2022 International summer courses graduation ceremony

a number of summer, semester-long and year abroad programs for the undergraduate community. We recently submitted a request to approve a new international undergraduate program in sustainable agriculture, which we plan to open for the 2024 academic year. Our ability to develop new programs relies largely on collaboration between faculty deans and heads of schools. Regular meetings are held with the deans to discuss policy for growth and challenges related to international students and programs. The deans are very supportive of global engagement and interested in the internationalization of their faculties, and these meetings have contributed significantly to our development in 2022. 2022 PROGRAMS As the Vice President of Global Engagement, my challenge is to continue to develop meaningful strategic ties to leverage the University’s excellence and increase its impact worldwide. Below are a few examples of our achievements in 2022: Ten students from Oxford University and six from MIT did their academic internships at BGU labs in the summer of 2022. The first chemistry master’s degree students from the University of Edinburgh arrived for a year of research at BGU, based on an existing agreement between the two universities. We envision that this program has the potential to bring excellent PhD students from the UK to BGU.

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other fields, and thus, BGU will have to find alternative resources to continue our growth in this area. While our growth has been exponential in advanced studies, we still have a way to go with our undergraduate international programs. Until now, we have only been able to offer a full undergraduate degree program in English literature and linguistics, though we do have


President's Report 2023

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