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March 2024

Issue 279 | March 2024

Exploring Jerusalem Israel’s beautiful capital never ceases to amaze, with its fascinating historical sites, breathtaking views, and urban renewal. Check out all the city’s latest novelty attractions on a soul-boosting day trip to the capital

14 P.

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In-flight I Issue 279 I March 2024


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design

The National Library of Israel I Photo by Albatross

Editor’s Letter

International Women’s Day is annually celebrated on March 8 th . This year, in the shadow of October 7 th and the war in Gaza, this special day takes on a whole new meaning in Israel, in light of the remarkable strength and bravery women have shown in the darkest of hours, be them the heroic female IDF soldiers, or partners and wives on the home front. It has been impossible to ignore the extraordinary hasbara work accomplished by Noa Tishby, and in this issue you’ll find our interview with Israel’s unofficial ambassador to the world herself, in which she tells us about how her dream to become a Hollywood actress transformed into dedicating herself to advocating for Israel full-time. The stories of all the incredible heroines of this current war are so many, they could fill several magazines. To honor them, Eshchar & More ad agency asked female graphic designers and illustrators to choose one particular story and tell it through a text or a drawing. I whole heartedly recommend taking a look at

the website created for the occasion, giborotbarzel.co.il/en, and sharing it with others. It is filled with beautiful illustrations and incredibly moving stories of bravery and solidarity. If you’re on your way to Israel, this issue contains recommendations for what to see and do on a day trip to Jerusalem, to mark the annual international marathon that takes place there this month. Israel’s beautiful capital city never ceases to delight, with its breathtaking views, unique atmosphere, and constant regeneration. And of course, as always, you’ll be able to find articles, guides, food, and travel recommendations, including a look at Assaf Granit’s new restaurant, Boubalé, situated in the lobby of the brand-new luxury hotel “Le Grand Mazarin” that opened last September in Paris’ chic Marais neighborhood. As we hope for better days, I wish you all a pleasant read and a peaceful flight. Nava Marton

Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative

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In-flight I Issue 279 I March 2024


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Magazine 20 “Advocating for

Israel is my passion” Noa Tishby, Israel’s unofficial ambassador to the world, in a special interview about the significant work she’s been doing in advocating for Israel in these times of war 24 5 female-led home front initiatives Women on the home front are participating in the war effort Lifestyle 28 Food A look into Michelin-starred Chef Assaf Granit’s new Parisian eatery “Boubalé”, located in the lobby of new luxury hotel, “Le Grand Mazarin”

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See the Sights 14 Explore Jerusalem’s fascinating history, breathtaking views and novelty attractions

Travel News March highlights 8 What’s on Our Radar This Month Local events 10 Our Guide 5 tips for traveling solo



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Check-in I Travel News & Updates

March Highlights

Photo: PR

Photo: BHE

Photo: courtesy of Precise

Isrotel has launched its new international brand Aluma In February, Israeli hotel chain Isrotel launched its international sister brand Aluma. The first Aluma hotels to open are three venues in Greece. The first, the Skylark, will open this month in Athens. The next, also opening in Athens, will be called the Anise. A third Athenian Aluma hotel, the Adia, is scheduled to open towards the end of the year, and another Aluma hotel will be opening in Thessaloniki further down the line. The extent of the investment for the launch of these hotels stands at € 70 million. Aluma is also set to open venues in Europe and has already purchased two hotels in Rome. Last month, Beersheba’s new “Midbarium” open-air, eco experiential desert animal park opened its doors to the public. Sprawled across 14 hectares of land, Midbarium allows visitors to explore and experience desert animal life in a unique way, so as to heighten awareness of the need to protect and respect the environment and animal life. The park offers numerous experiential and pedagogical installations, such as a climbing wall on the other side of the ibex cliffs, a flight simulator that replicates a bird of prey’s flight and search Opening of Beersheba’s new zoological park

Reopening of the Ein Zivan village resort

A new Israeli hotel in Rome

Closed since October 7 th , the Ein Zivan village resort in the Upper Golan Heights is reopening to the public, as are many of the culinary hot spots surrounding it, such as the “Mattarello” bakery, the Pelter winery, the Kosher Bahat winery that also has a pizza and burger station, the “Pizza di Qualità” foodtruck, the “Field of Lavender” farm, the “Primordia” mushroom farm, and more. The Israeli Home Front Command has declared the Upper Golan Heights and Ein Zivan in particular as “green zones”.

The international hotel chain “Precise”, owned by Israeli investor Ron Ben Haim, is launching its new venue, the “Precise House Mantegna Roma” in Rome’s Tor Marancia neighborhood. The hotel is elegantly designed, strategically located, and attractively priced. Built 14 years ago, the hotel has undergone extensive renovations. It sprawls across 15,000 sqm, has 330 rooms including 31 suites, and a big conference hall. A new chef’s restaurant will also be opening its doors within the hotel, as well as a 700 sqm luxury spa and an indoor pool.

Photo: Diego Mittelberg

for prey, and an obstacles game through which visitors learn how to hunt like a tiger and detect and recognize types of prey. New animals have recently joined to Midbarium family: “Trio” the baby

giraffe born to “Toy”, the mamma giraffe, a pair of twin baby baboons, Chipopo the hippo, among others, adding to the 100 and more species living in the park, including zebras, lions, monkeys, etc.



Check-in I Local events I March 2024 I Nava Marton

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Opera | Rusalka

The Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv Antonín Dvořák’s beautiful opera is staged this month by the Israeli Opera in collaboration with the Toulouse Opera House, and under the baton of Dan Ettinger. “Rusalka” is Dvořák’s adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “Little Mermaid” and is considered as one of the Czech composer’s greatest works. The mix of fairytale and folklore with rich and powerful orchestration makes this Dvořák masterpiece a hypnotic, spellbinding musical drama. Production director and designer Stefano Poda has created a magical underwater world where the characters swim and dance until the tragic end (indeed the ending is different to the classic version), when Rusalka and the prince are swept away into the abyss. March 3 rd – 15 th , israel-opera.co.il

Artwork by Niv Tishbi - Game Changer exhibition I Photo: Niv Tishbi

Exhibition | Game Changer Design Museum Holon

This comprehensive and original exhibition explores the role played by design in society’s conceptualization of sex and gender. With more than 120 exhibits, the show confronts the questions of identity and society and raises awareness on the subtle ways in which objects shape our perceptions both as individuals and as a society. Gendered medical technology designs, interactive installations, and iconic pop culture designs show how society can perpetuate disparities and discomfort, but how it can also drive change, strive for equality and break down fixed mindsets. In the wake of the attacks of October 7 th and the war in Gaza, several new works relating to the question of gender in the midst of these events, have been added to the show. (Curators: Maya Dvash, Adi Hammer Yaacobi, Rona Zinger). Until June 29 th , dmh.org.il

Rusalka I Photo: Mirco Magliocca



Performing Arts | Flamenco festival

Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv This year, the Suzanne Dellal flamenco festival, founded by Keren Adi Agmon, marks it 30 th edition. The program has been elaborated as an expression of the current times and of what flamenco is at its core: a space for consolation and togetherness. Israeli creation will be at the heart of the festival, and for the first time, the main show will be an Israeli production in which Spanish dancers and musicians will take part. The festival program is brimful of shows and performances, including dancer and choreographer Yael Tuchfeld’s special flash mob event dedicated to the hostages held captive in Gaza, which was first staged in December across Israel, as well as at the Trocadéro square in Paris. March 28 th – 30 th , suzannedellal.org.il/en Music | The Latin America Festival Museum of Tel Aviv Dozens of musicians from Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Germany, and Israel will perform live for a three-day Latin music bonanza. Many top musicians and singers from the world of samba, rumba, bossa nova, salsa, tango, etc. will delight audiences with a series of concerts including tribute shows to Cesária

Flamenco Festival I Photo: courtesy of the festival

Classical Music | The 8 th Bach Festival across Israel

The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra’s 8 th Bach festival will take place this month with a selection of some of the Old Master’s most beloved compositions. Several concerts and events will be taking place with Israeli and international musicians, including conductor Paul Goodwin, violinist Walter Reiter, and countertenor Hamish McLaren. The heart of the festival is the concert of secular cantatas involving many players and singers. Virtuoso pianist Omri Mor will also be performing, with his special jazz show in which he gives his own interpretation of Bach’s music, aside some original compositions as well. Most of the festival concerts will take place at the Jerusalem YMCA, but some will also be held in Tel Aviv, Rehovot, and Haifa. March 18 th – 23 rd, jbo.co.il

Photo: courtesy of Grafitiyul group

Exhibition | Feminin-AL: phenomenal women in times of war Holon

This outdoor exhibition presents works by female graphic designers, cartoonists, and illustrators celebrating the outstanding women and girls who ​showed inspiring resourcefulness​and ​bravery in order to save themselves and others in the current war and during the terrible events of October 7 th . Each of the works on show tells an unbelievable s​tory of awe-inspiring bravery that represents a source of much-needed hope to us all. (Curators: Yotam Oren and Or Koren). Entrance is free.

Évora ad Astrud Gilberto. March 7 th – 9 th , hotjazz.co.il

Until April 30 th , Holon Museum gardens and Weizmann square

Photo: Maxim Ryder

Photo: Shira Cohen



Check-in I Our Guide

Do what you like whenever you like, be spontaneous, meet new people, discover new things and experience everything to the full. It might be daunting at first but there are many advantages to traveling alone, and with the right planning, it has the power to transform. Here are our tops tips for traveling solo / By Lihi Ron 5 tips for traveling solo

01 Collect as much information as you can about your destination . Before your trip, read up about your destination, its transport facilities, etc. Download the Duolinguo app and learn the basics of its local language – it will help you immeasurably to know even just a few words. Also, make sure you mark which areas are considered unsafe so that you know to avoid them. If you’re traveling to less developed parts of the world, make sure you’re aware of dress codes and behavioral codes if there are any, and try to book flights that arrive during the day and not in the middle of the night. 02 Plan your budget and pay ahead. Once you’ve outlined your trip (while leaving space for spontaneity), it’s time to plan your budget. Consider all the costs: flights, accommodation, food, transport, tickets to sites and attractions, etc., and whenever possible, pay in advance. Keep what you have left for unexpected expenses and potential emergencies. Pro tip: take more than one credit card with you and a limited amount of cash to use on your first day. 03 Pack light. Whether you’re leaving for a week or three months, there’s no need to carry accommodation options, sites, monuments, nightlife, public

heavy luggage around and mountains of clothes you’ll end up not even wearing. A spacious backpack and a medium-sized suitcase are more than enough. Don’t forget to pack good walking shoes. No matter where you are, you’ll find a laundromat somewhere and you’ll always be able to buy new clothes if need be. 04 Send important documents to your own email address . Scan your travel documents – passport, flight tickets, insurance policies, emergency phone numbers, etc., print a copy to keep on you physically, and send the document files to your own email address or upload them to your cloud. This way, they’ll be easy to access whenever you need them (provided there’s an Internet connection of course).

There’s not much point in keeping a photo of the documents inside your phone gallery - if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you won’t be able to access them. It’s very important to give a family member a copy of your trip outline and to let them know about any changes you make to it along the way. 05 Join group classes or guided tours . Food tours, art tours, market tours, tours around sites and attractions, cooking classes, even language classes, are but a few of the activities you can join when you’re traveling on your own. They’re a great way to meet other fellow solo travelers and locals, make new friends, and gather ideas and recommendations for the rest of your trip.


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Informative Content

Sea One – Private Club: Live the Dream in Israel With the future so uncertain for Jews everywhere, many are once again looking to Israel as a haven. Yet, even without the current challenges, moving countries is never simple. And that’s where Sea One Private Club steps in with the launch of a new concept in luxury residential resort living to ease the transition into Aliyah

ease you into the complications. The ultra-elegant Residence is located on the Rishon LeZion seafront only a 15-minute drive from Tel Aviv; 20 minutes from Ben-Gurion Airport; and 45-minutes away from Jerusalem with a train station located 6 minutes away by car; a planned metro station will be a short walk down the road. The city of Rishon LeZion itself is one of the fastest growing commercial and hi-tech centers in the country, with a myriad of facilities and amenities. The project, set to open at the end of 2024, adheres to the highest standards of construction and safety. The luxurious apartments come in a wide range of spacious layouts, with floor areas from 50 square meters to 130 square meters. All units include a safe room, fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens, and private terraces; penthouses and garden apartments are also available. Registration costs start at 3 million NIS; this deposit is fully refundable after Consumer Price Index adjustment. Residents pay monthly membership fees starting from 9,000 NIS and may choose to terminate their membership with three months’ notice. Easy registration requires only a 70,000 NIS deposit with the balance payable on completion. Sea One Private Club lets you live the dream: wake up by the beach and work or play all day in the sun. Sea One Sea One Private Club - the last word in ultra-easy Aliyah. For further information contact: seaone.co.il | Tel: +1917-7281211 or +972-549656415

The beautiful complex, developed by Oranim Group, an international company with over 30 years’ experience in successful seafront projects, is situated right on the stunning beachfront and aims to turn every day into a holiday. The Club Residence, open to Olim and Israelis over 60, provides all the amenities of a world-class resort: concierge and laundry services, extensive spa facilities and state-of-the-art gym, gorgeous swimming pools, Jacuzzi, banquet halls, and synagogue. Culture beats at the heart of the Club: bridge games, an art studio, cinema, and round-the-clock cultural events fill each day with joy; all with the sea as backdrop. Step out of your door onto a beachfront promenade of shops, restaurants, cafes and food markets; or cross the road and hit the surf. Entertaining has never been so easy: some 20-plus units are available for friends and family; food flows freely

in fine-dining restaurants and grab- ’n-go cafes, and all the facilities are open to guests. Banquet halls, private rooms, or the synagogue are perfect for celebrating special events like bar mitzvahs or birthdays; and somebody else will do the cleaning up! From Retirees to Entrepreneurs The Sea One concept is to facilitate a hassle-free transition from home to new-home, whether you are retired or a hot-shot entrepreneur. A beautifully appointed, fully-equipped business lounge is available, together with posh conference rooms, sophisticated communication and fabulous networking opportunities. Days and nights are crammed with lectures, concerts, and other cultural activities; even Hebrew lessons are right on site for new Olim eager to learn the language. What’s more, trained staff is on hand to help deal with the famous only-in-Israel bureaucracy; let an Israeli

See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Fascinating history, pastoral alleyways and breathtaking views: Jerusalem is a whirlwind of holy sites, fantastic food, and cultural vibrancy. This year, the Jerusalem marathon takes place on March 8 th , and it’s the perfect occasion to visit Israel’s beautiful capital / By Nava Marton Fresh mountain air: a soul-boosting day trip to Jerusalem

Photo by SportPhotography

Running against the most beautiful backdrop | The Jerusalem marathon

The international Jerusalem “Winner” marathon will this year take place for the 13 th time and as always, tens of thousands of runners are coming from far and wide to take part. This year’s marathon is dedicated to the IDF and the Israeli security forces to enhance social resilience in these difficult times of war. The Jerusalem marathon is one of the most challenging in the world and runners pass by some of the

world’s most incredible historical, religious, and cultural sites, such as the walls of the Old City, the Tower of David, the Sultan’s Pool, etc. The marathon isn’t just a sports event but an occasion to celebrate the city and its inhabitants and many associations take part, notably the “Shalva” association for people with disabilities, the “Hayenu” association for children with cancer and their families, the “Isha LeIsha” association

that promotes equality between the sexes and female empowerment, and the Jerusalemite association “Ratzim lelo gvulot” that promotes cooperation between Arabs and Jews through sport. The marathon has six tracks: full (42.2 km), half marathon (21.1 km), 10 km, 5 km, family race (1.7 km), and communities (0.8 km). For registration and information: jerusalem-marathon.com


Photo by Albatross Photo by Iwan Baan

At the end of October and in the shadow of the war in Gaza, Israel’s new National Library was inaugurated in Jerusalem’s National Quarter. The new building was built thanks to the contribution of Yad Hanadiv and the Rothschild family, as well as the Gottesman family. It sprawls across 46 thousand sqm and 11 floors (5 of which are below ground), that include reading halls that seat up to 600 people, workspaces for researchers and the general public, an archive with millions of books and manuscripts, and spaces for both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Aside from its spectacular contents, the building itself is an architectural gem that’s worth a visit in and of itself. But it’s what the building contains that makes this place unlike any other: there are more than four million books, Discovering cultural treasures | The National Library of Israel

hundreds of thousands of copies of newspapers, more than two million historical photographs, 1,500 personal collections and archives, thousands of historical maps, manuscripts, millions of digital files, audio-visual recordings, posters,

and so much more. In front of the entrance to the library stands Israeli award-winning sculptor Micha Ullman’s “Letters of Light” sculpture, made especially for the occasion. For opening hours and further information: nli.org.il



See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Photo: courtesy of pami

Going on an underground journey through time | The audio-visual show at Zedekiah’s Cave

Hidden underneath the houses of the Old City, Zedekiah’s Cave is an ancient quarry cave out of which 9 thousand sqm of stone were extracted to build the old temple of Jerusalem. The cave is exceptionally big and spectacularly beautiful. According to tradition, during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, the last king of Judah, Zedekiah, fled through this

very cave to Jericho, and so the cave was named after him. During the Ottoman period and the construction of the city walls, the cave wasn’t visible, but it was once again discovered, by chance, at the beginning of the 19 th century. Over the last century, it was occasionally closed off to the public for conservation works to take place, and it was recently reopened with New and Kosher, “The Denver steakhouse” offers exceptional meat dishes served in a relaxed atmosphere. The menu includes prime cuts of meat such as tomahawk steak, as well as sweetbreads, and lamb ribs, aside fantastic first courses such as skewers served with 15 kinds of salads and condiments, and a selection of breads. Among the main courses on the menu, you’ll find an asado bruschetta in barbecue sauce, a selection of fresh garden vegetables, entrecôte steak served on the bone, lamb Discovering new flavors | The Denver steakhouse

the added feature of an immersive audio-visual show projected onto it, called “the secrets under the walls” that takes visitors onto a fascinating journey back in time via legends, myths, and stories of the times of the First and Second Temple. For opening hours, further information and tickets, which must be purchased ahead of time: pami.co.il ribs served with garlic confit, chimichurri, and red wine sauce. Fish dishes are available as well, like grilled salmon skewers and sea bream fillet, and the children’s menu includes hamburgers, schnitzel, and skewers. Desserts range from crème brûlée, to lemon and pistachio tart, panacotta, and more. The drinks menu with its selection of wines and cocktails, perfectly complements the food. “Beit Hanaziv”, Derech Hebron 101, Jerusalem, Sun-Thur: 12:00 – last customer, Fri: closed, Sat: one hour after Shabbat - last customer

Photo: Asaf Karela


See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Photos: (left) courtesy of JDA, (right) Dana Haftzadi @misstravel_dana

Enjoying a family bike ride | Cycling tunnels

The Jerusalem Tunnel, known as the Kerem Tunnel by some, is part of the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycling route that surrounds Israel’s capital city. The Kerem Tunnel was first excavated in the 90’s when works on Jerusalem’s water infrastructure were being undertaken to include the city’s fifth water line and divert the main sewer line toward the purification plant in Nahal Sorek. Since then, the 2.1 kilometers-long tunnel has been transformed into a charming family-friendly cycling

trail. Unlike the rest of the Ring Path which is only suitable for more experienced cyclists, the tunnel is easy to ride and perfect for a day of cycling with the kids. The tunnel, in which lights and nebulizers have been installed for optimal comfort, is doubletrack, with one track intended for cyclists and the other for pedestrians. Note that the tunnel is only open during the day. Ein Lavan – Einot Telem: easy to ride, this segment is perfect for cycling with the kids. There are natural water springs in Refa’im

River Park and taking a dip before or after your ride is an absolute joy. The tunnel’s northern entrance is situated near Ein Kerem springs, about half a kilometer from the Kerem junction, and the tunnel connects the 4km path between Refa’im River and the Motza Valley. Two kilometers further ahead will lead you to Ein Telem, where there are picnic tables and natural springs where you can rest and have a bite to eat, but remember to calculate enough time and energy for the ride back.



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Magazine I Interview

Noa Tishby, Israel’s unofficial ambassador to the world and one of the country’s best advocates and most sought-after speakers on all things Israel, is launching her second book. We asked her how she went from dreaming to be an actress and a singer in America, to becoming a passionate hasbara expert and one of today’s most influential Israeli voices / By Dalia Ben Ari “Advocating for Israel is my passion”

“And if someone were to offer you a lead role in a movie, would you stop doing hasbara and go back to acting?”, I ask at the start of my interview with Noa Tishby, Israel’s unofficial ambassador to the world, an activist to her core, and one of the country’s most influential advocates (important note: she does this independently and entirely voluntarily). Tishby, 48, razor-sharp, confidence-inspiring, and impressively eloquent, for whom hasbara has become the center of her life, answers without a flinch: “I get offers all the time, but I’m not interested. If I were to go back to acting, it would have to be something really special and in some way connected to my activism. And even then”, she stresses, “it would mean doing the job, and getting back to my hasbara work. It comes before all the rest”.

US congressmen and senators. Next month, her second book, “Uncomfortable conversations with a Jew”, also published by Simon & Schuster, will be coming out. The book is a conversation between Tishby and Emmanuel Acho, an African-American football star and radio host, in which Acho asks all the questions – among which: what is Zionism, what is antisemitism, etc., a sort of conversation you’d have with someone who doesn’t know much about Israel but is eager to know more. Tishby packs in all the answers into a comprehensive, easy to read, and informative text. She’s recently spent time in Israel, where she worked non-stop interviewing families of abductees and abductees who have returned from captivity, visiting military bases and injured soldiers in hospital, and uploading dozens of social media videos along the way. Tishby has millions of online followers, and her content gets tens of millions of views, thanks to likes and shares. Do you feel like what you’re doing is really influencing the conversation? “Yes. Both in the Jewish and non Jewish world. Good advocacy can change minds. But the work I do inside the Jewish community is

the most important. For years, we Jews have felt alone, unable to take pride in who we are, but now, young Jewish kids have a voice. And the content I put out helps them feel proud to be Jewish. I was at the University of South California, and a 19-year-old quoted what I say in my book about the BDS, and about Jewish pride, and he said that I “had given him words”, words he’ll pass on to others as well. On another occasion, I was in Atlanta at a college conference, and a girl who identified herself as Muslim American told me that she read my book with the student reading group she had created, and that after reading it and doing more research, she realized her group was anti-Israel and antisemitic, and that she had been wrong about Israel. Many people, including celebrities, have been wary of discussing these subjects. My job is to change people’s minds, and things are starting to happen”. An authentic powerful voice I speak to Tishby as she is in her home in Los Angeles, getting ready to leave for Washington, where she’ll be giving a speech in Congress in front of American congresswomen and female

Influencing the Jewish community Tishby has also become a

highly sought-after speaker on all things Israel. Her first book, “Israel – a simple guide to the most misunderstood country in the world”, published by Simon & Schuster, was a New York Times bestseller and recommended by


Photo: Alon Shafransky I Styling: Reuven Cohen I Makeup: Galit Wertheim I Hair: Kobi Kalderon \ Or Ohana



Magazine I Interview

Noa Tishby: "My life is very intense, but also extremely gratifying” I Photo: Alon Shafransky

from Tishby’s Instagram account @noatishby

Our quick questionnaire

"I’m not going to stay silent in front of the delegitimization we are being confronted with. And I’ll keep being proud of my identity"

What makes you angry? “The stupidity of pro-Hamas

university students”. What makes you sad?

bases? What were your impressions? “Along the years, many people spoke out against the incorporation of women to combat units. Well, they can all eat their hats now. I’ve always been proud of women and of their achievements and have always been vocal about it. On my recent visit to Israel I interviewed one of the members of the all-female tank crew who made military history, killing dozens of terrorists on October 7 th ”. Aren’t you afraid to speak out as a Jewish Israeli woman nowadays? “No. I’m not going to stay silent in front of the delegitimization we are being confronted with. And I’ll keep being proud of my identity. I will not bow down”. On the personal front, once married to Jewish Australian TV presenter Andrew Ginsburg, Tishby then had a seven-year relationship with American investor Ross Hinkle, with whom she had her son Ari, now eight. The couple separated three years ago and are on good terms, sharing custody of Ari. Her

senators. “I will tell them about the sexual violence exacted by Hamas terrorists on October 7 th ”, she says. “We have to shout out to the world about this abomination on every platform possible”. When did you realize you had such a passion for hasbara? “When I was writing my first book. I realized then that everything I had done up to that point had led me to this, to doing my part in advocating for Israel”. Antisemitism is surging. How do you explain this? “There are many factors, and none of them are new. There’s been 30 years of wild incitement against Israel, Zionism, and Jews in schools and universities around the world. There are those who regard colonialism as the root of all evil and conflate Zionism with colonialism, and of course, there’s antisemitism for its own sake as well”. International Women’s Day takes place this month. Did you meet female soldiers on your visits to IDF

“Incitement within Israeli society and the families of the hostages”. What makes you laugh? “The Israeli TV show Eretz Nehederet, and comedian Eddie Izzard” What do people not know about you? “That I absolutely hate coriander”. How do you relax? “I do yoga. But there’s nothing I love more than snuggling in bed with my son on Saturday mornings”.

current partner is Israeli Hi-Tech entrepreneur Oded Barak. How do you juggle work and motherhood? “When Ari is with me, I’m a full-time mom. The second he’s back with his father, I get back to my hasbara work, jump on flights, go to Congress, universities, and have meetings with various Jewish communities who are aware of the danger of the current climate and eager to talk about the way ahead. My life is very intense, but also extremely gratifying”.


For all women, the sky's not the limit EL AL salutes the Israeli women on the front lines and the home front

Magazine I International Women’s Day

female-led home front initiatives Since the start of the war, women on the home front have fully taken part in the war effort, setting up many important social initiatives. From making yellow-flower bouquets for the campaign for the release of the hostages, to bringing therapy dogs to visit the injured soldiers in hospital – here are 5 inspiring initiatives worth knowing about / By Tomy Stockman 5

“The Iron Lionesses” | Providing vital military equipment

At the start of the war, Gal Ginzburg-Alaluf Esq. , Roni Wagner , Efrat Katash , and Noga Kaplushnik , four friends in their 30s, decided to set up a war room which they called “The Iron Lionesses”, dedicated to channel in donations to the IDF from various Jewish communities around the world. “The Iron Lionesses” focuses on purchasing vital equipment for soldiers. The four friends make sure the donation money reaches the units most in need, in real time, which means every donation can make a difference. The four women have been doing this important work while still working their full-time jobs and taking care of their families. Millions of shekels have been donated to “The Iron Lionesses”, translating into the purchase of essential military equipment for the soldiers fighting on the front lines. To donate: aid-coalition.org/donate/ ironlionesses, @the_iron_lionesses

“A bouquet for hope” | Campaigning for the release of the hostages

The “bouquet for hope” initiative is held every Friday in Tel Aviv, at the “Hostages square”. Its aim is to campaign for the release of the hostages still held in captivity in Gaza, and it helps fund the Hostages Families Forum. The project was first initiated by Hila Mayzels who runs a graphic design studio. The idea behind it is to buy thousands of bouquets of yellow flowers, and then whenever someone makes a donation to the Hostages Families Forum, they then receive a bouquet in exchange.

According to Mayzels, the project has fueled the conversation around the plight of the hostages, helping to make sure the subject is always on the table. When she first started selling her yellow bouquets in Tel Aviv, with the help of the “Kadar Foundation”, founded by Dr Avraham Kadar, there were only four people with her, but the initiative has grown since, with many people involved in many Israeli cities, and more collaborations with big companies. @zertikva

Photos: Courtesy of the organizations


Meitar Sela I Photo: Gavriella Kline

Represensetives of The Reservists’ Wives Forum with Minister of Defense Yoav Galant

The war has left many mothers forced to manage family life and care for the education of their children on their own, as well as carry on working as usual, and of course, support their reservist partner on the front line as well. The Reservists’ Wives Forum was established about two weeks after the start of the war and now comprises more than 6,000 members, all women The Reservists’ Wives Forum | Fighting on the home front The Arab-Jewish war room in Rahat Helping the families of the western Negev

Jewish war room in the city of Rahat, with the aim to help the families of the western Negev, both Bedouin and Jewish, that were hit by the attacks. Donations have been flowing in ever since, making it possible for Nosatzki and Elsanah to buy food and essential commodities for families in need, including medication, funding for therapy, and even tablets for families and students who need to get back to studying in the midst of all the chaos and lack of Internet connections. With the help of many other social organizations, the war room has to date, helped more than 5,000 Arab and Jewish families, women, single mothers, and widows in particular. To donate: partnersinfate.com whose partners were called to the front line. The aim of the forum is to bring about policy changes, to raise awareness, and fight for the full use of rights of families who have a reservist mother or father still on the front line. The forum is managed on an entirely voluntary basis by 14 mothers, all partners of IDF reservists. @forum_neshotmil

IDF dogs | Therapy dogs for injured soldiers Meitar Sela , a disabled IDF veteran who was injured while fighting in the “Protective Edge” campaign in 2014, manages her PTSD, among other things, with the help of her therapy dog, Ranger. The October 7 th attacks triggered the trauma she suffered, and it prompted her to launch “IDF dogs”, an initiative that aims to alleviate the suffering of injured soldiers. Two hundred volunteers and their dogs have got involved, visiting injured soldiers in 14 different hospitals. The focus of the visits is to reduce as much as possible, and even prevent, the development of PTSD in each injured individual. Petting a dog is relaxing and can potentially improve moods, alleviate anxiety, increase motivation for therapy and physiotherapy, and help achieve emotional regulation. “IDF dogs” have even made their way to the “Hostages square” in Tel Aviv, to provide relief to the families of the hostages. @idf_dogs

Photo: Ben Cohen

Following the horrific attacks of October 7 th , Hanan Elsanah Esq. from the “Itach-Maaki Female Lawyers for Social Justice” association and Shir Nosatzki , CEO of the “Have you seen the horizon lately” organization, joined forces and created an Arab



Informative Content

A ray of light in the global hotel arena: "Aluma" is Isrotel's new international hotel brand Aluma brings together perfect locations, attention to detail, and ultimate hospitality. The first two Aluma hotels are opening in April in Athens, Greece, and will welcome guests from all over the world into a world of warmth, luxury and light

Photos: BHE

For foodies and nightlife seekers. Anise Hotel

Anise – boho-chic hospitality Named after one of the favorite spices of Greece, Anise hotel is located along the spice road in Psyri, one of Athens’ trendiest and most up-and-coming neighborhoods. The area is brimful with little boutiques and taverns, spice shops and cafés, century-old family run delis, and little alleyway bars. Full of colors, flavors, and scents, it is perfect for foodies and nightlife seekers. The hotel is spread across two buildings connected by an impressive atrium. The first one, opening in April, comprises 63 designed rooms, and the second has 42, due to open at a later stage. Later this year, another Aluma hotel is scheduled to open in Athens, named Adia, a 5-star hotel with a rooftop pool and spa. It will be followed by another Aluma location in Thessaloniki, as well as additional hotels in various European cities. “When staying at an Aluma hotel, our guests, and particularly those who have been Isrotel customers for years, will recognize Isrotel’s hospitality, its sense of being a ‘home away from home’, and our signature attention to detail and dedicated level of service”, adds Raviv. www.alumahotels.com

With a view of the Acropolis. Skylark Hotel

Aluma (the Hebrew word for “ray of light”), Isrotel’s new international hotel brand, was inspired by the values of Israeli warmth and hospitality, excellent service, transparency, and outstanding experiences. Offering a new take on Isrotel’s core value of “Hospitality as a way of life”, Aluma’s essence is: “Hospitality as a way of light.” People, places, and everything in between The story behind Aluma is a story of hospitality and creativity, inspiration and innovation, people and places. The new chain extends Isrotel’s reach oversees, starting in Greece and Italy, with additional European countries to open in the future. “Aluma is an international chain of hotels that will benefit from Isrotel’s longstanding experience and uncompromising standards of excellence, offering global travelers a wide range of city hotels and leisure resorts to choose from, and providing unique hospitality experiences”,

says Isrotel’s CEO, Lior Raviv. To date, Isrotel has 23 hotels in Israel, making it the country’s biggest hotel chain, with Aluma hotels in Greece now added to the list. Greece was chosen as Aluma’s launch country due to its close proximity to Israel, along with its great climate, food, and shopping options. The first two Aluma hotels opening in April are both located in the heart of Athens, each with its distinct character and atmosphere. Skylark – an intimate refuge in the heart of the city Skylark hotel, named after a bird flying above the city, will open its doors in April on Omonoia square, one of the city’s oldest squares, and a bustling nightlife spot with bars and cafés, shops and clubs. Skylark is a hospitality haven, with 199 rooms, elegantly designed and furnished, perfect for a pampering holiday or a business trip. The hotel also boasts a restaurant, a bar, a conference room, and a rooftop pool overlooking the Acropolis.

Lifestyle I Food

Photo by Nfoxes

With the launch of new luxury hotel “Le Grand Mazarin” in the heart of Paris, the “Boubalé” restaurant, helmed by Michelin-starred Israeli culinary wonder Assaf Granit, also opened its doors. “Boubalé” reinvents Eastern European cuisine, giving it a sexy, contemporary twist / By Liat Mofaz Milchan Boubalé: a heavenly hot spot of nostalgia and Parisian chic

The “Grand Mazarin Hotel” by French luxury hotel brand, Maison Pariente, was inaugurated last September in the heart of Paris’ Marais neighborhood. Adjacent to the hotel lobby, Michelin-starred Chef Assaf Granit’s new Parisian venture,”Boubalé”, was it too, launched that same day. Granit earned his Michelin star for his other Parisian eatery, “Shabur”. The interior design of the hotel is

by Swedish-born London-based interior designer Martin Brudnitzky, who took his inspiration from the Parisian literary salons of the 17 th century, creating an eclectic and colorful design, simultaneously projecting luxury and simplicity, coziness and chic. The hotel’s design spills over into the restaurant as well. Boubalé is a riot of colors, textures, and materials that project exceptional

warmth and coziness, with hand crafted wooden chairs, elegantly hand-painted flower decorations, crystal glassware and porcelain plates, tapestry-clad walls, and lace tablecloths. With the coziness of the atmosphere, the Eastern European menu and music playing in the background, for a second you could imagine you were having dinner at someone’s Eastern European grandmother’s house.


From Viznitz challah with chrain yoghurt to Gradma Leah’s compote Known for his exceptional versatility, Granit has built a menu that pays homage to his culinary roots and to the food he grew up on, adding his own magical touch to it all. He takes classic German, Russian, Georgian, Polish, and Hungarian dishes and turns them into elegant, sophisticated bites of Parisian chic. Granit himself is there in the open kitchen, making sure each and every dish is no less than perfect when it goes out. It’s hard to choose what to order from the menu (that changes from time to time), as everything looks, sounds, and smells so absolutely delicious. Herring, chopped liver, spätzle, and more, suddenly seem elegant and inviting – a far cry from the regular Ashkenazi food you’re used to. The Viznitz challah with chrain yoghurt placed on every table, will remind some of home, perfecting the already perfect dining experience. The dessert menu includes such delights as traditional strudel, Grandma Leah’s compote, and more. And to top off the evening, there’s a fantastic cocktail bar located beside the restaurant (boubaleparis.com/en).

Photos: (Restaurant&Bar) Vincent Leroux, (food( Joann Pai




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You Are Not Alone: solidarity with the families of the hostages and the missing

In a heartfelt initiative, EL AL transported the “You Are Not

Alone” sign from the piano honoring hostage Alon Eyal to New York for events happening on behalf of Israel in Jewish communities. Alon, 22, was always connected to music. He played the piano and planned to move to Tel Aviv and start studying music at the Rimon School of Music. Since Alon has been in captivity, his family opted to channel positive energy through music to bolster Alon’s spirits. As part of these efforts, they positioned a grand piano with a yellow sign reading “You Are Not Alone” in Tel Aviv’s Hostages’ square, inviting passers-by to play and raise awareness for Alon and all remaining hostages. This musical endeavor transcended Israel’s borders, and the piano has traveled to Amsterdam and Berlin, where it was displayed Jewish communities, and Hamsa, a five-year program led by Israeli Prize winner Miriam Peretz, that accompanies lone soldiers through Aliyah, life in the kibbutz, and their release from the IDF. In the last decade, the organization has focused on work in Israel’s south. After the murder of WeKibbutz’s head, Ofir Liebstein on October 7 th , the organization has been leading activities for evacuees on resilience and leadership. As the national carrier of Israel, EL AL supports the

Photos: courtesy of EL AL

Enhancing the Passenger Experience with 3D Seating Maps EL AL has revolutionized the digital passenger experience by introducing a cutting-edge feature: a 3D tour of the aircraft allowing passengers to visually explore different service classes and seats on board. The 3D seating maps are available during the flight reservation process and on the EL AL website. WeKibbutz is an organization that connects Jewish communities around the world and Israel. The organization focuses on fostering interpersonal connections through the global youth movement Habonim Dror, along with training young people for activism, Tikkun Olam, and social justice in Israel and around the world. WeKibbutz initiated Hallelujah, an international camp for youth from around the world, the Netaim project, dedicated to strengthening small Connecting Israel to the world

in the James Simon Gallery. Last month EL AL flew the sign to New York, where it was displayed in Times Square and at events organized on behalf of Israel by the Jewish community in New Jersey. The entire crew took part in this important mission and positioned the sign inside the aircraft to remind the world that we are still waiting for Alon.

organization and has flown many participants on volunteer missions and resilience initiatives for youth in the Diaspora.


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