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From us to you Hi! We're so happy you chose to spend your vacation with us

You are in Tel Aviv, the most special and authentic city out there, with a variety of cultures,

food, views and people you can't nd anywhere else.

We know you are going to have a great urban experience but just to make sure, we put

together a collection of attractions including restaurants, bars, beaches and more!

If you have any questions or need some tips, we are here for you.

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Sites & Attractions in Tel Aviv


Museum of Illusions, Tel Aviv Port

The Museum of Illusions is a fun private museum for all ages - from 6-year-olds to teenagers, parents, grandmothers and the whole family. There are more than 50 exhibits to make you doubt your senses! Come visit and experience the unbelievable illusions world.

Where? Port of Tel Aviv, North side, Building no 26. When? All Week 09:00 whom? All Ages How much? Entrance fees apply

WhatsAppt: 054-4971562

Nahalat Binyamin / The Art Fair

The Nahalat Binyamin Art Fair is the largest and oldest of its kind in Israel, and one of the most beautiful and respected in the world. The art fair stretches over half a kilometer, through the Nahalat Binyamin promenade, and branches o to Rambam and Hashomer streets. The art fair's unique location, at the heart of Tel Aviv's bustling urban center, which includes several historical buildings and a fair share of gra ti and street art, is a great attraction for a fun day in Tel Aviv. The art fair is open on Tuesdays (10:00am-6:00pm) and Fridays (10:00am-5:00pm), as well as on holy days and the intermediate days between them. Entrance is free. Where? Nahalat Binyamin, 11 When? Tuesdays (10:00am-6:00pm) Fridays (10:00am-5:00pm) whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance



Ja a Port and Old Ja a

The Ja a Port on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea showcases ancient buildings and a combination of ancient-authentic Middle Eastern culture with modern culture. The Port has a charming promenade, changing art galleries and shops, cafes and authentic sh restaurants, local shermen, yachts and cruises, sh market and more. Right next to the Port is Old Ja a with its winding alleyways spotted with craft shops, art galleries, and also antique and jewelry stands at Ja a's lively ea market. Among the main sites remaining from the Ottoman period are the Ja a Clock Tower and St. Peter's Church. At the Ilana Goor Museum you can enjoy art by Israeli and international artists. The area is also popular thanks to its great wine bars, Mediterranean and seafood restaurants. For more than half a century, between 1892 and 1948, the Station's platforms were crammed with hundreds of thousands of passengers and goods, headed from Ja a to Jerusalem and back. Nowadays, HATACHANA (meaning The Station in Hebrew) mostly welcomes visitors stopping by to feel, just for a moment, that they are part of the journey between then and now. Whether you're looking for a fun family time, or just want to take a little break from your daily routine, HATACHANA can o er: historic 19th-century buildings and trendy galleries and shops; festivals, parties, concerts and cultural events for every mood and age; restaurants, bars and cafes, and there's even an adjacent parking lot with discounted rates. Location: facing the sea, between Neve Tzedek and Old Ja a. whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance HATACHANA - The Station

whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance


Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek neighborhood has an artistic atmosphere, designer shops, clothing stores and shops selling handmade avant-garde items, trendy European restaurants alongside fancy bistro restaurants, and many cafes that turn into live jazz clubs and cocktail bars at night. The Suzanne Dellal Centre features contemporary dance performances, and surfers hang out in nearby beaches.

Where? Neve Tzedek When? All Week whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance

Neve Tzedek

Shenkin Street

(You can add this street to Nahalat Binyamin and the Carmel Market for a Tel Aviv fun day). A unique boulevard where you can nd interesting cafes and restaurants, street food, street performances, and trendy fashion stores right next to luxury boutiques. It's a bustling and colorful street, a guaranteed experience if you walk along it and people watch.

Where? Shenkin Street When? All Week whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance

Shenkin Street


The Carmel Market

This market stretches across HaCarmel Street. Most stands are open from 8am until the early hours of the night. On Fridays the market closes in the early afternoon (earlier in winter), and is closed on Saturdays. The Carmel Market is bustling with life, colorful and houses a variety of vegetable, spice, fruit, and sh stands, restaurants, and special foods. There are guided food tours of the market. You'll also nd art, jewelry and clothing stands.

The Carmel Market

whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance

Ja a Flea Market (Shuk Hapishpeshim)

Where? Olei Zion Street, and the surrounding alleys When? Sunday-Thursday 6:30am-5:00pm (6:00pm in summer time). Fridays from 05:30am to 3:30pm (4:30pm in summer time) whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance This famous Ja a market is located in the northern part of the city and provides an authentic and rich experience. The narrow streets house vintage furniture stores, galleries, jewelry and antiques shops, as well as artists showcasing their work. On top of all these, the market keeps to a bustling nightlife with some of the best restaurants and bars in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Flea Market


Levinsky Market

This market is located on Levinsky Street, between HaAliya and Herzl Streets, with shops o ering a huge culinary selection: nuts & seeds, dried fruits, bakeries, delis and restaurants. Moreover, there are special shops and spots that can only be found in Levinsky Market. The Market's charm and many stories and tales have turned it into the culinary gem of Tel Aviv, with devoted fans including locals, tourists and even local chefs.

Levinsky Market

whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance

HaTikva Market

This local colorful market is located at the heart of one of Tel-Aviv's oldest neighborhoods. It underwent massive renovations in recent years and strolling through it is nicer and more delightful than any other market in the city. HaTikva Market is associated mainly with immigrants from Iraq, Egypt and Yemen, and as such, it serves the typical dishes of each of these communities in abundance: Iraqi Sambusak, Yemenite Saluf at Tsuberi's, green mint drink, chubby kubbahs, fresh pomegranates juice and more. We recommend going to HaEtzel Street and enjoying some traditional family restaurants like Boaz Brothers (soups), Hatarnegol Kubbah, Busi Restaurant, Saluf Restaurant.

HaTikva Market

whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance


Dizengo Center

This commercial center sits on the intersection of Dizengo and King George streets in Tel Aviv. Dizengo Center has fashion, cosmetics, gift, tattoo, sports, mobile, optics, shoe, electronics and food & beverage stores.

Where? Dizengo 50 When? Sun-Thu: 09:00am-10:00pm, Fri 09:00am-3:00pm. Saturday nights: half an hour after Shabbat until 11:00pm. whom? All Ages How much? Entrance fees apply


Park Hayarkon and nearby attractions

Park Hayarkon is one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in Israel. Entrance is free, but you have to pay for parking in most of its areas. The Park has many paid attractions like Memadion water park, the Exotic Gardens (Tropical Garden, Rock Garden and Topiary Garden) and more. The southern part of the Park has a (free) petting zoo, at Bavli Neighborhood. Next to the Park are Expo Tel Aviv (convention center) and the amusement park. The entire Park has paved paths for pedestrians, cyclists and joggers. In the evenings, hundreds of people visit this green lung on the banks of the Yarkon River. Along the park you can rent bicycles, boats (to sail on the river and the big lake) and more

Park Hayarkon

Park Hayarkon has great public transport access: it is within walking distance of Tel Aviv University Train Station as well as several bus lines on Rokach Boulevard and the Ayalon Mall area in Ramat Gan. Barbecues are permitted in two main areas - Rosh Tzipor Forest, between Ayalon and the Yarkon, and the area right next to the large parking lot in Ganei Yehoshua. Entrance to the Park, Tropical Garden, Rock Garden and Topiary Garden is free. The Memadion and Luna Park amusement park are paid attractions.


Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Port o ers dozens of fashion and lifestyle stores as well as sports and design, a variety of restaurants, a gorgeous food market, miles of wooden pier facing the never-ending blue horizon, tness spaces, event halls, a Hebrew carousel, giant sandbox, colorful fountain, sea breeze and one perfect sel e sculpture - all for you. You can also nd vast lawns, playgrounds for children and toddlers, bicycle lanes, inspiring open wandering spaces, information stations, public restroom facilities and parking lots. Where? You can enter the Port on: 1 Kaf Gimel Yordei HaSira Street, and 3 Hata'arucha Street. How much? Free Entrance

Sarona Market

Sarona Market is Israel's largest indoor food market, with more than 60 stores, food stands and chef restaurants of every type. Sarona Market is a food court that is an experience, and a real foodie paradise. Just like the world's leading food markets, you can nd dozens of street food stands, cheeses, oils, spreads and pickles from all over the world, fresh meat and sh, selected vegetables, wines, spices, co ee, tea, products from the Far and Near East and other high quality and special raw ingredients. Where? 3 Kalman Magen When? All Week 10:00-22:00 Fri 09:00-13:00 whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance



Neve Shaanan Pedestrian Mall

This pedestrian zone is located in South Tel Aviv, home to many immigrants from di erent cultures, which is why it's full of authentic food from all over - Ethiopia, Sudan, India, Nepal and more. We recommend the local Indian-Nepalese restaurant: Gorkha, 16 Rosh Pina Street.

Where? Levinsky Street When? Sun-Fri 09:00-17:00 whom? All Ages How much? Free Entrance

The Carmel Market

What are you waiting for ? Have fun !


Recommended Bars & Clubs in TLV



A cocktail bar and chef restaurant, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, looking over the renewed Dizengo Square, with an open, eclectic and colorful kitchen that brings out rich dishes, combining avors from the Middle and Far East.

Dizengo 95




eder is one of the most popular places in Tel Aviv and it o ers a wide variety of hangout spots, one right next to the other, at the Beit Romano complex. Teder hosts artists, popular DJs, all-night parties, and has a kitchen that makes the most legendary pizza in the city. In addition, it features di erent exhibitions, fairs, markets and grandiose block parties. So, sit back and relax, listen to music, and talk over some drinks at the bar. An intimate space, old and new quality music, playing only on record players, excellent sound system (one of the best in town) – the Nuweiba space is wood cladded, which turns the sound into its own experience. Recommended for vintage record-player lovers.

Ja a Road 9 TEDER.FM

Tel Aviv Port

A unique bar with a soundtrack ranging from trance and electro to rock & roll.

Mikveh Israel 8


Bavel TLV



Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar – a Japanese chef's kitchen that o ers a variety of dishes for dinner paired with special cocktails, by Mixologist Or Asulin, which creates a special and enjoyable dining experience. Late at night, the Goat changes into a mini-club as the lights dim and the music gets loud, making it the perfect going out option, complete with good food, atmosphere and dancing.

Rothschild Blvd 24



Faruk BaShuk

This bar is located in the heart of Ja a Flea Market, it’s a magical place o ering an authentic Israeli menu that everyone can enjoy. Fresh ingredients straight from the market make up a rich selection of vegetarian, vegan, seafood and meat dishes and more. You can choose from a breakfast or an evening menu, served with a variety of wines and alcohol.

Rabbi Nachman street 6


Faruk BaShuk - פארוק בשוק


Tzina is a neighborhood bar on Dizengo street. Chef Avi Biton makes the menu. This bar has excellent music, great atmosphere and is perfect for a beer with friends.

Dizengo street 116





Authentic hip hop club with great music and a young vibe.

Shaul Hamelech Blvd 2

Atlanta TLV Atlanta TLV


A unique bar o ering cocktails and assorted foods, great vibes for sitting with friends. For those interested, there's also a unique and dark club on the lower oor of the bar.

Allenby Street 122

Sputnik bar

Sputnik bar


A unique bar in Tel Aviv with 3 very special spaces, a lobby, a huge open-air courtyard and an upper oor club, shows and special evenings. Come enjoy a beer or good cocktail, with some great food o the rich menu.

Nahalat Binyamin Street 52


Drama - דרמה


One of the leading beach-bar restaurants in the city. In the busy Tel Aviv port, o ers a wide variety of entertainment options for all audiences. Pampering breakfasts, a cocktail at sunset, a romantic dinner or a nightly hamburger and beer at the bar. Shelvata o ers a covered deck, three attractive bars and diverse seating arrangements.

Building 24, Tel Aviv Port


Shalvata - שלוותה


Trumpeldor Beach

a quiet beach without chairs and tanning beds, you can bring your own mat/blanket and enjoy the beach, play ball games and enjoy the young vibes.

Hilton Beach

the beach is divided into two areas, the rst one is dog friendly; the second area has an LGBTQ beach. There is also a beach restaurant. We recommend watching the sunset from the adjacent Independence Park.

Frishman Beach

the beach has kiosks, volleyball courts and accessible toilets and showers. We recommend trying Prozdor restaurant's burgers, it's a 4-minute walk from the beach, you won't regret it!

Gordon Beach

the beach has volleyball and a variety of tness facilities, a surf club, organized seating areas and a restaurants.

It getting hot in here


Recommended TLV Beaches


Recommended Restaurants in TLV


3 Best Hamburger Places

Port 19 - 2 Shlomo HaMelech St., 95 HaHashmonaim St. Prozdor - 6 Mendele Mocher Sforim St. GDB - 22 Ibn Gabirol St.

3 Best Italian Restaurants

Cafe Italia - 6 Kremnitzky St. Amore Mio - 100 Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St. Pomo - 11 Habarzel St.

3 Best Asian Restaurants

Thai House Restaurant - 8 Bograshov St. TYO - 58 Shabazi St. Taizu – 23 Derech Menachem Begin

Recommended Street Food

Men Tenten Ramen Bar - 57 Nahalat Binyamin St. Butke - 21 Etzel St. Busi Batikva - 41 Etzel St. Kubba Tarnegol - 64 Etzel St.

Pizza Brooklyn - 88 King George St. Pizza Lila - 4 Merhavia St. Panda - 45 Malan St. Jasmino - 99 Allenby St.


Breakfasts and Cafes

CITIZEN - 15 Monte ore St. (vegan café) Hotel Monte ore - 36 Monte ore St. (French cuisine) Jonesy Gardener - 3 Nahalat Binyamin St. Lighthouse Hotel - 1 Ben Yehuda St. Tony and Esther - 39 Levinsky St., Florentin Yom Tov Café - 30 Yom Tov St.

Recommended Restaurants

La Shuk - 92 Dizengo St. (near Dizengo Square)

Cafe Europa - 9 Rothschild Blvd. Par Derriere - 7 Bat Ami St., Ja a, Noga Compound M25 - 30 HaCarmel St. Onza - 3 Rabbi Hanina St., Ja a Opa - 8 Halutzim St., Florentin Ouzeria - 44 Matalon St., Florentin Basta - 4 Hashomer St. Milgo and Milbar - 142 Rothschild Blvd. Santa Katarina - 2 Har Sinai St. Don Camillo - 36 Yefet St.

Bon Appetit




Public transportation in Tel Aviv (You can download the apps in the mobile app store)

You can rent an electric scooter through the apps




Enjoy Your Ride


You can rent a bike through the app



Taxi - you can order a taxi through the apps Gett


Service taxis / buses / urban train You can download the moovit app - with this app you can see the timetables and locations to board taxis,

rains and buses. .Service taxis line 4 and 5 are central lines in Tel Aviv.


o 050-5559924 050-2004883



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