The North Campus, adjacent to the main Marcus Family Campus, is progressing rapidly, ensuring ample room for expansion in the coming decades – a luxury few Israeli universities possess. With several buildings in advanced planning stages and substantial progress on tunnels, the infrastructure center, and other vital infrastructure components, we are immensely grateful for the generous commitments of our friends towards these future developments. In these uncertain times, the Global Development Campaign's significance in advancing the wellbeing of the Negev, the State of Israel, and the world cannot be overstated. To achieve greatness, we must think big, which is why we've set an ambitious goal of raising $1 billion over a decade. I encourage you to share your ideas and insights that could benefit the University. I've initiated a similar process among faculty and staff, yielding outstanding results with more to come. My door is always open, and I'm eager for a brief chat or an in-depth discussion.

Dear friends, I am thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievements of the Ben-Gurion University global community. As a collective, we have the privilege of harnessing the wisdom and expertise of countless accomplished individuals. In this edition of BGU & You , we aim to nurture that sense of community by not only acknowledging your immense generosity, but also showcasing the amazing projects you've led or supported. Our extraordinary faculty, staff, students, and global community have positioned BGU at the cusp of a grand transformation. The objectives outlined in our Strategic Plan, initiated just a few years ago, are steadily materializing. After nearly a decade of planning, multiple IDF technology units are relocating to Negev bases, with many situated near the Marcus Family Campus in Beer-Sheva. Additionally, the Beer-Sheva Innovation District is flourishing, attracting an increasing number of partners and collaborators. Those who haven't visited recently will be astonished by the transformed streets surrounding the campus and the rapid growth of BGU.

Together, we will continue to transform the future.

Prof. Daniel Chamovitz President

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