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July 2023

Issue 272 | July 2023

Eilat & the Arava Explore the Arava Valley’s breathtaking desert landscapes and its myriad attractions on your way to a spectacular summer vacation in Eilat. Get ready for the ultimate Israeli road trip

20 P.

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In-flight I Issue 272 I July 2023


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan Copy Editor Rachel Segal English Translator Leiah Jaffe Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Park Timna I Photo: Roni Balachsan

Editor’s Letter

The expression “summer vacation” for most people conjures images of fun during days awash with sunshine on beaches with white sand and turquoise waters. Eilat, Israel’s most lively southern vacation destination, present all this and more. But, if you are driving there, you will find many more fun attrations on the way - along the Southern Arava - heading towards Eilat (Rt. 90). Nature trails, agricultural tourism, kibbutz tours, joyous festivals and culinary are some of the experiences waiting for you there. If you sleep at one of the area’s kibbutzim or at the beautiful Timna Park, you can also enjoy a nighttime experience, between sunset and sunrise, when the temperature dives, including stargazing, sunset tours, sunrise tours and more. If you prefer air-conditioned spaces,

to start your day. After a successful tour in the US last year, beloved Israeli singer Hanan Ben Ari will return for a series of concerts starting on November 12 in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Ben Ari, recently chosen to be the presenter for EL AL, released a new album, his fourth. If you’re in Israel during August, you can see him in his newly staged concert, scheduled for August (1 st - 3 rd ) in Tel Aviv. In a special interview, he discusses his thoughts about releasing an album in the digital age and his beloved connection with his diverse audience in Israel and abroad. Also in this issue, like every month, you’ll find a wealth of articles and various guides: the cool new items you need for your next vacation, five surprising ways to practice Zen, the most beautiful dress styles and more. Have a nice flight, enjoy the reading, and have a happy summer! Nava Marton

Head of Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity Tal Kalderon Talkal@elal.co.il

you’ll find here recommendations for different events, exhibits and

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performances occurring this month, as well as suggestions for some of the best brunches in Tel Aviv - always a fun way

Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



In-flight I Issue 272 I July 2023


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A Letter from the EL AL CEO 8 Travel News July highlights 12 What’s on Our Radar This Month Local events 14 Checklist Flight essentials 16 Passport Control Yael Shelbia 18 Wellness 5 alternatives to meditation to get in the Zen zone

53 Meet the Crew 54 Destination Map 57 Fleet

See the Sights 20 Explore A surprising road trip along the Southern Arava, all the way to Eilat - the ultimate summer destination Magazine 24 “As Close as Possible to the Audience” A special interview with singer Hanan Ben Ari

Lifestyle 30 Food 7 places for an excellent brunch in Tel Aviv 34 Fashion The most beautiful dress styles

Business 38 Easy Landings

Meet Israel’s first-ever VIP terminal, Fattal Terminal



Stairs to the rooftop terrace.


t imeLess , e xtraordinary , o ne of a K ind With the finest views of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean

i nterior : 16,145 s q f t r ooftoP t errace : 10,763 s q f t 6 B ed | 7 B ath

The world-class penthouse residence showcasing panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the historic glory and excitement of Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s skyline and its White City heritage situated in the most desirable location. Juxtaposing old and new, history and modernity, promot ing an opportunity to explore that which rests between the two, the space in between. This architectural masterpiece is meticulously designed by world-renowned architect Pitsou Kedem complimented by esteemed Interior Designers Ba ranowitz & Goldberg with spectacular outlooks from every corner of the expansive floor plan including a landscaped rooftop garden by Mohr Avidan. This impeccable penthouse is in a league of its’ own and built for the most discerning of buyers. Complete with a privately secured entryway, multiple living areas, a caterers kitchen, solarium, fitness room, spa area, personal study, and flawlessly furnished for immediate move-in.

Images: Amit Geron

Residents of the penthouse enjoy five-star Jaffa hotel exclu sive amenities: lavish L. Raphael spa, pool, state-of-the-art 24/7 fitness center, lounges and event hall, gourmet cuisine room service offering first-class dining experiences, 24/7 concierge services and private parking. L ouis P asteur s t 2 t eL a viv , i sraeL o ffered at $59,000,000

Full floor penthouse.

Private PH rooftop Terrace.

Private rooftop terrace.

e xcLusive r ePresentation B y i sraeL s otheBys i nternationaL r eaLty office @ israeLsir . com +972.3.7710977 israeLsir . com

A Letter from the EL AL CEO

Dear Passengers,

I would like to thank you for choosing to fly EL AL. Every time we are excited anew to host you on our flights and provide you with an extensive service experience: from booking your flight, the check-in, in-flight service, new aircraft to fine cuisine and of course, a safe and non-stop flight to about 60 destinations around the world. I thank you for your longstanding loyalty, especially during the difficult period that the aviation industry experienced during the pandemic three years ago. With the summer vacations underway, we are excited to offer you a large selection of vacation destinations, alongside our ongoing business activity. Last March we launched two non-stop routes, to Tokyo and Dublin, during the High Holidays, we will expand our route network to the USA, with non-stop flights to Fort Lauderdale. We are also reassuming flights to India – Mumbai and New Delhi, and we are working on more surprises for next year, including considering non-stop flights to Melbourne, Australia. Sundo’r, our subsidiary airline, is expanding its route network and offering non-stop flights to 11 vacation destinations, such as: Sharm El Sheikh, Papos, Larnaca, Istanbul, Porto, Naples, Montenegro and more. All these and more combine to

over 60 destinations around the world, with the most convenient flight hours, state-of-the-art Dreamliners and an upgraded service experience. A little over a year ago, I was appointed CEO of EL AL. I grew from within the company, working here for about 15 years. I began at a challenging time, when the clouds of the pandemic had not yet scattered. Since then, the demand for flights continues to soar, and with it the desire to vacation and travel. During this time, EL AL underwent a significant efficiency process that placed us on the track to recovery, and now we are soaring high. We formulated a 5-year strategic plan named Rising Above & Beyond which outlines the steps to expand our core areas by increasing and rejuvenating our fleets and launching routes to additional destinations around the world. In addition, the plan aims to deepen our involvement in the tourism arena in order to provide worthwhile value offers for additional vacation components. A significant part of the plan regards a particularly important subject: our service. I want you to know that EL AL puts its customers, their safety and satisfaction as a top priority. We emphasize the complete customer experience, from the product, to service in the air and on the ground, in our call centers and in the culinary field, where a variety of surprises created by our new chef Assaf Granit await you. We are currently working on improving the application and digital service experience. Also, the self-check-in stations we recently placed in the Ben Gurion Airport significantly shorten the pre-flight process. I proudly share that we recently won first place in the MIL Service Competition, an award that joined two consecutive five-star service awards from APEX International, based on feedback from millions of customers. I wish you all an enjoyable summer vacation, fly in peace and return safely. I would like to take this opportunity and invite you to enlighten, comment and to send me suggestions and feedback on the flight experience and service, via the email address: CEO@elal.co.il at any time. We would love for you to follow us on social media to receive updated available information about what is happening at EL AL. We thank you for continuing to choose us time and time again and hope that you feel at home away from home.

Yours, Dina Ben Tal Ganancia , CEO of EL AL




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Check-in I Travel News & Updates

July Highlights

Consider this Are we there yet? Ever wondered why flight durations vary according to flight direction? Flight direction influences travel speed and length, according to whether the plane is flying eastward or westward. For geographical and geopolitical reasons, flights departing from Israel are mostly westward bound, and take longer than those arriving, i.e., those that are flying eastward. Jet streams traveling east to west at a height of 12 thousand meters above sea level are the main factor behind this phenomenon. Jet streams are caused by the temperature differences between the Equator and each of the Earth's poles. When a plane is flying eastward, time and petrol is saved thanks to faster jet stream currents, whereas when it flies westward, the plane flies lower (or higher, though less frequently) so that is doesn't have to fly against the weaker jet stream currents.

$50 Million Investment | Renewed! Tower of David Jerusalem Museum

After more than a decade of planning and another three years of construction by a multi-disciplinary staff, including archaeologists, architects, curators, researchers, designers and craftsmen, the new Tower of David Jerusalem Museum has opened its doors to the public. The museum’s restoration and renovation project, including an investment of more than $50 million, was led by Dame Vivien Duffield through the Clore Israel Foundation, and with the support of the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Israeli Tradition, the Ministry of Heritage, and the Ministry of Tourism, among others. The renovation included preserving the ancient citadel, restoring the minaret (a symbol of Jerusalem), renovating the

Photo: Oded Antman

archaeological garden, erecting a new entrance hall, store and cafe, updating the infrastructure, exposing additional archaeological excavations, and upgrading accessibility at the citadel. The museum also features a new permanent exhibit spanning 10 galleries, combining innovative technology, interactive presentations, AR maps, archaeological finds and ancient objects dated from 1,500 BCE.

Photo: Shlomit Shavit

The Largest in Israel Launching the expanded Marine Nature Reserve “Achziv Sea” The renewed Achziv Sea Nature Reserve in northern Israel is open to the public. This is the largest and oldest marine reserve in Israel. The reserve was expanded in recent years from an area of 10 square km (almost 4 square miles) to an area 10 times that size. It is now open to the public, with several authorized boating and diving clubs and four beaches for swimming. Visitors can see rare fish and giant crabs next to spectacularly deep underwater canyons.

The Best Hotel in the World And Israeli hotels also ranked on the list The tourist site Tripadvisor has posted its yearly ranking of hotels around the world, based on site user scores over the last 12 months. The Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, India, took first place in the eyes of travelers. Some Israeli hotels also ranked highly in the “Best of the Middle East” category. The Caesar Premier Tiberias hotel took 14th place. Another Israeli hotel that earned a spot was the Vera Hotel in Tel Aviv, reaching 18th place. The Dan Eilat Hotel achieved 20 th place.

New in Italy A reservation system for the most popular beaches Recent advertisements announced that visits to the beaches of Sardinia, one of the most desired destinations in western Italy, now requires advanced registration and payment. All beaches will have a limited number of visitors, and those who want to visit will need to reserve a time slot prior to their arrival. Some beaches will also require an entrance fee of 6 euros . For more info cheack the Heart of Sardinia app.



60,000 visitors have already enjoyed

tel aviv biennale of crafts & design 2023

Dana Cohen, City Growth, 2018, Photo: Roni Cnaani

what is the measure of man ?

We have added additional guided tours! For updates: www.eretzmuseum.org.il f eretzisraelmuseum

הביאנלה לאומנויות ולעיצוב תל אביב Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design  ف وا €ِƒ„ † أ ˆ‰ Š‹Œ†

Informative Content

Right by the Seaside: The Best Place for Your Aliyah A new concept of luxurious living for the over 60s: Oranim Club Sixty Five offers facilities and residential services of the highest level and a warm, active Members Club for those considering making Aliyah

Moving to Israel - living by the beach, reuniting with family, becoming part of an active community - is a dream come true. Sunny skies, a vibrant culture and delicious food, not to mention getting to see grandchildren growing up, make the country a magnet for Jews from all over the world. It’s especially attractive to those who dream of retiring here. However, moving halfway across the world is not without its challenges: emotional, bureaucratic, and logistic. With the launch of Oranim Club Sixty Five, a beachfront luxury resort and Members Club, Israeli real estate development company Oranim Group ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition. “We realized that moving countries is especially difficult without a supportive social structure, so we created Oranim Club Sixty Five, the perfect way to ensure your Aliyah is eased by a warm, embracing community and elegant seafront home,” says Shira Oren Nahmias, deputy CEO of Oranim Group and seafront real estate expert with 30 years of experience. The club offers all the amenities of a world-class resort: concierge and laundry services, extensive spa facilities, gorgeous swimming pools for friends and family, banquet halls, a bridge club, art studio, cultural events, a synagogue, and round the-clock activities, all with the sea as backdrop. Residents are invited to celebrate special events like bar-mitzvahs or birthdays in the banquet halls, private rooms, or the synagogue.

Photo: Eran Turgeman

From Retirees to Entrepreneurs The flagship location will open shortly on the Rishon LeZion seafront – a beautiful city along Israel’s central coastal plain, a mere 5 km from Tel Aviv, 20 minutes from Ben-Gurion Airport, and 45 minutes from Jerusalem. Oren Nahmias emphasizes that Oranim Club Sixty Five provides something for everyone with its stylish offices, business centers, and lounges with elegant meeting spots and fabulous networking opportunities. “Culture is at the heart of Oranim Club Sixty Five,” Oren Nahmias points out. “Lectures, shows, music, and performances are always taking place. Our cafes and restaurants offer delicious dishes made with fresh, seasonal, local, healthy produce. We even take care of Aliyah bureaucracy and can also arrange Hebrew lessons.” Oranim Club Sixty Five covers all the basics of wellness and wellbeing, with sandy white beaches only steps away.

A state-of-the-art gym, daily exercise classes and sports activities are available, together with a wet and dry sauna, jacuzzi, and spa facilities. Oranim Club Sixty Five offers a warm and energetic active community coupled with an attractive economic model. The requisite deposit starts at 3 million NIS and monthly maintenance fees apply. Members can rescind and recover their deposit at any time.

Oranim Club Sixty Five - Living the dream in Israel. Tel: +972-3-5555666 www.club65.co.il

Check-in I Local events I July 2023 I Shiri Brook-Sagie

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Theater | Jerusalem Theater Festival Jerusalem Once again, Israel’s renowned theater festival presents a rich artistic program, including more than 200 films from 50 countries. During the festival, dozens of festive premieres will take place of Israeli and international movies that have won awards in prominent film festivals around the world. There will also be meetings with filmmakers and outdoor events throughout the capital. The festival will open with the debut of Israeli film “Golda,” starring Helen Mirren, and will close with a festive screening of “Anatomy of a Fall,” winner of the top prize at

Photo: Tzahi Finkelstein

the Cannes Film Festival. July 13 th -23 th | jff.org.il/en

Photography | Global Nature, Local Nature MUZA, Tel Aviv

Two photography exhibits, portraying the natural world and its fragile future, are currently being presented side by side at Eretz Israel Museum (MUZA). The first exhibit, “A Picture of Nature,” presents unique features of Israeli nature, and offers a glimpse at a wide variety of animals, life-forms, and ecological systems in the area. The second exhibit, “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” is a traveling international photography competition under the direction of the Natural History Museum in London. It has captured and presented the most inspiring and interesting natural phenomenon from around world for more than 50 years.

Until October 14 th Eretzmuseum.org.il

From the movie “Golda” I Photo: Courtesy of United King Films


Dance | NDT 2 Performing Arts Center, Herzliya This month, the renowned dance troupe from Holland, founded by choreographer Jiri Kylian, comes to the Performing Arts Center in Herzliya, marking the end of this year’s dance season. In their latest performance, they will present three modern works: “Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue” by Crystal Pite, music by Cliff Martinez (Solaris); “Cluster” by Edward Clug, music by Milko Lazar; and “Bedtime Story” by Nadav Zelner, ethnic music from North Africa drawn from Zelner’s roots. July 5 th -10 th | Hoh-herzliya.co.il

Bedtime Story - NDT2 I Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Art | July Art Western Galilee

Want to infuse some excitement into your summer vacation? Explore the array of art, cultural and culinary events taking place this month in the Western Galilee. The flagship event is Open Gallery Saturday (July 15), when Western Galilee artists will open their homes and galleries to the public, free of charge. Enjoy meetings with the artists, demonstrations, and guided tours. Another special event is the ConcerTrip in Old Akko, which combines the spiritual world, architecture, and history of the Old City with musical performances. During the month of July Westgalil.org.il

Photo: Courtesy of the Biblical Museum of Natural History

Exhibit | The Art of the Ark Biblical Museum of Natural History, Hartuv

The story of Noah’s Ark needs no introduction: pairs of animals seeking refuge within the ark to survive the great flood. Inspired by this Biblical story, the Biblical Museum of Natural History presents a special permanent exhibit dedicated to Noah’s Ark around the world, recognizing the diverse interpretations of this story found throughout different cultures and religions. This exhibit presents a unique collection of more than 100 objects associated with Noah’s Ark, including: models, pictures, and Judaica from 16 different countries - from the US to the Philippines, from Russia to Mozambique. Beyond the exhibit, visitors will encounter many different, live animals, including mammals, reptiles, arthropods, and amphibians, mentioned in the Bible and indigenous to the area. From July 1 st | tevatanachi.org

A work by Paula Rykin I Photo: Inbal Or-Lev



Check-in I Checklist

Flight Essentials for your next trip

Hard-shell suitcase 24” MANHATTAN, from Kenneth Cole, made from 100% Polycarbonate, with protected double wheels, collapsible, lightweight aluminum handle, built-in weight in the suitcase handle, and luggage tag, available in several colors, 1,990.90 NIS (before discounts), available only at Mashbir branch stores

Bobby Travel Bag from Holland brand XD DESIGN with hidden zippers and pockets for theft protection, from 359 NIS, available at SWAGG in Netanya and online at swagg.co.il

Leopard-print Source sandals, Classic Women’s model, comfortable, sturdy, and with improved grip, 339 NIS, available at the Source factory store in Tirat Carmel and at various other shoe and sporting goods stores as well as online at source-israel.co.il

Sunglasses, Oliver Peoples, 1,399 NIS, available at stores around the country

Passport Holder, 29.90 NIS, available at Kravitz stores around the country

Men’s hiking shoes, Model X ULTRA 4, by SALOMON from KalGav, providing durability, good grip, and arch support, 499 NIS,

Hiking Backpack, 10 l, with padded straps and back, and comfortable, functional interior compartments, 85 NIS, available at DECATHLON branch stores

Shirt, REEF from Original’s, 299.90 NIS, available at Original’s branch stores and online at reefisrael.co.il and originals.co.il

available at KalGav branch stores, outdoor gear stores, and online at salomonsports.co.il

Photos: PR, Israel Forlander


Check-in I Passport Control

When were you last abroad? “I was in New York for a photoshoot last month. I love New York, and I’m lucky enough to fly there often for work. Every time I go I discover something new - it’s such an inspiring place”. What are your favorite destinations? “My favorite destinations are Paris, Mykonos, and the city of Tulum in Mexico”. What’s your favorite kind of vacation? “I love city breaks in Europe. London and Paris are my favorite cities, but nothing is more relaxing than holidaying by the beach, somewhere warm and beautiful with a good book in hand”. What do you always pack with you? “I hate packing. It often takes me hours, but I think the most important thing to take with you is a plug adapter – something I unfortunately mostly fail to remember”. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive? “I unpack, put everything in the cupboard and take a long shower. And only then do I step outside to check out the surroundings”. What would you never do abroad? “I’d usually never do any extreme sports, but the truth is this year I took part in a project involving amusement parks and I got on one of the craziest rides ever, so I suppose I’ve learned to never say never”. Most memorable holiday experience? “At 17 I flew alone to New York – an 11-hour flight – for an audition. I landed and went straight to the audition, before flying back to Israel the next morning. Even though I had already been to many places around the world, I remember it as a tough experience”. Any destination recommendations? “One of the most surprising places I’ve been to is the city of Tulum in Mexico. It’s so relaxing and has a spectacular coastline of golden beaches and opalescent waters, a great atmosphere and lovely people – heaven on earth”. Where do you dream of going? “Bali”.

What does she pack in her suitcase, what would she never do abroad, and where does she dream of going? Actress and model Yael Shelbia shows us her passport / By Shani Alterovich "One of the most surprising places I've been to is the city of Tulum in Mexico"

Yael Shelbia is an actress and model. Together with her partner Omer Adam, she is brand ambassador for Opticana's Cattleya glasses.


Photos: Tal Abudi, Private album, Shutterstock




Check-in I Wellness

5 alternatives to meditation to get in the Zen zone / By Shiri Brook-Sagie Another kind of Zen

stress-reducing, and good for processing feelings.

Journaling also helps to eliminate negative

Coloring mandalas The last time you did any coloring was probably in primary school, but adult coloring books have become increasingly popular in recent years. Coloring offers adults the opportunity to sit and focus on a task that is simple, and yet requires calm and concentration. Research has found that there are similar advantages to both coloring and meditation: it shuts off the brain and stops racing thoughts, helps you stay present in the moment, and reduces anxiety. So time to get yourself some coloring pencils and rediscover the joy of coloring! Our tip: get coloring books that are made for adults and with designs that you connect with – you’ll enjoy the activity tenfold.

thoughts and set goals for the future, as it allows you to organize your thoughts in a clear and structured manner. Our tip: add beauty to the process by getting a pretty notebook - attention to aesthetics is an important part of Zen rituals and routines. yourself what knitting has to do with Zen, and the answer might surprise you. Indeed, activities like knitting, sewing, and other such crafts that have been practiced for centuries, can have the same calming effects on the soul as meditation. Research has shown that knitting can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your ability to concentrate, improve memory, and even break problematic habits such as addictions of any kind. Our tip: always keep a pair of knitting needles in your bag so that you have them with you whenever you have a bit of time to kill – it’ll help you avoid mindless scrolling. Knitting You might be asking

need is a little box with fine sand, a few pebbles or any other tiny object you want. What are the Zen benefits of gardening you may wonder? Well, research has shown that any activity that connects us with nature, makes us feel more grounded and reduces anxiety. Also, the beauty of nature is good for the soul and watching the plants you have tended to, grow and thrive, gives a lot of satisfaction. Our tip: grow herbs to put in your tea and add a mindful tea ritual to your daily routine.

what could be more Zen inducing than that? The science behind it indeed corroborates this notion: when cooking is done mindfully, it allows you to focus, be completely in the moment, sharpen the senses, and feel calm and safe. Our tip: this isn’t necessarily for those days when you need to get a quick meal on the table for the kids. Mindful cooking is about taking all the time in the world to focus on the meal you are preparing. Journaling Journaling, or “manifesting” as it is sometimes called nowadays, has become more and more popular in recent years. Indeed, behind this wellness trend lies the belief that freewriting is therapeutic,

Gardening Gardening is a great

alternative to meditation for adding Zen to your life. And there’s no need to create the perfect Zen garden either – any time spent working in the garden will do the job. If you do however want your own Zen garden, all you

Cooking Spending time in the kitchen can also be a

great way to practice Zen. Chopping vegetables into tiny cubes, washing salad leaves one leaf at a time –


LEVANT CUISINE by Chef Nimrod Hadas

Manara is a Levantine-Israeli cuisine restaurant, facing the spectacular view of Tel-Aviv beaches and completing the Levantine experience that characterizes the restaurant’s kitchen, an Interpretation of the local Israeli culinary culture, and broad Mediterranean influences. Manara’s seasonal menu includes carefully selected fresh local ingredients, fresh fish from the Mediterranean sea, organic vegetables, hand-made pastas, a variety of oven-baked breads,

quality cheeses and desserts made daily in front of the diners, led by Chef Nimrod Hadas and his staff.

For reservations: www.manaratlv.com 03. 6702220 Hayarkon 115 St. Tel-Aviv


See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Timna Park I Photo: Avi Talmor

If you’re embarking on a family vacation to Eilat by car, plan on spending at least one day sightseeing along the way. There are many interesting stops you can make before arriving at your relaxing destination in Eilat. As you descend on the winding road from Mitzpeh Ramon and Shitim (Rt. 40), look out of your car window at an awesome desert view. This is the beginning of the Southern Arava. Road trip recommendations / Nira Dishi On the Way to Eilat, Stop in the Arava

The Southern Arava is the southernmost part of Israel and is located along Rt. 90 towards Eilat. It’s surrounded by Jordan (to the east) and Egypt (to the southwest) and encompasses about 13% of Israel’s land mass. The main tourist site in the Southern Arava is Timna Park, and the route to this incredible park is ideal for a “road trip.” While en route to your final Eilat destination, enjoy the history and scenery of this breathtaking area. Among the many tourist attractions that the Southern Arava is known for are: nature paths, agricultural tourism, kibbutz tours, joyous festivals, extreme sports activities, culinary experiences, and


more - all this before even reaching Eilat and its recreational offerings. If you stay a night or two in one of the area’s kibbutzim or in Timna Park itself, you’ll discover that during the summer nights of July and August, the Arava comes to life. Between sunset and sunrise, when the temperature drops, you can set out on unforgettable night-time experiences, including star-gazing, sunset tours, sunrise tours, scorpion tours, and more (for details on tours: aravadesert.co.il). Kibbutz Neot Semadar | Ecological hospitality The first stop is Kibbutz Neot Semadar (on Rt. 40). The Art Center can be seen from afar, resembling a colorful, legendary tower. This tower characterizes the unique work and creative process involved in its construction. By making a reservation in advance, you can venture inside for a self-guided tour (for a fee) and be captivated by the impressive gallery of diverse objects made by kibbutz artisans. Afterwards, stroll through the rose bushes and grape vines to the kibbutz’s organic winery. At Neot Semadar, there are also ecological and air-conditioned guest accommodations for those travelers who want to enjoy the desert tranquility. Pundak Neot Semadar is a great place to stop and enjoy a delicious, refreshing, local and organic country meal served in a courtyard full of greenery. What’s on the menu? Wonderful breakfasts with omelets and goat cheese sourced from the kibbutz’s own herd, or enjoy sandwiches, salads, juices and organic nectars, homemade cakes, ice cream, and more. At the Pundak Neot Semadar local store, you can buy organic food items made at Neot Semadar, including olive oil, wine, olives, jams, yogurt and cheeses. Additionally, there are items from

Neot Semadar I Photo: Courtesy of the Kibbutz

Photo: Yoav Palma

Kibbutz Ketora I Photo: Courtesy of the Kibbutz “Beer-Tzinut brewery - Kibbutz Ketoraz

the local perfume garden available for sale, including cosmetics, soaps, tea leaves, spices and more (neot semadar.com). Kibbutz Ketura | Between tradition and progress At Kibbutz Ketura, stop in for a guided tour (but reserve your spot in advance). The friendly guides will accompany you on a surprising route that combines the past and present, tradition and progress. Begin in the shaded courtyard next to “Methuselah,” the world’s oldest date palm, which is impressive given that it sprouted from a seed discovered during the Masada excavation and dates back to the days of the ancient kingdom of Judea. Another stop on

the tour is Algatech, an innovative approach to growing algae for anti aging products. Typically, the tour concludes with a delicious meal and a dip in the kibbutz pool. In addition to these tours, Kibbutz Ketura has a guest house for couples and families. There’s also a brewery, cleverly named “Beer-Tzinut,” which has won international prizes. The brewery makes 15 kinds of beer, including “Cool Majhool,” which uses dates from the kibbutz orchards in its brewing process (ketura.org.il). Timna Park | Expansive Biblical Landscape A half-hour before reaching Eilat, stop at Timna Park, which is located in the heart of the Southern Arava. It’s



See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

The Lake in Timna Park

Timna Park I Photo: PR Photo: Roslan Blikov Visit2Israel

Caravans in Timna Park I Photo: PR

considered as one of Israel’s most exciting and unique parks. Besides its biblical landscape and special geological treasures, the park offers an extraordinary view of history, taking you back to the days of ancient Egypt. Back then, copper mining was profitable, and the massive mine discovered in the excavations at Timna Park reveals just how seriously Pharaoh Ramses III and the goddess Hathor took this venture. At Timna Park you can take a guided tour, such as a sunset tour or lantern tour in the dark, to explore the history in detail. Alternatively, you can walk between Solomon’s Pillars to the Mushroom or Spiral Hill and listen as the guide demonstrates and explains the fascinating ancient methods of mining copper. The tour also talks about the types of rock in this area and the natural forces that created the impressive vistas. At the park entrance, you’ll receive a

detailed map with all the attractions as well as an Instagram map with recommended places for the best pictures (including photography tips). For cyclists, Timna Park has single track trails of varying difficulties. In addition to the guided tours, the main activity for visitors is near the artificial pond where, periodically, large events and performances are held. Visitors can also sleep around the lake in caravans, tents, or in stone houses in the well-equipped camping complex. Each sleeping area also has a comfortable seating area, barbeque and fire pits, and of course - air conditioning! parktimna.co.il/he Eilat | Not just R&R Welcome to Eilat, your final destination! There’s more to do here in Israel’s southernmost city besides rest and relaxation: For instance, you

can continue exploring the desert’s natural wonders while socializing and mingling. Here are three of our recommendations, which are perfect for the hot morning hours, especially if you’ve arrived early with the kids and are still awaiting hotel check-in. One of these activities will even provide an unforgettable rain experience! Botanical Garden: Experience a unique organic, ecological garden. With all of the green, you won’t believe that you’re in arid Eilat. Upon entering the tree-lined path, you’ll discover a true wonder: unique trees from around the world that have acclimatized and flourished and are now being grown in this garden on special stone terraces. At times, you actually feel that you’re in the middle of a jungle with flowing waterfalls. The jewel in the crown is the artificial rain forest that you’ll pass through during your garden tour. Surrounded


Photos: Assaf Pinchuck

The Bird Sanctuary, Eilat I Photo: Noam Weiss

Photo: Courtesy of the Observatory

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Eilat

by droplets and fog, you’ll feel as if you’re in the Garden of Eden. Don’t miss the large nursery where you can buy unique plants from around the world (botanicgarden.co.il). The Bird Sanctuary: Unbeknownst to many, Eilat is very important for the voyage of migrating birds. In the past, Eilat’s salt pools were an important “refueling station” for birds before they crossed the Sahara Desert. Unfortunately, Eilat’s intense development has damaged their nests. The Bird Sanctuary in Eilat was therefore established to restore the area and renew the birds’ feeding grounds. Take a guided tour here to learn more about this success story. If you’re lucky, you may spot birds, (maybe even flamingos!) across the sanctuary through telescopes located around the site (eilatbirds.com). The Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Eilat: During any visit to Eilat, especially with kids, this underwater observatory is a “must-see.” Even if you’ve been here before, there’s

New in Eilat | The Almogim complex of vacation apartments and suites

always something new to discover. Check out the special pools where you can observe sea tortoises, seahorses, corals, and different sea creatures. Watch the shark feeding or go out sailing on a coral boat to For vacationing families who seek comfort at a reasonably priced home away from home in Eilat, here’s the perfect solution: The NEW Almogim complex of vacation apartments and suites. The complex offers a variety of spacious guest apartments, including studios, penthouses and suites, which are suitable for and cater to all types of groups. All apartments come furnished with everything you need, including dishes, TV with WiFi, YES, and other extras. Some of the guest rooms have porches overlooking the fun, inviting pool that’s located in the heart of the complex. Other apartments are located next to the restaurant bar, Matityahu, where guests can enjoy a variety of food and refreshing cocktails. For those guests who don’t feel like cooking, room service can be ordered and delivered to

see coral and special fish through partially submerged windows. In the Aquadome, take in an exciting movie where you “go for a swim” in 3D with a giant humpback whale (coralworld.co.il). ■ and Eilat’s beaches, allowing guests, whether families traveling together or vacationers looking for a bit of quiet, the freedom to choose when to enjoy the calm of the vacation complex and when to go out and enjoy Eilat’s attractions (almogimsuiteseilat.co.il). each apartment.) Within the complex, there’s also a minimarket, gym, abundant parking and more. The staff is committed to maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere and will do everything to make guests feel at home. The pricing is reasonable and varies depending upon the type of room and the stay dates. For example, in the middle of the week in July, prices start from NIS 720 for a couple with a child in a studio apartment. The Almogim vacation apartment complex is a 10-minute drive from the boardwalk



Magazine I Interview

Hanan Ben Ari, one of Israel’s most beloved and successful singers, promotes a new album, launches a large, unforgettable performance, and speaks about his musical work, his relationship with the audience, his new role as presenter for Israel’s national airline El Al, and about his family. A Dream without Boundaries / Maya Cohen “My goal is to feel as close as possible to the audience”

Hanan Ben Ari loves to rejuvenate others and to feel rejuvenated, and continually searches for ways to challenge and intrigue both his audience and himself. During the past year, he worked on a new album and a new show, and now he’s celebrating these joyous developments both on stage and digital music platforms. Last month, he released “Yesh Kan Yoter Mizeh - More Than This,” his fourth album following a years-long hiatus, and on August 1st, he’ll perform a new, specially designed show at the Expo in Tel Aviv in front of an audience of 7,000 people. In addition, he recently became the presenter for El Al. Dream Big “For the past five years, I haven’t put out an album, only singles, and every song was included in my performances. At this stage, the songs didn’t bring out any significant renewal, and we all

reached a point where we felt a need for revitalization. Against this backdrop, the idea was born to put out an album and to elevate the show to new heights, not only visually but, more importantly, to discover new territory, combining everything I want within a performance.” What does this mean in practice? “It’s a sort of fusion. On the one hand, it’s a grand performance with thousands of people, and on the other hand, my continual desire for intimacy and mutual respect - both from me towards the audience and also from the audience towards me. That feeling of intimacy, as if you’re in a concert with 300 people instead of 7,000. I’ve always strived to achieve this,” he explains. “In some venues, this is easier to achieve, while in others, it’s almost impossible. When we thought about this performance to promote the new album, I said that I want to dream without limitations. That’s when the idea

was born to go to Pavilion 2 in Expo Tel Aviv, which is a very large space that allows us to do what we want and to build it from scratch. However, for it to be financially worthwhile, multiple consecutive performances are necessary [Ben Ari will appear seven times - three times one week and four times the next week - M.C.]. Therefore, we took the vast space and built a stage and stands to create an atmosphere suitable for the performance. It includes standing room for 2,000 people and seating perimeter. There’s also a special app that allows people to locate others sitting in the crowd. The stage will be positioned in the center because I want to feel as close as possible to the audience,” says Ben Ari. With 7,000 people, it’s difficult to feel close and intimate, isn’t it? “During the last three years, what most moved me, which we received feedback about after for an additional 5,000 people in elevated stands around the


Photo: Guy Kushi & Yariv Fein

Our quick questionnaire

What makes you laugh? “My children. ”

What don’t people know about you? “That I eat mainly junk food.” If you weren’t a singer, what would you be? “Perhaps something in the field of education, although not a teacher.” Which place, that you have yet to be, would you like to visit? “Lately, Morocco is very interesting to me. My friends were there, and it piques my interest.” What do you do in your free time? “Watch sports, any sports, but mainly soccer. I’m addicted to sports.

each performance, was when people would write: ‘I was in the Menora Arena with 8,000 people and I felt that you were singing to me.’ This is my ultimate aim, and to me, this is also the best thing that can happen. This is how I define success. This feeling is what I want to bring home with me after a performance.” A New Contract with the Audience Recently, many artists have given up on albums and are only producing singles. However, there are also those who are sticking to the album concept. You are now choosing to put out a complete album. “I think that more and more artists are returning to releasing albums today, a trend that has grown more popular in recent years. Just this month, I’m aware of four albums being released, and a few more that are about to be released - and I think that’s great. As a child,



Magazine I Interview

I grew up with albums,” he says. “The excitement of purchasing an album, opening the sleeve and smelling the paper, checking the credits for who played guitars and who photographed the cover. I remember examining the album and immersing myself in it for months. I’m completely rooted in that generation, and it’s wonderful to see it return. This gives me the courage to say to people that I have another 10 or 12 completely new songs, and I believe that they’ll make time and space in their hearts to listen to them. I feel that it’s my duty to do this.” Families, young people, adults, both secular and religious, including ultra-Orthodox, all come to your performances. Does this reflect who you are? “Absolutely. I believe that the audience ultimately reflects what you bring to them, and I’m very excited to see a diverse audience, in terms of age and worldview. I’m happy to see that the light I’m sending out is returning to me; if you project something out into the world, it echoes back to you. In the end, you learn a lot about yourself from your audience, and I’m moved and happy to discover that this is my audience.” As Israeli as It Gets Immersing himself in the audience and breaking the “distance” with the varied crowd that fills his concerts, as well as the Israeli trait to burst forth and unite social extremes, has led in recent years to several explosive accolades for Ben Ari, including being compared to Shlomo Artzi during his early days and becoming Israel’s most successful artist. Ben Ari smiles upon hearing this. While he acknowledges it, he remains grounded and doesn’t get carried away.

Photo: Tamar Hanan

"I believe that the audience ultimately reflects what you bring to them, and I’m very excited to see a diverse audience, in terms of age and worldview. I’m happy to see that the light I’m sending out is returning to me"

“From my perspective, Shlomo Artzi is one-of-a-kind, and no one will replace him, ever. As for myself, it’s too early to assign such titles since I’ve been creating and producing for such a short time. I try to pay less attention to these things, even though I’m aware of them,” he smiles. “I mainly draw inspiration from the great artists who do and did this before me. Every moment that I can, I draw inspiration from them, both when I’m creating and also performing - this is a big honor for me.” You’ve recently added a new title to your resume - presenter for Israel’s national airline – El Al. “This is very new, and it’s taken me a long time to choose this role. There were several proposals from different agencies and companies, but it was only when I got the El Al proposal that I felt, for the first time, truly comfortable. I don’t want to dress up in a costume to take on a role; I simply want to be myself,

which feels good. This is also exactly what they’re looking for, so it was a natural match – and it feels very right to me.” Ben Ari is married to Hadassa and is the father of six children, ranging in age from 2.5 to 13 years old. According to him, they represent budding talent and the next creative generation. “All my children love music; they all love to perform and love being on stage very much. My oldest daughter, 13, also writes, composes, and dances. The music bug has strongly taken hold,” he laughs. ■

Album Cover I Design: Eitan Cohen Photo: Amit Elkayam



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Sarona Market: A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv's Premier Indoor Food and Cultural Hub

melting pot of local cultures. At the core of Sarona Market lies a perfect marriage between old-world allure and refined cuisine. In addition, the market effortlessly presents a medley of street food, local chef led restaurants, bars, boutique food shops operated by local purveyors, and a selection of local events and weekend markets. A communal dining experience Sarona Market's unique layout encourages a communal dining experience, with dishes available in various portions, ideally suited for sharing among family and friends, as well as an assortment of seating options from nook seating to bar seating to sofas or lounging on an outdoor terrace. The Middle Bar takes center stage, offering a laid-back atmosphere and an extensive range of beverages at value for-money prices. Check out the all-day every day "Happy Hour" with amazing prices! Choose your favorite bites and settle in for a comfortable seat. Open on Saturdays – Sarona Market serves as an ideal spot for a weekend lunch for friends, families and groups. Guests can indulge in an extensive array of lunch options or assemble a picnic basket to enjoy in the picturesque Sarona compound, which boasts several playgrounds, boutique shops, and charming picnic areas, providing a delightful setting for a leisurely walk and a full-day excursion. Local tip: Enhance your experience by visiting with a group and sampling dishes from various popular hotspots, crafting a personalized culinary tour at the heart of the market. Sarona has captured an unmatched culinary spirit in this awe-inspiring location, creating a vibrant epicenter for food, wine, and a fusion of global and local cultures. 0pen hours: Sun-Wed 10:00-22:00; Thu 10:00-23:00; Fri 9:00-16:00; Sat 10:00-22:00, saronamarket.co.il

Photos: Itamar Ginsburg

yourself drawn to the extensive selection of halva, and succulent Maggie tomatoes, fresh produce, and endless options for food gifts to bring back home. Dozens of culinary shops When it comes to dining, there's something for everyone here. You can savor the aroma of roasted meats and indulge in hearty vegetable sandwiches or many kosher options. Sarona Market offers dozens and dozens of culinary shops and dining experiences, from boutique tea to farm-to-table produce to local gelato, olive oil tastings, cheese tastings, and local wines. In addition, Sarona Market boasts an impressive array of local Israeli dishes prepared by the country's most acclaimed chefs alongside rustic cooking by a vast selection of the

Welcome to Sarona Market, an 84,000 square feet local institution that offers a captivating journey of discovery into the world of local and global cuisine. Inspired by some of the most diverse markets in the world, such as La Boqueria and Borough Market, this ex-Templar colony showcases a mix of old-school charm and modern vivacity based on the concept that you can eat your way through local and global fare all under one roof. The market showcases spots by celebrity chefs such as Eyal Shani, Yuval Ben Neriah and more. So close to the train, bus, and public transport, it’s a must-visit destination on any trip to Israel. As you explore the market, you'll come across a delightful variety of dried fruits that will catch your eye with dazzling colors. You'll also find

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