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Issue 263

Issue 263 | October 2022

Discovering Jerusalem A fascinating past and a vibrant present. Now’s the perfect time for a thrilling trip to Israel’s beautiful capital

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Everything you need to know about early detection. A special project by EL AL and the Israel Cancer Association Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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In-flight I Issue 263 I October 2022


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Jerusalem’s Bridge of Strings

Photo: Courtesy of Jerusalem municipality’s Lighting department

Editor’s Letter Every year in October the world marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Various global events take place, as monuments and cultural sites are illuminated in pink. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer to hit women in Israel and the world – 5,500 new diagnoses occur each year in Israel alone. But crucially, 92% of those diagnosed, recover thanks to early detection. Atmosphere magazine has chosen to take part in raising awareness on this important issue, even devoting its cover to the cause, sounding the bell on the significance of early detection. To put it simply: it saves lives. For the whole month of October, EL AL flight and ground crew uniforms, and EL AL cups and pillows, will be adorned with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink ribbon, as will the EL AL in-flight entertainment screens. This initiative is

part of the collaboration initiated between EL AL and the Israel Cancer Association. Inspired by the AIDS awareness red ribbon, the first time a pink one was used to symbolize the fight against breast cancer was in 1991, when it was distributed to the participants of a race organized in New York in honor of breast cancer survivors, before being officially adopted in 1992 to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is why this month’s issue is not only replete with travel and lifestyle ideas and inspiration, but it also includes a guide to early breast cancer detection, and a deeply moving story of recovery- because together with the desire to enjoy life, comes the need to preserve it.

Head Of Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity Tal Kalderon Talkal@elal.co.il

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Atmosphere Magazine is published monthly by RGE and LDI. Materials in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission. The opinions expressed in this magazine reflect those of the writers only, and not EL AL Airlines. The publisher and / or EL AL are not responsible for advertising content. For information regarding advertising opportunities Please contact Mr. Ofer Stessel at Tel: 052-8000618 Ofer_s@rge.co.il

Wishing you a pleasant read and a safe flight, Nava Marton

Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



In-flight I Issue 263 I October 2022


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See the Sights 16 Discover The many earthly joys of Jerusalem 20 Explore Israel’s most fascinating underground sites Magazine 26 Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Special Project Everything you need to know about early detection 30 Getting ready for Qatar 2022 Your guide to the FIFA World cup

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Check-in I Local events I October 2022

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Theatre | The International Fringe Theatre Festival Akko

The city of Akko’s “International Fringe Theatre Festival” will be celebrating its 43 rd year of existence this year, with tens of new plays, shows, an al fresco campsite, and street theatre performances. Hundreds of actors, comedians, and theatre folk will be participating, as eight premieres will be held over the course of the 3-day festival, with all of the shows competing for the award for best play. Plays from abroad will also be presented, as well as plays by up-and-coming young playwrights and creators. Performances will take place in the Knights Halls at the entrance to the Old City and in various locations across town. October 11 th – 14 th , accofestival.co.il

Photo: David Monsonego

Visual Arts | “Being there” Jerusalem

“Being There”’ is a photography exhibition presenting the work of nature photographer David Monsonego. Currently taking place in Jerusalem’s International Convention Center, it showcases Monsonego’s exploration of the nature reserves of Africa, East Asia, Antarctica, and the rainforests of South America. His work powerfully encapsulates his quest to challenge himself to get the perfect shot. Visitors will delight in the beautiful photos of elephants, giraffes, wild birds, hippos, and tiny insects, all pulsating with life. Until March 2023, by appointment, iccjer.co.il/en/

Photo: Shlomi Yosef



Exhibition Alber Elbaz-The Dream Factory The Design Museum of Holon Haute-couture designer Alber Elbaz grew up in Holon, before later emigrating to New York, conquering Paris and leaving his unique mark on the fashion world. A year after his untimely death due to Covid-19, the Design Museum of Holon is celebrating his life and work in a major multimedia retrospective. Curated by fashion historian Yaara Keydar, the exhibition presents rare archival materials as well as tribute pieces designed by such iconic fashion houses as

Dior, Gucci, and Balenciaga. Until March 2023, dmh.org.il

Photo: Elad Sarig Photo: Tom Amit

With the Kids | The Dinosaur Exhibition The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Music | The Tamar Festival The Dead Sea For four nights during the week of Sukkot, 26 musicians will perform on outdoor stages against the backdrop of the Judean desert and the Dead Sea, at dawn and sunset, in various locations - from Kibbutz Ein Gedi to Masada. Among those performing are legendary Israeli rock band the Friends of Natasha, singers Shalom Hanoch, Ariel Zilber, Omer Adam, Sarit Hadad, Marina Maximilian, Mark Eliyahu, and many more. Closing shows will include Tuna, Noga Erez, Mercedes Benz, and Hadag Nahash.

Photo: PR

Culture | The International Storytelling Festival Givatayim Theatre

The international dinosaur exhibition “Botanizur” has landed in Israel. 45 dinosaurs have settled among the pathways of Jerusalem’s Botanical Gardens, some of them interactive and ready to roar, stick their tongues out and bulge their eyes. One of them is 7m-tall and stands right beside tiny baby dinosaur hatchlings. Visitors can enjoy VR exhibits, ride a virtual dinosaur, explore the tropical greenhouse, splash about in the garden’s stream, take part in art workshops and rest in the relaxation tent.

Helmed by Yossi Alfi, the International Storytelling Festival will be marking its 29 th edition this year during the week of Sukkot. Held in Givatayim Theatre, the festival is a celebration of the myriad of fascinating stories behind the creation of the state of Israel, as told by the country’s great writers and poets, as well as its military heroes and politicians. Among those taking part are former president of Israel Reuven “Ruvi” Rivlin, Israel Prize recipient, composer Nurit Hirsh, Israel Prize recipient, singer Yehoram Gaon, and tens of other major Israeli artists and cultural figures. October 6 th – 17 th , t-g.co.il

October 10 th – 14 th , tamarfestival.com

October 8 th – 17 th , botanic.co.il/en/

Noga Erez I Photo: Tal Abudi



Check-in I Our Guide

30% of the population suffers from a fear of flying. Some choose to avoid flying altogether, but among those that still do travel by plane, the onboard experience can be tough – sometimes a whole trip can be ruined by the stress of it. Captain Alon Pereg, EL AL pilot and creator of the “Simplifly – overcome your fear of flying” app, has a few tips for those in need 5 tips to soothe your fear of flying

Face your fear 03 Instead of running away from your fear – stare it in the eye. Our natural tendency is to avoid fear as we worry thinking about it may bring on a panic attack. But it’s important to know that such an attack, if it does occur, isn’t dangerous and only very few people risk experiencing one. Try contemplating the reasons behind your fear. This is how you will eventually defeat it. Professor of Psychology Eran Hayut, member of the “Simplifly” team, compares avoiding one’s fear to avoiding one’s shadow. Running away from it is senseless as it will keep running after you.

Talk to the crew 04 Don’t hesitate to let the flight attendants know about your fear of flying. They have been trained to give you the support and information you need to keep it at bay during the flight. Don’t stop flying 05 The best way to overcome a fear of flying is to keep flying. Keep learning more about it and confronting it with the factual reality of its lack of rational basis. Flying will gradually become easier and easier. The “Simplifly” app is downloadable for free by all EL AL passengers either by using their PNR code or via the simplifly.co.il website. The program is available for viewing and listening on the EL AL in-flight entertainment system.

Fear of flying is based on false thinking 01

Consider it a wrong message your brain mistakenly sends you. There’s almost nothing in life that is as safe as traveling by plane.

Drink Water 02 Water is important when you fly because when the plane hits air pockets and loses stability, looking at liquid inside a cup minimizes the intensity of the jolt you may feel (this has been proven). Also, since losing your sense of thirst and hunger is a physiological reflex triggered by fear, eating and drinking teaches your body there’s no reason to be afraid.



A Day Trip in Old Akko

עכו • Browse the galleries in the art shops alley. • Visit the Templar Tunnel (enter near the port). • Exit the tunnel near the sea promenade and continue along the Walls Promenade near the lighthouse. • See the Old Akko port. • Enjoy sailing trips, restaurants, and authentic food stalls in the Old City. • Start the day at the Enchanted Garden and stop at the Visitors Center for an illustrative video on Akko and multiple family activities. • Visit the Knights Halls, an international attraction that includes an audio guide for adults, medieval games, a Da Vinci exhibition, and more. • See the Okashi Museum of Modern Art with the works of Avshalom Okashi. • Visit the ״ Treasures in the Wall ״ Ethnographic Museum. • Hear the story of the “Last Bath Attendant” at the Turkish Bath House. • Stroll in the covered bazaar (Sites and Local Food Tasting ticket can be combined). • Experience the Ramchal Synagogue and Akko Jewish Heritage Center.

The Citadel’s dining hall Credit: Alla Leitus

Chef Restaurant Credit: Gilad Har-Sheleg

The Templars’ Tunnel Credit: Old Akko Development Company

Port & Marina Credit: Dorit Ritvo

Akko is waiting for you with experiences for the whole family in the city above and below Spectacular historical sites include exhibits and audio guides, picturesque port and colorful bazaars, as well as food stalls and chef restaurants, boutique hotels and B&B accommodations. Combined tickets for all sites can be purchased online, at ticketing booths or at the Visitors Center. Free entrance for children under 5. The sites are indoors and air-conditioned. Guides can be hired for an extra fee. For disabled access, please inquire in advance at the Visitors Center. The total distance of the tour is 450 meters.

For contact and directions

Weizman 1, Old Akko





Akko Peninsula Credit: Arie Ophir

Check-in I Checklist

Flight essentials for your next trip

Waterproof bag with integrated charger, NIS 129; available online at gadgetshop.co.il

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Check-in I Inspiration

5 ways to fully enjoy your vacation \ By Shiri Brook-Sagie How to plan a mindful holiday


5 Create a travel journal Travel journals are a wonderfully creative way of memorializing your trip. Start by collecting souvenirs from each place you visit – a flower, a café napkin, a museum postcard, or a restaurant menu. Keep notes on your phone or in a notepad of thoughts and impressions, and once you are back home, put everything together in a travel journal. Google the term in case you need design inspiration and use washi tape to decorate and personalize – each time you feel like remembering the resort infinity pool or ski session in the Alps - you’ll be able to flick through your journal and be back on holiday for a mindful minute or two.

Planning is part of the fun!

2 Studies show that taking the time to thoroughly plan your holiday contributes to your overall feeling of emotional wellbeing, as much as the actual holiday itself. Make sure you collect information and knowledge about your chosen destination, perhaps think about joining guided tours or make a list of the museums you wish to visit. Use tools such as shared Google sheets or planner apps such as TripIt: Travel Planner or Wanderlog, to get your fellow travel companions to plan with you. Look for inspiration The Internet nowadays is awash with travel blogs and vacation content created by influencers. Admiring their posts is great for igniting inspiration, but why not deepen your knowledge by reading books connected to your chosen destination? Visiting Corfu after having read Gerald Durrell’s “My family and other animals”, or Paris after having read Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”, will add infinite depth of meaning to your holiday.

3 4 Make a holiday playlist Creating a playlist for your trip will add so much to the general atmosphere. Whether you are going on a family holiday or traveling

Make sure you “stock up” on flight activity ideas Most people prepare flight must-have lists, but not everyone remembers the importance of planning things to occupy the time with. Create a list of activity ideas and make use of the plane’s in-flight entertainment system, or download content ahead of time, in case you won’t have access to the Internet. A relaxing flight playlist is always good, as is stocking up on episodes of your favorite TV show or podcast. And of course, make sure you always have a book with you – digital age or not, it remains the ultimate essential!

with a bunch of friends, ask each participant what songs they’d most like to hear so that everybody feels included in the playlist. Everyone will be over the moon when their favorite song starts playing. It’s also best to adapt the playlist to the destination, i.e., French chansons are perfect for a trip to Paris and chill-out music is great for stays in the desert.



Check-in I Passport Control

Where did you last fly to? “Last time I flew somewhere was to London – a mix of business and pleasure”. What’s your favorite kind of vacation? “As long as I’m on holiday, I’m content! I enjoy city breaks as much as stays in the middle of nature, but I’ll always prefer sun over snow. Put me on a sun-drenched beach somewhere and I’ll be happy”. What do you always pack with you? “A book. There’s nothing better than to have time to finally read something that isn’t work-related”. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination? “Usually I would go to a restaurant – it’s a great way to get a feel of a new place”. What would you never do abroad? “I’d never eat hummus – no hummus will ever be as good as it is in Israel!” What’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you on holiday? “It has to be the time I was in Greece and discovered I was pregnant with my son Yonathan. It’s a holiday I’ll never forget”. What destination stands out the most among those you’ve been to? “Brazil is undoubtedly one of the most amazing countries I’ve been to. Trekking through the Amazon, contemplating Iguaçu falls, or discovering Rio de Janeiro and tasting superb local food, are unique experiences”. Where would you like to go back to? “I’m always happy to go back to Sydney. It’s a beautiful city with gorgeous beaches. It’s a great destination for someone like me who enjoys sailing and water sports. I have many great memories there, including from the 2000 Olympic Games that were held there”. Who would you like to take with you on your next trip? “My husband and kids are my favorite holiday companions. We are currently dreaming of going on a family trip to Costa Rica”.

What does she pack in her suitcase, what would she never do abroad, and where will she always want to go back to? Sports broadcaster and TV personality Miri Nevo shows us her passport \ By Miri Ben-David Livi “Brazil is one of the most amazing countries I’ve been to”

Miri Nevo (54), TV personality and sports broadcaster, presents the evening sports news on the Israeli sports channel, Channel 5. She also presents Olympic broadcasts, particularly judo, gymnastics, and sailing, and is currently completing her MSc degree in Exercise Physiology at Tel Aviv University

Photos: Private album, Shutterstock


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See the Sights I Jerusalem

Bars and cafés in the Valley of Kings, a historical gate recently reopened to the public, and picturesque alleyways filled with open roofed electric vehicles: Jerusalem isn’t just the ancient, history drenched city of holiness - it is also a vibrant modern metropolis filled with exciting attractions to discover and enjoy \ By Ariela Aflalo Discover the many earthly joys of Jerusalem


The Notre Dame Center Situated right where East and West Jerusalem intertwine, this impressive edifice looks like it was conjured up by a Disney artist. Its construction began in 1885 and ended 20 years later, with several annexes added on over the years, including the beautiful chapel visitors congregate to nowadays, as well as a hotel, a guesthouse, dining room and café, that look out onto the gardens. No visit to the Notre Dame Center is complete without a walk up the roof, where a spectacular view awaits, and turrets that resemble two guards, shield a sculpture of the Virgin Mary. The beautiful balconies offer gorgeous views of the Old City, Damascus Gate, the Muslim, Christian and Jewish Quarters, Mount Scopus, the dome of the Hurva synagogue, the Tower of David and more. The ideal time to make your way up the roof is just before sunset, when the colors of the sky begin to change, and the beauty of the landscape is even more intense. Once the sun has set, make your way to the center’s delightful wine and cheese bar for a glass of something delicious and a bite to eat. notredamecenter.org attractions and tourism initiatives, it is the ideal place for a vacation – with or without the kids. Sukkot is the perfect time to wander around the city’s ancient alleyways, when temperatures have finally cooled down. Here are a few suggestions of things to see, discover and enjoy this holiday season. Many visitors flock to Jerusalem over the High Holidays. But even those who believe they know the beautiful capital by heart will be surprised by its endless modernization. Constantly in renewal, replete with new

Walk Eat JLM The Valley of Kings Lilach Rubin is one of Jerusalem’s most prominent food experts. She leads culinary tours across the city, deeply knowledgeable about the food traditions of each neighborhood, from Talpiot and Meah Shearim, to East and West Jerusalem. Rubin believes slow paced wanderings around town are the best way to get to know a city, as they allow for serendipitous encounters to freely occur. She launched her food and tourism initiative, Walk Eat JLM, to open neighborhoods that are not usually explored by tourists to visitors eager to discover Jerusalem’s hidden gems. The tour is of course accompanied by many food stops, but it is just as much about art, culture, and architecture. The Valley of Kings tour invites participants to explore the many art galleries and restaurants that dot the neighborhood, among which Pergamon, Tacos Luis, Burekas Musa, Pizza Roni, HaMazkeka bar, HaTaklit bar, and vegan café, Bastet. walkeatjlm.co.il / Facebook page: walk eat jlm

Photo: Lilach Rubin



See the Sights I Jerusalem

Lights Tour JLM Across the city When evening falls, Jerusalem lights up and illuminated tours take place across the city. The Lights Tour JLM leads visitors aboard a tour bus through 11 major sites, notably the Western Wall, the Knesset and the Old City walls. The tour stops three times for passengers who wish to alight: first at the YMCA building and King David hotel, then at the Russian Compound, and finally, beside the Mount of Olives. At each stop, tours of that specific neighborhood are also available. Tours take place on Mondays and Thursdays until December, between 19:30 and 21:30. pami.co.il/en The Center for Arts and Culture Old Shaare Zedek Founded in 1902, Shaare Zedek was the first hospital to be built outside the city walls. Transferred to a new location in 1980, it then served as the headquarters of Israel’s national public broadcasting corporation until recently. Purchased of late by the Israel-Canada real estate investment group, it is set to become a luxury boutique hotel. But until works and construction begin, the building has been donated to the community to serve as an arts and culture center. Events and exhibitions regularly take place, and artists, musicians and designers are invited to take up residence in the old hospital rooms. Art and visual installations now adorn the old hospital walls and corridors, and Judaica symbols have been frescoed onto the old synagogue ceiling. Workshops are regularly organized, and a pizzeria and beer bar is open to all visitors. 161 Jaffa Street, new-spirit.org.il/he

The New Gate The New Gate (a.k.a. Bab El Jadid) is the Old City’s seventh and lesser-known gate. It was first pierced in 1889, at the behest of the city’s Christian community, to facilitate the comings and goings of the inhabitants and pilgrims needing to reach the Chapel of Notre Dame and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Lately, after years of neglect, the gate area has undergone thorough refurbishments, to the delight of locals and tourists alike. The street beside it is filled with artists’ studios, shops, and cafés, including ceramicist’s George Sandrouni’s studio and workshop, pastry chef Abu Sir’s patisserie where among other delicious offerings you’ll find a raspberry and pistachio ganache, as well as new café and bookshop “The Gateway”, Armenian restaurant “Yereva” and “The Taboon Wine Bar” café. thenewgate.co.il


Photos: Ariela Afllalo

The Hurva Synagogue The Jewish Quarter

Sukkot in Jerusalem The Jerusalem march Delegations from Israel and abroad, soldiers, families, flag-bearers, bands, street artists and dancers will once again be marching through the streets of Jerusalem. A major happening will follow the Family Marches which take place along three different routes. When: October 13 th , 07:00-16:00 Where: from Sacher Park to the First Station The Four Species Market A traditional market with more than 50 stalls to explore. When: October 6 th -9 th , 09:00-23:00 Where: Valero Square, Mah’ne Yehuda Market The municipal sukkah Inaugurated by Mayor Moshe Lion, the municipal sukkah welcomes locals and visitors throughout the holiday season. When: October 11 th –16 th ,11:00-19:30 One of the Jewish Quarter’s most beautiful and evocative synagogues, the Hurva was destroyed and rebuilt many times throughout history. Its most recent reconstruction took place ten years ago. Its white dome is instantly recognizable, and no visit is complete without a walk up to the roof, where visitors are met with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. On a clear day, it’s possible to see miles beyond the city walls, as far as the Dead Sea and the Judaean Desert. travelrova.co.il/hurva

Photo: Ronen Horesh

Photo: Boaz Oren

Go Car A tour of the city in an

open-roofed electric vehicle Small, yellow, and easy to spot – nowadays Go Car vehicles are dotted across Jerusalem. These two-seater open-roofed electric vehicles are perfect for visiting the city as they are programmed to drive through each one of the city’s main sites. The virtual tour begins at the First Station, passes through the Train Track Park, the Yemin Moshe neighborhood, the German colony, drives by the Tower of David, enters Jaffa Gate and zigzags through the Old City alleyways and major landmarks, including the Western Wall. The audio guide accompanying this experiential drive is full of information, anecdotes and stories about the city and its attractions. Price: NIS 175 per half hour tour. gocarisrael.com

Photo: Gura Berger

Wine at the Montefiore Windmill Yemin Moshe The historical Montefiore windmill was built in 1858 and in use for 18 years until it ceased to operate. It stood idle for years but became an iconic symbol of the Yemin Moshe neighborhood. Two years ago, after a 160-year break, its wooden blades were restored and put to use once again. Today, the windmill serves as a wine tasting venue for winemakers “The Jerusalem Winery”. The windmill now also houses a museum that recounts the story of its restoration. Sir Montefiore’s old carriage has been placed in front of the mill, where a new café has been opened as well. thewindmill.co.il

Where: Safra square For more information: itraveljerusalem.com



See the Sights I Underground Adventures

There needs to be a really good reason to wave goodbye to open air and travel underground. Here are six of them, in the shape of unique sites, each drenched in history, meaning, and adventure. Join us on this journey through time and geological layers \ By Ya’akov Shkolnik An Underground Journey Through Time

Tzipori National Park An ancient rock-cut water system

Flavius Josephus, the first-century Romano Jewish historian described Tzipori as the “ornament of all Galilee”, and indeed to this day, visitors of this ancient site are met with spectacularly beautiful mosaics and constructions, notably Roman aqueducts that once pumped water from the mountains of Nazareth. One of them led the water through a 250m-long, 10m-high, and 4m-wide rock-cut water system. The water system is segued by a 90m tunnel you need to squat through to visit. After the tunnel, a 700m walk leads to the entrance of the park. Entrance fee applies; flashlight necessary to complete the visit; parks.org.il.

Photos: Yaakov Shkolnik

Located on the Rehovot kibbutz hill, the Ayalon institute tells the story of one of the lesser-known chapters of Israel’s foundation. In 1945, an 8-meter expanse was dug up there, and atop it a bakery and laundry were erected as a means of disguising the expanse’s true purpose, i.e., to serve as a clandestine ammunition factory. Around 4 million 9mm bullets were produced here in utter secrecy until 1948, when the factory ceased to operate. Visitors can learn about this fascinating story via the VR exhibit set up there today, before taking a rest by one of the eucalyptus grove picnic tables. Entrance fee applies. Visits need to be booked in advance; shimur.org The Ayalon Institute, Rehovot An underground Haganah ammunition factory


The Pool of Arches, Ramla Sailing underground through beautiful stone columns Ramla was founded in the 8 th century AD, in the days of the Umayyads. The ceiling of the underground cistern pools, built to supply water to the city’s inhabitants, leans upon stone arches. The Pool of Arches, it too a cistern, was built at a later stage, in the year 789, during the rule of the famous caliph Harun ibn al Mahdi of the Abbasid Caliphate. Visitors exploring the site today, first walk down stone stairs. Once underground, they are met with the three stone columns that support the arches upon which the ceiling is built and board small rowboats that sail through the columns, to the sound of an audiovisual exhibit created by artist Dor Zlekha Levy and curated by Smadar Sheffy. The pool is situated in Danny Maas Street. Entrance fee applies. It is possible to purchase a combined ticket for the White Tower and the Ramla Museum. tour@goramla.com

Photo: Ron Peled



See the Sights I Underground Adventures

Photo: Yaakov Shkolnik Photo: Yaakov Shkolnik

Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park Thousands of rock-cut caves

The Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park is located in the heart of the Judean Shfela, an area rich with soft chalk cliffs. Its ancient inhabitants carved caves into the cliffs that visitors now explore and admire. During the Hellenistic period (62-332 BC) the biblical hill of Maresha was inhabited by Edomites who arrived from the Negev. Though their homes have long disappeared, the caves they carved into the rocks remain till today. Some have pigeon nooks in them, while others served as burial caves and are frescoed with fascinating drawings and markings. Entrance fee applies; parks.org.il

The Western Wall Tunnel, Jerusalem A fascinating stone passageway The architectural magnificence of the Western Wall is most palpable underground. Indeed, under the current Muslim Quarter lie 485m of ancient streets that visitors can today wander through. These streets attest to the engineering feats achieved by King Herod. When Herod expanded the Temple Mount, he damaged the Hasmonaean water channel. Visitors can nowadays walk through right up to the cistern called the Struthion Pool, once part of the moat surrounding the Antonia Fortress, the citadel Herod built at the north-western corner of the Temple Mount. The tunnel is accessible via the Western Wall and there is an entrance fee. Visitors need to book in advance and be accompanied by one of the site’s guides; thekotel.org

Beit She’arim National Park Rock-cut tombs and menorah reliefs

The Beit She’arim necropolis was the most important burial place of the ancient Jewish world. Jews from everywhere in the land were put to rest here, beside the grave of the venerable Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, chief redactor of the Mishnah. The tombs are impressively adorned and carved into them are Jewish symbols such as menorahs, shofars, and Torah arks. Beit She’arim was also a major glassmaking center and in the adjacent museum, visitors can admire an 8.8-ton glass slab discovered on-site. Entrance fee applies; parks.org.il



The Last Photograph is a first-of-its-kind exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in which a documentary film is disassembled and re-edited into a multi-channel video installation where viewers can move around freely.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art Monday , Wednesdays 10:00—18:00 Tuesdays, Thursdays 10:00—21:00 Friday 10:00—14:00 Saturday 10:00—18:00 tamuseum.org.il

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From Retirees to Entrepreneurs The flagship location will open shortly on the Rishon LeZion seafront - a beautiful city along Israel's central coastal plain, 15-minutes from Tel Aviv, 20 minutes from Ben-Gurion Airport, and 45 minutes from Jerusalem. Oren Nahmias emphasizes that Oranim Club Sixty-Five provides something for everyone with stylish offices, business centers, and lounges that provide elegant meeting spots and fabulous networking opportunities. "Culture is at the heart of Oranim Club Sixty-Five", Oren Nahmias points out. "Lectures, shows, music, and performances are always taking place here. Our cafés and restaurants offer delicious dishes made with fresh, seasonal, local, healthy produce. We even take care of Aliyah bureaucracy and arrange Ulpan Hebrew lessons". "Oranim Club Sixty-Five covers all the basics of wellness and wellbeing", she adds. "Sandy white beaches are only steps away; a state-of-the-art gym, daily exercise classes and sports activities are available, together with a wet and dry sauna, jacuzzi, and spa facilities. Members can relax and live in an embracing community while enjoying the beauty and vitality of Israel". "We offer a warm and energetic active community coupled with an attractive economic model - a deposit starting at NIS 2 million and monthly maintenance fees, together with the possibility to rescind and receive the deposit after a reduction of about 4%", explains Shira Oren Nahmias. This is a unique offer that will ensure the smoothest Aliya and the promise of a better life.

A new concept of luxurious living for the 60+, with facilities and residential services of the highest level, offers a warm and active community for those considering making Aliyah. Soon to open on the Rishon LeZion seafront / By Yoel Tsafrir Right by the Seaside: The Best Place to Make Aliyah

These past years have given rise to many societal shifts, giving people a chance to rethink their lives and reassess aspirations, particularly retirees and people over 60. Many of them - young at heart and with children who have already left home - want to invest in themselves and evolve towards new horizons. Making Aliyah to Israel, living by the beach, reuniting with family, and becoming part of an active community may be just what they need. After all, Israel's sunny skies, vibrant culture, and delicious food - not to mention getting to see the grandchildren grow up - make it a magnet for Jews all over the world, dreaming of retiring here. However, moving halfway across the world is not without its challenges: emotional, bureaucratic, and logistic. With the launch of Oranim Club Sixty-Five, a seaside luxury resort and community, Israeli real estate development company Oranim Group, ensures the transition is smooth and hassle-free. "We realized that moving countries is especially difficult without a supportive social structure, so we

created Oranim Club Sixty-Five, the perfect way to ensure your Aliyah takes place in a warm, embracing community and elegant seafront home", says Shira Oren Nahmias , deputy CEO of Oranim Group, herself a seafront real estate expert with 30 years of experience. "The club offers all the amenities of a world-class resort: concierge and laundry services, extensive spa facilities, gorgeous swimming pools for friends and family, banquet halls, a bridge club, an art studio, cultural events, a synagogue, and round the-clock activities, all with the sea as backdrop. Residents are also invited to celebrate special events like bar-mitzvahs or birthdays in the banquet halls, private rooms, or the synagogue".



israman.com facebook.com/Israman.Eilat

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Cancer Prevention Screening Why is early detection so important, what are the first signs something could be wrong, what if there’s a history of the disease in the family, and what habits should you keep in order to reduce chances of ever developing breast cancer in the future? Our guide has all the answers

Information courtesy of the Israel Cancer Association


What are the signs to look out for? • A lump in your breast • A change in the shape or size of your breast • Swelling or retraction of the breast’s skin • An itching of the breast that never passes • Unusual discomfort or pain in the breast • Redness and a feeling of heat in the breast area without it being linked to breastfeeding or infection • The appearance of prominent or swollen veins in the breast area • A retracted nipple • A lump in the nipple • A wound that won’t heal or eczema on the nipple that won’t pass • Nipple discharge (one that isn’t connected to breastfeeding) • A lump in the underarm area • A swelling of the underarm area It’s important to remember that most changes that occur in the breast area don’t imply the existence of a cancerous tumor, but if an unusual change does take place, make sure you talk about it with your doctor. Preventative Genetic Testing In Israel, women of Jewish Ashkenazi heritage, even if only partial - and based on self-declaration - are entitled to get tested for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes as part of their health package. They are entitled to such a test even if there is no history of the disease in their family. The test is carried out once during the patient’s lifetime. If a woman has a first-degree relative who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or has recovered from it, her GP may recommend undergoing a genetic consultation. The genetic consultant will decide whether to

Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer among women in Israel and the world. In Israel, around 5,500 women are diagnosed with the disease each year, and 90% of those who get diagnosed are likely to fully recover, if the disease is detected early enough. If you are over 50, make sure you get a mammogram, as it is the most efficient way to detect the disease, even at its earliest stages, when manual palpation could fail to detect it. Early Detection Saves Lives A basic rule of thumb regarding cancer prevention, is that the earlier the disease is detected, the higher the chances of recovery. An initiative led by the Israel Cancer Association (ICA), in collaboration with the Israeli Health Ministry, has invited women between the ages of 50 and 74 to undergo screening tests and mammograms, and the response has been among the highest in all the OECD countries. Who needs to get tested? • Women over 50 should undergo a mammogram every two years • Women at high-risk should undergo a mammogram once a year, from the age of 40 or even before that if their physician recommends it • Women with a genetic predisposition should undergo an MRI in addition to a mammogram Early signs that lead to detection It’s recommended that every woman between the ages of 50 and 74 undergo a mammogram once every two years. But no matter your age or situation - whether pregnant or breastfeeding - if you feel a lump or a change in how your breasts feel, talk about it with your doctor.

carry out further genetic testing. A woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, especially if she has a family history of the disease, should undergo a genetic consultation in order to evaluate whether she needs further genetic testing, as it could help finetune the type of therapy she receives. A Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Risks A healthy lifestyle can reduce your risks of developing breast cancer in the future. Some basic healthy habits to adopt: • Physical exercise: make sure you get some form of physical exercise over the course of the day. It is recommended you get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. It’s important to remember that any activity is better than no activity at all. • Less red meat and processed food: reduce your consumption of red meat, processed, fried, smoked, salty and preserved foods. • Maintain a healthy weight: avoid overconsuming calories • Reduce your consumption of alcohol: keep your consumption of alcohol down to one drink a day. • Drink more water: up your water intake and reduce your consumption of sugary drinks • Avoid smoking: smoking damages the health of the smoker as well as that of those around him. • Breastfeeding is recommended: it has been scientifically proven that breastfeeding for 6 to 12 months reduces a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer. ■

For more details, scan the QR code or log onto cancer.org.il



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A Story of Recovery Orly Tzahur, a married mother of two, was as a social worker at one of Israel’s most important health maintenance organizations. In 2013 she got diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer leading her onto a quest for recovery. We sat down with her for an open discussion on her journey thus far

“Nine years ago, I was giving a series of lectures to fellow social workers on how to support families dealing with sickness. Around the same time, I noticed a lump underneath my armpit. I didn’t think there was any reason to worry because seven months prior to that, I had undergone a mammogram and an ultrasound, and the results came out fine. I imagined it was nothing more than a momentary inflammation, but I still went to get tested because my family and I were about to go on holiday in Canada and I wanted to put my mind at rest before leaving. I underwent a biopsy, and my GP gave me the results. I heard her say the words ‘Orly, it’s not good. It’s cancer.’ The diagnosis was for breast cancer. Everything came crashing down. The toughest blow came after the CT scan, which revealed the disease had spread to the liver as well. I began chemotherapy and biotherapy, but I found it hard to accept that surgery was not an option, because in my mind, if they operated and removed the tumor, I’d be able to go on with my life. But in my case, a holistic approach was opted for since the cancer had spread - so

the day we were supposed to go on our family trip, ended up being the day I began chemotherapy at the Oncology Institute”. “Getting better became my full-time job” “Chemo knocked out all my energy. I decided to devote what energy I had left, to my family. It was clear to me that I was going to need help coping with it all and took time off work. The first hurdle was telling my daughters about the diagnosis. I discussed the best way to do it with Orit Spira, head of the Israel Cancer Association (ICA) Rehabilitation and Support Department, and resolved not to keep secrets from my family. I told my daughters about it all, including the hair loss and other side effects that come with chemotherapy. Getting better became my full-time job. My aim was to increase my energy levels, so I joined a NIA movement class and a chi gong class in the park. I went to acupuncture sessions and guided imagery workshops, spent time with my friends, and went to the Oncology Institute every week for chemotherapy. I decided to accept the medicine I was receiving with

love. I imagined it as a benevolent force working inside my body to crush the enemy cancer cells. I didn’t think about statistics – I just concentrated on getting better and only listened to stories of recovery. I joined ICA support groups for young women,


Care and Support – The ICA’s Strong Together support center The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) has invested over NIS 10 million in “Strong Together” support centers for cancer patients and their families, explains Orit Spira, head of the ICA’s Rehabilitation and Support department. “These centers welcome anyone who wishes to attend, free of charge. The workshops and support group sessions are led by medical personnel from various psycho oncological fields, including physiotherapists, nutritionists, sex therapists and fertility experts. Studies show that joining these groups and taking dance or movement classes such as yoga, improves quality of life among cancer patients and strengthens their ability to cope during the recovery process”. There are ICA “Strong Together” support centers throughout Israel, providing much needed help and assistance to families having to deal with a cancer diagnosis. Many activities are available, including for children, as are workshops designed to help people cope with getting back to a normal life post-recovery. Activities are all free of charge. For further information and inquiries: +972-1-800-599-995

"The message I wish to give out to the world is that each one of us has to find what feels good to them - so that the immune system can retrieve its force. We have to believe in our power to do so"

going from being the one giving the lecture to one of the people attending it. It wasn’t easy, but the moment I let go and accepted the situation for what it was, I started to feel more empowered by the energy you get from support groups. It’s a place where everything can be discussed, even what we are most afraid to talk about, and that helped me a lot. As someone who believes in the connection between body and soul, I realized I had neglected my body over the years, and through the movement and dance classes I was taking, I managed to restore that connection. The NIA approach allows you to listen to your body and choose what feels right for you, as you experience the joy and pleasure of dancing. I enjoyed it so much that

again – and the doctors decided to operate. The day of the operation, I went for a chi gong session in the park and noticed a sign posted on a tree. It read: ‘I calmly let go of what was, and welcome what is to come with joy. I feel protected’. I went into the operating room with this in mind. “I learned how to live with the cancer and the fear” I am currently clean of any tumors, even though I am still considered someone with metastatic breast cancer. I still receive biotherapy at the Oncology Institute every three weeks. I can safely say today that I feel well, even better than I felt before my diagnosis. As a “Yad Lehachlama” (Reach to Recovery®) volunteer at the ICA, I support women who are going through similar situations as mine, and I give lectures on the subject, sharing my story with others. Nowadays, I combine being a social worker, personal coach, support group leader, NIA instructor – and cancer survivor. I give NIA classes at the ICA and lead a support group

in which I combine movement sessions as well as therapy sessions, as I believe being in movement is essential to healing. I also lead the ICA’s couples support group together with Orit Spira. The message I wish to give out to the world is that each one of us has to find what feels good to them - so that the immune system can retrieve its force. We have to believe in our power to do so. My victory is in having learned to live with the cancer and the fear, empowering me to keep getting better”. ■

I became a NIA instructor – something I had never dreamt of doing.

The medicine worked. The tumors in the breast and liver disappeared and the one under my armpit reduced in size. A year and a half after my last chemo session, I felt the lump under my armpit had increased once



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