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This section contains 22 questions. The time allotted is 20 minutes.

The following section contains three types of questions: Sentence Completion, Restatements and Reading Comprehension. Each question is followed by four possible responses. Choose the response which best answers the question and mark its number in the appropriate place on the answer sheet. Sentence Completions (Questions 1-8) This part consists of sentences with a word or words missing in each. For each question, choose the answer which best completes the sentence .

1. Because he disagreed with its goals, he chose to ____ from the committee.

(1) predict

(2) relax

(3) resign

(4) subtract

2. As president of the corporation, he is under tremendous ____ from stockholders to increase quarterly profits.

(1) store

(2) pressure

(3) relic

(4) venom

3. For centuries, Fermat’s Last Theorem was a mathematical ____ that no one could solve.

(1) virtue

(2) answer

(3) field

(4) puzzle

4. Both squirrels and chipmunks ____ and store nuts during the fall in preparation for winter.

(1) gather

(2) purge

(3) earn

(4) resolve

5. He generously made a ____ of $50,000 to the town’s library fund.

(1) contribution (2) discovery (3) substitute (4) difference

6. Cigars from Cuba are clearly ____ to those from elsewhere, and are therefore preferred by serious cigar smokers.

(1) tedious

(2) superior

(3) punitive

(4) liable

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