Adi Aharoni and Erica Sapir

Adi Aharoni, originally from Modi’in, is chairperson of the BGU Student Union. She is in her third and final year of studies towards a BA in management and in sociology. During her service in the IDF, Adi was a combat medic instructor. Erica (Linder) Sapir came to Israel from Romania as a teenager. She is a graduate of the University’s first cohort in chemical engineering in 1970, comprised of just six men and two women. After graduating, she worked at Israel Aerospace Industries for 17 years, and then left to establish and head her own environmental and occupational health consultancy company, fromwhich she retired last year. Photos: 1 - Adi Aharoni and Erica Sapir revisit the David Tuviyahu Campus (Beit HIAS) 2 - Erica Sapir and her husband to be at the student dormitories, 1968. Courtesy of Erica Sapir 3 - Class photo of first cohort of chemical engineering graduates, 1969/70. Courtesy of Erica Sapir


Erica  What brought us to study in Beer-Sheva was the inner drive, the desire to make history. To start something new here. It would have been easier to go to the Technion to study like all the students, but to come here to be pioneers, to establish a university – that was how it was presented to us, and we really felt we had a mission. Erica  So I understand that you [students today] study, take exams and also work, and also are involved in social action. How do you have time for all that?

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