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A cocktail bar and chef restaurant, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, looking over the renewed Dizengo Square, with an open, eclectic and colorful kitchen that brings out rich dishes, combining avors from the Middle and Far East.

Dizengo 95




eder is one of the most popular places in Tel Aviv and it o ers a wide variety of hangout spots, one right next to the other, at the Beit Romano complex. Teder hosts artists, popular DJs, all-night parties, and has a kitchen that makes the most legendary pizza in the city. In addition, it features di erent exhibitions, fairs, markets and grandiose block parties. So, sit back and relax, listen to music, and talk over some drinks at the bar. An intimate space, old and new quality music, playing only on record players, excellent sound system (one of the best in town) – the Nuweiba space is wood cladded, which turns the sound into its own experience. Recommended for vintage record-player lovers.

Ja a Road 9 TEDER.FM

Tel Aviv Port

A unique bar with a soundtrack ranging from trance and electro to rock & roll.

Mikveh Israel 8


Bavel TLV


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