Dear Tech Community, I am proud to present the 2023 Tel Aviv Tech Ecosystem Report.

Tel Aviv has earned its place at the heart of the startup nation thanks to an exceptional density of entrepreneurs, startups, investors, accelerators, and academic institutions. All of this is possible only in a city that enjoys freedom, democracy, pluralism, and diversity - the founding values of our city. In 2023, the Tel Aviv tech community has been among the most prominent and persistent defenders of these values. The attacks of October 7th, shook the very foundation of the State of Israel. Since that day the tech community has stepped into an indispensable role in the national response, from operational and urgent rescue operations to longer term recovery and repair. Both the local companies and the multinational companies, joined the military campaign and the civil eɬort and established support and aid systems, mobilization and contribution. Among other things, they also worked to help the thousands of residents of the surrounding area and the north who found refuge in Tel Aviv. Through it all with 20% of their workforce called into active military service, Israeli tech companies continue to demonstrate what their investors have long believed: Israeli tech delivers no matter what. Tel Aviv Tech is the municipal taskforce charged with supporting the local tech ecosystem as an engine of innovation and opportunity. The cross-functional initiative will continue to create connections between the industry and the city that enable both to ɮourish, and create powerful synergy both at home and abroad. Just this year, 12 multinational companies opened R&D centers in Tel Aviv, joining the 164 centers from 19 countries already operating. I invite you to explore the following report with full conɭdence that the values and strengths described here are fully reɮected on every page. The unwavering commitment and relentless creativity of the Tech community have made Tel Aviv an innovation hub around the world, but also at home. The commitment to excellence and progress inspires and encourages local leadership at every turn. We at the Tel Aviv Municipality are committed to doing our part to create and maintain the necessary conditions for the tech community to continue doing what it does best, undoubtedly contributing to our resilience, growth, and a brighter future for all. Best regards, Ron Huldai Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo


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