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Issue 264

Issue 264 | November 2022

Eilat in the Wintertime 14 P.

Gorgeous beaches, great food, cultural events, festivals, attractions, and water sports. Now’s the perfect time to explore Israel’s southern gem hidden in the desert

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In-flight I Issue 264 I November 2022


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Editor’s Letter Prestigious travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler has recently published its annual survey in which hundreds of thousands of participants ranked their favorite holiday destinations. To our delight, survey results place Israel 18 th out of 48, in front of such sought after destinations as the United States, the Philippines, Austria, Germany, and France. Two of the reasons for this probably have to do with Israel’s breathtakingly rich and diverse landscapes, and the great weather that prevails here all year round. Indeed, traveling through Israel means going from admiring green expanses of land, with rivers and waterfalls in the north – where it can even snow on occasion in the winter - to witnessing the beauty of the naked desert in the south, and enjoying the pulsating vibrancy of its cities - be it Tel Aviv, Haifa, or Jerusalem

- where attractions, nightlife, historical sites, beautiful beaches, and top restaurants are infinitely abundant. When winter sets in, everyone flocks to the southern city of Eilat where the weather is magnificent this time of year – still warm enough for the beach but no longer scorching like it is in the summertime – and the city’s winter festivals take off. Read on for a taste of the cascade of live music, art shows, happenings, and workshops taking place there this season, as well as a peek into what’s in store at this year’s Red Sea Jazz Festival, finally back to its original location in the Port of Eilat. More still in this issue: a look into the month’s top events, an overview of Israel’s burgeoning Japanese food scene, an invitation to check out five top design stores, and more. I wish you a pleasant read and

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a safe flight, Nava Marton

Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



In-flight I Issue 264 I November 2022


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Check-in I Local events I November 2022

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Theatre | The Golden Hedgehog Festival of the Performing Arts Tel Aviv An annual celebration of independent and fringe theatre, the Golden Hedgehog Festival is an opportunity for audiences to discover new and original creations by the most avant-garde artists working today. This year, 16 plays will be competing for a chance to win the Golden Hedgehog award, and for the first time since the festival’s creation, a category for street theatre and the circus arts has been added to the competition. Alongside the plays and performances, workshops and round tables with actors, directors, and creators will be held all through the duration of the festival. November 7 th – 18 th

Photo: Alan Humerose

Opera | The Tales of Hoffman The Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv

The Israeli Opera is opening the 2022-2023 season with a production of French composer Jacques Offenbach’s opéra fantastique, The Tales of Hoffman, under the direction of Music Director Dan Ettinger, and the stage direction of Italian virtuoso, Stefano Poda. The opera follows the adventures of its main character Hoffman, a struggling poet with a muse who keeps pushing him to overcome his struggles and woes and retrieve his creative force. Poda’s productions, which involve his own choreography, set designs, and costumes, plunge the audience into an experience of total-art and are an absolute thrill to the senses. November 6 th – 18 th

Photo: Eran Be'eri



Music | The Jerusalem International Oud Festival The 23 rd edition of the Jerusalem International Oud Festival opens this year with a tribute to famed Greek composer Vassílis Tsitsánis by the Estudiantina Orchestra and renowned soloists, Eleni Vitali and Babis Stukas. The festival lineup includes nineteen exceptional concerts and shows, many of them giving center stage to female artists and musicians. Concerts include performances by Israeli artist Riff Cohen, whose songs powerfully project female empowerment and oriental feminism, and Arab-Israeli singer-songwriter Mira Awad. The festival’s rich and diverse lineup also includes Turkish Oud master Yurdal Tokcan with his contemporary interpretation of traditional Turkish music, Palestinian hip hop, electronic Arabic music, and more. Israeli singer, musician, and composer Shem Tov Levy will be closing the festival, performing works composed especially for the occasion. November 3 rd – 12 th , www.confederationhouse.org/en/

Photo: courtesy of Kino Lorber

Cinema | The Soundtrack Tel Aviv Film Festival This month, Cinematheque Tel Aviv is launching its very first soundtrack festival, entirely devoted to film and T.V. music, all musical genres included: from rock, punk, heavy metal, and hip hop, to jazz, blues, African music, and more. Festivalgoers are in for a whirlwind of film premieres, screenings of cult movies and documentaries, live shows, workshops, midnight happenings, and a special children’s movies program to boot. November 15 th – 19 th

Photo: Tamar Zimerman

Visual Arts | “Being there” Jerusalem

“Being There”’ is a photography exhibition presenting the work of nature photographer David Monsonego. Currently taking place in Jerusalem’s International Convention Center, it showcases Monsonego’s exploration of the nature reserves of Africa, East Asia, Antarctica, and the rainforests of South America. His work powerfully encapsulates his endless need to challenge himself to get the perfect shot. Visitors will delight in the beautiful photos of elephants, giraffes, wild birds, hippos, and tiny insects, all pulsating with life. Until March 2023, by appointment, iccjer.co.il/en/

Photo: David Monsonego



Check-in I Our Guide

Running a marathon is no small feat – it requires a lot of physical training and meticulous planning ahead, especially if you’ll be running abroad. Here are five tips to help you pick the right destination and prepare your marathon like a champ \ By Oren Herschlag, Shvoong How to prepare for a destination marathon: 5 expert tips

Choosing your destination 01

The first questions to ask yourself are when and where you intend to run. Marathons in April or May - when

many such races take place in Europe and the United-States - mean training in December or January, i.e., the colder, damper months. If your marathon is in September or in October, training will start in the summertime, i.e., extreme heat and humidity if you happen to be doing your training in Israel - opt for what is most bearable to you. Register early 02 Make sure you register for the marathon as soon as possible. Early registration will save you money, time, and stress. Plus, it will help you focus - once you’ve registered and paid for the run, you’ll be fully committed to training. Also, the most prestigious marathons have waiting lists and quotas, so if you wait too long, you might not be able to book your spot. Choosing your hotel 03 Though people don’t always give this much thought, picking the right hotel is very important. Stay somewhere close to the marathon’s location as parts of the city will probably be closed off for the race.

Gear 05 Preparing for a marathon requires mountains of effort, both physical and mental. You will have made many sacrifices to make it to the race. Keep this is mind, as it will help you stay motivated to plan everything as best you can. It won’t always be easy to find the gear you need once you’re abroad, so make lists way ahead of time and pack accordingly : clothes (shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, anti-chafing cream, a hat, etc.) and nutrition (isotonic drinks, salt tablets, magnesium, a water bottle, etc.). And of course, first and foremost: don’t forget to pick up your race packet the day before the race.

Avoid having to commute to the run itself and stay in a hotel that’s not beyond 1 or 2 kilometers away.

Nutrition 04 If your hotel has

partnered with the marathon organizers, it will undoubtedly have

adapted its menu to your needs, i.e., complex carbs and lean protein will surely be available. That said, it’s up to you to check this before you arrive. And of course, it’s always an option to check out the restaurants in the neighborhood. Whatever you do, make sure you get all the carbohydrates and protein you need to be at your best on the day of the race.




Check-in I Checklist

Flight essentials for your next trip

VIVOBAREFOOT Tracker Forest Esc, off-road hiking boot with barefoot sole, NIS 949, available at the BarefootLife store in Tel Aviv (Bugrashov st. 74), or online via barefootlife.co.il

Canvas organizers with drawstring closure by MarcoPolo, NIS 39, available at all Kal Gav stores and online via kalgav.co.il

Expandable backpack by MarcoPolo, NIS 69, available at all outdoor gear stores and online via kalgav.co.il

Inflatable travel footrest pillow, NIS 49, available online at gadgetshop.co.il

Telescopic selfie stick with tripod and wireless Bluetooth remote control, NIS 49, available at all Gentleman stores and online at gentleman.co.il

14” Himawari laptop backpack, NIS 199, available online via ibags.net

TaffiX antivirus nasal spray powder. TaffiX creates a hostile microenvironment in the nose to prevent airborne viruses from proliferating. NIS 29.50-59.90, available at all drugstores

Toiletry bag, NIS 55, available at all TrekMarket stores and online via trekmarket.co.il

8. A4 folder by Hugo Boss, NIS 489, available online at swagg.co.il



Check-in I Passport Control

When were you last abroad? “I’ve been living with my family in Athens for the past year, so I’ve been traveling across Greece a lot, continuously finding out more and more about this wonderful country”. What’s your favorite kind of vacation? “In my opinion the best holidays are the ones where you get to alternate spending time by the pool doing nothing with exploring a new city. That way you get to take it easy in the mornings and spend the afternoons discovering bustling streets, and trying out new restaurants”. What do you always pack with you? “My pillow. I can’t go anywhere without it. I’d rather do without a pair of sneakers or a few dresses than leave it behind. No matter where I go, if the bed is comfortable or not – my pillow always helps me feel at home”. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination? “I unpack mine and my children’s suitcases. I like it when everything’s in order and in the cupboards, as I have enough clutter and chaos around me at home”. What would you never do abroad? “Extreme sports. I went skiing last winter but that’s as extreme as I’ll go”. What’s your dream destination? “I’m fascinated by Japan. It seems so interesting and so different from anything I know”. A particular recommendation in Greece? “Before moving here, I didn’t really know Greece at all. Athens in my opinion is only a stepping-stone to the islands. Whenever I feel like some beach time, I book a flight to Crete or Rhodes. Now that the summer is over, I recommend a trip to the village of Arachova, the perfect spot for a getaway this time of year – it’s truly the Mykonos of the winter, with non-stop parties, bars, gourmet restaurants, and there’s even a ski resort a half hour away. The village itself is beautiful, set on the southern slope of Mount Parnassus and full of quaint streets and alleyways to wander through and explore”.

What does she pack in her suitcase, what would she never do abroad, and where does she dream of going to? Actress and entrepreneur Michal Yanai shows us her passport \ By Miri Ben-David Livi “The Greek village of Arachova is the perfect spot for a winter getaway”

Actress, entrepreneur, and creator of the ‘My Medi’ mindfulness app Michal Yanai (50), lives in Greece with her husband and three children. Photos: Private album, Shutterstock


Think you are a super-hero? join us

We are ICONYX Our spceiality lies in breathing life into culture assests by turning them into diamond jewelry Contact us +972542985818 Info@iconyx.jewelry

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halls, a bridge club, an art studio, cultural events, a synagogue, and round-the-clock activities, all with the sea as backdrop. Residents are also invited to celebrate special events like bar-mitzvahs or birthdays in the banquet halls, private rooms, or the synagogue". From Retirees to Entrepreneurs The flagship location will open shortly on the Rishon LeZion seafront - a beautiful city along Israel's central coastal plain, 15-minutes from Tel Aviv, 20 minutes from Ben-Gurion Airport, and 45 minutes from Jerusalem. Oren Nahmias emphasizes that Oranim Club Sixty-Five provides something for everyone with stylish offices, business centers, and lounges that provide elegant meeting spots and fabulous networking opportunities. "Culture is at the heart of Oranim Club Sixty-Five", Oren Nahmias points out. "Lectures, shows, music, and performances are always taking place here. Our cafés and restaurants offer delicious dishes made with fresh, seasonal, local, healthy produce. We even take care of Aliyah bureaucracy and arrange Ulpan Hebrew lessons". "Oranim Club Sixty-Five covers all the basics of wellness and wellbeing", she adds. "Sandy white beaches are only steps away; a state-of-the-art gym, daily exercise classes and sports activities are available, together with a wet and dry sauna, jacuzzi, and spa facilities. Members can relax and live in an embracing community while enjoying the beauty and vitality of Israel". "We offer a warm and energetic active community coupled with an attractive economic model - a deposit starting at NIS 2 million and monthly maintenance fees, together with the possibility to rescind and receive the deposit after a reduction of about 4%", explains Shira Oren Nahmias. This is a unique offer that will ensure the smoothest Aliya and the promise of a better life.

A new concept of luxurious living for the 60+ Oranim Club sixty five with facilities and residential services of the highest level, offers a warm and active community for those considering making Aliyah. Soon to open on the Rishon LeZion seafront / By Yoel Tsafrir Right by the Seaside: The Best Place to Make Aliyah

These past years have given rise to many societal shifts, giving people a chance to rethink their lives and reassess aspirations, particularly retirees and people over 60. Many of them - young at heart and with children who have already left home - want to invest in themselves and evolve towards new horizons. Making Aliyah to Israel, living by the beach, reuniting with family, and becoming part of an active community may be just what they need. After all, Israel's sunny skies, vibrant culture, and delicious food - not to mention getting to see the grandchildren grow up - make it a magnet for Jews all over the world, dreaming of retiring here. However, moving halfway across the world is not without its challenges: emotional, bureaucratic, and logistic. With the launch of Oranim Club Sixty-Five, a seaside luxury resort and community, Israeli real estate development company Oranim Group, ensures the transition is smooth and hassle-free. "We realized that moving countries is especially difficult without a supportive social structure, so we created Oranim Club Sixty-Five, the perfect way to ensure your Aliyah

takes place in a warm, embracing community and elegant seafront home", says Shira Oren Nahmias, deputy CEO of Oranim Group, herself a seafront real estate expert with 30 years of experience. "The club offers all the amenities of a world-class resort: concierge and laundry services, extensive spa facilities, gorgeous swimming pools for friends and family, banquet

Photo: Eyal Toueg

Shira Oren Nahmias, deputy CEO of Oranim Group: "We created the perfect way to ensure your Aliyah takes place in a warm, embracing community and elegant seafront"



israman.com facebook.com/Israman.Eilat

See the Sights I Eilat

Warm Eilat Winters

Warm and sunny even in the wintertime, Eilat is a haven for music lovers, art aficionados, and foodies of every kind. Now’s the perfect time to enjoy its festivals, water sports and pulsating atmosphere. Get the lowdown on what to do, where to stay and everything in between \ By Orly Genosar

A new international airport and intense urban development have transformed Israel’s southern city of Eilat into a major tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. English, French, Russian and Polish are but a few of the languages that fill its warm winter air, as sun-seeking tourists come to enjoy its beaches and explore the city’s myriad cultural activities, festivals, events, and restaurants. Cultural Events 101 experiences November marks the opening of the Eilat winter festival. It lasts the whole season, closing only in March. As the festival’s name implies, there are a multitude of different activities and events to enjoy, from every range imaginable, all entirely for free. The events are all expertly curated by the festival organizers and designed to give visitors a taste of Eilat in all its glory. At its heart, the festival is about human connection, giving center stage to local artists, creators, and musicians, as festivalgoers of all ages are invited to explore the many workshops, sports activities, hiking trails, gastronomy and art tours, put together each year by the Eilat tourism corporation. eilat.city/en The Red Sea Jazz Festival After a two-year Covid-related hiatus, the

Red Sea Jazz Festival is back, with its 36 th edition opening on the first weekend of November. Twelve nights of live shows and performances by some of the world’s most celebrated musicians will take place in the Port of Eilat, under the starry sky. Festival passes give way to all the concerts or alternatively to a package deal at an Isrotel hotel. There’ll be jam sessions on Thursdays and Fridays at the Agamim Hotel, for audiences to delight in music battles between internationally There’ll be a whole range of festivals taking place in Eilat this winter, including the Red Sea Diving Festival (November 17 th - 19 th ), an international electronic music festival (December 24 th – 26 th ), a wine festival in the desert (December 1 st – 2 nd ), a color festival (December 20 th - 21 st ), and the Israeli folk music festival “Tarapapu” (December 23 rd - 24 th ). A chamber music festival, as well as a street theatre festival, will take place in January and February, and a food festival will be held in April, right before the yoga festival in May. Between festivals, numerous sports events, such as the international Eilat desert marathon, the Israeli open water swimming championships, and the Gran Fondo cycling race will also take place. eilat.city/en renowned artists. redseajazz.co.il/en/ A sea of festivals




See the Sights I Eilat

Photo: Boaz Samorai

Photo: Noam Weiss Photo: Yaniv Chohen

Selfie Museum I Photo: Eliran Hazan. 101 experiences I Photos: Eilat Tourism Corporation

for a treat: in August, a wind tunnel was installed on top of the Ice Mall roof. A flow of air reaching 200 km/h is pumped into this tube-shaped structure, propelling visitors off the ground, instantly turning them into Superman as they levitate in the air. It’s a unique experience, akin to what skydiving may feel like. Suitable for children aged 4 and over. An instructor is there to guide visitors every step of the way. Special equipment and vests are provided to ensure maximum safety. The ride may be short - a mere 2 minutes – but they’re 2 minutes of pure, unadulterated exhilaration. (NIS 85 95). icemalleilat.co.il/flyxpress-eilat Flyboarding The Red Sea is the perfect platform to explore new kinds of water sports such as flyboarding. Since flyboards have their own buoyancy and therefore float on the water, the rider

is safer and has an easier time in the water, allowing him/her to fly over the water, under the water, and have complete freedom to fly freestyle without the risk of getting hurt. The activity is suitable for children aged 8 and over (for kids under, an instructor will need to be present at all times) and riders need to wear life vests. Some say there’s no extreme sports experience like it in Israel, and it is indeed truly exceptional. The ride lasts 20 minutes. (NIS 350-390). FlyBoard Eilat Where to stay Eilat is replete with hotels and accommodation options. Recently, more and more boutique hotels have been added to the hotel landscape, perfect for a romantic getaway. The most recent hotel to have opened is Stay Eilat, launched by the Stay hotel chain, owners of three establishments in Jerusalem. Their new Eilat venture is located

What to do The Selfie Museum

How about taking a selfie in a yellow tub, or perhaps on a romantic flowery swing, or behind prison bars, or rather in a bright red sports car? In recent years, selfie museums have sprouted everywhere across the globe, Eilat included. The city’s very own shrine to selfie culture, Dream Pics, was inaugurated this year at the Ice Mall fantasy and advanced technologies complex, boasting more than 20 different virtual settings and wallpapers to choose from. The museum is among the most cutting edge of its kind, drawing fans of the genre by the droves, all eager to dive into selfie fantasy land, even for but a moment. (NIS 50 per person for up to 45 minutes). funtasy.co.il/dreampic FlyXpress Fans of extreme sensations are in


Fascino restaurant I Photo: PR Broitman bakery I Photo: Roni Balahsan

Stay Eilat I Photos: PR

Mamo restaurant I Photos: Gil Arush

in the city’s picturesque Almogim neighborhood, recently renovated and renewed. The hotel offers 26 rooms (standard, with balcony, suite) decorated in chic “future perfect” style, mixing notes of vintage with futuristic ultra-modernism. According to CEO Alon Bichler, the concept behind the design is inspired by the way people in the 70’s and 80’s imagined what the future would look like. The result is surprisingly refreshing. Rooms are equipped with smart heating systems and huge showers. The hotel restaurant is first-rate (see ‘What to eat’) and the service is impeccable. Prices vary between NIS 399-999 per night. en.stayhg.com Where to eat Mamo – Mediterranean food Chef Ohad Levy, famous in Israel for appearing on TV show “The Next Restaurant”, has left the world of showbiz to settle with his family in

the south and open his restaurant, “Mamo”. Named in memory of his grandfather, the restaurant is located in the new Stay Eilat hotel (see ‘Where to stay’), perfectly embracing the hotel’s style and vibe. Mamo serves up Mediterranean food, Red Sea style, based on local, seasonal produce. Launched 6 months ago, Mamo offers quality food served in a warm, vibrant atmosphere. mamoeilat.co.il Broitman bakery Broitman bakery is a mecca for lovers of baked goods. Its popularity has led to the opening of a new sister branch, entirely devoted to gluten-free breads and pastries – a bold move for a bakery. The result has been a resounding success. Owner Yuval Ziv, who never says no to a challenge, has created gluten and starch-free breads that are of the highest quality. The bakery is small in size, but the

range of breads and baked goods on offer is dizzying. Plus, they serve great coffee - what more could you ask for? brbr.co.il Fascino – Italian cuisine There’s no shortage of Italian restaurants in the Middle East, but this one is a little different. When the pandemic struck, crisis hit the Herz family. They began baking focaccias and pizzas in their taboon for delivery. More and more orders came in, and reactions were great, leading the business to bloom and expand. A few months ago, they opened their very own restaurant, ‘Fascino’. Quality produce and handmade dishes such as polenta, arancini, cannelloni, lasagna, pizzas, salads, fish, and delicious deserts, are served in a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere, to the enjoyment of every palate. fascinoeilat.com



See the Sights I Desert Getaway

Exploring the Negev 5 farms to discover this fall

Israel’s Negev desert embraces vast stretches of land that are mesmerizing to behold. The agrotourism farms that dot the region have transformed it into an agricultural hub and a holiday destination for nature-loving vacationers. From alpaca shearing to sleeping in a tipi – get ready for a desert break that’s full of surprises / By Orly Genosar

Photo: Eyal Izrael

Carmey Avdat Farm Hannah and Eyal Izrael established this one-of-a-kind eco-farm and winery 23 years ago, with the profound belief in the connection between man and desert. The farm’s eco-safari is a joy to experience, as are the eco-friendly accommodation options. A new wine cellar, coffee shop and workshop cabins for artists have recently been added, all gloriously surrounded by vineyards redolent of the region’s secular history of winemaking. The Israel Antiquities Authority has even bestowed on the Izrael family several ancient amphoras that evoke the region’s connection with the ancient past, when wine made here, was shipped off to Europe via the Port of Gaza 2000 years ago, as visitors who take the farm’s vineyard tour will discover. When the workshop cabins are not in use, they make for the perfect accommodation for a couple. carmeyavdat.com

Desert Shade Farm Photo: PR

Located in Mitzpe Ramon, this eco-campsite offers 25 eco-cabins made of wood and stone, though here they are referred to as eco tents. The cabins are of various shapes and sizes and are suitable for couples and groups of up to 8 people. The eco-tents are simple and beautifully designed, perfectly in tune with the landscape. The farm also boasts a large Bedouin khan, it too made of natural materials, bedecked with colorful rugs, mattresses, and cushions, as well as a stone gallery that has large, framed windows from which guests

can sit down and enjoy the view and/or breakfast, which is served every morning, and consists - in typical desert fashion - of hummus, labneh, olives, pita bread, etc. A short walk down from the sun terraces leads to a lookout point that offers a breathtaking view of the Ramon Crater. The farm also has its very own winery called “Nabato”, its name harking back to the ancient winemaking Nabatean people who inhabited these lands thousands of years ago. desert-shade.com


Photo: Tair Malka

The Alpaca Farm Ilan and Ne’ama Dvir brought a herd of Andean alpacas to the Negev and began rearing them together with a herd of lamas. Visitors learn all about the differences between the two sister-species and get a chance to pat them, feed them and experience them from up close. Lamas and alpacas are known for the excellent quality of their wool and during shearing season, there are guided tours of the wool production process, and family-friendly workshops during which visitors get a chance to make their own scarf or sweater. There are several accommodation options, including rooms and suites, glamping yurts with a porch and a communal kitchen, and options for small groups and large families. alpaca.co.il vineyards and maintains a variety of agricultural activities. The farm’s oil mill is fascinating to explore this time of year as olives are being harvested and pressed. The farm’s accommodation options include spacious Bedouin tents, five family-friendly rooms, as well as a camping site. Guests are also invited to pick fruit from the farm’s beautiful orchard, which is also used to make homemade jam and cordials. There are abundant activities to enjoy, such as jeep rides and rappelling, and children will delight in visiting the farm animals in the stables. kashkash.co.il

Photo: PR

HaMidbar Olive Farm

HaMidbar farm lies at a few minutes’ drive from Tlalim Junction, its tipi tents poking out from among the desert hills. Indeed, this agrotourism farm offers families and groups the opportunity to experience the desert by sleeping in a tipi, far west style. Each tent is equipped with mattresses, its own paddling pool, and a campfire site. Though each tipi enjoys complete privacy, there are communal storage boxes for guests to share. The farm also offers accommodation

in authentic African cabins, as well as in a “castle” suite, secluded and graced with an impressive balcony overlooking the desert. There are group huts as well, ideal for families and large groups, spacious and equipped with all the basics: a kitchen, mattresses, storage boxes, a balcony, and a table – even the amenities necessary to organize a small workshop. The tipi campsite is a few strides away from the desert hills and their walking trails. zaithamidbar.co.il/en/ Carmei Har HaNegev Farm At the entrance to Mitzpe Ramon lies this agrotourism eco-farm established by Yossi and Yehudit Kashkash. Archeological remains dating back to the times of the Nabateans, a nomadic desert people who inhabited these lands from the 4 th to the 2 nd centuries BC, have been discovered here, as Yossi explains on the tour he leads. The Nabateans, he says, have much to teach us about how to adapt to the desert’s harsh conditions. The tour ends at the farm’s visitors’ center, where wine and olive oil tasting sessions and workshops are held. The farm is surrounded with

Carmei Har NaNegev I Photo: PR



Magazine I Music

The Red Sea Jazz Festival is finally back where it belongs – under the starry skies of the Port of Eilat. A plethora of exciting concerts with performances by the freshest jazz musicians and artists of our times will delight audiences of all ages for three glorious groovy days \ By Ariel Kars All That Jazz

Photo: Yossi Zwecher

After two years of Covid-induced lockdowns and uncertainty, the Red Sea Jazz Festival is back with a vengeance. For its 36 th edition, the best international musicians will be jiving and grooving for a weekend of contemporary jazz concerts and jam sessions. "Since I began working for the festival three years ago, this is the first time it's been possible to invite international artists over", says musician Yossi Fine, the festival's producer and artistic director. "Last year we organized two festivals, in April and November, but with Israeli musicians only, because of the pandemic restrictions. This year, the

festival is finally back to normal, with its usual riot of performances by the best Israeli and international artists around today". Back to home port The Israeli ensemble 'Third World Love' will be performing once again It turns out Israel is a jazz success abroad, even though they remain relatively anonymous back home. The festival's opening show for instance, is an exclusive, one-off concert by Israeli ensemble 'Third World Love', after almost a decade superpower. Many Israeli jazz musicians are enjoying a lot of

since they last performed together. Finally, Yonathan Avishai, Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital and Daniel Friedman will be gracing the stages of the Port of Eilat once more. Fine admits it took "several years of intense convincing" to make this happen. According to Fine, the reason why Israel has become the jazz superpower that it is, is its excellent high school music sections. "Some of the teachers there, have studied in the best jazz schools in the world and their students are very advanced, often highly proficient multi-instrumentalists at barely


relevant and unendingly fascinating to explore. "Though jazz was first invented many moons ago, it never ceases to rejuvenate and develop according to the sounds of the day", says Fine. "Getting with the times is simply what jazz does. Some jazz festivals have turned into great big nostalgia fests, but our festival is different. I don't work for the jazz police", he jokes. "I choose to focus on young contemporary artists. The young musicians of today play modern jazz. They grew up with hip-hop, and they use it, as well as gospel. Their playing style is infinitely layered and complex. Take Jacob Collier for instance, a musical genius aged barely 28, who combines jazz with pop, hip-hop and more. He's already won five Grammy Awards. He's truly the Jamiroquai or Stevie Wonder of today". Collier is indeed unfathomably talented, with a distinct ‘mad genius bedhead air’ about him. A multi instrumentalist, he can play to perfection almost any instrument you can think of, and to-and-froes between every musical genre contemporary artists. The young musicians of today play modern jazz. They grew up with hip-hop, and they use it, as well as gospel. Their playing style is infinitely layered and complex" Yossi Fine: "Some jazz festivals have turned into great big nostalgia fests, but our festival is different. I choose to focus on young

imaginable, seemingly without any effort whatsoever, making it practically impossible to place him under any specific musical category. His music is optimistic, joyful, and inspiring. In accordance with Yossi Fine's vision, this year's lineup also includes such names as Israeli rapper Ravid Plotnik (ex-Nechi Nech). Plotnik's work is strongly influenced by Ethiopian music, and he'll be performing in Eilat together with legendary saxophonist Abatte Barihun, who effortlessly intertwines jazz with Ethiopian sounds. Rapper Sima Noon is also in this year's lineup. "I want to open the festival to young audiences", says Fine. "Jazz isn't just music for grown-ups. If we don't include younger audiences and new artists, the festival won't survive. The average age of its performers this year is 27 – young people are being given center stage. They come with all the passion and spirit that youth can conjure". The festival will conclude with a special show by the band Fine has created especially for the occasion, and in which he will be performing as well. It will include Israeli hip hop artists and young international jazz talents that will celebrate the interconnection between jazz and groove. They'll be playing songs composed for the occasion by Netta Barzilai, Nunu, Echo and Cohen and more – musical fireworks of groove, hip-hop, and spoken word. This is the sound of the future of jazz. "The audience is in for a treat", Fine sums up. "People might not all recognize the names of the performers, but the festival is built in such a way that there will be something for everyone". ■

Photo: Noam Chojnowski

16 or 17. I spent two years on the jury of the IDF jazz band and I was astounded at the level so many candidates were playing at", he explains. One of the most striking newcomers performing in Eilat this year is 24-year-old harmonica player and composer Ariel Bart, rising star of the Israeli jazz scene. She recently returned home to Israel after finishing her studies with distinction at the prestigious New York jazz school, 'The New School'. The harmonica is by no means a common instrument, and Bart's compositions are truly magical. Getting with the times Jazz has always been a music melting-pot that adopts every genre and influence it can get its hands on – from classical music to blues, Afrobeats, pop, rock, Black music, Latin, Romani, and even avant-garde music and sounds. It’s a genre in continuous renewal and transformation, perennially Modern music and contemporary jazz

The Port of Eilat, November 10 th to 12 th , redseajazz.co.il/en



Lifestyle I Food

With Tokyo soon becoming an EL AL destination, Israelis will be able to experience the beauty of Japan as frequently as they desire. Until then, any longing for the Land of the Rising Sun can be overcome in one of Tel Aviv’s many Japanese eateries – from cozy lounge bars to urban delis, the choice is vast. Here are five of the White City’s best Japanese restaurants \ By Sharon Ben-David Heading East 5 places to get a taste of Japan

UMAI | Japanese lounge bar and chef’s restaurant Chef Alex Abramov came back to Israel after a few years in Japan, where she perfected her knowledge of Japanese cuisine. Umai is a cozy studio lounge bar where guests are served intricate tasting menus in an intimate atmosphere. Word of mouth has been so good, she’s recently had to move into a bigger space in Jaffa’s Old City. Chef Abramov’s food is all about extreme attention to detail, quality seasonal

produce and the marriage of traditional technique and modern flavors, as her Kaiseki - a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner - beautifully expresses. The Izakaya (Japanese food bar) menu offers small, sophisticated dishes aside delightful cocktails. The limited number of guests maintains the intimate muffled ambience of traditional Japanese restaurants. Private events can be organized here as well, upon prior reservation. umai-tlv.com, 8 Abed El Rauf El Bitar st, Jaffa


Oomai Urban deli and sushi bar Notwithstanding their names

sounding similar, Oomai is completely different to Umai. Oomai is an urban deli inspired by the vibrancy of fast paced modern-day Tokyo. Fresh salads are served alongside sushi, gyozas, and other Japanese finger food-type delicacies. There’s also an abundant choice of sweet and savory Japanese packaged treats, such as wasabi candy, seaweed rice crackers, mochi cakes, soft drinks, Japanese beer, sake and more. You can enjoy your Oomai haul, either on one of the nearby boulevard benches, at home, or in the office. Sushi platters are available for order as well. Oomai has brought Shibuya and Shinjuku to the heart of downtime Tel Aviv. oomai-tlv.co.il, Rothschild blvd 37, Tel Aviv

22 ATMOSPHERE NOVEMBER 2022 UMAI I Photo: Amir Menafhem

Men Ten Ten | A Japanese bubble in the heart of Tel Aviv Some regard this as Israel’s most authentic Japanese restaurant – and rightly so. Men Ten Ten is Japan is restaurant form. This is where you’ll not only find traditional Japanese fare, but Japanese bathroom facilities as well (think pampering toilet seats). The chef is Japanese, as are the ingredients, and even the soy sauce is prepared in house, just as it would be in any self-respecting Japanese establishment. The menu includes robata grilled meats, ramen, sushi, nigiri, miso soup, and a myriad more Japanese specialties. A side door leads you towards a Japanese food bar in an authentic atmosphere, and all forms of Japanese alcohol are served alongside the wonderful food. Whenever you feel like taking a trip to Japan without leaving Tel Aviv, Men Ten Ten is undoubtedly the place to go. mentenentlv.com, Nahalat Binyamin st 57, Tel Aviv

Kamakura I Photo: Afik Gabay

The Pastry Box | Hedgehog buns and kitten-shaped ice-cream If it weren’t for the sound of Hebrew in the background, you’d swear you were in Japan. In a typically Japanese décor, pastry chef Nurith Chitayat delights customers with extraordinary creations designed with the precision of French patisserie and playfulness of Japanese cuisine. There are soft milk buns that look like hedgehogs, teddy bears or frogs, kitten-shaped ice-cream, handmade chocolate pralines of all kinds, unicorn pastries, and matcha-flavored marshmallow, just like you’d find in a pastry shop in Japan. This little gem of a place screams authenticity, and there’s no mystery as to why: indeed, Chitayat was born and raised in Japan and her profound familiarity with the culture is felt in every bite of every one of her baked delights. The Pastry Box has “kawaii” vibes in spades, with its feet firmly in the heart of Tel Aviv, and its head and heart in downtown Tokyo. thepastrybox.co.il, Rival st 7, Tel Aviv

Kamakura | Japanese grilled meats and sake Located inside Ramat Gan’s ‘Indigo’ boutique hotel, Kamakura is a kosher Japanese grilled meat eatery with an impressive selection of sake bottles. The name Kamakura harks back to the Japanese Shogun era during which the Japanese tradition of smoking and chargrilling meat was perfected. Chef Ilya Goldman has created a menu that fuses Japanese cooking techniques with western flavors – and it’s a delight to the senses. Skewers of delicious meat, dips and sauces, are served alongside either sake or a cocktail in an elegant décor and quiet atmosphere that’s ideal for a business lunch or an afterwork meal. kamakura.co.il, Ahaliav st 5, Ramat Gan

Men Ten Ten I Photo: Anatoli Michaelo

The Pastry Box I Photo: Daniel Layla



Lifestyle I Design

5 Design Stores to Fall in Love With

Photo: Ido Adan

Photo: Dror Kalish


Saga The home of Israeli design


Saga is both a gallery and a store specializing in Israeli design and craftsmanship. It is situated in Jaffa’s vibrant Flea Market neighborhood and offers a wide range of designer brands can be found aside budding designers that share the ability to instill a certain Israeli spirit into their creations – something which may not necessarily be put into words but shines through every object. Events and openings are occasionally held in the store’s coffee shop ‘Café Saga’, located right beside it, and serving delicious food and quality coffee all through the day. Saga is the sister-store to Asufa, a few streets away and it too brimming with objects and items made by the best Israeli designers. Rabbi Pinhas st. 4, Jaffa (above the Flea Market parking lot) Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10:00-17:00, homeware and accessories. Household names of designer

If there’s one thing we can be thankful to the pandemic for, it’s the boom it sparked in home design. Spending all our time at home during lockdown inspired many of us to invest thought and effort in decorating our homes, and design stores have mushroomed and multiplied as a consequence. Here are five of our favorite Israeli design stores to explore at leisure \ By Adi Fogel Hollander

HaAsam Tasteful designer goods in the heart of the Judean Hills Located in Kibbutz Kiriyat Anavim in the heart of the Judean Hills, this establishment is a family-run designer hub that produces original items in its own workshop and showcases them in the vast and beautiful adjoining gallery. Father Zion Shoshan and his son Ronny handpick exquisite objects among the best international designer brands. HaAsam offers a plethoric range of furniture, lighting fixture, textile, kitchenware, etc. Impressively located in the middle of nature – this place is a mecca for design fiends and aficionados. Kibbutz Kiriyat Anavim, Sun-Thu 09:00-17:00, Fri 09:00-14:00 haasam.co.il

Fri 09:30-16:00 sagatlv.com/en


04 Photo: Gal Gilad Photo: PR


Photo: Gidon Levin

Prat Living Elegant minimalism


Prat Living is one of interior designer Dori Redlich and his wife Carmit’s three Tel Aviv spaces. Located in a beautifully restored building in Tel Aviv’s Gan Hahashmal neighborhood, it offers a diverse range of furniture and home accessories imported from Europe and made by leading designer brands. Right beside it you’ll find sister-store Prat Levontin, it too filled with beautiful furniture and homeware, as well as a section dedicated to top brand Bolia and items by Danish designer Christina Dam available nowhere else in Israel than in Prat stores. The Redlich’s most recent venture is Prat Space, an apartment for short or long stays in Tel Aviv. Decorated to perfection by Dori, it is situated in a beautiful Bauhaus building in the center of the city and offers a holistic lifestyle

Oblibop Contemporary design with a touch of vintage chic

The range and quality of items you’ll find in this store is truly remarkable. It has a strong online presence and offers an astonishing array of designer goods (mostly from Europe) – all characteristically modern but with a certain air of vintage about them. Owner Daphna Boneh’s eye for elegance and charm is exceptional, as each item she picks is distinctly original in its design and look. Some of the brands to look out for include Dutch homeware designers HKliving, Danish brand Muubs that produces furniture made with natural materials, Danish textile company Cozyliving, French brand Le Monde Sauvage, and Israeli brand HaKen, that creates elegant objects made of concrete. HaMada 6, Herzliya Pituah, Fri 10:00-14:00; by appointment during the week oblibop.co.il

Dar Marrakech The spirit of Morocco

Dar Marrakech is a design lover’s paradise. It offers a wide range of handmade items, all made in Morocco with natural and/or recycled materials. It is the sister-store to Vered Ohana’s establishment, founded in Kibbutz HaGoshrim more than twenty years ago, and is run by Vered’s son Yonathan. Dar Marrakech is an Aladdin’s cave of homeware and accessories, ceramic pots, textiles, Berber carpets, bed linen, lighting fixtures and furniture. Everything can also be purchased online, via the store’s website, but paying the store a visit is an experience not to be missed! At the entrance to Tira, beside the petrol station, Sun-Thu 10:00-17:00, Fri 10:00-14:00 darmarrakech.co.il

experience unlike any other. Hahashmal 4 / Prat Levontin – Levontin 24, Tel Aviv, Sun – Thu 10:00-17:30, Fri 09:30 – 13:00 pratliving.com



Lifestyle I Fashion

As winter sets in and the days grow longer, jumpers, coats and scarves are back in business – this season is all about wardrobe versatility and comfort, with clothes that make you want to get dressed \ By Ne’ama Bibi Winter Wardrobe Essentials 3






Danish Season 1. Shirt: Zadig & Voltaire, NIS 1,385 2. Bag: Parfois, NIS 134.90 3. Vest: American Vintage, NIS 765



4. Top: Rag & Bone via Factory54, NIS 499 5. Denim skirt: American Vintage, NIS 575 6. Jacket: NIS 1,990, top: 499, pants: NIS 1,290, Rag & Bone 7. Coat: Oma, NIS 500 8. Jeans: Oma, NIS 450 9. Jeans: Ermanno Scervino via Mimosa, NIS 1,100








Faux Leather Weather 1. Shirt: Marc Cain, NIS 645 2. Faux leather cargo pants: Bershka, NIS 159.90 3. Bag: Spring, NIS 199.90 4. Shoes: Dr. Martens via the Original’s, NIS 799.90 5. Skirt: Oma, NIS 450 (model) 6. Faux leather top: Bershka, NIS 129.90 7. Skirt: Bash via Boutique 77, NIS 1,920 8. Faux leather jacket: Pull & Bear, NIS 199 9. Shoes: Aldo, NIS 349.90





Photos: PR, Adi Gilad, Sravan Lupu, Hila Shayer









Fluffy Faux 1. Faux fur jacket: Pull & Bear, NIS 199 2. Shoes: Ugg via Factory54, NIS 500 3. Belt: Acne Studio via VERNER, NIS 1,680 4. Faux fur shoulder strap: Terminal X, NIS 199.90 5. Faux fur bag: Bershka, NIS 190.90 6. Cardigan: Blumarine via Factory54, NIS 3,090 7. Faux fur handbag: Question Mark via Terminal X, NIS 59.90 8. Fluff Yeah slide sandals: Ugg via the Original’s, NIS 549.90 9. Shirt: Dsquared2 via Factory54, NIS 1,790 8










Corduroy Joy 1. Shirt: Zara, NIS 149.90 2. Pants: Victoria Beckham via Factory54, NIS 1,990 3. Shirt: Stradivarius, NIS 119.90 4. Pants: American Vintage, NIA 665 5. Jacket: NIS 2,420, pants: NIS 1,295, Zadig & Voltaire 6. Shirt: Pull & Bear, NIS 169.90 7. Baseball cap: Parfois, NIS 94.90 8. Hat: Sporty & Rich via Factory54, NIS 249 9. Bag: Parfois, NIS 94.90



Photos: PR, Nir Yaffe, Asaf Levy, Sravan Lupu

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