At BGU we value the concept of “tikkun olam,” doing our part to improve the world for all people, and the concept of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” treating all people with justice and fairness. The BGU students I’ve met over the years inspire me by their desire to build a better world. We must ensure that BGU continues to educate students like them, even while the political turmoil continues, because this is the time when people with a vision and the skills to develop that vision are most needed. BGU is a place where Jews and Arabs, men and women, and religious and non-religious people from all parts of Israel study together and build the ties that will enable Israel to flourish as a vibrant society that meets the needs of all people in the 21st century. sustainability and global health – to name just a few, is improving life for people in the Negev, Israel and the world. BGU is a place where professors, researchers and students, as well as members of the Board of Governors, the Global Development Committee and the Halutz Initiative for Global Leadership, share our ideas and perspectives as we work together to develop innovative strategies that address global needs. In 2021, in recognition of the need to foster future BGU leadership, BGU is a place where cutting edge research in a multitude of disciplines – cybersecurity,

the Global Development Committee launched the Halutz Initiative for Global Leadership to connect young leaders from all over the world to the University. Following the success of Halutz I, we formed a second group. Our Halutz II cohort includes 15 talented men and women from 7 countries. After participating in two virtual meetings, they spent an extraordinary week at BGU in March 2023 and were enthusiastic about our programs and mission. If you know people who might be interested in joining future Halutz cohorts, please submit their names. For more than a year, under the leadership of President Daniel Chamovitz and Vice President for Public Affairs and Resource Development Jeff Kaye, the Global Development Committee, which includes lay leaders and top professionals from countries with a strong BGU presence, have been planning a major campaign to raise the resources needed to fulfill BGU’s goals for its next 50 years. You will hear more about the campaign in the coming year. When you do, please consider joining our effort. Each one of us can make an important difference. With your help, BGU will enable Israel to fulfill its role as a “light unto the nations.” With thanks,

Dear friends, I’m writing this letter at a very difficult moment in Israel’s history, early March 2023. Israel finds itself in a defining moment, facing challenges that threaten its continued existence as a democracy, as well as its connection to Jews of some denominations and to Jews of the Diaspora. As a vice chair of Ben-Gurion University’s Board of Governors and as Chair of the Global Development Committee, I want to thank all of you, our global leaders, and emphasize how grateful we are for your past, current, and continuing support of BGU. Many of us and our family members have stood by BGU and Israel from the beginning. We’ve provided financial support, as well as connections to world leaders and influence makers that have helped Israel become the successful, well respected country it has been. To maintain that position, BGU and Israel need us now more than ever. The power of political parties ebbs and flows. But the power of a BGU education gives our students the knowledge, skills and motivation to bring positive change to our planet.

Toni Young Chair, Global Development Committee

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