth is getting a makeover and shedding its past image of charmless healing resort. There are currently 18 hotels dotting its southernmost beach strip, and five more are set to be erected there in the coming months, including one with suites built directly above the sea. This month is also particularly special as it is the only time of year certain areas are open to the public, so do make your way as low as you can, and enjoy all the beauty and fun the Dead Sea has to offer. A promenade makeover and tax-free shopping malls Sixteen beaches have been covered with soft sand and equipped with parasols and pergolas, even in the water. Showers and toilets have been installed, and the promenade has been given a spruce-up, with greenery, lighting, fitness facilities dotted along it now. It is 4 km of beautiful landscapes, and the location of the new Dead Sea Mall, the first of its kind to be built here is a blessing on days when the heat is too much to bear. A new culture and entertainment complex, the Dead Sea Dome Expo will be opening in April, with a performance hall, a luxury spa, a food court and a beach area with cabins and wading pools. The 21km long Almog Marlstones’ cycling route has also been secured to suit both beginners and experienced riders. In and on the water: activities and experiences Zodiac boat tours: Captain Jacky Ben Zaken takes partcipants on an exploration of the treasures of the Dead Sea: incredible salt formations, freshwater springs and streams, and much more. Where: the exit by kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem Info: saltylandscapes.com Kayak tours: suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced, these

Kayak tours I Photo: Ofer Shmuelfeld

Zodiac boat tours I Photo: Uri Freundlich

-430 Gallery I Photo: Ariela Aflalo

Hotel promenade in Ein Bokek I Photo: Ariela Aflalo



See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

tours are usually 2 hours long and allow participants to discover the magic and beauty of the Dead Sea in all its mysterious glory, as they paddle through salt caves and marshes that formed above impressive sinkholes, and of course, there are stops along the way to enjoy the wonderful freshwater springs and mineral-rich mud. Where: the exit by kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem The lowest art gallery in the world, the -430, is located in former army barracks. Forty years after being left empty, it became an art gallery covered in graffiti and colorful artwork, steered by Israeli design studio PPL, that reached out to 30 artists in Israel and the world, asking them to take part in the project that aimed to raise awareness about the Info: deadseakayak.co.il The - 430 Gallery

The Dead Sea Pioneer Settlers March Photos: Courtesy of the Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council

This march is organized by the Pioneer Settlement Museum. This year marks the march’s 7 th edition and is special in that it will take place in two different spots – where the Jordan river meets the Dead Sea, and in the area known as the Land of the Monasteries, nowadays a closed-off military zone. The march covers three different trekking paths of varying lengths and difficulty levels, that are open to the public only once a year, in honor of this special march. Participants encounter landscapes of breathtaking beauty and are

led by expert guides. There are accommodation options all along the way, as well as places to eat, to take part in workshops, and/or a myriad other activities such as cycling tours, paintball sessions, sailing, agricultural tours, etc. When: March 3 rd and 4 th , and March 10 th and 11 th . There could be changes due to weather. Marches start every hour on the hour between 8am and 11am, but participants need to enroll and book their spot beforehand. To enroll and get additional information: dead-sea.org.il


Photo: Ariela Aflalo

Photo: Nathanael Shlezinger

importance of preserving the Dead Sea. The gallery is open 24/7 and endlessly instagrammable. Where: Kalia beach Extreme electric bike cycling tours The Dead Sea sinkholes have given way to the emergence of extreme electric bike tours. One such tour, called “the backyard”, is led by Nathanael Shlezinger who takes his clients on cycling adventures where they discover stalactite caves, palm tree plantations, salt formations, and stop to enjoy the water along the way. Where: near the Avnat settlement, at the cycling tourist information center Info: deadsea.bike The Moshe Novomeysky visitors’ center This new visitors’ center tells the story of Zionist pioneer and engineer

Moshe Novomeysky who came to Palestine from his native Siberia in 1911. In 1929 he founded the Palestine Potassium Company Ltd., one of the cornerstones of Israeli industry. This new experiential museum is full of interactive installations that allow visitors to feel like they are “walking” inside an actual potassium extraction factory and learn about the extraordinary feats of the Zionist pioneers of the early 20 th century. Info: deadseanovo.co.il Where to stay Hotels in the southern part of the Dead Sea are characteristically close to the water, but the northern and central parts offer accommodation options, such as glamping or camping in one of the nearby kibbutzim. Mantur Almog by Selina: here there are 81 rooms and suites of varying sizes, suitable for lone-travelers, couples, and families. All guests have

access to a communal kitchen, and there’s a café-restaurant, as well as a pool, wellness center, art workshops and a work-sharing space. Located inside kibbutz Almog, it is surrounded by greenery and the beautiful landscapes of the Jordan Rift Valley. (selina.com) Camp Sahara: situated on Biankini Beach in the northern part of the Dead Sea, this campground is spread across 1000 sqm right by the shoreline. Its 30 geodesic domes offer couples, families, and groups an accommodation experience like no other. Each dome is equipped with beds, a fridge, a seating area, and its own outdoor picnic table. The campground also includes a baby friendly pool, a beach, showers and toilets, a traditional khan, a communal kitchen, a Moroccan restaurant and even a synagogue. (campsahara.co.il) The Ein Gedi khan: a well-equipped camp site where guests can either



See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Where to eat There aren’t many gourmet restaurants in this area as tourists usually lunch and dine either in their hotels, at the mall cafés, the local McDonald’s or the Agadir burger joint on the promenade, as well as in some of the eateries along Highway 90. Here are a few recommendations: Metzoke Bar and Metzoke Dragot: a café with one of the most breathtaking views in Israel, offering light meals, cold beer and fun background music. (metzoke.co.il/our_bar) The Ahava café: a charming café with great coffee, fresh juices, quality sandwiches and salads, and wonderful baked goods. (tel: 053-520-9987) The Ein Gedi Restaurant: this hotel restaurant recently opened its doors to non hotel-guests. Its abundant buffet is replete with salads,

The Ein Gedi Khan I Photo by Katy Barkai

Photo by Dessert Patisserie

Ein Gedi and above a natural reserve at walking distance from the Arugot and David streams. Here, guests can choose between staying in a caravan, their own tent, a glamping tent that sleeps up to 8 people equipped with beds and mattresses, or in “badolinas”, that are little cabins with their own balconies; one of them even has its own wading pool. Also onsite: a lounge with hammocks, seating areas, showers and toilets, a kitchen area, and a bar serving cocktails and beer. (badolina.co.il) ■

Mantur Almog I Photo by Selina

stay in vintage 1960’s Volkswagen camper vans, caravans, or tents. A central tent serves as a communal lobby with a kitchen, showers and toilets, a bar, and ping-pong and pool tables. (eingedicamp.co.il) Badolina: this well-equipped glamping site is located near kibbutz

fish dishes, soups, baked goods, meat dishes, and more. (ngedi.co.il/en/)


Only The Venetian in Vegas is prettier

T he DCITY mall is the largest shopping destination in the Middle East for entertainment and interior design, attracting over four million visitors annually. With a vast selection of furniture and home décor, DCITY boasts more than 200 stores and outlet areas, making it a unique shopping experience that appeals to a broad range of tastes and budgets. The mall's well-designed layout and immersive indoor space, inspired by the grandeur of the Venetian Palace in Las Vegas, create an inspiring and easy to-navigate atmosphere. In addition to its furniture and décor offerings, DCITY also features a wide range of restaurants and food stalls, making it the perfect destination for a day out with friends and family who want to create a great time. DCITY's expert interior designers help visitors design their dream homes, and the mall's state-of-the art venue hosts major events throughout the year, including fashion shows, live music shows, and more. The spacious concert arena is perfect for any event, featuring impressive acoustics and a well-designed and inspiring planning layout. With an exceptional selection, stunning design, and unbeatable prices, DCITY is fast becoming a sought-after destination for anyone interested in designing their home or purchasing new furniture in Israel. It is a must-visit site that showcases the best of what Israel has to offer beyond the sandy beaches. Once you experience this spectacular project, you will understand the power of the place and why it is regarded as one of the most beautiful malls in the region. Located in Ma'ale Adumim, just a short 15-minute drive from Jerusalem

Photos: Courtesy of D-City


Magazine I Performing Arts

Dancers Without Borders Dance is undoubtedly the artistic field in which Israelis have shone the most on an international level. Every major international dance festival has included at least one Israeli dance company in its program these past years, and at home as well, Israeli dance companies are making their mark. Here’s a peek into the dance shows setting stages on fire this month \ By Anat Zecharia

Batsheva Dance Company - Momo I Photo: @Ascaf


Batsheva Dance Company MOMO Established in 1964 as a repertoire company by the Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild, the Batsheva Dance Company is one of the world’s most prominent and renowned dance troupes. The company stands at the forefront of the local and international dance world, thanks to the bold choreographic voice of house choreographer Ohad Naharin who has succeeded in creating a unique corpus of and a movement language known as “Gaga”, which involves improvisational and imagination work. Naharin has become one of the world’ most celebrated choreographers, recently receiving the prestigious medal of honor of the Commander of the French Order of Arts and Letters and the Italian “Danza&Danza” award for dance excellence. The company’s new creation “MOMO”, in which two groups of dancers battle each other to win the audience’s favor, will be gracing French stages all month, instilling the sense of wonder and spontaneity that is so characteristic

Vertigo - Makom I Photo: Elad Debi

of Naharin’s creations. batsheva.co.il/en/home/ Vertigo Dance Company Makom The Vertigo Dance Company

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company - The Director’s Cut I Photo: Udi Hillman

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company The Director’s Cut In celebration of its 50 th anniversay, the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Germany and Poland, countries that hold special meaning to Rami Beer, the company’s artistic director, as the son of two Hungarian Holocaust survivors. The company’s founder, Yehudit Arnon, a Nazi death camp Company has recently been performing on stages across

dance center a permanent port of call for the Israeli company whenever it came to New York. This year, Wertheim will be receiving an honorary award at the Sibiu festival, like Ohad Naharin and Baryshnikov himself, also have in the past. “Makom” is Wertheim’s exploration of the concept of “place” – “makom” means “place” in Hebrew – be it in its literal acceptance or in a more spiritual, metaphysical sense. vertigo.org.il/en/

celebrated its 30 th anniversary last year with a round of performances of its most recent creation ”Makom”, at the Baryshnikov Theatre in New York. Superstar dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov has been a friend of the company since 2017, when he saw two of its shows at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania. After meeting with the company’s artistic director Noa Wertheim, he offered to make his



Magazine I Performing Arts

by Daniella Schapira, former director of the Bat-Dor Dance Company, and artistic director and choreographer Tamir Ginz. As resident company of the Bat Dor Beer Sheva Dance Center, the Kamea Company gives center stage to excellence and virtuosity, and its troupe includes dancers from everywhere in the world. This month, Ginz’s new creation “Wild Awake” will be premiering in celebration of the company’s 20 th anniversary, and mixes surrealist fantasy with unabashed optimism, visions of unbridled passion with unfulfilled desires. “I’ve allowed myself to go with the flow of every wild vision my imagination conjured up - and to do so with my eyes wide open. I feel as though the period of post-Covid reawakening was a time of deep renewal and creation for me, and this show is all about the experience of this

The Inbal Dance Compamy - Kiriyat Gat I Photo: Eli Katz

survivor herself, swore she would create a dance company were she to survive her ordeal – rendering the performances in Germany and Eastern Europe even more poignant. “Dance is an international language, and movement creates communication between people”, says Amira Teomi, the company’s CEO. “We perform everywhere in the world, representing not only ourselves as a company, but Israel as a whole, and we are always warmly received”, she adds. “The Director’s Cut”, which premiered in February, is a look back into some of the company’s most iconic moments, blending the past with the present and adding new meaning to each layer of movement and (e)motion. kcdc.co.il The Inbal Dance Company Kiriyat Gat The Inbal Dance Company is celebrating 75 years of artistic creation this year, with a series of new shows and performances. Founded by legendary

choreographer Sarah Levy-Tanai all those years ago, the company has renewed itself many a time since then. “Dancing is about movement, not about resting on the laurels of the past”, says Eldad Grupy, the company’s CEO and artistic director for the last nine years. “Though the Inbal Dance Company remains attached to its heritage, as artistic director, I believe it is my job to add new layers to its identity. Our new creation “Suzanne”, by choreographer Emanuel Gat, will be premiering in Paris this April, and is precisely about doing just that” he adds. This month, Gat’s creation “Kiriyat Gat”, will be staged in Israel, and explores the ways with which bridges can be formed between the past and the present, fragility and stability, the center and the

reawakening”, says Ginz kameadance.com/en/ ■

periphery. inbal.org.il Kamea Dance Company Wild Awake

The Kamea Dance Company was founded as a collaborative initiative

Kamea Dance Company - “Wild Awake” I Photo: Kfir Bolotin


D UBLIN NEW! non-stop flights to

Come and discover the perfect combination of the magical breathtaking nature, vibrant nightlife and extraordinary historical sites. 3 weekly flights starting March 2023

For departures from Dublin to Israel starting on March 16, 2023 • On selected dates subject to availability of class of sale • Entry and departure to/from the destination is subject to the rules and procedures of such country, which might change from time to time. It is the responsibility of the passengers to be updated and verify the rules and the relevant entry and departure requirements • EL AL reserves the right to make changes • Subject to the terms on the EL AL website • Errors and omissions excluded.

Magazine I International Women’s Day

Free as a bird

An example of stealth, resilience, personal development, and empowerment, 29-year-old leg-amputee Esty Segal is on a quest for adventure, freedom, and joy. Though she knows some may find it surprising to hear, traveling solo is her passion and her way of life \ By Nava Marton

Tell us about yourself and how you got to where you are “After healing from cancer twelve years ago, I got the opportunity to travel abroad thanks to an association that supports kids recovering from cancer, and I discovered a passion for foreign lands. I’ve been traveling ever since – first to closer destinations such as Greece, and for shorter periods of time, then to more faraway lands and

for longer. I was amputated of one leg five years ago, which knocked back a bit of my confidence. It took time to start traveling alone again. I bought a one-way ticket and went on the journey of my dreams: just me in the middle of nowhere, a tent, a car which became my home, and a camping stove. I left my job, the apartment I was renting, and together with my prosthetic leg, crutches, and/or wheelchair, started

the nomadic life I had always dreamt of. I wanted to discover who I really was, while exploring the world and all the wonderful cultures and people that inhabit it – and most of all, I was on a quest for joy”. What are the advantages of traveling solo? “Most of all, it’s the freedom. I get to create exactly the journey that I want, at the pace of my choice. I usually don’t make specific plans and follow my intuition. When I’m alone


Alone but safe A few tips for the solo female traveler

the pineapple, and they left. I can’t say I wasn’t scared the whole time – even more so than when a bear appeared in front of my tent in the United States. But I managed to stay cool and confident, and hoped that my disability might actually work to my advantage, as it could dissuade them from the thought of kidnapping me for ransom money”. estysegal • Learn how to say hello, please, and thank you in the language of the country you are visiting • Keep a travel diary. It’s empowering and allows you to process your experiences. • Learn to enjoy and feel gratitude for everything you experience. • Plan ahead: learn about your travel destination, have a clear idea of where you’ll be staying on your first night, keep important phone numbers handy. • Choose a hotel with a reception desk that’s open 24 hours. • Let at least one person back home know where you are and where you’re staying, at all times – especially when you’re somewhere with no WiFi. • Pack light: it’s no fun dragging a heavy suitcase around. • Always - and without exception - do only what feels right to you. • Mark specific itinerary points: they structure a journey as much as they allow for spontaneity. • Trust your instincts – if you feel unsafe about something / someone, just stay away from it / them.

Photos: Courtesy of Esty Segal

and looking onto a breathtaking landscape, I don’t need to try and express my feelings with words, I don’t need to say things like ‘amazing, incredible, or wow’. I can just intensely feel what I feel, and to me, that’s way more powerful”. What reactions do you usually get from people as a solo traveler? “People are usually surprised to hear that I travel alone, especially as an amputee. I’ve also been traveling without my prosthetic leg these past six months, so my disability is even more visible. I get a lot of positive feedback and support on social media, and when I meet people along the way as I travel, I don’t feel like it’s an issue. It feels natural to me to be accomplishing my dream, and

people feel my passion and I love that. But there’s still one question I keep getting again and again: ‘don’t you get scared on your own?’ “. Could you share a particularly memorable moment from your travels with us? “Once, when I was alone in the Mexican jungle, I suddenly saw two men coming towards me. They looked threatening – like something out of a drug cartel tv show. I grabbed my crutches, walked towards my cooler, and took out a pineapple, and proceeded to cut it open with my machete, so that they saw I knew how to use one… I then offered them some of the ice-cold pineapple – hard to refuse in the middle of the mad jungle heat. They sat down beside me, we ate



Lifestyle I Hotels

A luxurious haven in the heart of Haifa Opulent, endlessly chic, verdant and urbane - the new Botanica Hotel by Fattal is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. The views from its rooftop lounge bar, its perfect location, and the European elegance of its design, create a guest experience like no other \ By Maayan Mann

Tourists from everywhere in the world flock to Haifa to admire its myriad sights and attractions and enjoy its beautiful beaches every year. Its food scene is constantly evolving, and its nightlife is one of Israel’s most vibrant and exciting. Recently, new hotels have been opening across the city, mirroring the trend of renewal. The new Botanica Hotel, a Fattal Chain Limited Edition boutique hotel, is one of the most

impressive to have opened to date. Its perfect location – in the heart of the city’s buzzing German Colony neighborhood and right next-door to the Bahá’í Gardens – add to its irresistible aristocratic charm. A room painted blue As you step into the Botanica Hotel for the first time, you’re immediately struck by the exquisite elegance and opulence of its design and the

personalized welcome received upon arrival immediately sets the tone - champagne or soft drink of choice, a selection of delicious snacks, the superb lighting fixtures, the plush sofas - everything seems to scream: "let the pampering begin!". Note that guests must be 16 and over (a blessing to the mother of three writing these lines). The hotel, designed by architect Guy Arbel and interior designer Nestor

Photos: Aya Ben Ezri


For departures as of 1 March 2023 ● The company reserves the right to make changes. ● On select flights and dates. ● Entry and departure to/from the destination country is subject to meeting the guidelines set by the authorities of that country, which may vary from time to time. Passengers are responsible for monitoring the relevant guidelines. ● Subject to terms listed on the EL AL website. ● E.&O.E 2 weekly flights to Tokyo on the Dreamliner For further details and reservations, visit elal.com or contact your travel agent

Lifestyle I Hotels

Where to eat Breakfast is included in the stay, and it’s as rich and abundant as you can imagine, with a wide range of salads, cheeses, eggs in various forms, baked goods, tea, and coffee. Dinner is currently served on Fridays only, and includes salads of every kind, various fish and meat dishes, and impressive deserts (all kosher). As mentioned above, Haifa has one of the most vibrant food scenes in Israel and there are so many great restaurants to choose from that the hard part is choosing, so there’s no risk of going hungry in this city.

Sandbank, is inspired by botanical gardens across the world, and is full of colors, luscious greenery, and gorgeous artwork. Even the cocktails at the hotel bar are botany-themed, and there's a charming internal patio replete with lovely plant-filled corners. There are 163 rooms of five different kinds, including three impressive suites. The rooms of each separate floor are united in tone and color, according to the color of the Bahá’í Garden terraces that floor looks out onto – red, yellow, green, or blue. Since my room was on the third floor, the blue floor, it was painted entirely blue – everything inside was blue-toned: the armchairs, carpet, walls, sofa, etc. Equipped with a smart TV, a fridge, a writing desk, and a Nespresso machine, the room was spacious, with a particularly pampering bathroom filled with French toiletry brand L'Occitane products. The room's two balconies

both looked out onto the Bahá’í Gardens - the perfect view for a weekend in Haifa. Plush and Pampering Before my stay, I booked a massage at the hotel spa and I was so glad I did, as it made my first afternoon in the hotel nothing less than heavenly. The spa offers many kinds of wellness treatments, but I opted for the 75-minute-long "Botanica" massage. The spa also has a sauna, and there's a gym and a beautiful pool (open in the summer) in the hotel as well, with tanning and seating areas. The hotel's rooftop lounge bar looks out onto the city, and the cocktail bar is helmed by two master mixologists who have created a bespoke drinks menu inspired by the hotel's design and atmosphere. Truthfully, one could easily spend the whole weekend inside the hotel without ever going out, but

Haifa is well worth pulling yourself away from the pampering for a bit, especially since the hotel's location makes everything so easy to reach. The hotel concierge will gladly help you choose an afternoon activity or book tickets for something in particular (the food tour at the Wadi Nisnas market is a great option). A double room in this Haifa haven is NIS 1,200 a night midweek, and NIS 1,500 on the weekend, though prices vary according to the type of room of course. Members of the Fattal Chain members' club and those booking via the hotel website get discounts. There's a valet parking service and 24-hour parking, at a cost of NIS 60 after discount. botanicahotel.co.il ■

Maayan Mann was a guest at the Botanica Hotel.


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Celebrating Israeli flavors 5 of the country’s best farm-to-table eateries

Some of Israel’s most acclaimed chefs are fully embracing the trend of farm-to-table cuisine, giving center-stage to 0-km fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, and fish products. Here are five of the most exciting restaurants operating today, offering an eating experience full of eclectic vibrancy and punch \ By Sharon Ben-David

Rutenberg The fertile soil and abundant water resources of Emek HaMa’ayanot are the elements upon which the Rutenberg restaurant was established. Here, on the banks of the Jordan river, Chef Izhar Sa’ar and his partner Hilla built their farm which produces the fruit & veg and fresh herbs that end up on the restaurant menu. Aside from his own produce, Sa’ar uses local products that reflect his deep care for sustainability and food traditions. With its beautiful open views, and delicious dishes, the Rutenberg is a true celebration of Israeli farm-to-table cuisine. rutenberg.co.il

32 ATMOSPHERE MARCH 2023 Rama's Kitchen I Photo: Itamar Ginzburg

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