Street Festival , a new Student Union initiative, takes students off campus to create encounters with the community through neighborhood events. A team of high school students who trained at BGU’s  Jusidman Science Center for Youth won two gold medals and three silver medals at the  International Physics Olympiad in Lisbon. SUSTAINABILITY BGU continues to lead Israeli universities on the UI GreenMetric measuring environmental sustainability. It ranked 190 among some 800 universities around the world. BGU Zero Waste , a student organization, collaborated with Green Campus to reduce the use of disposable cups at this year’s opening event. As part of the Live Laboratory project, teams were established to deal with analysis of waste and to analyze and lead energy streamlining on campus. Engineers Without Borders took first place in a Green Campus competition with their initiative to establish the first hydroponic

garden on campus. The garden, hanging on a wall at the Jusidman Science Center for Youth , will be used for study and experiments by the Center's pupils.

 The hydroponic garden outside of the Jusidman Science Center for Youth, designed and built by the Engineers Without Borders student organization  A record number of prospective students (over 10,000) visited BGU on its Open Day in February  Adi Aharoni, Chair of the Student Union, joins a Radio Darom broadcast from campus at the opening of the 2019/20 academic year. Photo: Yanai Ankwa, BGU Student Union  The BGU Student Union's annual political organizations' fair. Photo: Amit Tsur, BGU Student Union

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