I used what I had learnt to develop an independent career. Adi  I think that is very similar to what is happening today with us. One’s degree, one might say, is theoretical. It teaches you many approaches. Adi  So, in your time, was the grass also the place where you met your future partner? Erica  Well, I did meet my partner at the University. He was studying mechanical engineering and we went through all the struggles of studies together, gradually getting to know one another. How about you? Adi  For us, we meet on apps and on the grass, and through student activities. For example, we just came out with branded bracelets, so that while you are studying at the library you can also signal that you are interested in meeting someone.


Adi  I think that as students we simply choose to make the time. Over 50% of the students have a scholarship involving social action, or simply volunteer in some social project. This is also the reason going to BGU is so unique: you are involved in an experience that goes beyond work and studies. Erica  This kind of student life really prepares you for life in general. Adi  Exactly. The satisfaction is far deeper than just succeeding on an

exam or getting a paycheck. Adi  When you graduated and went into the job market, did you feel as if your studies prepared you for what you really needed?

Erica  Ultimately our studies were an educational foundation. Very few of the people I studied with found work exactly in their profession, but they did use the knowledge acquired to develop careers in different areas.


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