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Principal’s Report

Tabeetha Staff

Primary School




Secondary School


Celebrating our Diversity –Assemblies, Events and Special projects




Special Visits

Grade 12

Good Bye


Welcome to Tabeetha


Tabeetha School in Jaffa is a Non Profit Christian Charity breaking down walls between people of different cultures and religions. At Tabeetha School 330 students from 42 different countries around the world speak 37 different languages, and represent 7 different religions Study, work, and play together, in English, in an environment described as a “HAVEN", a “MINI United Nations” and an “OASIS OF PEACE”.

For 156 years Tabeetha has been a pillar of the Jaffa community, a model of PEACE and COEXISTENCE promoting interfaith cooperation and academic excellence.

Lucrecia Battaglia: My dear School! I had somanywonderful years there! Diversity is the number one strong point of Tabeetha, it opened upmymind and taught me to be accepting, understanding and respectful of somany cultures and religions. I am truly grateful as an adult to have had that opportunity as a child. Thank you for that and somuchmore!


Jenny Lang: I was a teacher at Tabeetha School Jaffa from 1984-89.I loved my time at Tabeetha. Even 30 years ago the same ethos applied ,,respect for all.


Mirjana Kacl: So proud that I went to this School!


Margaret MacDonald: Tabeetha School - so proud of this amazing place where we can be whoever we are without prejudice.



Principal's Report 2019

It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of another school year and I am coming close to the end of my Tabeetha career. School session 2018/2019 has had its highs and lows. It has been a difficult year for many of our school staff with family losses and some very trying circumstances. The same is true for some of our pupils and parents. However, as I sit to think of the past year, there are so many things to be pleased with and to celebrate. Tabeetha is an amazing school and that never becomes clearer than when we have visitors or film crews with us. It makes us focus on what the school is really all about. I am really looking forward (though not right now!) to meeting Jane Walker Arnott in Heaven. What a woman! What a worker! What courage! What determination! What perseverance she showed to get the job done and the result is Tabeetha, left to the Church of Scotland in her will and continuing Jane’s vision of co-existence, tolerance, respect and co-operation between cultures, religions and colours. Tabeetha continues to be a place where education is highly valued and aimed for. Our school motto: Dream Big, AimHigh, Achieve Success

is not only a slick phrase used in school but a reminder of what needs to happen to gain the best results. I hear teachers say all the time: “You can do it!” “Believe in yourself and your abilities!” “There are no shortcuts to achievement!” Children and young people who believe they can and apply themselves to their studies will find they achieve the best results and can go on to do whatever they want

in life. And, good news - it’s never too young to start! Sometimes pupils don’t appreciate what they have in Tabeetha until they leave. I am sure those Alumni reading this may well relate to that! Tabeetha pupils go on to universities across the world, find employment in multicultural companies and embassies and can work with people of all nationalities, religions and backgrounds. Our staff are very committed to the children and young people they work with. They encourage and facilitate learning and work on continually improving their teaching so as to give our children and young people the best educational journey possible. They work together after school to improve their teaching, to find better ways of doing things and to secure school improvement. I make no apology for this next quote although I used it last year! “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” Being ready for school and every class on time, giving your full concentration in lessons, participating in discussions, doing homework, catching up with work missed due to absence and speaking with teachers about anything not understood goes a long way in being the kind of pupil who will achieve success. There has to be a commitment from everyone .


This year we entered the final year of a three-year School Improvement Plan (S.I.P.) Staff made decisions about what the most essential improvements were and we decided the big need was to revamp the curriculum, to focus on skills needed, to make it appropriate for the Middle East and to concentrate on improving teaching and learning across the whole school with primary and secondary education dovetailing together. I am pleased to report good progress has been made. Next session, all our teachers will work on a number of new initiatives as part of the S.I.P. Technology was always part of the first three-year plan and, having moved away from it last year, it has become part of this year’s plan again. The primary curriculum , because of its complexity needs some more time spent on developing skills. A small group will work on opening the Museum of Co-existence in school to bring pupils from other schools and tour groups in to see what we are doing will be finalised this year. A group will be looking at how to help struggling pupils develop core skills to aid their learning across every subject. I am very excited to see pupils have a much greater say within the school. It is important they are heard so Pupil Voice will be a group too. Our final group will be our Green Group which will see us think more about eliminating waste, stopping ocean pollution, growing our own food and recycling much more so, not only small bottles, but ink cartridges, spectacles and batteries as well as decreasing the huge amount of paper wastage in school. I cannot commend the staff of Tabeetha enough. They have worked really hard, shown grit determination to improve their methodology to ensure our pupils have the best teaching and learning experiences possible. I thank each one of them sincerely for all they bring to Tabeetha. I have loved working with them. Staff and pupils have actively pursued excellence throughout this session and shown their talents and work ethic at the Peace Games, Model International Criminal Court, Model United Nations, American Art Competition, the school plays, Christmas and Spring Concerts, Prague Music Festival, Assemblies and performances of the Nativity, Easter, Mothers’ Day, Hannukah, St Andrew’s Day as well as countless other events too numerous to mention. Thank you to every one of you for all you do. A final word of thanks to Maria Ivanova for the huge amount of work undertaken to put this yearbook, 2018/19, together.

Please keep looking at our school website (www.tabeethaschool. org) as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you will see the work being done in school as well as the fun times which makes for learning in context.

Pupils, staff and parents, I hope you have a really good summer holiday. Stay safe all of you. Don’t forget school reopens on 29th August for pupils, 28th for staff for session 2019/2020. For those of you leaving us, particularly our Grade 12 pupils and a number of ex-pats, enjoy whatever comes next. Give it your best shot, ask questions, be self-aware but confident in yourself too. Be kind to every human being and be thankful for all you have and remember your Tabeetha values which will hold you when times are tough. Be all you can be and never give up. You can do it! God bless you all,

Margaret MacDonald Principal


Tabeetha Staff 2018-2019

Mrs. Margaret MacDonald -Principal Mrs. Rachel Friedman - Deputy Principal/Head of Primary Mrs. PamGilboa- Deputy Principal/Head of Secondary /RE Mrs. Trish Izchaki - Head of Mathematics & Science Faculty/ Chemistry and Physics Mr. Greg John- Head of Language Faculty / GCSE and A-level English Mr. Hassan Abou Kaoud – A-level Mathematics Mrs. Basma Baransi – Primary Native Arabic Ms. Maggie Bishouti –Grade 4 Form Teacher Mrs. Beth Dahan – Primary Learning Support Ms. Alexis Gitman- Music Mr. Darren Glick – Grade 12 Form Teacher/ History Mrs. Jessica Ivgi - Grade 10 Form Teacher/Science and Biology Mrs. Orit Halamish –Secondary Beginners Hebrew Mrs. Heidi Lazarus –Grade 3 Form Teacher Mrs. Nikki Naim –Grade 1 Form Teacher Ms. Eve Singerman – Grade 5 Form Teacher Mrs. Neveen Saba – Grade 11 Form Teacher/Secondary Advanced Arabic Mrs. Reni Rousev - PE Ms. Taylor Yaroslawitz – Grade 6 Form Teacher Mr. Paul Spencer- Mathematics and Chemistry Mrs. Nili Nesher -Primary Beginners Hebrew Mrs. Efrat Naymark –Primary Advanced Hebrew Mrs. Renee Odeh- Reception class Form Teacher Mrs. Georgette Odeh-Primary Beginners Arabic Ms. Nicole Perschetz- Secondary Mathematics Mrs. Yelena Reis- Humanities Mrs. Linda Rosenthal- Grade 7 Form Teacher/ Art Mrs. Nancy Shehade- Computer Science Mrs. Naama Silverman-Forner –Secondary Advanced Hebrew Ms. Reysi Yasavul –Grade 8 Form Teacher/English Ms. Heather Dobson-Librarian Mrs. Svetlana Uderman –Librarian/ Russian language teacher Mrs. Isabel Katterian – Grade 1 Assistant Ms. Mary-Jo Zadorojny Viella- Reception Assistant Mrs. Liz Stout- Grade 2 Form Teacher Mrs. Metviner Nancy- Secondary English

Mrs. Katie Pollock -Counsellor Mrs. Tali Kaufman- Therapist

Ms. Maria Ivanova- PR and Fundraising Mrs. Raeda Girem- Finance Secretary Mrs. Tina Goldfarb –Management Secretary Mrs. Mariam Burbara –Cleaner Mrs. Soubhia Radei –Cleaner Mrs. Noura Salameh – Cleaner Mr. Eran Klein –Maintenance Manager Mr. Sami Satel -Guard



Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme This year, as always, teachers have had a very busy Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. On CPD days Tabeetha is certainly not closed. Instead it is a hive of activity and our school is very much open. While the children are at home the teachers have been in school making sure that their skills are kept up to date with the latest educational research. Some of the highlights have included workshops on Assessment for Learning, including Growth Mind-set and the Importance of Giving Effective Feedback. Teachers have also had the opportunity to improve their ICT skills and to complete a Basic First Aid training course with Magen David Adom. On CPD days it is worth remembering a quote fromDylanWilliams, “Every teacher needs to improve not because they are not good enough but because they can be EVEN BETTER”.


Head of Primary Report

Change is in the air. With the imminent departure of three of our Primary School teachers we cannot help but feel the winds of change.

Liz Stout, our current Grade 2 teacher has decided to leave Tabeetha after almost a decade of service. She is going on to work with Jews for Jesus on educational material. Liz, you will be missed by us. On a personal note I have worked with Liz from the beginning of her career at Tabeetha and have watched her grow professionally. She has made a tremendous contribution to the school during her time here. Best wishes from all of us. Maggie Bishouti, Fourth Grade form teacher, past student and provider of goodwill and positivity will be taking a break from Tabeetha School. Frommy perspective, Maggie is as much a part of Tabeetha as Tabeetha is part of Jaffa. I do not want to say that we wish her much luck in her endeavours because Maggie does not need luck. Wherever Maggie chooses to be will be blessed with her positivity and embracing spirit. Maggie, you will be missed by all of us. And you’ll be back! Since 2012 Miss Yaro has been a fixture at Tabeetha School. She originally came to us as a student teacher from the United States and then stayed on to cover a maternity leave. Taylor is a strong and professional teacher. She accepted the challenge of teaching Year 6 when it returned to be part of the Primary School. She has done an outstanding job of meeting the needs of those students who are ready to move on to the Upper School. Like her students, Taylor will be missed; she is an integral part of the primary team. We send her off with good wishes and the knowledge that wherever she lands, she will be successful.

In the same way that I have been able to watch teachers grow and develop, I get to watch your children as they grow a nd develop. The years go by more quickly when you have children and when you work in a school and 'have' lots of children, the years go by even more quickly.

Stop and smell the flowers, listen to the rush of the sea, eat slowly enjoying the flavour of the food, walk don't run, leave time so you can go without stress. "This is the day that the Lord has made" please make time to rejoice.

Rachel Friedman Head of Primary


Reception Class

Form Teacher: Mrs. Renee Odeh Assistant: Ms. Mary-Jo Zadorojny Viella

In Picture left to right: 1 st row : Joe Rantissi, Jolene Azar, Sunny Xiuyuan , Youssef Hssayan, Hongyi Sheng 2 nd row: Tal Friedman, Johnny Batchon, Zinadin Altouche, Yulia Agidew, Yaron Danieli, Liam Tannous 3 rd row : Celine Azar, Michal Kalika, Emilia Hrechany, Jonas Koukoullis, Adan Abo Shehade, Norelle Amsis, Lucas Tannous, Murad Abou Nasser. 4 th row: Shanya Kothari, Lilliana Christmas, Cassidy Carson, Mia Yadav, Ghada Deek, Louiza Hilou, Kami Moskovitch



Form Teacher Mrs. Nikki Naim Assistant: Mrs. Isabel Katerian

In picture left to right: 1 st row: SalimHismeh, Christian Abd El Hai, Denis Brandt, Mauran Toleubayev, Bryan Baker 2 nd row : Kobi Wakile, George Hinnawi, Dorine Garaisy, Eva Fargeon, Joelle Imses, Miral Sasin, Myles Magumba 3 rd row : Ram Assali, Ramsey Deek, Christo Ghandour, Amir Daoud, NoamGebrehiwet, Spiro Ghandaur 4t h row: Jolene Abu Oxa, Emilia Ashkar, Meytal Shirey, Kian Tejani, Alexa-Lucy Bakhareva- Golodets, Anouk Boerschmann, Carina Ashkar


Grade 2

Form Teacher Mrs. Liz Stout

In picture left to right: 1 st 0: Mark Koman, Alisa Belotskaya, Leanne Jubran, Maria Baransi 2 nd row: Layal Abou Shehadeh, Amir Mansour, George Bishouty, LeoWakileh, Vanessa Katterian, Rayan Eltajea, Adib Jbara 3 rd row : Zade Gilliam, Raghad Saba, Una O’Shea, Jacob Kassabry, Lydia Sakran, Jiselle Hinnawi 4 th row: Katya Pashkova, Elza Kukuyev, Ailin Kaztay, Shon Pavlov, Lilliane Rantissi, Julia Sepich


Grade 3

Form Teacher Mrs. Heidi Lazarus

In picture left to right: 1 st row : Manarah Mahamid, Michel Kottel, Nia Kogan, Grace Ishikawa, Rosemarie Shmidt 2 nd row: Andrey Eruhimovich, Elisa Abou Nasser, Zoe Ivanova, Eldar Koren, Leo Saliba, Ciel Jahjah, Alon Vigal 3 rd row: Luca Kay, Noel Boulus, Martin Contento Montaldo, Mac Tustin, Reuben Howarth, Joelle Attalah, Leroy Fanous 4 th row: Alisiya Zhyr, Nadine Azar, Ciel Sassin, Aya Mahamid, Jessie Rantissi, Miya Zhyr and Ronit Gajawat


Grade 4

Form Teacher Miss Maggie Bishouti

In picture left to right: 1 st row: Maryam Altouche, Noni Batshon, Annabell Bshara, Liza Pashkova, Michelle Vardanyan, Cooper Brookes 2 nd row : Coral Sahalia, Adiv Elais, Nour Gilliam, Maribel Wakile, Sofia Filatov, Emily Katterian 3 rd row : Daniela Zorin, Lika Elishkov, Romy Garaysa, Evelina Semenova, Philip Baker, Omar Eltajea, Lev Bratchyk 4 th row: Jessica Imses, Harriet Howarth, Adam Assali, Yair Kalika, Viki Carmona, Lana Abou Kaoud, Michael Remler


Grade 5

Form Teacher Miss Eve Singerman

In picture left to right: 1 st row : Mays Zbeda, Tal Izchaki, Yehia Kishawi, Dasha Shumunov, Claire Wakile, Stefanie Schoen 2 nd row: Yousef Jubran, Zoya Sakhnin, Nadin Basel, Daniel Garaisy, Erica Fedorovsky, Maria Sophia Long, Nina O’Shea 3 rd row: Aya Kashkbiaglo, Jesline Hinnawi, Chloe Hinnawi, Mark Liberzok, Ahmad Abu Ahnem, Shreya Shah 4 th row: Aboud Jbara, Daniel Tannous, Lynn Lee, Larin Hinnawi, Emily Yurin, Angelina Ghandour


Grade 6

Form Teacher: Miss Taylor Yaroslawitz

In picture left to right: 1 st row : Meryem Kubilay, Mayce Baransi, Nadine Wakileh, Nadia Garaisy, Celina Boulous 2 nd row: Aphichit Promubon, Fiorel Jahjah, Melissa Bondar, Lika Latushkin, Eva Goukhberg, Tammy Janeli-Janashvili, Hasset Anteneh 3 rd row : Tomas Yakar-Rueda, Lovena Borschmann, Jessica Mazakian, Almog Hod, Jenna Gilliam, Joshua Ishikawa, Yoav Sered 4 th row: Benton Baker, Eid Abou Shehadeh, Amr Elayyan, Adel Waked, Manuel Hinnawi, John Rantissi, Daniel Abu Manneh Missing from photo : Belle Brookes


Grade Six Primary Graduation

Moving on to secondary school is a milestone in our Grade Six pupil’s lives. It might look easy, just coming downstairs but it is a big change. A new transition programme made sure they visited the secondary school to have a dummy run of what it will be like in August when they return as secondary pupils. Grade Six graduation was held on Friday, June 21st. They prepared a wonderful assembly presenting their favourite memories from primary school, saying their goodbyes to teachers who have helped, encouraged and promoted them over the last 7 years. After the assembly our primary graduates enjoyed a lovely breakfast with their families, teachers and friends. Every end is a new beginning and we are proud to say that they are now ready to take the next step in their educational journey.

Grade Six, Enjoy the next stage in your life. Keep asking questions and searching for answers. Be appreciative, be gracious and kind. Keep aiming high! We know you can do it!



Student Councils

The Student Councils worked on many wonderful projects and events to improve student life at Tabeetha. They made sure to listen to their classmates about improvements they wanted to make during the school year. They organized variety of bake sales to raise money for different projects and causes they wished to support.

Primary Student Council Led by Mrs. Liz Stout and Miss Maggie Bishouti

Grade 3: Aya Mahamid Grade 4: Lir Ziegler- Ryan and Yair Kalika Grade 5: Lynn Lee and Daniel Tannous Grade 6: Hasset Anteneh and Nadia Garaisy

The Primary Student Council helped in the organisation of the Christmas Fair, the White Breakfast for the Arabic Mother’s Day and Spirit week.


Secondary Student Council Led by Mrs. Yelena Reis

The Primary Student Council helped in the organisation of the Christmas Fair, the White Breakfast for the Arabic Mother’s Day and Spirit week. Assistant: Marios Charalambous

Grade 7: Layan Kishawi and Jessica Azar Grade 8: Yousra Kishawi and Taylor Fiomi

Grade 9: Liza Kalandadze and Mahaba Abd El Hai Grade 10: Ali Fiomi and Secretary Mika Alpieva Grade 11: Nahla Azar and Treasurer Aline Garasysa Grade 12: Vice President Angel Fiomi and President Austen Hamilton The Secondary Council did a fantastic job in organizing the International Day, two Spirit Months and, of course, the Christmas and PurimDances. During our Go Red Day, celebrated on February the 14 th , they raised almost 2,000 NIS for “Save A Child's Heart” charity.

The council members worked very hard and introduced many new ideas to make this year a success. Good work everyone!


Head of Secondary Report

Tabeetha is the most marvelous microcosm: a vibrant, vital world unto itself filled with laughter and energy, expanding brains, developing characters and growing limbs. There’s never ever a dull moment, with events and outings and sports and trips and music – and yes, some good old fashioned learning in the classroom. Tabeetha is ever changing with the ebb and flow of pupils from all over the world adding their insights and perspectives, their energy and opinions to the happy, noisy, boisterous family that is our little school. We are privileged to have such fine youngsters in our school and we so much enjoy getting to know each and every one. Grade 7 , who seemed so young in September on their arrival in Secondary school are now confident and poised to enter Grade 8 Grade 12 are about to graduate and leave us! Every year we go through this bitter-sweet rite of passage wherein we rejoice at the maturity and successes of our senior students while at the same time, we know so well howmuch we’ll miss them. The school is never the same again! This year, we’ve introduced some new courses in the senior school called ASDAN courses . There are many options available but we’ve started off with English, History, Sports and Opening Minds. We expect these courses to grow and develop over the next few years, providing interesting alternatives to the highly academic A Level exams. There have been lots of extracurricular activities this year: senior students took part in the MICC conference in Poland and the MUN conference at the American school. The school choir travelled to Prague to participate in Young Bohemia International Youth Music Festival and won a bronze award. Grades 11 and 12 went on a trip to Cyprus while Grades 9 and 10 spent a night up in Tel Hai. Grade 8 had a night in Neve Shalom and for the second year running there was a very special trip to Bonnie Scotland with pupils fromGrade 7, 8 and 9. Grade 8 are making their subject choices for next year Grade 9 are about to enter their GCSE examination year Grade 10 are starting to make A-Level choices Grade 11 are thinking about the challenge of A2 exams and further education


The Student Council has done a great job in organizing all kinds of exciting events like the International Day and the Christmas Disco and non-uniform days. These days are mainly to raise money for our chosen charity: Save A Child’s Heart. The Student Council had a day trip to SACH to play with the children from all over the world – one as young as six months – who had gone through successful, life changing heart surgery. In addition to all of these activities and events we’ve had a thrilling Spring Fair, a professional standard play (or, more accurately, two short plays), a Christmas and Spring music concert, class assemblies and assemblies from our chaplains and former pupils. Our clubs include a running club – and they headed off to take part in two organized runs for Peace; an old movie club; a gardening club and a sleeping club. The latter was quiet and calming and very popular with the teachers! We’ve had inter-school sports competitions at the Peace League and Art competitions with prizes awarded in both of these activities. Our Community service programme has grown considerably and now nearly every student in Grades 11 and 12 takes part in some sort of volunteer work: taking small groups in the primary classes, helping out in the garden, tutoring their peers or younger pupils, helping in the Music department and Sports department. Tabeetha pupils are a multi-talented, diverse group of youngsters who have much so give - and they’re willing to do just that. They’re articulate and confident and full of fun and energy. The special Tabeetha atmosphere that people feel as they come in our beautiful ancient blue doors is infused with their zest for life and thirst for knowledge, their care for others and their desire to succeed. We have tears and arguments and the occasional fights, of course: we are, after all a group of very human beings and none of us is perfect. But oh! We have so much to be grateful for in Tabeetha. It’s a privilege to be part of such an extraordinary little place. I wish all those who are leaving us and all those who are staying - staff and pupils alike - a wonderful summer, much success and fulfilment and every blessing imaginable.

PamGilboa Head of Secondary


Grade 7

Form Teacher Mrs. Linda Rosenthal

In picture left to right: 1 st row : Carlos Ghandour, Aimee Abu Manneh, Layan Kishawi,Lina Nijim, George Imses 2 nd row : Jessica Azar, Nadine Rifi,Sophie Adani, Maia Kay, Elika Strelnikov, Rohisha Thegim Limbu 3 rd row : Elias Calvin Fahel , Adi Khateeb, Mert Demirkan, Dolev Klein, Guan-Wei Su, Lovis Rosenow 4 th row : Sofia Adout, Mia Pinaeva, Shadi Abboud, Tannous Christian, Marco Iasson, Ruben Long Missing from photo: Nati Ben David, Mikhail Iomdin, Mati Levy


Grade 8

Form Teacher: Miss Reysi Yasavul

In picture left to right: 1 st row: Lia Ashkar, Adham Saker, Lamar Mashharawi, Amir Abou Kaoud, Angelina Imseis 2 nd row: Mark Kurovskiy, Yossef Bikov, Anne Zaharov, Tuana Simsek, Nadine Abou Kaud 3 rd row: Orry Miller, Mark Garaysa, Taylor Fiomi, Yousra Kishawi, Maya Adler-Somekh, Katharina Rosenow 4 th row: Sebastian Sass, Guan-Yu Su, Amin Ismail, Arda Keskin, Amin Sawalhi, Badia Tannous, Steven Saluk, Xin-Ni (Jasmine) Lee, Edward Job, Polina Spektor


Grade 9

Form Teacher Mr. Paul Spenser

In picture left to right: 1 st row : Ryan Chen, Ilan Joukov, Yakub Kubilay, Eithan Sered, Ely Levy 2 nd row : Mukram Amer, Mustafa Altouche, Panagiotis (Panos) Xefterakis, Soubhi Abou Shehadeh, MahmoudWaked 3 rd row : Leon Zorin, Yuval Izchaki, Rami Biro, Nicole Ghandour, Leanne Ghandour, Veronica Fahel, Fennellah Magumba, Alin Nijim 4 th row : HowardWang, Virgile Bertin, Mahaba Abd El Hai, Angel Sasin, Chantale Nassar, Samir Hinnawi, Melissa Ghandour, Liza Kalandadze, Benjamin Rochow, Pillar Ghandour Missing from photo : Daniella Pavon, Orel Raphael


Grade 10

Form Teacher: Mrs. Jess Ivgi

In picture left to right: 1 st row: Danil Gladkiy, Leon Hinnawi, LiamWakileh 2 nd row: Boaz Ben-David, Wek Ariec, Meruert (Mika) Alpiyeva, Rose Bayandurov, (Mrs. Jessica Bruk), Fatima Ismail 3 rd row: Simal Elhan, Fitnat Waked, Shruti Shah, Angelika Magaril, Alina Sidelnikov, Joselyn Reyna 4 th row: Ali Abdelquader, Andrea Fionda, Edward Sasin, Ali Fiomi, Ram Popa, Adi Elbowerrat, Nihad Rifi Missing fromphoto: Marios Charalambous, MartinDubrovinsky, Gianni Erforth


Grade 11

Form Teacher Mrs. Nevinee Saba

In picture left to right:

1 st row: Andy Hanania, Jennifer Hinnawi, Ondine Kennedy, Celena Girem 2 nd row: Huan Min Zhang, Yara Ibrahim, Azel Ilao, Steven Rud, Max Schoen 3 rd row: Najib Shakar, Grace Hamdan, Andrew Abou Manneh, Karine Lubany, Gizel Hamaty, Nahla Azar, Lauren Davila, Ailin Reyna 4 th row: Jan Bykow, Anthony Ghandour, Muhammad Abelqader, Liydmila Khramkova, Valeriy Zhyr, Afsian (Sian) Aguilar, Aiya Gillia


Trips out Educational trips are part of our co–curricular activities. This year our pupils visited the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The National History Museum, Weizman Institute of Science, Utopia Park and many more.

Tel Hai Grades 9 and 10 visited the North of Israel.


Grades 11 and 12 went on a trip to Cyprus.


Scotland 12 young people fromGrades 7 to 9 accompanied by Mrs MacDonald and Miss Rachel attended the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh in May. They were able to promote Tabeetha in churches, at the General Assembly, at Friends of Tabeetha AGM as well as at two secondary schools. They also enjoyed seeing some Scottish sites and taking part in some leisure pursuits – Falkirk Wheel, the Kelpies, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Climbing Centre, Camera Obscura and Holyrood Palace.


Democracy Day In March Grade 9 and some of the Grade 12 pupils participated in a Democracy day held at our partner school, Yironi Dalet High School in Tel Aviv. The point of the trip was to learn about democracy and the upcoming general elections in Israel. The students had a chance to hear from representatives from different political parties, ask questions and learn about democracy in Israel, electoral process and what the different parties stood for. They also had the opportunity to vote as part of the election simulations and got a surprise visit by the former Minister of Education, Naftali Benet. This event was part of a Mako TV (Channel 2) project called “Young Voters” .


Celebrating our Diversity


Assemblies are part of Tabeetha’s long lasting tradition to keep promoting our school values of peace, integrity, coexistence, cooperation, respect and compassion. Led by our School Chaplains or by the different classes the assemblies highlighted what these values mean for us – being a good pupil, being kind, being dependable, living peacefully and being passionate. Some of the assemblies are dedicated to celebrate different holidays such as:





Chinese (or Lunar) New Year

Arabic Mother’s day



Christmas is a very special time at Tabeetha. We had two different Nativity shows this year. Key Stage 1 was performed by Reception to Grade 2 children who sang and danced their way through the story of baby Jesus coming to earth. Key Stage 2 was a tribute to Christmas traditions across the globe performed by our Grades 3 to 5 pupils. Primary Nativity Show Christmas at Tabeetha


Christmas Assembly at the Immanuel Church:

Christmas Concert If you were not there, you missed a great night! Once again, our talented pupils led by Miss Gitman treated us to a fine array of Tabeetha talent. GCSE pupils performed as part of their ongoing assessment for the external exam and we were amazed at the singing and piano playing they produced. Pupils from the primary were also involved in playing piano and singing. Grades 7 and 8 used percussion to mesmerize the audience. Grade 9 presented an original piece and the school choir gave a breathtaking rendition of some well-known Christmas songs and carols. All the entry money raised was used to upgrade our music department.


Primary Christmas Fair was held right at the end of term and was another great success as teachers, support staff and some of the secondary pupils put on a great afternoon of fun and games. There was lovely food and sweets, things to make, transfers and glittery tattoos to be worn and Santa Claus to visit and, of course, he had a little gift for all! Thank you everyone who made it a lovely afternoon.


Secondary Christmas Dance was a great success. Our Secondary Student Council had organized food, photographer, D.J. and disco as well as all the other trimmings to make for a successful dance.


Go red Day

The Student Council organised a fun Go Red Day on Valetine's Day to raise funds for Save a Child’s Heart Charity Organisation. Balloons and chocolates were sold raising funds to help the work of this amazing charity. Our Student Council visited the charity to meet parents and children who are benefiting from the work done by the medical team.

St. Andrew’s Day

St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and St Andrew’s Day is marked on 30 th of November. Every year Tabeetha School celebrates this day honouring our founder’s heritage. Primary St. Andrew’s Day assembly was led by Grade 3. Grade 8 was the class chosen to remind everyone in secondary school of St Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland. They all provided us with interesting facts concerning Scotland and introduced us to some famous Scots throughout history. Did you know that the national animal of Scotland is a unicorn?! To mark St. Andrew’s Day Tabeetha staff enjoyed the celebrations at St Andrew’s Church and Guesthouse in Jerusalem.


International Day

International Day is a special event at Tabeetha School. Held annually in October, it is a day when Tabeetha celebrates its diversity, a wonderful opportunity to share and explore the different cultures and cuisines represented at our unique school. Every year, parents and pupils come dressed in their national costumes and bring delicious food from their country of origin. Our back yard turns into a huge food court where pupils, staff and their families learn more about each other in a great family atmosphere. This year we enjoyed a wonderful performance by some of our pupils.


Matnas Show As part of the primary curriculum our Reception through Grade 3 pupils enjoy a creativity programme in collaboration with the Arab-Jewish Community Center in Jaffa. Every week they spend a few hours at the matnas learning capoeira, gymnastics and art. At the end of the year they perform their newly acquired skills to friends and family. As always the showwas spectacular.


Spring Celebrations

Spring is nature's way of reminding us that every day is worthy of celebration. It is the season of blooming in the anticipation of flowers and sunshine, associated with renewal, love, hope and growth. This year we had numerous events to mark the spring season. Spirit month was a new venture for the Student Council held throughout March for secondary school. Once a week the students came dressed according to different themes: dress as a teacher, dress in a favourite decade and, of course, in their Purim outfits. They even had a Meme Day, dressed up as characters from viral videos and images.


Spirit week The Primary Student Council worked hard with planning their annual Spirit Week and a breakfast on the final day. Most children were excited to take part wearing pyjamas, funny hair and glasses.

Purim is one of our favourite celebrations. The whole school comes dressed up in costumes, even the teachers. Our Primary pupils had a parade at the school yard showcasing their outfits. The secondary pupils enjoyed their traditional PurimDance, with great food, great music and amazing costumes.


Spring Concert: Grades 7 and 8 presented percussion ensemble pieces and Grade 9 presented an original performance piece. Special thanks to Ryuto Hisamatsu for accompanying the choir as they sang "Homeward Bound," and to Ali Abdelqader and Grace Hamdan for their excellent contributions to the Spring Concert and the choir's performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody," a collaboration the likes of which Tabeetha has not seen before, but will be seeing again.


Spring Fair: The Spring Fair is Tabeetha’s annual fundraising event. From the musicians playing throughout the day to the fun stalls set up by teachers and craft stalls, it was a fantastic day. We had a special performance by the world’s famous Israeli mentalist, Uri Geller. Many thanks to Miss Rachel and the Spring Fair Committee for the organisation.


Special projects

Lead Teachers: Mrs. Linda Rosenthal and Mr. Paul Spencer Model International Criminal Court is a programme for high school students from all over the world, aiming to educate and raise awareness for human rights and their protection. In November 2018, a group of Tabeetha’s secondary pupils took part in the MICC School in Krzyzowa Poland. My MICC experience by Fiona Imperial I can recall my interest in the MICC since 9th grade, watching my peers coming home from the programme and sharing their experience.

The main focus of the MICC school is to educate young people about human rights hoping to create an impact. During our workshops we learned in depth about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We engaged in group dialogues discussing how an individual’s perception of human rights is shaped by its surroundings. This concept highlighted the individual and collective responsibility of people in enforcing human rights. Then we were given the task to address the human rights violations within our countries and present ideas to solve them. Within that setting, we were given a role of being change-makers by seeking solutions to important human rights issues. MICC enabled us to obtain a legal perspective by studying some of the greatest human rights violation committed in history. I was a judge on the Bikindi case. Simon Bikindi was a musician and a songwriter. His music was utilised during the genocide to fuel extremist sentiment. Initially, my co-judges and I immediately condemned the Bikindi case from an emotional perspective. However, the legal training sessions and workshops taught us to look deeper and challenged our emotional perspectives further. The training sessions and workshops enhanced our critical thinking skills and enabled us to establish an impartial judgement with a legal basis. The greatest skill MICC taught me was the ability to look at circumstances through different angles to gain a better understanding of the issues or conflicts we face. MICC is an amazing programme. It empowers young adults by educating them about human rights, international law, individual and collective responsibility in establishing a just society. It taught me that a fair trial is the basis for sustainable justice and the protection of human rights.



MUN –Model United Nations

Lead Teacher: Mr. Darren Glick

The MUN is an extra-curricular activity in which pupils engage in authentic simulation of the United Nations system. It enables the students to learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. It helps them develop and improve their skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. Tabeetha School has been participating by sending delegations of senior students for over 15 years. In November 2018, Mr. Glick took a very small group (the smallest yet) over to the ATID school in Lod for a one-day mini conference. This was a great opportunity to get the team eased into the MUN experience. It was a modest sized conference which limited the scope for debate but a for a first time participant at a full sized 3-day conference it was a wonderful practice. The ATID School made us very welcome and, similarly to our own school, it is made up of a mix of different religious backgrounds. As a result, the Tabeetha team, (all apart from Fitnat Waked were first time participants), felt less intimidated and had plenty of opportunities to participate. At the Israel Middle East Model United Nations (TIMEMUN), Israel's largest MUN conference, Tabeetha’s delegation represented Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in the world. This was a great country to represent, especially as our delegation was assigned a position in the historic Security Council. This year’s focus was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 which was an advantage for Mr. Glick’s history students who were well versed in these events. Beyond the historic Security Council, the other delegates had to deal with issues as varied and complex as providing greater access to clean drinking water to the relocation of NATO forces, issues that seriously affect the country of Afghanistan.

Considering that for most of the delegation it was their first conference, they all enjoyed participating and learning new things and skills.



“To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn

Tabeetha’s garden project was initiated by Miss Nikki three years ago and it completely transformed our back yard. It continues to be a favourite area of the school, filled with enthusiastic students. This year we added some wonderful new areas. We now have a fairy garden, a dinosaur garden, a big sunflower patch, a beautiful bird bath that Ms. Rosenthal and the G7 class created, and of course, so many flowers, fruit and vegetables for the children to enjoy. All children and staff members enjoy working in our lovely garden. Our primary pupils held several bake sales throughout the year to raise funds for this wonderful project. Thank you to all the hard work that everyone provides for this project, from the enthusiastic students, Miss Maggie, Mrs Rosenthal, and to the parents who constantly send in baked goods for us to sell.

Miss Nikki


Museum of Coexistence

Tabeetha School's Museum of Coexistence is a work in progress and is under the leadership of its two co-founders Nili Nesher and Rachel Friedman. The Museum of Coexistence will reveal the unique interaction of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities in Jaffa through the lens of religion, history and politics of the 156-year-old Tabeetha community. An unfolding exhibition of authentic artefacts and testimonials will enable the visitor to discover the human tapestry of Tabeetha’s Community inspiring visitors to reflect on themselves as part of the global community. Although our museum is not opened yet, we have had visits from several groups. They came to see the outline of it and to take part in activities highlighting how similar we all are and why we should be accepting of others. We welcomed groups of teens fromDe Toledo High School in Los Angeles, Hevreh of Southern Berkshire in Massachusetts and even a group of senior citizens from the US. Students from Yironi Yud Dalet High, our partner school, came to learn more about coexistence and interfaith cooperation. They interviewed Tabeetha teachers and students and took part in some of our History and RE lessons.

We look forward to opening the museum later this year, welcoming all and sharing our 156 years of experience in practicing and teaching peace, coexistence, tolerance and acceptance.


Running Club

Lead Teacher: Mrs. Yelena Reis The Second Arab-Jewish Race organised by “Runners Without Borders” was held on November 9th 2018 in Jerusalem. The goal of the race was to strengthen the connections between the eastern and western parts of Jerusalem and encourage cooperation between the Arab and Jewish population. Peace and coexistence are a way of life at Tabeetha, so our secondary pupils and staff gladly embraced that challenge. They joined runners from all walks of life to raise awareness and become part of a “bridge” promoting tolerance and understanding. Running together from Jebl Mukaber in East Jerusalem to the mixed neighbourhood of Abu Tor was a great opportunity to connect and create new friendships. Our Grade 7 pupil, Elias Fahel, won 3 rd place. This was a remarkable achievement and we are very proud of, not only Elias, but all our runners who took part.


Theatre Productions

This School produced two one-act plays by Lucille Fletcher. This year for the first time the production featured an original musical score by professional composer Tom Rowland. “Sorry, Wrong Number” starred Yael Sered as a wealthy invalid New York ladywho, tryingtoreachherhusband's office late one night, accidentally overhears a plan to commit murder. She desperately tries to thwart the murder, but no-one is willing to help - and time is running out... “The Hitch-Hiker ” starred Austen Hamilton as a youngman who sets out to drive from Brooklyn to Hollywood. He passes a hitch-hiker on the Brooklyn Bridge - and no matter how fast he drives, keeps seeing the same man by the side of the road. Is he going crazy? Spring Tabeetha

All the students loved being a part of the production. As well as the hard work in preparation and the dizzying thrill of performance, the students learned to work together as a team and to take responsibility for their own unique role in making the play a magical experience.




Special thanks to: Mr. Greg John for leading this project. Miss Alexis Gitman for her tireless energy and dedication Neil Goldstein, the lighting designer, who for the fourth year in a row volunteered his time and professional expertise All students who participated (cast and crew) for the hard work and amazing performance.


Senior Art Work A selection of artwork done by Grades 11 and 12

We are so proud of Angel Fiomi and Jennifer Hinnawi who won 2 nd and 3 rd place respectively in the art competitio n “WITH BRUSH AND PEN” sponsored by the AACI (Association of the Americans and Canadians in Israel).

Angel Fiomi 2 nd place

Jennifer Hinnawi 3 rd place


Mariia Shirko G12

Sian Aguilar G11

Yael Sered G12

Angel Fiomi G12


Celena Girem G11

Angel Fiomi G11

Valeriya Zhyr G11

Valeriya Zhyr G11


Sian Aguilar G11

Asil Boukhari G12

Mariia Shirko G12


Music Department

Music brings people together. No matter what language we speak, what colour we are, or the expression of our love and our faith music proves that we are all the same.

This has been a very busy year for Tabeetha's new and growing music department and its leading teacher Miss Alexis Gitman! This year, for the first time, Tabeetha pupils were treated to a private concert. Special thanks to the Global Missions Projects Orchestra for their visit and for the wonderful music.


Following the success of the Christmas Concert, with a record audience turn out, we were pleased to add an evening Spring Concert, which was also a great success. This is the first year that Tabeetha pupils who will sit the GCSE Music exam, performed their solos and ensemble coursework in the concerts. They were absolutely amazing and really showed the audiences what our young musicians at the top of the school are fully capable of.


This was the first official year of the Tabeetha School Choir. This unbelievably talented and dedicated group of 14 students from grades 10-12, sang a variety of pieces ranging from pop songs to classical pieces. The choir performed at the Christmas and Spring Concerts and at the Christmas Service at the Immanuel Church in Jaffa. They also went Christmas Carolling around Jaffa.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the music department in its growth!

Miss Alexis Gitman


Tabeetha Senior Choir Trip to Prague Special thanks to Mrs. Gilboa for her support before and during the trip! This year The Tabeetha Senior Choir, now in its 2 nd year, travelled to Prague, Czech Republic to compete in the Young Bohemia Festival for young musicians. This Festival hosts schools and music groups from all over the world, between the ages of 8-26. Our choir sang a- Capella in 4-part SATB harmony and competed in the "Small Mixed Choir" category, earning a bronze level award. They enjoyed meeting other young musicians like themselves, took a tour of the city, participated in a parade through the old city of Prague, and performed 3 times outside of their actual competition.


Lead Teacher: Mrs. Reni Rousev Sport Events

Peace League Tabeetha School is a founding member of the Peace League. Every year, Tabeetha’s football and basketball teams take part in the tournaments held at the American school in Even Yehuda. All teams are comprised of different nationalities, cultures and religions which ensure mutual cooperation and social interaction creating an atmosphere of respect and appreciation. This year Tabeetha won 3 rd place in basketball ad 2 nd place in football. Well done all!

Primary Sports Days Every year Reception through Grade 6 pupils enjoy a day filled with variety of activities. Organised into one of our house teams, Negev, Sharon, Judea and Galilee they all worked very hard to win the prize. Along with great fun, it was also a good learning experience in team building. After the competitions all our pupils enjoyed a cool ice-cream in a very hot day.


Grade 5 Swimming lessons Swimming lessons are part of our primary curriculum for Grade 5. This programme introduces pupils to the pool environment and develops their confidence in water. During the period of 10 weeks our pupils learn how to improve their breathing, co-ordination and stroke techniques. Under the close supervision of Miss Reni now all our Grade 5 pupils know how to swim!


Special Visits

We were honoured to welcome Fiona Walker-Arnott to Tabeetha. She is a distant relative of our founder, Jane Walker Arnott, fourth generation, great niece to be exact. This is Fiona's first visit to Tabeetha. She came to learn more about her great aunt's legacy. She was amazed to see that the school her aunt built 156 years ago has become such an inspiration to all; bringing people of different faiths and backgrounds together. We were pleased to welcome a group of senior staff fromChurch of Scotland headquarters in Edinburgh. The 12 pupils who represented Tabeetha at the General Assembly met with them to answer their questions about their aspirations for their lives. Mrs MacDonald was able to take them on a tour of the school and show some of the upgraded work done this past year.

Dr. Una McGahern fromNewcastle University came to speak to some of our secondary pupils as part of her research on the educational experience of Palestinians living in Israel

We had 2 very special visitors Jack and Tom (cousins of Reuben, grade 3, and Harriet, grade 4). They came from England to tell us about the fundraising they have been doing for East Lancashire Hospice, a very special place that looks after people who are very poorly. The Hospice looked after their Mumwho very sadly died last July. To raise money Tom and Jack have been wearing shorts to school all winter!

It was good to welcome Diana Suskind from Stoneworks to the school. She held two stonework play workshops for our Reception class children and for our teachers for a CPD session.


A crew from the Russian Cable O2TV came to film an episode for their programme comparing the education in different countries. They chose Tabeetha because of its uniqueness, diversity and academic excellence.

It was so wonderful to spend the day with Ben. He came to visit his friends and classmates. We've missed you Ben.

It was so wonderful to spend the day with Ben, Lenka and Mishka. They came to visit their friends and classmates.

Bartek Bandurski, class of 1996, and his wife Dorota Szumielewicz, class of 1998 came for a visit after 20 years. It was lovely to see them again.

It was such a great pleasure to have David Strachan and Steven Cassidy spend a few days with us. They filmed a documentary about Tabeetha School, ethos and legacy, for the BBC, for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.


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