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11. Of the many films made by Cary Grant, those he did with Hitchcock are probably the best known.

(1) The films which Cary Grant made with Hitchcock are likely Grant's best known, although he made many other movies as well. (2) Hitchcock's best known films are probably the ones he made with Cary Grant, although Hitchcock made many other movies in addition to those he did with Grant. (3) Cary Grant and Hitchcock made several well known films together, although Grant also did significant work without Hitchcock. (4) The best films out of all the ones made by Cary Grant are usually considered to be the ones he is known for, the ones he made with Hitchcock.

12. Tea leaves are harvested from bushes which will grow only on hillsides with well drained soil.

(1) Hillsides with ground which easily drains water are the only places where tea-leaf bushes will grow. (2) It is difficult to grow tea-leaf bushes, even on hillsides which have soil which drains well. (3) Only the bushes from which tea leaves are obtained will grow on the sides of hills which have well-drained soil. (4) Tea leaves, which are obtained from bushes, will not grow on land which is flat or marshy.

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