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Caesarstone Porcelain. A new point view

Since 1987, Caesarstone has inspired design freedom in millions of homes worldwide. Now, we're introducing new porcelain surfaces that expand our portfolio of premium colors, leveraging our legacy of craftsmanship and innovation

to give you even greater flexibility, indoors and outdoors. Caesarstone Porcelain marks a leap in technology, functionality, and design with surfaces that deliver a new degree of durability, strength, and beauty in the heart of your.

Caesarstone Porcelain introduces three innovative properties that set the bar for Porcelain benchtops:

501 Snowdrift™

A pure white backdrop that boasts the prestigious look of marble, traversed by delicate veining in golden-brown that floats over its misty base with its translucent quality veiled by a shadowy effect, in Honed finish.

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504 Lumena™

A pearl-white backdrop crisscrossed with crackling dark grey veins that rush over the illuminated shell-like surface with its blushed undertones, imprinting a dynamic dimension heightened by the Honed finish in a unique design that is truly innovative.

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505 Archetta™

A soft ivory-white base subdued by a striking flow of grey veins that dissolve into the stone, accentuated by muted green and yellow crystalline layers for an authentic mineral effect, capturing the clouded translucency of marble, in Honed finish.

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533 Silverdrop™

A lush pearl grey base, softly patterned and built of multiple layers with gentle bluish undertones, delicately touched by the dynamic depth of its feathery seafoam veining and subtle dark grey shadows that are tinged with earthy traces and sage accents, in Honed finish.

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516 Locura™

Dark greys blend with warm brown accents, in an intricate array heightened by tiny flecks and oxidisation effects that capture the aesthetic impurities of natural stone, while white organic veins mixed with finer chalky lines give direction and dramatic impact, in Honed finish.

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411 Concrita™

Dark greys blend with warm brown accents, in an intricate array heightened by tiny flecks and oxidisation effects that capture the aesthetic impurities of natural stone, while white organic veins mixed with finer chalky lines give direction and dramatic impact, in Honed finish.

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Portfolio We invite you on a journey of creativity, sparked by our profound passion for design.

See full portfolio on our website >


110 Whitenna™ >

413 White Ciment™ > UR

412 Beige Ciment™ > UR


580 Fume™ >

410 Aluminous™ >

220 Magnate™





513 Striata™ >

506 Mirabel™ >

505 Archetta™ >






501 Snowdrift™ >

502 Sleet™ >

503 Circa™ >




512 Transcenda™

516 Locura™ >

533 Silverdrop™ >

411 Concrita™ >

504 Lumena™ >






Shade and graining of actual product may vary from printed sample. We recommend ordering a sample or viewing a full slab at a Caesarstone showroom or a retail location.

Honed finish Ultra Rough finish



Porcelain Catalogue

Spark your imagination with more design passion

We are obsessed with expressing the world around us, and have followed in the footsteps of ancient alchemists to explore the mysteries of porcelain with its endless creative possibilities in the heart of the home. This led us to unleash the power and passion for design through surface innovation, which traces after the true essence of endless materials and diverse visual sensations. “From natural stone to metal to concrete, we captured a deeply nuanced palette of textures

Lead Designer. “There is warmth, rawness, and other authentic qualities that we can fully express in our porcelain benchtops to let you see the world from a new point of view.” Caesarstone Porcelain sparks the imagination with designs that move the soul and stir the heart around surfaces that are extremely hard, highly resistant, and exceptionally beautiful. Colour, spirit, space, and style become more pronounced and

the unique mood of any environment is accentuated, giving more room for pure personal expression.

and tones,” says Mor Krisher, Caesarstone’s

As designers, we live in the future, enthralled by what we envision and spellbound by the beauty that we can bring. We took porcelain higher by maximising its capacity for attaining an accurate richness of shades, tones, detail, and depth.

Our design innovation empowers you with more freedom to choose and greater dreams to follow. Caesarstone Porcelain heralds in a new age of surface design that brings the world from a new point of view, inspiring life in stone.

Porcelain Catalogue

Caesarstone Porcelain is designed for increased strength, everlasting beauty, and extreme-heat resistance. Our blend of natural raw materials makes it resilient to the elements and prolonged UV exposure, perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. More than ever before, people worldwide are looking for a closer connection with nature, embracing the world outside by discovering the

joys of outdoor living. Designed and tested to withstand the sun’s rays and the most extreme weather conditions, our porcelain surfaces create the ultimate multifunctional space for cooking, dining, and entertaining in the comfort of your own outdoor area. Choose from our 17 unique outdoor lifestyle designs, proven to remain fresh and timelessly beautiful year after year.

Surfaces for indoors and outdoors

High-performance surfaces that create multifunctional interior and exterior spaces


410 Aluminous™

Why Caesarstone Porcelain? Caesarstone is the expert in surface science and design, the only global company specialising in benchtops

Superior product benefits

Stain Resistant

Extreme-Heat Resistant

Scratch Resistant

Withstands very high temperatures, enabling direct contact with heated objects

Nonporous, nonabsorbent, impervious to stains and easy to maintain

Impressive scratch resistance strength, not susceptible to scrapes or scuffs



Indoor & Outdoor

Incredibly impenetrable, dense, and resilient, for long lasting quality without the need for waxing and sealing

Nonporous, inhibits bacteria, mold, or mildew, remains safe and sanitary for ultimate cleanliness

Resistant to UV exposure and suitable for any space

Superior Strength

Easy to Clean

Environmentally Friendly

Simple care with just soap and water , no need for sealing, and essentially effortless to maintain

Reinforced with a fiberglass-mesh backing, for a new degree of durability and strength

Durable and low-maintenance, supporting a healthier environment and better use of material resources

Easy fabrication, suited for special cutting and outstanding results Reliable Fabrication & Installation

Lifetime Warranty

Peace of mind with Caesarstone’s excellence guaranteed in our lifetime residential warranty

Large slab size

Caesarstone Porcelain surfaces come in one large-scale size for a seamless kitchen experience

Actual slab size – 3200 mm * 1600 mm Workable area – 3140 mm * 1540 mm

Thickness – 12 mm

Weight – 150-160 kg

Weight / M2 – 27-31 kg

Classic edge profiles

All Caesarstone slabs come with a standard engineered cut, ready for experienced fabricators to fabricate the surface to your specifications after cutting the perimeter.

Your surface’s edge profile can be custom-designed by any fabricator in a variety of thicknesses that inspire your design. Choosing the right edge profile for your specific

design style and aesthetic adds the all-important finishing touches to your surface and optimises your design.



Long-Lasting finishes

Each porcelain surface has been crafted in one distinct finish, either Honed or Ultra Rough, to bring out the best in its design while ensuring it remains long-lasting without the need for sealants or wax.


Ultra Rough

Our most tactile finish, Ultra Rough, is a breakthrough

Our Honed finish is smooth to the touch and soft on they eye, offering a special organic luminosity. Its satin sheen reflects light, while retaining a special shine that penetrates the surface to highlight deeper dimensions.

innovation designed exclusively to bring a unique granular touch to porcelain, adding a dimension of authentic materiality.

Find your perfect benchtop

Your benchtop is the heart of your home, central to everyday life, from preparing meals to sharing memorable moments together with family and friends. So, whether you are renovating or building new, start by finding the perfect benchtop first. Caesarstone is here to guide you along your journey of creativity.

Get inspired

Picture the kitchen of your dreams and let your imagination run free. What is it like? Does it have an island? Is it scaled-down and minimalist or packed with appliances and detail? Light or dark? Any special considerations for lighting, airflow, or pathways?

Get creative with endless ideas from our inspiration gallery.

Inspiration Gallery >

Identify your style

Discover your own personal interior design style by gathering pictures from magazines, the Internet, or from family and friends. Arrange them to be your mood board, and continue adding more inspirational items, such as swatches of paint, fabrics, and matching materials.

Identify the style that’s totally yours with our style quiz.

Style Quiz >

Order samples

Explore our full portfolio to find just the right colours for you, and then order them as a sample kit straight to your home. Holding your favorite colours in your hands and viewing them directly gives you a better sense of the look and feel you can get, enabling you to take the next step with confidence.

Order samples of your favorite colours selected from our colour catalogue.

Colour Catalogue >


Choose with confidence

Visit a showroom near you that holds your colour-of-choice, and experience it in full-size. Seeing the actual slab goes a long way in envisioning the overall look of your kitchen. Bring your mood board along to consider the right pairing of cabinetry, flooring, walls, and then simply let your eyes guide your heart.

Find locations near you on our online showroom list.

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Visualise your space in 3D

Go beyond imagination, by visualising your benchtop in 3D space set within the entire area all around it. You can easily create interactive mockups that explore various environments, to visualise the heart of your home the best way possible, just as you dreamed it.

See how everything comes together with our interactive visualiser.

Virtual Kitchen Designer >

Porcelain Catalogue

Prepare ahead for installation day

Take the last steps to be fully prepared for installing your benchtop, by retaking measurements to ensure accuracy. Flooring, walls, cabinetry, sink, and utilities must all fit perfectly together around your new benchtop.

Find answers quickly and consult with us easily.


Benefit from lifetime quality

Benefit from our lifetime warranty, ensuring your benchtop is ready for heavy-duty daily work while maintaining its remarkable look with minimal care. We recommend you seek professional installation advice and check the warranty limitations before committing to any installations.

Find out more about our commitment to excellence.

Warranty Information >

Bring your dream to life

Prepare for your benchtop journey with Caesarstone’s project checklist, which helps you navigate through the entire process to bring your dream to life.

Download the project checklist that we have prepared for you.

Project Checklist >


More creative freedom on your journey of discovery that sets your dream in stone.

504 Lumena™

Our team will help you realise your design dream Tell us you are coming >

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