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About The Company

Commitment to Excellence

The Company Ambrosia-SupHerb is the leading Israeli company in the field of Food Supplements and VMS (Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements). Established in 1986, SupHerb is a well - known leading Brand in the nutritional supplement industry, as an innovator and a top quality manufacturer. The powerful combination of research, scientists and cutting-edge technologies enables SupHerb to provide unique and innovative formulations and top of the line finished products. Furthermore, our manufacturing flexibility and efficient customer service enables adaptability to both small and large scale production, with the same high level of proficiency. We at SupHerb manufacture a broad array of nutritional supple ments and therapeutic herbs and specialize in developing and manufacturing soft gel capsules, tablets, hard shell capsules, liquids and powders. SupHerb’s high standards are also mani fested in the strict supervision we must undergo to receive the highest kosher certificate. In addition, SupHerb maintains a line of highly kosher products (Badatz Ha’eda Ha Haredith Jerusalem). Production and Quality SupHerb’s plant is a modern, state-of-the-art facility. The plant spans over 6,000 sqm and is located in the Har-Yona industrial park in Nof Hagalil - “Nazareth”. We specialize in complex formulations of coated tablets, herbal capsules, soft gel capsules and syrups. The facility includes an in house microbiological laboratory, an analytical-chemical laboratory which includes HPLC and an R&D laboratory. There are 13 temperature, humidity and air control ‘white rooms’ in the facility that are in accordance with the Pharma Standards (medications manufacturing standards). SupHerb uses a meticulous system of quality control tests, which are integrated in the development and manufacturing processes, from selecting the most high-quality raw materials and using the most advanced manufacturing processes until the finished products are placed on the shelf.

SupHerb's product line reflects the principles that symbolize the spirit of the company – the commitment to excellence by providing top quality products, continues educational support and customer service. We go to great lengths to select and combine natural raw materials with strict manufacturing and quality control processes and the most advanced technologies. SupHerb’s high-quality product line is tailored to the Israeli lifestyle, supporting health and quality of life. The entire line is manufactured in our Facilities which operates according to strict quality control standards. ISO 9001 & ISO 22,000 – SupHerb's facilities meets a series of international quality standards, which include procedures and directives for verification of an efficient quality management system in the organization. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – SupHerb's facilities meets the highest food safety standard developed by the Israeli Ministry of Health, ensuring proper manufacturing conditions. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) – SupHerb's facilities meets the systematic control approach based on the seven main principles of food safety control. This approach is intended to analyze, identify and characterize all risks involved in the various stages of food manufacturing, to determine the critical control points, perform preventative acts at the control points and to follow the preventative acts performed at these points with regard to all manufacturing processes until the products are available to the customers.








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Tab in Gum

4 6 7 7 8 8 9

Omega 3

23 23 24

Cranberry & Vitamin C

Omega Max 3 Omega 3 980

Vitamin B12 Vitamin D Iron 30 mg

HERBS Grape Seeds Extract

Multi Vitamin for Pregnancy

25 25 26 26 27 27 28 28 29 29 30 30 31 31 32 32 33 33 34 34 35 35 36 36 37 37

Coldy Kid

Licorice AOX

Turmeric Extract with Piperine


Pycnogenol 30/120 mg

Relactium (Lactium)

10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 16 17 18 18 19 20 20 21 21 22 22


Good Night

Curcumin Liquid-Gel (BCM-95)

Spermax (Sphere) De-Toxan (Tox Rid)

Ginkgo Biloba Extract Green Coffee Extract

Saw Palmetto (Prosta Guard) Coenzyme Q-10 30/60/100 mg

Vitex Agnus-Castus Extract

Oregano oil Milk Thistle


Digestive Enzymes Complex

Garlic Oil

Neuro Guard

Pomegranate Extract

Gluco-Cinn (Cinnulin PF)

Aloe Vera Drink Konjac Fibers

NAC 400/600



Optic Guard/Optic Guard Forte

Moringa Extract

Maca with Super algae Spirulina

PROBIOTIC Bio 12 LR Family Probiotic

Blue - Green Algae

Spirulina Algae

Bio 25 LR

Bio 55 LR Intense Probiotic


Bio Boulardii



Derma Bright Beauty 360

Bio Dophilus

Bio 25

Multi Hair

Bio Plus

Bio Blis K12 Bio Female

Hyaluronic Acid Complex

Collagen Complex



WOMEN Phyto Balance (Phyto Female Complex)

Vitamin E-400

53 53 54 54 55 55 56 56 57 57 58 58 59 60 62 62 63 63 64 64 65 65 66 66 67 67 68 68

38 38 39 39 40 40 41 41 42 42 43 43 44 44 45 45 46 46 47 47 48 49 49 50 50 51 51 52 52

Magnesium Citrate with Vitamin B6

Bio Cran


Cranberry Extract + Vitamin C

Calcium Citrate (Osteo Guard)

D-Mannose Easy Days


Zinc Picolinate Iron Complex

9 Months Pregnancy Kit



Omega 9 months

MULTIVITAMINS Multivitamin Formula for Men Multivitamin Formula for Women Multivitamin Formula for Kids Multivitamin Formula for Immunity

Ginger Extract (Sickrid)

Folate 400 mcg

KIDS Cough Care (Flutone Shiulon)


Multi-You Daily Multi-You Sport

ErNoz Formula (E.N. Formula) Astragalus + Vitamin C Drops

SPORTS Creatine 1000 Salt Capsules Caffeine 200 mg

SambuKid Syrup Zinci Plus Syrup Liquid Multi vitamin

C&D with Zinc chewable

Iron Drops for Kids and Adults


Bio kid LR

L-Carnitine 500 L-Arginine 1000

Bio kid



Free Motion + MSM Msm 1000 Relief

Vitamin C+D with Zinc Zinc + Vitamin C Vitamin D-400 /1000 Vitamin D-400 /1000 + K2

WINTER Quercetin Complex Bioflavonoids Complex

Vitamin C Complex 500/1000 Ester C Complex 500/1000

Propolis 600

B Complex


Vitamin B-12 1000/2000 mcg

L-Lysine 500


The Next Generation of Dietary Supplements

For the first time in the world, we at Supherb are proud to present the new generation of dietary supplements. This cutting-edge development is based on an innovative concept, unique technology and an abundance of ingenuity. Our company is famous for manufacturing dietary supplements of all the existing diversity for over fifteen years. Taste and quality go hand in hand: We have applied our wide range of knowledge to the development of a new concept for consumption of dietary supplements – Tab in Gum, a unique concept and technology, in which a dietary supplement tablet is encased in chewing gum. This cutting edge technology allows us all to get all the benefits of a concentrated, high quality dietary supplement wrapped up in a delicious piece of chewing gum. There is no need to be concerned about the need to swallow large tablets – all you need to do is to put the Tab in Gum into your mouth, chew and enjoy the delicious chewing gum and the therapeutic benefits of Supherb’s dietary supplements.


Tab in Gum goes through strict quality assurance tests, among others an analytic test ensuring the dosage of the active ingredients, after which a special layer is produced, which turns the product into chewing gum while it is being chewed. It should be noted that the chewing gum sold today offer a very low dosage of the active ingredients. Supherb’s Tab in Gum provides a high and effective dosage of a wide range of dietary supplements. Moreover, this cutting edge technology allows a very high biological availability of the ingredients. What is so special about Tab in Gum? On one hand, up until now in the dietary supplements market, we have become used to thinking in terms of pills – tablets, capsules and so on, which in most of the consumers’ minds are directly related to medicine. This is often manifested in an unwillingness to take dietary supplements and a rejection of them. On the other hand, products consumed in different ways such as chewing gum, oil, lozenges and so on, usually contain a smaller amount and a limited diversity of active ingredients. Moreover, the customers of most of the companies in the field have become accustomed to thinking that if they want quality they have to forgo taste and texture - not anymore! The new, Tab in Gum technology we have developed in Supherb allows us to offer a wide variety of dietary supplements with high dosages of a wide range of ingredients without having to forgo taste and texture. For the first time, through the Tab in Gum technology, we are

able to offer delicious products such as chewing gum, which are of as high a quality as a tablet or a capsule. Not every chewing gum is a Tab in Gum: As opposed to chewing gum, we offer a wide range of ingredients in their natural form, without having to compromise in taste. For the first time, you will be able to chew the tablet in the Tab in Gum, get the benefits of a high quality dietary supplement, and enjoy the taste and texture of the chewing gum. The customers will no longer have to remember to take the supplement nor will they have to relate to it as they would to taking medicine – rather, they can put the pack of Tab in Gum in their bag, and use the product throughout the day as necessary. Technological advantages: • High dosages of active ingredients can be put into the product • Most of the active ingredients are released while chewing (in ordinary chewing gum, the active ingredients are pre mixed into the “dough”) • Providing protection for hygroscopic tablets • Maximum stability Therapeutic Advantages: • Eas y to carry • Delicious and high quality • Easy to use • Suitable for children • Changes habits related to taking dietary supplements • Easy to use packaging


Tab in Gum - The Next Generation of Dietary Supplements

Tab in Gum is a new and very innovative technology in the dietary supplement world: a tablet wrapped with chewing gum. The core of the tablet contains precise dosing of the active ingredients that meets the highest QC standards and regulation. The gum coating provides a heavenly experience of senses: natural colors, amazing texture and wonderful flavors – all in one Tab in Gum. As opposed to other chewing gums available today in the market – Tab in Gum contains up to 800 mg of active ingredients - vitamins, minerals, herbs or any desired raw material. The active ingredients in Tab in Gum are released inside your mouth within 60-120 seconds. Tab in Gum is suitable for a wide population, from children and youth, to pregnant women and adults.

Cranberry & Vitamin C Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infection Cranberry Extract + Vitamin C are used for preventing and treating urinary tract infection. The active ingredients in the cranberry extract have an especially high level of anti-bacterial activity. They help prevent harmful bacteria from adherence to the walls of the urinary tract. This reduces the risk of getting a Urinary Tract Infection.

Contents: Each Cranberry & Vitamin C Tab in Gum contains: 60 mg (as Ascorbic acid, Sodium ascorbate) Cranberry Ext. 150 mg (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Vitamin C

Directions: 1 Tab in Gum daily, Chew at least 120 seconds.

Sugar-free chewable tablet Fruit flavors that are tasty to consume!

A chewable tablet core Vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts Up to 800 mg of active ingredients

Patented coating technology

Global innovation ensuring quality and freshness


Tab in Gum

Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin 1,000 mcg in a chewing gum format Vitamin B12 is part of the B family of vitamins and is vital for the health of the body and brain. It is part of the creation of red blood cells process, and is vital for the nervous system. A B12 deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in the general population. Especially among the vegans, vegetarians, as well as the elderly. B12 Tab in Gum is an innovative technological breakthrough allowing you to enjoy a quality vitamin B12 supplement, in its active methylcobalamin form, in an easy, simple and delicious chewing gum vitamin supplement.

Vitamin D Vitamin D3 in a dosage of 1,000 IU in chewing gum format Vitamin D is part of the basic fat-soluble vitamins and is known as highly important for the functioning of the body in various aspects. Vitamin D is essential for keeping the proper balance of calcium in the bone, for the strengthening of the immune system, for proper nerve functioning, and for keeping both fetus and mother healthy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In recent years, there’s been an increase in awareness of the com mon vitamin D deficiency throughout the entire population: children, adults, and the elderly, as well as of its significance for our health. Since outburst of COVID-19 pandemia, world health authorities rec ommend taking vitamin D on daily basis at doses of 800-1000 IU. Doctors, pharmacists, and dietitians now recommend taking a daily supplement of vitamin D.

Contents: Each Vitamin B12 Tab in Gum contains:

Contents: Each Vitamin D Tab in Gum contains:

Vitamin B12

1000 mcg

Vitamin D

1000 IU

(as Methylcobalamin)

(as Cholecalciferol)

Directions: 1 Tab in Gum daily, Chew at least 120 seconds.

Directions: 1 Tab in Gum daily, Chew at least 120 seconds.


Tab in Gum

Iron 30 mg Treats and Prevents Iron Deficiency A formula designed to treat and prevent Anemia.

Multivitamin for Pregnancy Prenatal multivitamin for pregnant women

Chewable prenatal multivitamins, a groundbreaking Israeli patent allowing pregnant women to take multivitamin-minerals easily and simply, and they’re even tasty! One tablet a day provides the four components recommended for pregnant women: folic acid, iodine, iron and vitamin D. A chewable tablet patent with a unique chewing gum coating in a great grape cherry flavor. From now on, taking care of mother and child is simple, easy, tastes good and is much more comfortable! Tab in Gum multivitamin chewing gum for pregnant women is a unique supplement that suits prenatal, pregnant and breastfeeding women, providing the vitamins and minerals required during that time. Contents: Each Multivitamin for Pregnancy Tab in Gum contains: Vitamin C (as Ascorbic acid) 50 mg Iron (as Ferric pyrophosphate) 30 mg Folic acid (as L-Methylfolate) 400 mcg Iodine (as Potassium iodide) 220 mcg Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 400 IU Directions: 1 Tab in Gum daily, Chew at least 120 seconds.

Iron is the most important mineral in the production of Hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying components in red blood cells. Iron deficiency results in Anemia. Women are the primary sufferers of iron deficiency due to the monthly blood loss during menstruation. Additionally, women require a high dosage of iron during pregnancy and lactation to prevent deficiency in both mother and fetus.

Contents: Each Iron 30 mg Tab in Gum

contains: Vitamin C

50 mg

(as Ascorbic acid) Iron

30 mg

(as Ferric pyrophosphate)

Directions: 1 Tab in Gum daily, Chew at least 120 seconds.


Tab in Gum


Coldy Kid For strengthening the immune system during the winter In the winter we are exposed more to diseases, mainly respiratory diseases and throat infections. We at Supherb launched the winning combination of black elder berry, astragalus, zinc, licorice, Vitamin C and Vitamin D to support the immune system during the winter. The dosages in product suit children. Coldy Kid is intended for pro phylactic use as well as for use in case of common cold symptoms appearance. Coldy Kid Tab in Gum - to get through the winter safely.

Contents: Each Coldy Kid Tab in Gum contains: Elderberry Ext

50 mg 50 mg 50 mg

Astragalus Ext

Vitamin C

Licorice Ext.

5 mg 4 mg


Vitamin D.

400 IU

Directions: 1 Tab in Gum daily, Chew at least 120 seconds.


Tab in Gum



Relactium (Lactium) A Patented Designated Formula for a Stress-Free Life A new product that helps reduce stressful situations and mental stress and facilitates falling asleep at night. Lactium is a natural product that offers an easy, available and safe solution for helping the body cope with mental and psychological stress without the need for prescription medication. Lactium was first separated from breast milk during a study regarding breastfed infants’ high quality of sleep. This patented ingredient contains short-chained proteins, which are broken down in a unique way in the infant’s digestive system, an ability which disappears during a person’s adult life. Lactium affects the nervous system and helps people suffering from every day tension, mental stress, anxiety symptoms and sleep related difficulties. Lactium can be used along with sedatives, anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications.

Good Night A Designated Herbal Formula for a Quiet and Calm Night Many people suffer from stress, tension, and anxiety due to their fast and demanding lifestyle. Long-term stress can affect the quality of sleep and lead to insomnia and other sleep disturbances. Good quality sleep has a great impact on the way we function in our day-to-day life, and it’s also crucial for our health. A medicinal herbs-based formula that helps reach deep relaxation, designed especially for the evening and nighttime. The product is based on medicinal herbs that have a calming effect, together with magnesium and B vitamins, which work together to reduce stress and anxiety for a quiet and calm night.

Contents: Each Good Night capsule contains: Magnesium (as Magnesium oxide) Hops Ext. 150 mg (Humulus lupulus L. [2% flavones]) Passion fruit Ext. 100 mg (Passiflora incarnata [3.5% flavones]) Leonurus Ext. 100 mg (Leonurus heterophyllus ext.) Valeriana Edulis 70 mg Vitamin B6 5 mg (as pyridoxine HCI) Vitamin B1 5 mg (as Thiamine HCI) Vitamin B12 100 mcg (as Methylcobalamin) Directions: 1-2 capsules daily with meals, before bedtime. 133 mg

Main Uses • Supports nervous system and induces sleep • Contributes to normal process of sleep • Reduces stress and anxiety levels Therapeutic Advantages • A natural, unique, synergetic combination of medicinal herbs, magnesium and B vitamins • Good therapeutic effectiveness • Suitable for long term use • No tolerance or dependency while using the product • A convenient nutritional supplement in capsule form.

Contents: Each Relactium capsule contains: 90% milk protein (casein) hydrolysate Directions: For sleep induction: 1-2 capsules daily, with meals. Chronic stress: 1-2 capsules daily, with meals. Acute stress: 2 capsules at once, with a meal.

Main Uses • Calms the nervous system and induces sleep • Helps reduce chronic stress and anxiety • Alleviates stress and anxiety before examinations, stressful events, flights etc. • Helps reduce stress related blood pressure values • Contributes to the reduction of cortisol levels (the stress hormone) • Helps reduce dependency on sedatives Therapeutic Advantages • Can be used for prolonged periods of time without risk of addiction • Does not affect wakefulness or cause sleepiness and can be taken during the day • Good therapeutic effectiveness • Suitable for use in children over 7 years of age • Can be taken simultaneously with medication from the Benzodiazepine and the SSRI family


Unique Formulas

Spermax (Sphere) A Designated Formula for Boosting Male Fertility A formula rich in natural ingredients clinically proven to have a powerful and empowering impact on male fertility. These ingredients enhance the quality of the sperm and help to improve sexual function. Male fertility and the ability to reproduce is one of the most common issues occupying the minds of numerous men in their reproductive years. A man’s degree of fertility affects many areas of his life such as continuity, self-realization, mental and physical health and more. Research shows that oxidation processes in the semen can be reduced by antioxidants, which contribute to proper quantity and motility of sperm. SupHerb’s Sphere is based on powerful antioxidants, which operate to reduce oxidative damage to male fertility.

De-Toxan (Tox-Rid) Supporting Cleansing & Detoxification Processes A designated formula that supports processes of cleansing and purifying the liver from fats, toxic substances, medications, alcohol and heavy metals. The main role of the liver is to dispose of various toxins in the body. Intensive exposure to toxins and inadequate digestion processes damage the liver’s functionality and interfere with the waste disposal processes, impacting the body's tendency to develop various diseases. Tox-Rid contains herb extracts, anti–oxidants and unique ingredients which help improve liver functionality, dissolve fats and purify toxins of the body.

Contents: Each De-Toxan tablet contains:

Main Uses • Supports detoxification processes • Treats fatty liver and lowers cholesterol and triglycerides levels Therapeutic Advantages • Developed by two physicians experienced in treating intoxication • The dosage of the ingredients has been adjusted according to the most up-to-date clinical studies.

Contents: Each Spermax softgel capsule

Main Uses • Boosts and supports male fertility • Increases the sperm quality and motility indices • Reduces oxidative stress in the body and in the spermatozoa • Improves general sexual function Therapeutic Advantages • A diverse and rich formula designed for the treatment of fertility and sexual function • Clinically researched high therapeutic effectivity of ingredients • A unique synergetic combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and additional ingredients • Can be combined with medications

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) 200 mg Standardized Milk-Thistle Ext.150 mg [Silymarin (80%)] Standardized Dandelion Ext. 150 mg [Sterols (10%)] Standardized Turmeric Ext. 150 mg [Curcuminoids (95%)] Alpha Lipoic Acid 60 mg (ALA) Cholin 50 mg (as Choline Bitartrate) L- Methionine 50 mg Inositol 50 mg Directions: 1-2 tablets daily, with meals.

contains: L-arginine

750 mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) 300 mg CO-Q10 50 mg Zinc Picolinate 15 mg Selenomethionine 150 mkg Vitamin E 300 IU (as D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate) Vitamin D3 200 IU Directions: 2 softgel capsules twice a day, with meals.


Unique Formulas

Saw Palmetto (Prosta Guard) For Preserving the Health of the Prostate Gland

Coenzyme Q-10 30/60/100 mg Dry / Soft Gel Coenzyme Q-10 is a vitamin-like nutrition supplement considered to be a powerful anti-oxidant. Coenzyme Q-10 can be found in each of the body's cells, but its highest concentration is in the heart muscle, liver, brain and gum cells. Coenzyme Q-10 has a major role in the body's cells since it is involved in creating cellular energy, mainly in the cells of the heart muscle. After the age of 25, and as we get older, the level of Coenzyme Q-10 in the body decreases, therefore, we need to obtain the daily amount from external sources. People taking medication from the statins family (for lowering cholesterol levels) are even more exposed to the decline in Coenzyme Q-10 levels, which may be expressed as pain in body muscles, mainly in the shins, but not only.

A designated formula, rich in nutritional components, which hinder the prostate gland's enlargement process, enhance the flow of urine and prevent and reduce carcinogenic processes in the gland. The prostate gland is a male organ and is responsible for secreting the seminal fluid. A benign enlargement of the gland will begin In most men over 45. The set of symptoms typical to the enlargement of the gland is called Prostatism, and they stem from the bladder's inability to empty itself completely. A frequent need to urinate, difficulty in emptying the bladder, urinary tract inflammation and pain while urinating and sitting - are the symptoms that accompany the enlargement of the prostate. Taking Prosta Guard regularly will reduce and prevent the enlargement of the gland and relieve the symptoms of Prostatism.

Contents: Each Saw Palmetto capsule contains: Saw Palmetto standardized Ext. 125 mg Pumpkin Seed oil 50 mg Nettle Extract 25 mg Turmeric standardized Extract 25 mg Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract 25 mg Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate) 10 mg Natural Lycopene 5 mg Selenium 100 mcg (as L-Selenomethionine) Vitamin D 200 IU Directions: 2 capsules daily, with meals.

Contents: Each Coenzyme Q-10 capsule contains: Coenzyme Q-10 30/60/100 mg Vitamin E (mixed Tocopherols) 5 IU

Main Uses • Relieves Prostatism symptoms • Treats and prevents prostate gland

Main Uses • Strengthens the heart muscle • Treats gingivitis • Improves sports perfor mance Therapeutic Advantages • Populations at risk for Coenzyme Q-10 defi ciency • People taking statins • Chemotherapy patients • Heart patients or indi viduals at risk for heart disease • People who engage in athletic activity

enlargement (hypertrophy)

Directions: 1-2 capsules daily, with meals.

• Prevents prostate cancer Therapeutic Advantages • Contains 5 mg of natural Lycopene • A wealth of natural nutritional components at optimal dosages

Medications Interactions: For people taking medication from the statins family (Simovil, Lipitor etc.) it is recommended to take Coenzyme Q-10 daily.


Unique Formulas

Digestive Enzymes Complex For Easing Digestive Processes and Reducing Gases and Swelling in the Digestive System A complex of digestive enzymes that helps the proper balance of enzyme activity in the digestive system. The complex contains the seven most essential enzymes for breaking down the common foods in our everyday nutrition. Taking digestive enzymes is the most effective solution for easy and proper digestion. Ingesting a daily supplementation of digestive enzymes helps eating without worrying about the common side effects after meals such as the feeling of fullness, swelling, gases, stomachache, constipation, diarrhea and more. Furthermore, taking enzymes that aid in the proper digestion of food is essential for preventing diseases since the lack of enzymes hampers the body’s metabolic actions, and could lead to the development of various diseases, not only in the digestive system. A well-known example is that proper digestion of proteins is essential for the prevention of allergies, which cause asthma and eczema. Contents: Each Digestive Enzymes Complex capsule contains: Amylase 12,500 DU Protease 25,000 HUT Lipase 1,875 FIP Bromelain 750,000 FCCPU Lactase 1,300 ALU Glucoamylase 12 AGU Cellulase 125 CU Main Uses • Alleviation of the side effects of deficient diges tion: swelling, flatulence, stomach aches, consti pation, and diarrhea • Improves the absorption of the nutrients in the food • Reduction of food allergies • Prevens the development of diseases in the diges tive tract

Ubiquinol Ubiquinol is the natural form of co-enzyme Q10, which is directly absorbed without the need for further conversion in the body, thereby rendering the powerful Q10 available for the tissues. Ubiquinol by Supherb is patented Q10 which provides an effective dosage of 50 mg and is optimally absorbed, equivalent to 300 mg thanks to its unique derivative (3 times more energy). Ubiquinol provides the body with the numerous benefits of Q10 by preserving health of the heart, producing energy in the body cells, supporting the immune system and more. It is especially recommended for people with heightened need of Q10 – such as people on medication to lower cholesterol or athletes.

Contents: Each Ubiquinol softgel capsule contains: Co enzyme Q10 50 mg (as Ubiquinol) Directions: 1-3 softgel capsules daily, with meals.

Main Uses • Helps preserve cardio vascular health • Creates energy in the body cells • Helps treat muscle cramps associated with cholesterol lowering medications • Serves to enhance ath letic performance • Provides support in chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheim er’s and others Therapeutic Advantages • The most potent and available form for the human body • Direct derivative ensur ing rapid absorption in the body • Ubiquinol is based on the registered patent of KanekaQH®

Directions: 1–3 capsules daily, with meals.

Therapeutic Advantages • A complex of the most essential enzymes for breaking down carbohy drates, proteins and fats • Contains lactase for breaking down lactose (the milk sugar) • Assists in maintaining the health of the digestive system on a daily basis • Relieves discomfort and improves the quality of life


Unique Formulas

Neuro Guard Relieving Diabetic Neuropathy Symptoms

Gluco-Cinn (Cinnulin PF) Balancing Sugar Levels in the Blood

A designated product for reducing the damage to small blood vessels and peripheral innervations as a result of Diabetic Neuropathy. Diabetic Neuropathy is a disease that damages the nervous system and is one of the most common complications amongst diabetics. The damage to the blood vessels and the nervous system stems from the high levels of free radicals common in situations in which the sugar levels in the blood are higher than the desirable level. Neuro Guard contains a concentrated dosage of Alpha-Lipoic Acid. Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an intensive anti-oxidant ingredient with an important impact on the blood vessels and nervous system. Taking Neuro Guard contributes to the improvement of blood flow towards the peripheral nerves, improvement of nerve fibers, increasing the cells’ sensitivity to insulin and reducing symptoms of pain, burning, tingling and numbness.

Gluco-Cinn contains standardized cinnamon extract called Cinnulin PF, which has been clinically proven to reduce high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is common in western countries and it is becoming increasingly widespread every year due to nutritional changes and the western lifestyle. Diabetes is characterized by increased levels of sugar, increased risk for cardiovascular diseases and for potential damage to the kidneys, the nervous system and the eyes. Diabetes constitutes a main part of the metabolic syndrome, a condition characterized by increased levels of lipids in the blood, high blood pressure, obesity and oxidative stress. Gluco-Cinn combats the metabolic syndrome by improving the sensitivity of the cells to insulin, reducing lipid levels in the blood, balancing blood pressure, helping to maintaining proper weight and reducing oxidative stress in the body.

Contents: Each Gluco-Cinn capsule contains: Standardized Cinnamon Ext. 250 mg (as Cinnulin PF) (Trimeric and tetrameric type A poly mers (3%) (Cinnamom Burmunnu Ext.) Cinnamon Powder (4:1) .250 mg Directions: 1-2 capsules daily, with meals.

Contents: Each Neuro Guard tablet contains: Alpha Lipoic Acid Directions: 1-3 tablets daily, with meals.

Main Uses • Reduces metabolic syn drome symptoms (dia betes, lipids in the blood, high blood pressure and overweight) • Balances blood sugar levels (increasing cells sensitivity to insulin) • Reduces blood fats and high blood pressure • Powerful anti-oxidant Therapeutic Advantages • Unique extract of Cin namon Bark with the highest concentration of active ingredients • Cinnulin PF effectiveness has been proven by clini cal studies • A high-quality extract that ensures the cleans ing of toxins and is safe for daily use

Main Uses • Reduces symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy • Improves blood flow to the peripheral nervous system • Improves sexual perfor mance • Protection against oxi dation damage • Improves digestion • Does away with toxic heavy metals Therapeutic Advantages • Proven dosage for relief of Diabetic Neuropathy symptoms • Improves feet neuropa thy symptoms within 8 days • High level of safety, can be taken with other dia betes medications

600 mg

Unique Formulas 14


NAC 400/600 N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine is a derivative of the amino acid-Cysteine, which is considered to be a powerful anti-oxidant. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine has many benefits and functions, the most prominent of which is its ability to reduce phlegm in the respiratory tracts. NAC can be used for chronic bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. As a powerful anti-oxidant, NAC is vital for smokers who are prone to accumulating phlegm and free radicals in the lungs. NAC also protects the liver from exposure to chemical toxins and is used in hospitals as treatment for Acamol toxicity. It can be combined with toxic cleansing of the liver and with the treatment of diseases, such as: Hepatitis, medications toxicity, heavy metals, pesticides and environmental pollution agents.

Release Magnesium and herbal extracts complex

Release is a complex combining herbal extracts and magnesium, for maintaining proper bowel activity. The formula components simultaneously act in several mechanisms to treat constipation, a condition that is common in the general population. The ingredients do not cause dependency issues and can be taken over a long period of time. Primary agent of formula is an inorganic compound of Magnesium, Magnesium Hydroxide, which possesses direct laxative effect on bowels without causing tolerance. The combination of fruit and medicinal herbal extracts in the product improve the process of bowel movements. The product is intended for an everyday use without any risk of developing tolerance or dependency.

Contents: Each NAC 600 capsule contains: NAC (N-acetyl-L-Cysteine) 600 mg

Main Uses • Alleviates phlegm

Contents: Each Release capsule contains: Magnesium

• Cleanses the liver from medications, heavy met als and other toxins Therapeutic Advantages • Maximum dosage of ac tive ingredient in each caplet • Safe for use and free of side effects

Main Uses • Constipation and flatu lence Therapeutic Advantages • Can be taken over long periods of time • Combination of fruit and herbal extracts without risk of dependency • Magnesium hydroxide at doses of 180mg • Can be used in adoles cents as well as in adults • Haredi Badatz Kosher certified

Directions: 1 capsule daily, with a meal.

180 mg 50 mg 30 mg 20 mg 20 mg 20 mg 20 mg

Cassia Ext.


Fennel seeds

Prunus Domestica Ext.

Fig Ext.

Tamarind Ext.

Directions: 1-4 capsules daily, with meals.


Unique Formulas

Optic Guard / Optic Guard Forte For Maintaining Eye Health

A unique formula containing essential ingredients for maintaining eye health. The dosage of ingredients is optimal and appropriate for preventing various types of eye diseases: Age-Dependent Macular Degeneration of the Eye (AMD), cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and damaged visual acuity. Genetics is indeed the main cause of vision disorders but there are several other factors that influence the risk level for impaired vision. Some of the factors are: improper nutrition, smoking, exposure to toxins, diabetes and oxidative stress. Optic Guard contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients, which are also essential for improving vision at an older age (including night vision) and reducing the risk of developing age related eye diseases.

Contents: Each Optic Guard/Optic Guard Forte tablet contains: Natural Lutein

Directions: 1 tablet daily, with a meal (not recommended before bedtime). Medications Interactions: people taking Coumadin should consult their doctor.

Main Uses • Delays Age-Dependent Macular Degeneration (AMD) • Improves eyesight (including night vision) • Prevents the development of cataracts • Treats Diabetic Retinopathy Therapeutic Advantages • 10/20 mg of natural Lutein in each tablet • One daily tablet provides all the essential nutrients • Unique anti-oxidants in optimal dosages

10/20 mg

Vitamin C

150 mg

(as Ester C) Standardized Blackberry Ext

100 mg

[anthocyanidins (25%)] Citrus Bioflavonoid

60 mg

Quercetin 50/10 mg Standardized Ginkgo Biloba Ext 30 mg [Ginkoflavoglycosides (24%)] Vitamin B2 10 mg Zinc 8 mg (as Zinc Picolinate) Copper 1 mg Selenium 100 mcg (as L- selenomethionine) Beta Carotene 7500 IU Natural Vitamin A 2500 IU Natural Vitamin E 100 IU


Unique Formulas


Bio 12 LR Family Probiotic Probiotics for Family Health!

Supherb’s LR probiotic series is based on the friendly bacterium called Lactobacillus Reuteri. Recent studies have shown that the LR strain has a beneficial impact on several body systems: it helps the digestive system, supports the immune system, contributes to cardiovascular health and can assist in a wide range of disease conditions. The LR series does not contain any dairy ingredients since the bacteria substrate is of a Non-Dairy source.

Bio 12 LR is a family formula containing at least twelve billion bacteria in a single capsule, including the potent LR bacteria. The formula is designed to maintain the body’s overall health, strengthen the immune system and improve digestive processes. Research shows that probiotic formulas enriched with the L. Reuteri bacteria, are especially good for treating and preventing inflammations and infections in the urinary and sexual systems (UTI and vaginal candida). Bio 12 LR is suitable for all age groups in the population: the elderly, men, women and children. This is the most highly recommended probiotic for maintaining your family’s health every day of the week, the month and the year.

Contents: Each Bio 12 LR capsule contains at least 12 billion active bacteria: L. paracasei 2 billion L. casei 2 billion L. reuteri 2 billion L. rhamnosus 2 billion B. bifidum 1.5 billion L. acidophilus 1.5 billion L. plantarum 1 billion Directions: 1 capsule daily, with a meal.

Main Uses • Provides support for the body’s overall health • Reduces infections in urogenital system (UTI, Candida) • Reduces lactose intolerance symptoms • Reduces the development of viruses and candida • Treatment of antibiotic resistant bacteria • Fortifies medicinal antifungal and antibiotic treatments • Nurtures healthy skin Therapeutic Advantages • Intelligent use of a wide variety of unique probiotic species (7 different species) • The formula contains the potent bacteria L.Reuteri • Fortifies general health • Suitable for the treatment of a wide variety of health problems • A high dosage in each capsule • Highly safe for use • No dairy ingredients (the bacterial substrate does not contain dairy!) and reduces the amount of absences from work due to illness

Probiotic 17

Bio 55 LR Intense Probiotic Probiotics for Resilient Health

Bio 25 LR Extra Strength Probiotics Formula for Resilient Health Getting the most out of a probiotic formula is crucial for a healthy gut, optimal health and immune defense. When it comes to a powerful formula, Bio 25 LR is up to standard. This unique formula contains at least 25 billion live probiotic bacteria per capsule which help balance and replenish the intestinal tract. Research shows that using high doses of probiotics is essential for maintaining the body’s overall health, considering the high utilization of probiotic bacteria for daily subsistence needs. Contents:

The Bio 55 formula contains at least 55 billion bacteria in each capsule including a high dosage of L.Reuteri (LR). It is a unique and exclusive formula in the Israeli market, containing a high and concentrated dosage of high quality probiotic bacteria. Research shows that using high doses of probiotics is essential for maintaining the body’s overall health, in light of the high utilization of probiotic bacteria for daily subsistence needs. Bio 55 LR helps in treating IBD, such as ulcerative collitis and Crohn disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Helicobacter pylori infections, ulcers, reflux, heartburn and a diaphragmatic hernia.

Main Uses • Can be used to treat a wide range of conditions relating intestinal imbalances and diseases such as IBS, IBD, ulcers, reflux, and diaphragmatic hernias • Promotes optimal defense against bacteria, including HP (Helicobacter Pylori), viruses, candida and other types of environmental damage parasites Therapeutic Advantages • Contains 25 Billion live Probiotic bacteria per capsule • Can be used either daily or on a sporadic basis • Powerful Probiotic formula with Lactobacillus reuteri (LR) • Contains a wide variety of unique Probiotic strains • Safe for Use • Dairy-Free

Contents: Each Bio 55 LR capsule con tains at least 55 billion active bacteria: L. acidophilus 20 billion B. bifidum 6 billion B. longum 6 billion L. casei 6 billion L. paracasei 6 billion L. reuteri 5 billion B. lactis 5 billion L. plantarum 3 billion L. salivarius 2 billion L. rhamnosus 2 billion L. bulgaricus 2 billion Directions: 1 capsule daily, with a meal.

Each Bio 25 LR capsule con tains at least 25 billion active bacteria: L. acidophilus, L.reuteri, L. Paracasei, L. Rhamnosus, L. Casei, L. Plantarum, B.lactis, L.salivarius Directions: 1 capsule daily, with a meal.

Main Uses • Maintaining the body’s overall health • Treating intestinal diseases IBD, IBS • Treating ulcers, reflux, and diaphragmatic hernias • Treating intestinal germs and parasites such as worms and Salmonella • Candida and HP • Reducing cholesterol values • Treating gum infections Therapeutic Advantages • Intelligent use of a wide variety of unique probiotic species (11 different species) • The Formula contains the potent bacteria L.Reuteri • Fortifies general health and reduces the amount of absences from work due to illness • Suitable for the treatment of a wide variety of health problems • High dosage in each capsule • Highly safe for use • Dairy-Free

Probiotic 18

Bio Boulardii ® Are you taking antibiotics? Meet Bio Boulardii! A new and advanced type of probiotics! SupHerb’s Bio Boulardii is based on a patented probiotic yeast, Saccromyces Boulardii, which is intended for use in conjunction with antibiotics, without separating the times it is taken, and without the need for prolonged treatment. The yeast is not sensitive to antibiotic treatment, and therefore is not damaged by drugs from the antibiotic family. At the same time, the yeast provides the human body with protection against gastrointestinal side effects of antibiotic treatment, which occur in about 20% of patients. In addition to use during antibiotic treatment, Bio Boulardii is designed to guard against various fungal infections, and in particular against Candida, a common pathogenic yeast responsible for most vaginal fungal infections in women.

Contents: Each Bio Boulardii capsule contains:

Main Uses • Preventing gastrointestinal side effects (diarrhea, nausea and more ...) against the background of antibiotic treatment, in adults and children (AAD - Antibiotic associated diarrhea) • Protecting against fungal infections including Candida • Preventing and treating diarrhea that is not associated with antibiotic treatment, in adults and children Therapeutic Advantages • Probiotic yeast efficacy is documented in many clinical trials! • Contains registered patented probiotic yeast – Saccromyces boulardii (Lynside®) CNCM I-3799 • Resistant to antibiotic and is therefore recommended for use together with antibiotic treatment • Prevents side effects and protects against side effects of antibiotics • Suitable for adults as well as for children

S. Boulardii ® Lynside .......... 5 billion probiotic yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii CNCM I-3799)

Directions: 1 capsule together with each dose of antibiotics (up to 3 times a day). Medication interactions: No need to separate between taking Bio Boulardii and taking the antibiotic. After completing the course of antibiotics, it is recommended to con tinue treatment with BIO-25.




Biotic Preventing Damage Caused by Antibiotics

Bio Dophilus Bio Dophilus + is a probiotic formula for the entire family containing 8 friendly bacteria strains at a dosage of at least 6 billion active bacteria in each capsule, with added FOS - nutritional fibers that help the bacteria thrive and survive. The probiotic bacteria are protected with special capsules based on advanced technology, that shield them from stomach acidity and lead them to their destination at the intestines, for maximum efficiency. Among the starins of the formula, there is a the friendly probiotic strain - L. Reuteri – one of the most studied strains of probiotic bacteria in terms of efficiency in various health conditions.

A probiotic formula developed especially for treating damages caused by antibiotics and for supporting and rehabilitating the digestive system. The over-prescription of antibiotics causes many side effects and the longer the duration of the antibiotic treatment is, the more severe the side effects are. Taking Biotic during a course of antibiotics and a few weeks after completion of the antibiotic treatment minimizes the side effects and reduces the need for repetitive use of antibiotics.

Contents: Each Biotic capsule contains at least 2 billion of active bacteria: FOS 350 mg L. Acidophilus 0.5 billion L. Bulgaricus 0.5 billion B. Bifidum 0.5 billion S. Thermophilus 0.5 billion Directions: 2 capsules daily, 1 hour after taking antibiotics.

Main Uses • Prevents side effects caused by antibiotics • Prevents flatulence, diarrhea, constipation and other disorders of the digestive system Therapeutic Advantages • The only formula especially adapted for consumption while taking antibiotics • High quantity of bacteria in each capsule for protecting the intestinal tissue

Contents: Each Bio Dophilus capsule contains at least 6 billion active bacteria: FOS, L. acidophilus, L. paracasei, L. casei, L. reuteri, L. rhamnosus, B. bifidum, L. plantarum, B. longum. Directions: 1 capsule daily, with a meal. Make sure your hands are dry and the package is completely sealed after each use

Main Uses • Helps with the sense of stomach lumbering and bloating • Contributes to proper digestion and strengthens the immune system • Maintains good bacteria balance in the digestive system during and after antibiotic treatment Therapeutic Advantages • Advanced coating technology for maximal protection and resistance to stomach acids • Capsules of the product ensure the bacteria reach and create colonies in intestines • Added FOS, encouraging bacteria thriving • A wide range of 8 probiotic strains • The formula contains the L. Reuteri (Lactobacillus Reuteri) bacteria strain • Parve kosher, Orthodox badatz certified




Bio Plus Rich Probiotics with FOS

Supherb’s dual coating series is a special probiotic series since the bacteria is coated with 2 layers of a unique patented coating. This coating ensures the survival of the bacterium in the stomach acidity and facilitates its growth in the intestines.

A probiotic formula containing a variety of friendly bacteria that help maintain proper function of the digestive system (relieves diarrhea, flatulence, bloating and discomfort), support the immune system and maintain balance and general health. The formula is enriched with pre biotic fibers - FOS (Fructo Oligo Saccharides) that contribute to the thriving of bacteria within the intestines and improve its functioning. Consumption of Bio Plus prevents side effects and illnesses related to deficiencies of friendly bacteria as a result of improper life style, medications and stress.

Bio 25 Relieving Symptoms of IBD and IBS

An innovative Formula containing over 25 billion active bacteria in each capsule. The Bio 25 formula is intended to relieve various digestive problems, especially inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn, Colitis) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Daily consumption of Bio 25 helps relieve various disorders in the digestive system including diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, bloating, stomach aches etc. Moreover, Bio 25 reinforces the digestive system and treats digestive system infections (viral, bacterial and fungal infections). Contents: Each Bio 25 capsule contains at least 25 billion active bacteria: L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, L. Rhamnosus, L. Lactis, L. Casei, Main Uses • Relieves Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)

Contents: Each Bio Plus capsule contains at least 6 billion of active bacteria: FOS 300 mg L. Acidophilus 1.5 billion L. Bulgaricus 1.5 billion B. Bifidum 1.5 billion S. Thermophilus 1.5 billion Directions: 1-2 capsules daily, with meals. Medication interactions: Should be taken two hours after taking antibiotics.

Main Uses • Regulates the digestive system function • Reinforces the immune system and prevents infections • Offers higher availability of essential nutrients • Supports in conditions of respiratory and skin allergies Therapeutic Advantages • High quantity of bacteria • The most essential, effective bacteria species • Added pre-biotic fibers (FOS)

such as Crohn and Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Therapeutic Advantages • Therapeutic dosage of only one capsule a day • Over 25 billion active bacteria in each capsule • May be stored at room temperature

B. Breve, S. Thermophilus, B. Longum, L. Paracasei, L. Plantarum, B. Infantis Directions: 1 capsule daily, with a meal. Medication interactions: Should be taken two hours after taking antibiotics.



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