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Issue 261

Issue 261 | August 2022

Discovering Akko 14 P.

Beautiful seascapes, an ancient harbor, historical sites, throbbing markets, and spectacular food - come visit Akko for an enchanting celebration of past and present

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Inflight I Issue 261 I August 2022


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design

Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo Amos Dadon Images ASAP Creative

Editor’s Letter It gets quite hot in Israel in August - in all senses of the word. Temperatures soar and cultural events overflow. When the heat gets unrelenting, we recommend heading north, to the Galilee, where the air is cooler and the atmosphere enchanting. Akko (Acre), one of Israel’s most fascinating cities, lies on the Mediterranean coast, thrillingly bridging the past and the present, with its thousands of years of history, ancient ruins, and vibrant revival as a major tourist destination. There are endless reasons to pay it a visit: breathtaking seascapes, magnificent historical sites and architectural wonders, exciting markets, and wonderful food. For those looking to get away from the

city fray, Israel’s coastline, dotted with spectacular beaches, is where to head to. In this issue, you’ll find a selection of five of Israel’s most beautiful beaches (from Rosh HaNikra in the north to Zikim in the south), a guide to planning an eco-friendly holiday, and another, with things to do with the kids: from waterskiing in Tel Aviv to diving with sharks in Eilat. Also this month: summer music and dance festivals, meteor showers in the Negev, an interview with an Italo-American Israeli chef that prepares Italian vegan food (yes, there is such a thing), and a look into a new culinary venture cooking up in the Galilee.

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Wishing you a relaxing flight and pleasant reading, Nava Marton

Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



Inflight I Issue 261 I August 2022


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See the Sights 14 Discover Akko: Authentic. Vibrant. Colorful. 18 Enjoy Summer by the Beach

Lifestyle 32 Food Nadia Ellis, the Italo American Israeli vegan chef revolutionizing Italian cuisine - one TV show at a time 34 Sustainability 5 ways to make your holiday greener Business 36 Innovation A Culinary Renaissance in the Galilee

Magazine 24 Study, Pray, Love A new HaBima stage production brings the iconic heroine Yentl back to life 26 Family Activities

A selection of great summer activities to do with the kids



Check-in I Local events I August 2022

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Outdoor Fun | Summer Lights Festival Tel Aviv Port Tel Aviv Port will be holding seven days of family-friendly fun, with spectacular light installations and luminous stage displays peppering the boardwalk. Notable festival features include a breathtaking music and lights show, fluorescent hula hoopers, a luminous marching band, and an interactive juggling and magic show. The performances are all free of charge and suitable to children of all ages. August 2 nd -9 th

Photo: Bernhard Mueller

Dance | Tel Aviv Dance Festival Suzanne Dellal Center, Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv’s annual celebration of the

Theater | The International Jerusalem Puppet Festival Liberty Bell Park, Jerusalem To mark the festival’s 31 st edition, some of the most celebrated puppet, shadow, and visual theater performers in the world will be flocking to Jerusalem to showcase their latest creations, based on this year’s theme - “the future”. The shows will all be exploring notions such as innovative technology and the human condition in the digital age. The festival will include many free activities, street theater shows, circus clown acts, and plenty of fun workshops. August 14 th to 18 th

performing arts is back with a wide range of local and international productions, such as “Castle in time”, the opening show, in which dancers will be performing alongside a live orchestra, “Newtopia”, by the Austrian Bodhi Project dance company, and “Graces”, created by Italian choreographer Silvia Gribaudi. This year’s edition promises an abundance of family friendly dance shows and many Israeli productions - including a few premieres. Ends August 13 th

Photo: David Siebert



Music and Wine | “Between the Vineyards” The Galilee wine festival The Galilee music and wine festival is back again this year with a string of events to mark the ancient “Valentine’s Day” of biblical times, “Tu Be’Av”. Visitors of all ages are set for five days of wine tastings, vineyard tours, markets and fairs, as well as live shows by such artists as Ehud Banai, Yehoram Gaon, Avraham Fried & Aviv Geffen, Idan Amedi & Avraham Tal, Ishay Ribo & Akiva, and Nathan Goshen. August 12 th to 18 th

Food | The JLM “Food&Party” Festival Hinnom Valley, Jerusalem This year marks the fifth edition of Jerusalem’s Hinnom Valley summer food festival. The crème de la crème of the capital city’s restaurateurs has once again teamed up to prepare top-notch delights at affordable prices (NIS 30-40 per dish). Alongside the food there’ll be live music all month long, and open-air movie screenings as part of the Jerusalem Film Festival. Amongst the restaurants taking part are Angelica, 1868, Luciana, Segev Burgers, Kedma Mamila, Talbiye, Ishtabach and many more. Ends August 25 th , Tuesdays to Thursdays, 18:00 - 23:00.

Photo: Lloyd Allen Tibayan

Photo: Itamar Brest

Art Exhibition | “Tomorrow” Ramat Gan Museum

Nature | Meteor Showers Timna Park

Sprawled across three spacious floors, this multimedia digital arts show merges the works of the great masters of modern art with contemporary art forms, such as NFTs and VR technology. One hundred laser projectors, VR headsets and interactive screens breathe life into paintings by Monet, Kandinsky, Cézanne, Van Gogh, and Klimt, inviting visitors to explore the famous masterpieces via a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory immersive experience. Closes October 17 th

The meteor showers that bedazzle the Negev desert sky each year are magical to experience firsthand. Timna Park is offering a variety of astronomy themed nighttime activities to visitors of all ages, such as guided open air and telescope stargazing, astrophotography, virtual tours of the solar system, and so much more. Accommodation options are available, and Café Timna, located by the park’s lake, will be

open to visitors. August 15 th to 18 th

Photo: Noam Romano



Check-in I Travel Guide

Some say a holiday abroad with the kids is no holiday at all - but with a bit of flexibility and a dose of expectation management, traveling with toddlers or teenagers can be fun. Here are five tips to make it happen \ By Roni Langerman-Ziv 5 tips for a relaxing trip with the kids

unknown surroundings. That’s why it’s preferable to stay at one hotel during the whole trip, so that they may feel at home in it and sleep well at night. It’s all about flexibility 05 Flexibility is one of the most crucial aspects of parenting, particularly when on holiday. If plans get ruined, never mind! It’s always best to listen to your children, sometimes not through what

Give them a minute to settle in 01 Children thrive on routines, which means they’ll need some time to get used to a new setting. Start by taking it easy - walk around the hotel, unpack, rest, and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Get them involved 02 Kids need to know what their day will look like. It’s always best to get them involved, let them know about what your plans for the day are. Children love to feel they get a voice as opposed to being “briefed” on what they’ll be doing.

Snack time 03 It’s important to bring snacks your kids will actually eat. Make sure you pack sandwiches with you in the morning before a day of sightseeing. If you’ve decided to eat out, take your children’s taste into account and perhaps opt for buying food at a stall and eating it on a park bench instead of queuing for a table somewhere. Peaceful nights 04 We’ve already mentioned how important routines are to children, so it won’t be easy for them to go to sleep in a strange place and wake up in

they may say, but through their behavior. In the end, it’s about

enjoying yourselves as a family rather than ticking off sightseeing to-do lists.

The author is a parental and teacher guidance specialist at the Adler Institute



A special summer exhibition

International Season 2021-2022

T r i




C i












Ernesto Neto, Paxpa – There is a Forest Encantada Inside of Us , 2014 Photo: Mick Vincenz

Renowned international artists create works inspired by rituals and traditions from diverse cultures, alongside rare ethnographic and archaeological artworks

For additional information about tours, gallery talks, musical events and special activities: www.eretzmuseum.org.il

Check-in I Check List

Flight Essentials

Vivobarefoot hiking shoes, help absorb water and sweat, NIS 399, available at barefootlife.co.il

Document folder with integrated power bank, NIS 169, available at gentleman.co.il

Men’s toiletries bag by Gant, NIS 155, available at gentleman.co.il

Travel pillow by Rikushet, NIS 89,90, available at all Rikushet stores and online at rikushet.co.il

Tiny But Mighty Flex, the Israeli brand Rollink’s smart suitcase, is the world’s biggest cabin-sized carry on reaching a capacity of up to 40L. The fact that it’s also collapsible to 5 cm makes it the ultimate flight companion - particularly during peak season when airports are jam-packed. You can either fly with just your Flex with you or alternatively, slide it inside a larger suitcase to bring back your holiday shopping haul with you. NIS 495, available at rollink.co.il

Make-up bag, NIS 44,90 by Disney Home, available at all Vardinon stores and online at vardinon.co.il

Passport cover and luggage tag by Disney Home, NIS 28, available at all Vardinon stores and online at vardinon.co.il

Sleekly designed backpack made of recycled materials, Cabaia, NIS 367, available at swagg.co.il

Stainless steel insulated bottle by Arcosteel, keeps drinks durably hot or cold, NIS 69,90 for a 500ml bottle, available at all Arcosteel Kitchen stores

Smart X5 Boy portable speaker by Xoopar, starting at NIS 189, available at swagg.co.il


Photos: PR, Millennium Marketing (Arcosteel), and Yaron Weinberg (Rikushet)

Wish to take your quality of life a step further?

Upgrade your lifestyle at GINDI TLV iconic luxury project in the heart of Tel Aviv, and enjoy a new residential experience in a perfect location: vibrant community life, lots of high quality schools within easy reach, innovative technology throughout the complex, and a rooftop overlooking the entire city.

Occupancy: 2023

Residential lifestyle – education, culture, community, and technology.

Walking distance to all cultural and culinary centers

A rooftop overlooking the city

Rich community life

In-complex park

Educational institutions nearby

Spacious designed apartments



Check-in I Passport Control

When was the last time you were abroad? “After two years of staying put I finally flew out to Amsterdam with my beloved wife Noam last May. In June I flew to Rhodes with the kids that won first prize in the game show I host on the Israeli Children’s Channel”. How do you pick your holiday destinations? “My busy schedule will usually only allow for long weekends in Europe, but I do go for longer vacations with the family when possible. This year we’ll be spending the week of Sukkot in Crete”. What’s your favorite kind of vacation? “Vacations are, by definition, always fun. I love city breaks, but if I’m with the kids, I’ll favor somewhere that’s by the sea”. What are your travel must-haves? “I try to pack as little as possible. I can’t say there’s anything I can’t do without, except for a bathing suit - even in winter. It’s always best to have one with you”. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination? “The first day is always the best as you’re pumped with adrenaline, ready to paint the town red. I’m usually too excited to get much sleep on the first night”. What would you never do abroad? “I don’t waste time on shopping or queueing. Why spend your precious time inside shops and malls when you could be exploring the city?” Where do you dream of going? “Everywhere in the world. My biggest dream is to visit Japan”. A personal recommendation to our readers? “My favorite vacation is a weekend somewhere in Europe - short and sweet but full of fun. London is my number one - to me, it’s the most exciting city in the world”.

“London is the most exciting city in the world”

Who does he love to fly with, what are his travel must-haves, and where does he dream of going? The actor and long-standing children’s TV presenter Tal Mosseri shows us his passport \ By Adi Shalom

Tal Mosseri lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and three kids. Actor, enduring children’s TV star, and cast member of HaBima Theater productions such as “Spanish Orchard 2021” and “The Sixteenth Sheep”. He’s back on the Children’s Channel this year, hosting the game show “Sheshtus”

Photos: Private album, Shutterstock




israman.com facebook.com/Israman.Eilat

See the Sights I Akko

Discovering Akko: Authentic.

Akko (Acre) is a fascinating mesh of colors, flavors, and landscapes steeped in history. It has it all - the beautiful sea, an ancient harbor, historical sites, architectural wonders, art galleries, throbbing markets, and spectacular food, all haloed by an enchanting sense of the past meeting the present \ By Ariela Aflalo

Vibrant. Colorful.


In Search of Art The alleyways of Akko are covered in street art and its folk-art scene is extremely vibrant. There are many street markets selling recycled art (old bags and shoes repurposed as flowerpots for example), and even more art galleries, mostly located between the food market and the port. Here are some of the main ones: The Knights’ Gallery: owned by Moshe Afota, this gallery is a fascinating hodgepodge of works by young artists as well as well established ones, such as Kadishman and Bergner. The hundreds of items on display are a testament to Afota’s passion for Israeli art. The Symbolic Jewels Studio: Artists Meran Shavit and Nissim Ben Adiva create jewelry out of ancient coins. Passers-by can see them work through the windowpane and come in to choose one of the pieces on show or order a bespoke one. The Art 192 Gallery: here you’ll find ceramics, clay tools, necklaces and more, made by local female artists. Almadrasa Studio: a traditional stone carving studio established by internationally acclaimed conservator-restorer Amar Salim. The studio is located inside an ancient Ottoman building, where he regularly holds stone carving workshops. Duck You: Roi Samogora fell in love with these amusing rubber ducks on a visit to Rhodes and decided to sell them in Akko. Hundreds of cute little rubber ducks line the walls of this colorful store, each one representing a different job or character - I even spotted a crusader-duck. (duckyou-online.com) akko.org.il, ozrothagalil.org.il

These past years, the Old City of Akko (Acre) has been transformed into a veritable tourist haven where the old meets the new, and history and tradition meet the cultural diversity of our times. In 2001, UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site and the city hasn’t stopped developing and rejuvenating ever since. There are boundless reasons to pay this beautiful Galilean gem a visit. The Knights’ Hall is a 13 th century architectural marvel, discovered by chance, by workers busy installing sewer pipes. The excavations that began in 1992 revealed the spectacular structure hidden underground. There’s a certain magic to this place, and the holograms and video clips that pepper the corridors, seriously enhance the visitor experience, as does the interactive exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci. From there, make your way to the Templars’ Tunnel which possesses a mysterious “time-machine” energy. Next stop is the Ottoman bath house Hammam el-Basha, where inhabitants of bygone times used to come for a good scrub and catch up on the latest gossip. Nowadays, the hammam has been turned into a museum where a video presentation tells visitors about the history of the city through the eyes of its very last hammam worker. End the day with a sunset walk along the Sea Wall Promenade, and admire the mosque minarets, the port, the valleys of Western Galilee and Mount Carmel sloping into Haifa Bay. akko.org.il What to see In Search of History



See the Sights I Akko

In Search of Authentic Flavors Akko’s oriental market lies right by the port. Its multitude of spice, fruit, vegetable, fish, and pastry stalls dot the meandering alleyways and are a joy to behold. Walking around and taking in the gorgeous smells that fill the air is perfectly lovely, but I warmly recommend joining one of local food expert Nurit Poran’s culinary tours. She’ll whisk you away on a gastronomical whirlwind that includes tasting hummus at Arin Abu-Hamid Kurdi’s eatery and exploring Marwan Kurdi’s spice shop and so much more. (nuritporan.co.il)

Uri Buri. Recently, many new spots offering traditional food with a modern twist have opened their doors. Sama Founded by talented chef Hamudi Akula and ebullient co-owner Hamudi Barghot, this hip rooftop food bar has an open panoramic lounge as well as an indoor dining area. Modernized Arab Galilean cuisine is served in a relaxed atmosphere. On the menu, you’ll find red drum sashimi, fish cigars with amba tahini, mackerel with sheep’s yoghurt, and more. Their signature desert is superb: basbousa served with homemade ice cream. samabar.co.il Ha-sfina This delightful restaurant is perfectly located, with its boat-shaped terrace (“ha-sfina” means “the boat”

in Hebrew) overlooking the ancient port of Akko. Owner Saadi Nabil is himself a fisherman, and the fish and seafood served in his restaurant are his very own catch of the day. Diners are also offered bonus boat rides. Tamar’s Bar Tamar Davidson-Wiesen used to own a gallery in Akko’s Turkish bazaar, but after it got destroyed in a fire, she decided to change gear and launch a lounge bar on the rooftop of her and her husband Meir’s boutique hotel Akotika. She combines her love of food, drink, and aesthetics to create delightful cocktails served alongside wonderful salads, sandwiches, dips, and baked delights. The stunning view and sea breeze are a strong bonus, as are the bar’s superb design and tasteful background music. For a second there you might think you’re

Where to eat

Akko is famous for its outstanding hummus and excellent fish restaurants such as the legendary


Charming spots that are well worth a visit

The Bahá’í Gardens: much like the ones in Haifa, these Bahá’í Gardens are an oasis of peace and tranquility. Stone pathways meander through the foliage and sculptures, until they reach the impressive holy temple, burial site of the prophet Bahá ʼ u’lláh, founder of the Bahá’í faith. Entrance is free. The Botanical Gardens: a joy to explore, especially with kids, this park includes an area dedicated to music where children can discover musical instruments, enjoy the labyrinth, playground equipment and climbing rope, and splash about in the fountains in the summer. The Jam: a cultural center that gives center stage to local artists who come for the evening jam sessions, live concerts, plays, spoken-work nights and movie screenings. Holy Gems visitors center: The luxury jewelry brand Holy Gems recently launched an experiential visitors center that tells the miraculous discovery of the first deposit of precious gems in the Holy Land of Israel, which includes Sapphire, Garnet, and Spinal gems and the extremely rare gem ‘Carmel Sapphire’, and the 20 years of research and development that led to their exposure.The visit includes a guided tour of all the stages of exposing the gems - from washing the piles of sand from the mine, sorting with dedicated machines, to finding the raw gems, polishing and setting them in the luxury jewel. The tour is by appointment only, Sundays to Thursdays (holy-gems.com).

Photos: PR, Nurit Poran, Amos Dadon, Gil Yarom, Lior Gonderman, The Akko Economic Company

in Greece - but who needs Greece when you’ve got Akko?! akotika.co.il

is served on the hotel rooftop that overlooks the city walls and Haifa Bay, before turning into a romantic lounge bar in the evening. akotika.co.il The Knights’ Hostel This is one of Israel’s most beautiful hostels. Due to its strategic location - at the entrance to the Old City and right beside the main sites - it’s usually in high demand. The service and prices are affordable. The hostel provides single, double, family and group rooms, some with balconies overlooking the market. The rooms are basic but comfortable and include a bathroom, television, and minibar. An ancient aqueduct cuts across the hostel’s lobby and dining area, and communal areas include an amphitheater, an auditorium and a synagogue. ■ iyha.org.il/akko-hostel

Where to stay Akotika

After the serious damage incurred during the riots of recent years, owners Tamar and Meir Davidson began work restoring their boutique hotel to its former glory, even adding a beautiful new space that includes a meeting room, a wellness area, a bar, and the list of delights goes on. Akotika’s 18 suites are spread across various ancient Old City stone houses. Each one is totally unique, designed in exquisite taste, providing guests with a supremely pampering experience that is as authentic as it is luxurious. The first-rate Akko-style breakfast



See the Sights I Beaches

No summer vacation in Israel is complete without a visit to one of its beautiful beaches. A stone’s throw away from the more crowded spots, lie true oases of natural beauty that are a joy to explore in the afternoon, when the sea breeze is at bliss point. Here are five of Israel’s most unmissable beaches \ By Yaakov Shkolnik Summer by the Beach

Achziv Beach against the backdrop of the “Ladder of Tyre”


Rosh HaNikra Beach Israel’s northernmost beach is delimited by chalk-white cliffs the Bible names the “Ladder of Tyre”. Nowadays, they mark Israel’s border with Lebanon. Waves have been crashing against those rocks since time immemorial. A short walk along the beach usually begins at the Rosh HaNikra Lookout from which the view is nothing less than spectacular: Achziv beach, Nahariya, Akko (Acre), Haifa Bay, Mount Carmel all lay before you. Right beside the lookout spot, an anchor-shaped rock is placed to indicate the starting point of Israel’s coastal walking trail that ends at the southern kibbutz of Zikim. There are endless reasons to visit Rosh HaNikra, from exploring the old train tracks the British built in the rocks in 1941 all the way up to Beirut, to marine-life marvels such as the sea turtle rescue center where devoted workers ensure hatchlings make their way safely into the sea. Atlit Beach The small bay of Atlit is a special place. At its southern point stands a massive stone wall: the remains of the 13 th century Crusader fortress called Château Pèlerin (Pilgrim Castle). From this very spot, the last Crusaders set off to sea on the 14 th of August 1291, surrendering power to the Ottomans. Nowadays, the fortress is enclosed in a military site. In the times of the Crusaders, Atlit was an important town. A cemetery with more than 1,700 gravestones, often richly adorned, attests to this. It’s possible to visit the cemetery though visitors are cautioned to take care not to damage the ancient and fragile sandstone tombs. Atlit bay is one of the country’s most important archeological sites, with remains of a fishing village from the Neolithic period (9000 B.C.) having been discovered there. Nowadays, it’s the location of an important desalination plant, with vast pipes pumping seawater directly into coastline salt factories that are always fascinating to behold.

Photos: Yaakov Shkolnik



See the Sights I Beaches

A moment of peace at Zikim Beach

Fishing boats in the village of Jisr az-Zarqa

The bridge at the Nahal Tanninim estuary

A shot of the Atlit fortress taken beside the ruins of Karta

A man fishing at Hof HaSharon Beach

Jisr az-Zarqa Beach Colorful fishing boats and nets dot the landscape of the small bay of Jisr az-Zarqa, the country’s last remaining fishing village. The village is an extension of the nearby Arab town of Jisr az-Zarqa, that is becoming an important site for local tourism. A few steps north from the bay lies Tel Tanninim (Crocodile Mound in English), named thus to echo the ancient Hellenistic city of Crocodilopolis, as Nile crocodiles used to live in the Nahal Tanninim river and in the now drained swamps that were once speckled across the Upper Galilee. A beautiful arched bridge allows pedestrians to cross the river from one side to the other. It’s a reconstruction of the bridge that was built by the rulers of Ottoman Palestine in 1898 in honor of the visit

Zikim Beach They say the human heart cannot help but be stirred by the sight of a river meeting the sea. Beholding the Shikma river pour into the Mediterranean at Zikim, Israel’s southernmost beach, undoubtedly upholds such a notion. In 1958, as Israel completed the construction of a reservoir in the area, the flow of the Shikma river was slightly deviated and its waters penetrated the groundwater, leading to the formation of a lake. However, visitors be warned: though it may be tempting to jump into the lake, entering its waters is dangerous and strictly forbidden. Beyond the river estuary, lies the Zikim sand dune trail (indicated in blue along the walking path), where visitors can delight in the beautiful palm trees and sycamores peppered among the dunes. ■

of Kaiser Wilhelm II, whose carriage crossed it on its way from Haifa to Jaffa. Beyond the bridge lies a beautiful beach accessible to all. Hof HaSharon Beach and National Park An impressive sandstone ridge towers 20 meters above the narrow Hof HaSharon Beach, the width of which is barely 10 meters. When the sea is agitated, waves crash against the steep ridge and flood the coastline. Located between Shefayim and Ga’ash, Hof HaSharon National Park allows visitors to admire the coastline view from above, and in blissful peace, as the walking trail is not accessible to vehicles. A long wooden deck overlooks the ridge as well as the power plants of Ashdod to the north, and those of Hadera to the south.


Leave LLLa mark

US: Borough Park | Williamsburg by Eastern Silver | Lakewood | 1 800 - 55 1 8 - 068 Israel: Kfar Daniel | Tel Aviv | Bnei Brak | Raanana | Haifa | B.G Airport | Jer usalem | 072-3700368

ICHILOV medical center presents the guide

Medical Tourism in Tlv The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world

Photo: Pini Siluk

Dear passengers, I hope the summer months are treating you well, and that you're on your way to one of EL AL's lovely holiday destinations. Here at our end, at the Tel Aviv medical center (Ichilov), we've been busy with the inauguration of the new Sylvan Adams Emergency Medicine Hospital, Israel's most advanced emergency room. Sprawled across 8,000SM and three floors, our ER creates what we consider to be a new standard for emergency medical care in Israel. Though we all hope never to see the inside of an ER - and rightly so - I am convinced that were you to come through our doors, you would become aware of the immense efforts we have poured into easing the patient experience. For the first time in Israel, our new ER offers a range of specialties such as orthopedics, psychiatry, neurology, and cardiology, to ascertain, that experts from these fields are always present in the emergency room. The patient experience has it too been enhanced, with digital self-check-in solutions, facial recognition, and even the option to take your own temperature and blood pressure, to avoid unnecessary queues wonderful holiday, without an ER in sight, and full of fun and relaxation. Ronni Health Above all Prof. Ronni Gamzu And now, let me take this opportunity to wish you a

plan. This will help avoid repeated testing upon arrival, saving you precious time and money. A cost estimate will be provided in advance to give you an approximation of the expected treatment costs. We have Russian-speaking and English speaking designated coordinators who will accompany you every step of the way, from arrival to discharge. At the end of your stay at our hospital, you will receive all of your test results, in English or in Russian, at no extra charge. Your treatment coordinator and our medical staff will be happy to answer your questions regarding further recovery and follow-up. For more information visi t https://ichilov-clinic.gov.il/ or email us at medtour@tlvmc.gov.il

You’re in good hands: 10 of our oncologists have been ranked among Israel’s best physicians by Forbes 2021. Ichilov Medical Center offers a series of medical tests aimed at prevention and early detection of cancer. Treatment strategy is selected according to the cancer type and severity, presence or absence Cancer Treatment The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world Why choose Ichilov? Israel’s healthcare is world-renowned for its personalized approach to every patient. The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world, providing highly professional medical care and consultation to thousands of patients, adults and pediatric on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. We are constantly upgrading our facilities to make sure they feature state-of-the-art technologies, from cutting-edge diagnostic tests to the most prospective patients send us the results of diagnostic tests done at home so that our doctors can review them and make a personalized examination and treatment advanced laboratory methods. Before arriving, we request that

ISR: +972-3-6973511 RUS: 8-800-100-9616 UKR: 0-800-501933

including: breast cancer, brain tumors, thyroid cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, orthopedic oncology, skin cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, vaginal cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, blood cancer, colorectal cancer, lymphoma, sarcoma and more. Our unique experience in treating children with various forms of cancer allows us to work wonders in curing our young patients.

of metastases, and the unique characteristics of each patient. Our world-class specialists are expert in treating many different types of cancer in adult and pediatric patients,

Professor Ronni Gamzu is the CEO of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center - Ichilov Hospital

to heal thy l iving

Market ing content

Photo: Lior Tzur

Surgical Departments

A breath of fresh oxygen

Ichilov Hospital uses cutting-edge

At Ichilov, we use the Da Vinci System – a robotic surgical system. The system uses a minimally invasive surgical approach, helping to avoid large cuts and minimizing side effects. Our surgeons closely collaborate with every other department of the hospital, to create a personalized diagnostics and treatment plan for each individual patient.

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center's new

flow of oxygen to the areas in the body that are most in need of it, allowing wounds to heal and oxygen deprived body tissue to repair itself. Who can this treatment help? Doctors may suggest hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients with post- COVID various symptoms as well as patients suffering from radiation injuries, nonhealing wounds, neurological disorders fibromyalgia, sudden deafness, or sports injuries.

surgical technologies for a wide variety of surgical interventions in adult and pediatric patients, including complex cancer surgeries, cardiovascular surgery, chest and heart surgery, brain and cranial base surgery, urinary tract surgery, head and neck surgery, spinal surgery and organ transplantations.

hyperbaric oxygen chamber can treat complex medical conditions by administering oxygen at high atmospheric pressure can be effective in cases where other types of treatment have failed. The hyperbaric oxygen activates a mechanism that increases oxygen levels in the patient's blood and body tissue. This in turn encourages the production of new cells and channels the

Magazine I Interview

Study, Pray, Love

Almost 40 years after Barbara Streisand directed and starred in the musical screen adaptation of Bashevis Singer’s “Yentl”, a new production is hitting the stages of Israel’s national theater. Though faithful to the original text, the HaBima play is a scintillatingly fresh take on the tale of the young girl who wanted to be a yeshiva boy \ By Maya Cohen

The songs take over when words fail The story of Yentl, the rabbi’s

The story of how Barbara Streisand co-wrote, co-produced, directed and starred in the screen version of Yiddish novelist Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short story “Yentl the yeshiva boy” is a movie in itself. The iconic musical drama first premiered in 1983 and told the story of Yentl, the feisty daughter of a rabbi who rebels against the religious norms preventing women from fulfilling their true potential. Streisand’s film, featuring Michel Legrand melodies, turned this little-known shtetl tale into a Hollywood hit, earning her a Golden Globe and international recognition. This season, HaBima, Israel’s national theater, is bringing Yentl back to life. Dan Almagor, and artistic director Moshe Kaptan, translated and adapted the screenplay while Almagor wrote lyrics to composer Yossi Ben-Nun’s brand-new melodies. At the helm of this Yentl 2.0, is director Rafi Niv, and its main star is actress Roni Dalumi (alternate: Hila Shalev).

musicals throughout his career, including a 2009 production of Yentl in the Tel Aviv based Cameri Theater. “Our adaptation is an evocation of the atmosphere Bashevis Singer so masterfully depicted. What I love about Streisand’s version is that whenever a character is lost for words, melodies take over so that the dialogue can go on. We adopted the same approach and added five new songs”, he explains. It’s impossible not to mention the story’s controversial aspect, and the discussion it generates around Orthodox Jewish society and its portrayal in works of fiction “It’s fascinating to me that after all these years, this little story about a rebellious Orthodox Jewish girl and the woman’s place in Hassidic society, continues to play the role of catalyst for a more general discussion on the treatment of women in the Western world”, says Kaptan, adding that “even though the play focuses on the woman’s

daughter who rebels against the religious establishment of the eastern European shtetl she was born in, is known everywhere in the world. Her father secretly instructs her in the Talmud despite the proscription, and after he dies, she decides to cut off her hair, disguise herself as a man and leave her home to go chase her dreams of knowledge and freedom. In the guise of a man, and calling herself “Anshel”, she joins a yeshiva in the small town of Bychawa. There, she falls in love with a fellow student, Avigdor. Trouble starts when it is arranged for her to be married to Hadassah. A destructive love triangle takes shape and snowballs into a predictably sticky denouement. “I don’t see Yentl as a musical, but rather as a play with songs”, says Kaptan, who directed numerous

Photos: Maayan Kaufman


place in the Jewish world, the questions it raises apply to Western society as a whole”. The conflict between heart and mind “This is a beautiful tale about the conflict between heart and mind, as Bashevis Singer’s stories always are”, says director Rafi Niv. “Even though it takes place in a shtetl in the 1900’s, I wanted it to feel contemporary. We created an emotional world a modern audience can connect with, through objects that represent the spirit of those bygone times - chandeliers, a bookcase, a bed. “The play is about a woman fighting for her right to knowledge, and we made sure books were on stage in every scene - in Yentl’s hand, her father’s bookcase or piled up high in a cart”, says Niv. Stepping into the shoes of such an iconic character may seem daunting, but Israeli actress and singer Roni Dalumi, (30), one of HaBima’s most promising new talents, is steering clear from Streisand’s depiction of Yentl. Instead, she has sought to carve out her own version. “I didn’t grow up on the movie, though I knew Barbara Streisand starred in it and I was familiar with the amazing songs. I came to the project a clean slate, with no preconceived ideas about the character”, she recounts. “The Yentl I was discovering was a brave, uncompromising woman, fighting for what she believed in. I saw her passion and thirst for knowledge. As I was building the character, I did watch the movie - but only to get an idea of it. I was adamant about remaining at a distance. Barbara is a true icon, but I never intended to follow her lead; my world view is different, I was born in a different time and place, it was pointless to try and imitate her in any way. No one can step into her shoes, and all I can

Roni Dalumi: “I didn’t grow up on the movie, though I knew Barbara Streisand starred in it and I was familiar with the amazing songs. I came to the project a clean slate, with no preconceived ideas about the character”

do - is be me. I wouldn’t know how to be anything else”, she explains. One of the play’s strengths is its relevance to the struggles women still face today, both inside closed communities and in general. “Definitely. I believe in God, but I am nonobservant. I don’t think it’s fair to comment on religion, but I can identify with women who aspire to self realization, including in secular society.

I believe in equal pay and abortion rights. I don’t feel legitimate to criticize religious society because I don’t know it from the inside. I know there are many happy Orthodox Jewish women, and that there are women struggling to fulfill their potential both in secular and religious communities. This play is relevant to all women, whichever segment of society they come from”, Dalumi says. ■



Magazine I Family Activities

Summertime Family Fun

The Eilat Coral World Underwater Observatory

Lake TLV

Yamit Water Park

Diving with sharks

Lake surfing

Refreshing pool fun

Photo: Boaz Samorai

Photo: Aviv Koch

Photo: Tomer visionart

At the Underwater Observatory Park in Eilat, visitors are invited to explore marine life aboard a transparent glass-bottomed boat from where hundreds of species of fish, seahorses, sea turtles, corals and sharks can be admired and observed. In the summer, the observatory offers many kids’ activities, such as diving with sharks, diving into a stingray cave, and snorkeling sessions for kids aged 6 and over who know how to swim.

Tel Aviv’s Menachem Begin Park offers many sports and leisure activities for kids and adults alike, such as lake surfing and boating. Lake TLV is also the only place in Israel that offers wakeboarding and water ski activities, requiring merely that participants know how to swim and be over 9 years of age. Beyond the exciting water sports activities, this park is also a lovely spot to spend an afternoon in with the family - there are numerous bike trails, lots of outdoor gym equipment, and plenty of picnic friendly lawns.

This long-standing water park, located inside Peres Park in Holon, is sprawled across a vast area entirely devoted to water attractions, with slides of all kinds, water coasters, wave pools, toddler slides, a baby pool and more. During the Covid-induced lockdowns, refurbishments and upgrades were undertaken, endowing the park’s spa complex with five jacuzzi pools, a Turkish hammam, and more.





From water skiing, diving with sharks and riding dragons, to going on a journey through time at the museum - here’s our guide to a bit of summer fun with the kids \ By Ariel Kars

Jerusalem’s “Hutzot Hayotzer” International Arts Fair A multi-faceted family experience

The ANU Museum of the Jewish People In the footsteps of historical Jewish figures


Come meet mighty dragons and unicorn

Photo: Dor Pazuelo

Photo: Roni Cnaani

Illustration: EGOeast Productions

The “Hutzot Hayotzer” Arts Fair was first established in 1976 and has since become Israel’s biggest and most long-standing international festival. This year, alongside many thrilling art exhibitions, its horizons are widening even further, with the inclusion of live music shows, circus acts, a food-truck festival and more, all taking place in Jerusalem’s Hinnom Valley. August 15 th - 27 th artfair-jer.com

The ANU Museum of the Jewish People, located on the grounds of the Tel Aviv University campus, is the biggest Jewish museum in the world. Fun family activities are available all summer, notably one called “The Secret Five”, a multisensory experience in which five trailblazing Jewish figures tell their own stories via interactive exhibits. The museum offers a plethora of exhibitions, displays, documentaries, children’s activities, and workshops, all telling the story of 4000 years of Jewish history.

Dragonland is a one-of-a-kind dragons’ park located on the grounds of Tel Aviv’s Yehoshua Gardens. It’s a multisensory virtual reality experience that takes visitors on a magical dragon ride through treetops and dragons’ nests. The park also offers many other family activities, such as lakeside boat rides, photo booths, a dragons’ train ride for toddlers, and more. The park abounds with ventilated areas in the shade, for families to relax and take shelter from the sun, and in case anyone gets hungry, food stalls provide many “on-the-go” options.





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