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חטיף מס '3


7. The corrosive effects of the desire for revenge is one of the major ____ of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

(1) dwarfs

(2) linguists

(3) themes

(4) descendants

8. Copper is useful for sheathing ships’ hulls because it ____ the growth of barnacles, which cause drag, slowing the ship down.

(1) enhances

(2) inhibits

(3) detects

(4) neglects

Restatements (Questions 9-12) This part consists of several sentences, each followed by four possible ways of restating the main idea of that sentence in different words. For each question, choose the one restatement which best expresses the meaning of the original sentence.

9. Joe graduated from high school earlier than his sister Jane, but later than his cousin Susan.

(1) Joe, Joe’s cousin Susan, and his sister Jane, all graduated from high school. (2) Susan graduated from high school first, followed by her cousin Joe, then by Joe’s sister Jane. (3) Joe graduated from high school, then his cousin Susan and his sister Jane also graduated. (4) Susan was the first to graduate from high school; her cousin Jane graduated next, and finally her cousin Joe also graduated.

10. Until fairly recently, all of the company’s payroll accounting was still done on a mainframe computer.

(1) It was just recently that the company obtained a mainframe computer to use for its payroll accounting. (2) Soon, the company will stop using a mainframe computer to do its payroll accounting. (3) The company stopped doing its accounting payroll on a mainframe computer only a short while ago. (4) Not long ago, the company stopped using its mainframe computer for anything besides payroll accounting.

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