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DISCOVERY WEEK New Employees Global Training

DISCOVERY WEEK New Employees Global Training

Session Name Presentor


Vision & Mission Yaniv Vardi

Meet Yaniv Vardi, Claroty's CEO, for an intimate meeting. In this session, we will discuss Claroty's vision and mission, share employees' feedback, and reply to your questions. Join Claroty's HR department for an interactive session! Natalie Katester Boimer, the Global VP of HR, will discuss the company's structure, values, and HR mission and provide valuable tips for success at Claroty. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know your new colleagues. Udi Bar Sela, Claroty's CFO, will share the insights you have always wanted to know. The session will discuss the finance department's structure, current market trends, financial targets, and market size and potential. Additionally, Udi will explain our latest merger funding process from a finance perspective. Team82 Intro: an introduction to the research conducted at Claroty's Team82, including vulnerability research, innovating new attack vectors, and exploiting XIoT devices. Additionally, we will conduct a tour of Claroty's famous labaratory. Upa Campbell, CMO at Claroy. will present an overview of the Marketing department, our brand, managing corporate communications and outreach, influencer-marketing, content & product marketing, demand generation, marketing operations, and helpful Resources Simon Chassar, CRO at Claroty, will discuss his division's strategy and operations, its team and main targets and buyers.

Discover the Mission

Welcome onboard! VP HR welcome

Natalie Katester Boimer & The HR team

CFO Intro

Udi Bar Sela

Team82 Intro + Lab tour

Amir Preminger & Sharon Brizinov

Discover the Go To Market

Marketing intro Upa Campbell

CRO Intro

Simon Chassar

Market Competitor Channel and Alliances Strategy

Pini Pinhasov

Who are our market competitors?

CJ Radford

CJ Radford, VP Channels, will talk about Strategy & Framework, OEM Focus, Top15 Tech Alliances, Vertical Manufacturer Alliances, CTAP Partners, Team, Process & Execution.

Session Name Presentor


CPO Intro

Grant Geyer

Grant Geyer, CPO at Claroty, will share the vision and strategy behind Claroty's product

Discover the Product

XDome - Value, Road map and stories from the field CTD - Value, demo, and stories from the field SRA - Value, Road map and stories from the field

Pini Pinhasov

Pini Pinhasov, VP of Product, and Ophir Arie, XDome Group Manager , will share the XDome road map, followed by XDome demo and field stories Maya Folman, Director of Product & Menni Alashvili, CTD Group Manager will discuss the CTD road map - where do we stand now, and towards what are we headed. The discussion will be followed by a demo of the CTD product. Michal Eral, Director of PM SRA, will discuss the SRA product road map and its history. The presentation will be followed by insights from SRA's R&D Group Manger, Ben Ari Kutai Yehuda Ankister, Protocol Researcher, is inviting you for an introduction to the world of ICS/OT. We will talk about PLCs, protocols, vendors, and other creatures in this world. Nadav Erez, VP of Data and the Data management team, will share an overview of the Data department, our workflows, and challenges. You will hear about our famous Threat Bundles, Device Hunts, incredible reports, and learn how to use our expertise best. The Customer Care Management Team will share their division's strategy and the Claroty customer journey. Kumail Mukadam, Director of Revenue Operations, will discuss the different information systems and share insights and helpful information. we are doing this session to have visibility for knowledge to everyone Stephen Santee will discuss Solution Engineering's strategy and operations, the composition of the team, and how technical evaluations are performed with the customer Who are our main customers? Intresting session about our main customers in the market

Maya Folman & Menni Alashvili

Michal Erel & Ben Ari Kutai

Welcome to ICS Yehuda Ankister


Nadav Erez

Customer Journey

Jonathan Langer, Shahaf Galili, Roy Gordon, and Kierk Sanderlin

Discover the Customer

Information System + Deal workflow

Kumail Mukadam

Solution Engineering

Stephen Santee

Get to know our Main Customers

Pini Pinhasov

Network Training Pini Pinhasov

Pini Pinhasov will perform a Technical session about our hospital and manufacture networks works


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11.7 Tuesday

12.7 Wednesday

13.7 Thursday

9:30 AM 9:45 am 10:00 am 10:15 am 10:30 am 10:45 am 11:00 am 11:15 am 11:30 am 11:45 am 12:00 am 12:15 pm 12:30 pm 12:45 pm 1:00 pm 1:15 pm 1:30 pm 1:45 pm 2:00 pm 2:15 pm 2:30 pm 2:45 pm 3:00 pm 3:15 pm 3:30 pm 3:45 pm 4:00 pm 4:30 pm 4:45 pm 5:00 pm 5:15 pm 5:30 pm 5:45 pm 6:00 pm 4:15 pm

Network Training 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Meet the Data 9:45 – 10:45am

CTD - Value, demo, and stories from the field 10:00 – 11:15 AM

VP HR Welcome 10:00 – 11:30 AM

Get to know our Main Customers 10:30 - 11:30 AM

Customer Journey 10:45 – 11:45am





SRA - Value, demo, and stories from the field 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM

Vision & Mission 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Team82 Intro + Lab tour 12:00 – 1:00pm

xDome - Value, demo, road map and stories from the field 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Lunch 12:45 – 1:45 PM

Lunch 12:45 – 1:45 PM

Summary Meeting 1:00 – 1:45 pm

Market Competitors 1:30 – 2:15 PM

CFO Intro: Business strategic overview 1:45 – 2:30 PM

Personal meetings and 1:1 with colleagues from TLV 1:45 – 3:30 PM


Information System + Deal Workflow 2:45 – 3:30 PM

Personal meetings and 1:1 with colleagues from TLV 1:45 – 5:00 PM

Solution Engineering 3:30 – 4:00 PM


Shuk Hatikva 14:15 – 5:00 PM

Channel & Alliances Strategy 3:45 – 4:15 PM

CRO Intro: Sales strategic overview 4:00 – 4:30 PM


Welcome to ICS 4:15 – 5:15 PM

CPO Intro 4:45 – 5:30 PM

Personal meetings and 1:1 with colleagues from TLV 5:15 – 6:00 PM

CMO Intro 5:30 – 6:00 PM

Yoga time Optional fun activity

NOTES Face 2 Face | Virtual

We are excited to host you in our beautiful country and look forward to a week of learning, exploring, and discovering Claroty. Tel Aviv offers excellent restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, galleries, amazing beaches, and more! To ensure you have a great stay, we gathered tips and recommendations from Claroty’s employees in Tel Aviv for places they recommend visiting in your personal time. Enjoy! WELCO ME TO ISRAEL OO

** The suggestions above are personal and were offered by individuals at Claroty.

RESTAURANTS North Abraxas Cafe Europa

Lilienblum St 40, Tel Aviv-Yafo Rothschild Blvd 9, b, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Abouelafia Bakery haachimShlomo

Yefet St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Ibn Gabirol St 26, Tel Aviv-Yafo Lincoln St 16, Tel Aviv-Yafo Har Sinai St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo Derech Jaffa 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo Zevulun St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo Matalon St 44, Tel Aviv-Yafo Yehuda ha-Levi St 58, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Santa Katarina



Ouzeria Cicchetti


Har Sinai St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6581605 Har Sinai St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo Har Sinai St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo Nakhman St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo Derech Jaffa 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo Herzl St 16, Tel Aviv-Yafo Marmorek St 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo Marmorek St 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo Nahalat Binyamin St 29, Tel Aviv-Yafo Nahalat Binyamin St 52, Tel Aviv-Yafo Mikve Israel St 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo Mikve Israel St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo Allenby St 122, Tel Aviv-Yafo Rothschild Blvd 33, Tel Aviv-Yafo Rothschild 22, Tel Aviv-Yafo



Port Sa’id Shaffa Bar Bicicletta Herzl 16 Peacock Gazzetta

Drama Bar KULI ALMA Bavel TLV Sputnik bar





The company doesn't take responsibility for the recommendations.


Claroty Israeli site is happy to have you! For a good start in Israel, we’ve put together A MUST TO KNOW ISRAELI THINGS

BAMBA Bamba is Israel’s most popular savory snack-in-a-bag. According to statistics provided by Osem, the company that manufactures it, Israelis consume close to 10 million bags of Bamba -per month. TEHINA (TEHINI) • Middle Eastern condiment made from toasted ground hulled sesame. It is served by itself (as a dip) or as a major ingredient in hummus, baba ghanoush, and halva. • Tahini is used in the cuisines of the Levant and Eastern Mediterranean, the South Caucasus, as well as parts of North Africa. • HALVA A type of confectionery originating from Persia and widely spread throughout the Middle East. The name is used for a broad variety of recipes, generally a thick paste based on flour or semolina, finely ground seeds or nuts, and sweetened with sugar or honey.

BLACK COFFEE Turkish coffee is a style of coffee prepared in a cezve using very finely ground coffee beans without filtering. Any coffee bean may be used; arabica varieties are considered best, but robusta or a blend is also used. The coffee grounds are left in the coffee when served. The coffee may be ground at home in a manual grinder made for the very fine grind, ground to order by coffee merchants in most parts of the world, or bought ready ground from many shops. Turkish coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans that are roasted until the stage after the first explosion and thus get a light color. After that, the beans are ground very finely so that they dissolve quickly in water and sometimes the spice cardamom is added to them. Brewing the coffee is relatively long in order to produce the most flavors. In Israel the term Turkish coffee is very common even though in Israel they prepare a darker roasted coffee and sometimes in a different way. Traditionally, Turkish coffee is served without sugar, so there is no need for spoons.

SHESH-BESH The most popular table ga me in Israel. It is a Turkish game very similar to Western backgammon. The name Shesh-Besh is a rhyming combination shesh, meaning six in Hebrew, and besh, mean ing five in Turkish). HAMSA • The Hamsa (also known as Khamsa) is a hand shaped amulet used for protection by both Jewish and Muslim people. Its name comes from a Semitic root and literally means "five". The Hamsa is usually shaped in the form of a symmetrical hand, with thumbs on both side, and not in the anatomically correct way • The Hamsa is used to ward of the evil eye and can be found on the entrances of homes, in cars, on charm bracelets and chains and more.

BLACK KERNELS The sunflower seed is the seed of the sunflower . There are three types of commonly used sunflower seeds: linoleic (most common), high oleic, and sunflower oil seeds. Each variety has its own unique levels of monounsaturated, saturated, and polyunsaturated fats. In every football game on the pitches in Israel, the fans come equipped with a bag of black kernels. Abroad, the black kernels are considered part of the birds' snacks, but in Israel they are roasted with salt and are considered the most delicious snack in football games.


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