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High-Tech Companies in Israel, by Stage Revenue Growth (sales above $10m) Initial Revenues (sales under $10m) R&D Seed Source: IVC-Online, 2021

9,430 Companies

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From Early Development to Mass Production: Our Unique Advantages for Start-Ups

According to a 2021 report by IVC, there are 9,430 active high-tech companies in Israel. 49% of them are start-ups in early stages (R&D stage and seed stage). TDK-Lambda has long experience in the Israeli start-up scene. We offer unique advantages to start-ups in early stages, that need external support in power supply issues. We can support your start-up with everything - design, standards and certification – from the early development to mass production. Since the development and the manufacturing are based on Israel – we are always close to you. Our products include AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, programmable power supplies and EMC/EMI filters. You can choose an off-the-shelf solution – or benefit from our Power+Solutions service, that offers customized solutions using our existing wide range of power supply products. You are welcome to share your technical needs with the experts of TDK-Lambda Israel!

Source - IVC Report: 273×tamp=1612691886497


Israel is a major player in the semiconductor industry. The local industry currently employs 38,000 workers * , and has gained a global reputation. Recently, Intel announced the acquisition of Israeli chipmaker Tower Semiconductor in a huge deal. The semiconductor market is probably hotter than ever. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a global shortage of chips **, and a growing appetite for them from a range of customers, mainly in the computer, vehicle and communications industries. TDK-Lambda serves the Israeli semiconductor industry with advanced power supplies. The most popular among them are those that meet the requirements of SEMI F47 - a standard for voltage sag immunity that was adopted by semiconductor companies. These series include SWS-L, RWS-B and DLP DIN Rail Power Supply. The Semiconductor Market is Hotter than Ever: This is how we Serve Local Manufacturers

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New CUS Model Allows Cost Reduction

TDK-Lambda launched the CUS500M1 AC-DC power supplies, that provides an alternative for the CUS600M models: Customers with lower power applications can now reach an easy cost reduction with the new 500W series. The compact (3x5 inch) series is available with 12V, 19V, 24V, 28V, 32V, 36V and 48V outputs. It can deliver 500W with forced air cooling; or 300W with 500W peak power when convection cooled. The CUS500M1 series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including healthcare, medical aesthetics, testing, communication and industrial equipment.


60 KW in a Single Cabinet of 20U Height

TDK-Lambda Israel introduces a high power programmable DC series system, with up to 60 kW (4 x 15Kw GSP/GSS), in a single rack-mount cabinet of 20U height. The Genesys+ series offers a wide output range, high performance switching power supplies. The system is power factor corrected, and operates from worldwide AC voltage range continuously. The power system can be controlled and monitored by remote analog signals, or by the built in serial communications RS232/485, USB and LAN. IEEE, MODBUS TCP and EtherCAT are optional.



It’s ultra-small, and can be used almost everywhere… TDK-Lambda introduced additional models of the popular CCG series of isolated DC-DC converters, that are used in test & measurement applications, process control systems, battery powered equipment and more. The 1.3W to 3W DC-DC converters have wide input ranges: 4.5V-18V, 9V-36V, 18V-76V, and dual outputs (±12V, ±15V). Their operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +100°C, and they have a reduced derating at high ambient temperatures. The converters have a PCB coating option. The series has input to output isolation of 1,500Vdc, and it supports dual 5V/12V 12V/24V or 24V/48V system voltages. Small Means Big Possibilities




One of the Coolest Topics in Power Supply

There are several cooling methods in the power supply industry: - Fan cooled (uses an internal fan) - Forced air cooled (requires external airflow)

- Conduction cooled (relies on a cold plate to remove the waste heat) - Convection cooled (based on circulation or movement of hot air) TDK-Lambda’s broad selection of convection and conduction cooled power supplies are ideally suited for applications that can’t rely on fans for cooling. Eliminating the fan from your device, can decrease audible noise and reduce possible mechanical failure. Overall, it can increase your system’s reliability, and reduce required maintenance. Our convection cooled power supplies include the GXE series that offers advancedmonitoring and programming functions; the CUS series which is suited for medical equipment; and the CFE series that especially fits 1U applications. Our conduction cooled power supplies include the CM4 range which is the world’s first conduction cooled modular power supply; and the CPFE series that was especially developed to operate in harsh environments.



Introducing CUS250M Silent 250 Watts Medical Power Supply

CUS250M 2”x4” 250W AC-DC Power Supplies Overview


The 2x4 Inch CUS250M Series: Effective Cooling and Maximum Field Life

TDK-Lambda introduces the 2”x4” footprint CUS250M series of AC-DC power supplies, that can deliver up to 250W. Target applications include medical, home healthcare, dental, test and measurement and industrial equipment. The new series has unique features that make it ideal for equipment developers, for end users and even for patients when used in medical devices. These features solve some of the main concerns in the industry: effective cooling, silent operation and maximum field life. Conduction and convection cooling in the CUS250M series enables silent operation. A unique output terminal / choke combination (patent pending) reduces common mode noise. A high-voltage bulk capacitor, used to store energy during short interruptions in AC power, is situated at the edge of the power supply PCB. This enables more effective cooling, and enhances reliability. Careful component layout on the underside of the PCB distributes heat evenly across the base, improving thermal transmission. The use of polymer output capacitors providing low ESR and high ripple current tolerance - to maximize field life. 12V and 24V models will be available initially, with 15V, 18V, 28V, 36V and 48V outputs following later. The output voltage can be adjusted by the user.



New Video Tutorials for GENESYS+™

We are proud to present our new tutorial videos for GENESYS+™. The series, produced by TDK-Lambda Israel, includes 7 short instructional videos in Hebrew. The videos were produced as a follow-up to the previous training series - which was a success - and due to the need of customers in Israel for local support. Nadav and Yaniv from our R&D department will guide you how to control GENESYS+™ using external power source; give basic instructions for using a high-voltage version of the product; and provide useful tips for installing a filter when operating in a dusty environment. GENESYS+™ is the Flagship series of TDK-Lambda Israel, which developed andmanufactures it in Karmiel. The series is designed to meet the most advanced requirements in a wide range of applications, including medical device, green energy, semiconductors and testing laboratories.


This is why it is Worth being Part of the TDK-Lambda Family

The Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the way employess perceive their workplace. The dramatic changes in the labor market in the past two years have led research institutes to conduct surveys on this topic - especially in the high-tech sector. One of the most recent surveys, conducted by Sodexo*, presents surprising data. Despite the fast growth of the high-tech, only 61% of workers in this industry feel security in their job. TDK-Lambda, the Israeli branch of the Japanese giant TDK, provides exceptional stability in this period of uncertainty. The organizational strength, the professional challenge, the opportunities for promotion and the social atmosphere - are just some of the many benefits that our employees see in being part of the TDK family.

* The study:



Where Evolution Meets Intelligent Design

A new phase in the evolution of programmable power supplies was born in the labs of TDK-Lambda Israel. GENESYS+™ sets new standards for reliability, flexibility , functionality and simplicity . The smallest (and lightest ) product of its kind, delivers the highest power density on the market. It simplifies control, speeds up times, and uses versatile communication protocols. GENESYS+™ was designed to better serve the user (with friendly interfaces); to fit almost every application (industrial, laboratory and many more); and even to keep the environment (high efficiency of up to 92%).

R&D, Manufacturing and Headquarters: 56 Ha’haroshet st. Karmiel Industrial Zone Marketing & Sales: 1 Alexander Yanai, Segula Industrial Zone,


Petach Tiqva 03-9024333

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