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New Success Stories of TDK-Lambda Israel January 2022


New Project for a Global Manufacturer of Industrial Printers

TDK-Lambda Israel has recently completed a new project for a leading global company that manufactures industrial printers. The power systemprovided by TDK-Lambda, which was designed according to the customer’s specifications, serves a system that feeds printing media to the machine. The system’s core power supply is TDK-Lambda’s FPS1000 hot swap series. The new system has replaced an older system designed by another manufacturer. Its return rate was very high due to electronic and mechanical problems. TDK-Lambda’s engineers redesigned the electronic boards, and improved the mechanical layout structure, thus making the systemmore robust. The 1000W Front End Power Supplies offer high efficiency and lower cost of ownership. The series is also used in factory automation, RF amplifiers and distributed power architecture.



GENESYS+™ GSP 15kW in 3 Units

GENESYS+ TM was Chosen by a Developer of Agricultural Drones

The agriculture drones market is expected to grow from $1.2 billion in 2020 to $5.7 billion by 2025. Key factors driving the growth of this market include pressure on global food supply due to growing world population; and increase in venture funding for the development of agriculture drones*. A new TDK-Lambda customer, that develops advanced drones for agricultural applications, was looking for programmable power supply for its testing lab. Our Genesys+ was chosen to serve the unique needs of the customer. The programming features of Gen+ answer the client’s requirements for maximal precision, computer remote control and performance re programming. The programmable power supply has 19” Rack Mount capability for ATE and OEM application, and is equipped with built-in USB, RS-232/RS-485 interface. Programming is enabled via LabVIEW™ and IVI Drivers. Genesys+ is manufactured in TDK-Lambda’s facility in Karmiel, Israel. Its users enjoy local technical support - and a 5-year warranty.

* The Research firmMarkets and Markets




A leading manufacturer in the field of medical imaging devices has chosen a solution based on TDK-Lambda’s QM series. Among the advantages that led to the selection of TDK-Lambda’s product: its quiet operation (less noisy than competing products), its compact size - and the local support provided by TDK-Lambda in Israel. TDK-Lambda’s QM series of modular power supply addresses a wide range of medical applications, including MRI systems, medical aesthetics devices, automated medication dispensers, dental equipment, X-ray machines and more. The QM series is certified to the newest medical and safety standards, and is covered by a 7-year warranty – the longest in the industry for a modular product. QM-Based Product Selected by a Leading Manufacturer of Medical Imaging Devices



A leading Israeli player in the solar energy industry has chosen TDK-Lambda’s programmable power supplies for its testing stations. The provided solutions include the GENESYS+™, Genesys™ and also the Z+ Series. The critical factors that played in favor of TDK-Lambda’s offer were shorter lead-times, local support in Hebrew, high availability of the technical teams - and also competitive prices. The global solar energy market is expected to gain an average annual growth of 20.5% in 2021-2028 - and to reach $224 billion by 2028.* TDK-Lambda’s programmable power supplies have gained global reputation in the green energy sector, and in testing/lab applications in various industries. The company’s programmable range include GENESYS+™, Genesys™, the Z+ Series and the ZUP Series. TDK-Lambda’s Programmable Power Supplies have been Chosen by a Leading Israeli Solar Energy Company

* Growth Market Reports




Our Unique Tailored Solution for Test Equipment

A challenging application that we have recently completed is based on the connection of 5 units of the GXE-600 series - for the use in test equipment. The customer requested for a solution that will have 5 remote controlled outputs; and all at a height of only 1U due to lack of space. In our unique tailored solution, each of the 5 outputs is controlled separately. Each of the units has a separate voltage input - and includes advanced display. TDK-Lambda’s GXE-600 programmable AC-DC power supply is ideal for testing applications requiring wide-range output voltage and current programming, with sensitivity to noise from cooling fans. Theproduct featuresadvancedmonitoringfunctions, andoffersdigitaloranalogprogramming. It can operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -20 to +70°C



TDK-Lambda Israel has recently assisted to a local manufacturer of aesthetic devices, that had to stop production due to supply difficulties of its power supply provider (lead-time of more than a year). The company contacted us, requesting equivalent power supply products with a better delivery availability. We tailored a complete solution of power supplies that fit the technical specifications of the aesthetic equipment manufactured by the company. The customer has chosen to switch to TDK-Lambda’s products, and we quickly started the testing process for the products. TDK-Lambda offers an extensive product line of power supplies for medical and aesthetic applications. The series - including CUS, QM, DTM and GXE – are approved to the highest medical safety standards. Israeli Manufacturer of Aesthetic Devices Switched to TDK-Lambda’s Products



Series User Manual

Programmable DC Power Supplies 200W/400W/600W/800W in 2U Built-in USB, RS-232 & RS-485 Interface Optional Interface: LAN IEEE488.2 SCPI (GPIB) Multi-Drop Isolated Analog Programming


This manual is for

160v to 650v Outputs Only

For Z+ with low voltage outputs (10v-100v) Please use the following link:

New User Manual for Z+ High Voltage Units

Users of the Z+ High Voltage series of programmable power supplies can now benefit from a new manual, available at: The Z+ series offers a wide range of outputs allows testing of many different devices. The higher voltages units gained special popularity in the solar energy and electric car industries. The manual includes installation instructions, explanations on panel controls, tutorial for remote programming, tips for advanced functions and many more. * Another user manual is available for LV applications


Supply chain in the electronics industry is showingmuch pressures and uncertainty compared to the years before the COVID-19 outbreak. The TDK-Lambda manufacturing facility in Karmiel receives continuous support from its parent company in Japan and its sister companies abroad, in order to ensure continuous supply for the customers in Israel. The Karmiel site has even carried out operations to expand production lines and build new warehouses. Local inventory and local support enable TDK-Lambda to provide its Israeli customers with optimal solution for every need. As Supply Chain in the Electronics Industry is Showing Uncertainty – TDK-Lambda is Ready with Solutions



NEW PRODUCT: 350W / 500W Power Supplies with a 1,000W Peak Capability

Several medical, industrial and lab applications require an occasional high-peak power capability. However, these markets are often served by non-peak-capable power supplies which are usually large - and relatively expensive. TDK-Lambda is introducing the CUS350MP AC-DC power supply which is ideal for low audible noise applications with occasional high-peak power demands. The product is rated at 350W with convection cooling; and 500W with forced air - and can

deliver up to 1,000W peak power. Among the benefits of CUS350MP: • Medical and industrial safety certifications • Compact size: 88 x 183 x 44mm • Quiet operation • Class B conducted and radiated EMI • Five Year Warranty



Race to the Billion: The Fast Growth of the Market for Programmable Power Supply

The global market for programmable power supply is expected to reach $1.1 billion by the end of 2026, comparing to $760 million in 2019 - according to analysts*. According to the industry research, TDK-Lambda is a key player in the programmable power supply market. These advanced products mainly serve the following applications: semiconductor manufacturing, automobile power testing, industrial production, solar energy and medical device. TDK-Lambda offers programmablepower supplies from200Wto 15kWwithparallel capability of up to 60kW. The range include GENESYS+™, Genesys™, the Z+ Series and the ZUP Series. The newGENESYS+™series, developed andmanufactured by TDK-Lambda Israel, has gained a global reputation. The demand for GENESYS+™ in the past 2 years has brought to the need of a fast expansion of the Israeli TDK-Lambda facility in Karmiel.

* The Research firm Industry Research



New DC-DC Converters for Noise Sensitive Applications

TDK-Lambda is a global leader in both isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converters. For its Israeli customers, local inventory and local support enable TDK-Lambda to offer optimal solutions for unique needs. Some of these special requirements come from producers of electrical applications that are very sensitive to radiated and conducted noise. These devices include scanning electron microscopes, X-ray spectrometers, photomultiplier tubes, photodiodes, mass spectrometers and ultrasonic probes. TDK-Lambda’s new CHVM series of DC-DC converters was especially developed for such noise sensitive applications. The low output ripple and noise is achieved through the use of a metallic case that provides five-sided shielding to reduce radiated emission (less external filtering is required). These non-isolated converters have programmable output voltages (voltage or resistance). They are capable of operating from a nominal 12V input, with output voltages of 180, 300, 350, 470, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000V. The converters are certified to IEC/UL/CSA/EN 62368-1 safety standards, and have the CE mark for the Low Voltage and RoHS Directives.


TDK-Lambda’s CUS600M series of AC-DC power supplies has compact measures and heat optimized design, that save installation space in the customer’s end-equipment. In only 3” x 5” footprint (and height of just 1.46”) the CUS600M is available in 7 output voltages, including 32V. It operates with efficiencies of up to 96%, and has low leakage current - typically <200µA. The series can deliver 400W (600W peak) in -20°C to +40°C temperatures. The CUS600M has an input to output isolation of 4 kVac (2 x MoPP). Its quiet operation enhances the patient/user experience when used in medical equipment. The product serves producers of X-Ray machines, MRI scanners, hospital beds, ultrasound equipment, incubators and blood pressure monitors. Other typical applications include test and measurement devices, and industrial equipment that require up to 600W. The series is certified to medical and ITE standards for Class I and II operation, including IEC/ ES 60601-1 3rd edition, and has a 5-year warranty. Compact, Quiet and Reliable: The CUS600M Series Offers Many Advantages for Healthcare Producers



Special Tips for Customers for AC-DC Power Supply

TDK-Lambda held a webinar in December titled “The Secrets behind Power Supply”. The lecturer, Chris Maidment, TDK-Lambda’s Technical Marketing Manager, gave an insight into some of the “secret” facts behind key AC-DC parameters that are listed on a typical datasheet. Why secret? Because power supply manufacturers usually don’t include all technical information on the datasheet, from practical reasons. But since the datasheet may be the only document that a customer uses to base his purchase decision - there are hints & tips that can help... Here are just some of the key parameters and questions that Chris covered in the lecture: • Efficiency: Why comparison of efficiency rates between manufacturers is not so simple, and what you need to make sure? • Thermal Measurement: Which rule of thumb can help you estimate the real lifetime of the units? • Over Current: What is the difference between each protection technique? • Mechanical Options: How can you achieve real cooling benefits, and therefore lifetime benefits? • Medical Leakage Currents: Which critical factors determine the probability of what is potentially harmful to a patient / operator?


120% Power Boost for 2 Critical Seconds: Meet the New Addition of the DRB Series

TDK-Lambda is introducing the addition of three-phase AC input models to the DRB series DIN-Rail mount power supplies. The units have a special feature that enables a power boost of 120% for 2 seconds - to support capacitive loads start-up. Their continuous operation is at 120W and 240W; and in peak power they can deliver 144W and 288W. The models have a wide adjustment range of 11.4 to 15V, (12V model), 22.5 to 29V (24V models) and 45 to 56V (48V model). These power supplies also feature a very low energy inrush current upon initial start-up, reducing nuisance tripping of input circuit breakers. The series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including conventional switch cabinets, decentralized machinery and industrial systems. Other Benefits: • DC-OK and inhibit relay contacts for professional integration into applications control architecture • Parallel mode switch to activate load balancing behavior • Very low inrush energy peak saves cost for input line protection • High efficiency and low stand-by losses contribute to an eco-friendly energy footprint • Designed to meet the most accepted IEC safety standards, and regulatory EMC standards on radiated emission



60 kW in a Single Cabinet of 20U Height TDK-Lambda Israel introduces a high power programmable DC series system, with up to 60 kW (4 x 15Kw GSP/GSS), in a single rack-mount cabinet of 20U height.


Genesys+ Power System series power supplies offers a wide output range, high performance switching power supplies.

The Genesys+ Power System series is power factor corrected, and operates from worldwide AC voltage range continuously.

Output voltage and current are continuously displayed, and indicators show the complete operating status of the power system (in the standard master unit). The Front Panel controls allow the user to set the output parameters, the protection levels (Over-Voltage protection, Under Voltage protection and Foldback) and preview the settings (in the standard units). The rear panel includes the necessary connectors to control and monitor the power system operation by remote analog signals, or by the built-in serial communications RS232/485, USB and LAN.

IEEE, MODBUS TCP and EtherCAT are optional.

R&D, Manufacturing and Headquarters: 56 Ha’haroshet st. Karmiel Industrial Zone Marketing & Sales: 1 Alexander Yanai, Segula Industrial Zone,

Petach Tiqva 03-9024333


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