Education Launch of the Tel Aviv Center for HiTech Careers - an educational center for high school students to learn about cybertech, robotics, data science, and more. Dedicated by the Tel Aviv Foundation and veteran Tel Aviv startup, Check Point, the center is a giant stride towards the resilience and opportunity of tomorrow.

Space Exploration Launch of the satellite observatory for quantum optical communication at Tel Aviv University - the …≠rst in Israel; among the most advanced in the world; and a boon to the rapidly developing quantum and space tech industries in the region.

Photo: Tel Aviv University

Healthcare Innovation Launch of the the quantum computing for life sciences & healthcare center at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, in collaboration with Classiq and Nvidia. The initiative will champion the development and implementation of quantum algorithms and applications, targeting their transformative potential on life sciences and healthcare.

Photo: Lior Zur, courtesy of Ichilov Hospital


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