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January 2024

Issue 277 | January 2024

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In-flight I Issue 277 | January 2024


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from the CEO 6 EL AL Keeping Israel Connected to the World EL AL is fully engaged in the national effort at this grave hour 18 A Boarding Pass to the IDF


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Fleet 40

Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



A letter from the CEO

Dear passengers,

In these extraordinary times, we face a challenging reality that also highlights the resilience and unity of Israeli society. Since October 7 th , EL AL has been operating in emergency mode, with mostly Israeli airlines remaining on the flight schedule from Ben Gurion Airport. Now, more than ever, we embody EL AL’s vision as the bridge connecting Israel and the world. As a company proudly displaying the state flag on our aircraft, we feel a heightened national commitment to Israeli society and the State of Israel. Throughout our 75-year history, EL AL’s story has intertwined with the story of the State of Israel. To this day, we have been involved in both open and secret national operations, strengthening our resilience and security. Even in these challenging times, we’ve conducted special flights, facilitating the return of Israelis, including members of the security and rescue forces. To date, we have transported over half a million passengers and thousands of tons of essential cargo. The support for our local economy is inspiring, showcasing the unique unity of Israeli society, embraced and backed by Jewish communities globally. Now, more than ever, choosing “BLUE-and-WHITE” products and flying “BLUE-and-WHITE” with us, fosters optimism for the future of the Israeli economy. On behalf of the entire EL AL team, our heartfelt condolences go out to the bereaved families. We wish a swift recovery to the injured while we offer strength and support to the IDF and security forces and to the families of the kidnapped and missing. As 2024 begins, I would like to take this opportunity to wish us all a happy new year full of growth and success. EL AL is with you, always, and remains your safest choice. With us, you are always at home. Together, we shall overcome.

Warm regards, Dina Ben Tal Ganancia CEO, EL AL



EL AL Keeps Israel Connected to the World

EL AL Keeps Israel Connected to the World The Blue and White Aerial Bridge:



615K 3,600 13,000 EL AL has flown more than passengers tons of essential cargo including medical In addition, EL AL has flown Operated Flights

EL AL is fully engaged in the national effort at this grave hour - from repatriating Israeli citizens, transporting tons of essential equipment, to doing everything it can in the struggle to release the hostages. Here are some of the activities undertaken since the beginning of the war

supplies from various destinations and will continue to do what is needed to remain the connecting bridge between Israel and the world, be it in times of peace as in times of emergency.

Photos: courtesy of EL AL



EL AL Keeps Israel Connected to the World

Our flexibility policy for EL AL customers is being prolonged Customers with tickets for EL AL flights till January 31 st 2024 included may cancel their flight free of charge and obtain a voucher in exchange. Vouchers are valid until December 31 st 2025 and can be used for all departing flights until November 30 th 2026. To issue a voucher, log onto: elal.com/he/PassengersInfo/ Pages/CreditSteps. Flight changes are also free of charge – except for any air fare price differences in certain cases. To request flight changes, call or send us a message on WhatsApp or Facebook Messen’ger. *Vouchers cannot be obtained against partially used flight tickets, bonus tickets, or tickets purchased in the context of a group purchase.

Reinforcing international support to Israel

Exactly sixty days after the attack of October 7 th , EL AL launched a special initiative by which it adorned its 787-9 “Jerusalem of Gold” Dreamliner with the phrase “Stand with Israel”. The aim is to reinforce international support to Israel and raise awareness about the current situation and comes in addition to the other activities EL AL has been undertaking as part of its contribution to the national effort since the beginning of the war. Now more than ever before, EL AL represents the connection between

Israel and the world. The “Jerusalem of Gold” Dreamliner is painted white, blue, and gold, and has the Israel flag on its tail and company logo. Dina Ben Tal Ganancia, EL AL CEO: “as a company that adorns its aircraft with the Israeli flag, it is our responsibility to represent our country everywhere in the world. It’s important for us to keep reinforcing the support to our armed forces and to send out a message of hope and empowerment, as we continue to pray for the return of the hostages”.

Repatriating citizens Since the beginning of the war EL AL has repatriated more than 66 thousand Israeli citizens on a total of 336 flights. EL AL staff has been working round the clock to provide both EL AL passengers and those with cancelled plane tickets from other companies, with flights home. Flight schedules as well as change and cancellation policies are detailed on the EL AL website.



“Lighting up the world” - from Australia to Los Angeles

On the first night of Hannukah, December 7 th , precisely two months after the murderous attacks of October 7 th , EL AL presented its “Lighting up the world” initiative which invited Israelis and Jews from around the world to join together in lighting Hannukah candles with the aim to “connect the world with one big light” and send out a message of unity. It was the longest Hannukah

candle lighting chain ever attempted – starting in Australia and ending in Los Angeles – and many children from around the world took part, including Israeli kids from the areas most hit by the attacks. The Hannukah lighting initiative began in Australia on December 7 th 2023 at 18:00 local time and ended in Los Angeles – such an exceptional event it is expected to enter the Guinness

Book of Records. Hannukah is about celebrating the power of light over darkness, and the belief in miracles. The Hannukah candle lighting chain sent out a message of unity and solidarity, showing that light will always be stronger than darkness. Voicing a message of hope is especially meaningful these days, as Israel prays for the safe return of all its hostages.

The president of the State of Israel Isaac Herzog, EL AL CEO Dina Ben Tal Ganancia, Doron Journo, father of Karin Journo z”l, an EL AL employee murdered on October 7 th , and sisters Lina and Romy Swissa whose parents were also murdered

EL AL CEO Dina Ben Tal Ganancia and company commander Evyatar Zeituni who was wounded in battle.

Dafnie Beck, wife of Captain Itay Yehoshua z”l who was killed in combat in Be’eri on October 7 th , lighting a Hannukah candle

EL AL CEO Dina Ben Tal Ganancia and her deputy, Omri Cohen, presenting President Herzog with an aircraft model



EL AL Keeps Israel Connected to the World

New Boarding Pass Design Reflects EL AL’s Support of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum: Bring Them Home Now #BringThemHome We are proud to introduce a meaningful addition to our boarding passes—a poignant inscription echoing our unwavering support for the Hostages and Missing Families Forum: “Bring Them Home Now #BringThemHome.” As part of our ongoing commitment to this cause, EL AL has recently established a dedicated initiative led by Yarom Vadish, E.V.P. Sales & Tourism at EL AL. This initiative aims to actively contribute to the efforts of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, particularly by facilitating the travel of family representatives and advocates to key destinations worldwide. Since the launch of this initiative, EL AL has flown numerous family representatives to the US and European cities including Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. During these visits, the representatives engaged with senior officials in governments, the OECD, Jewish communities, UNESCO, and the media to raise awareness and support for the release of the hostages.

Remembering the hostages Photographs of the hostages and the missing were placed on the seats of one of the cargo planes that flew in from New York as a symbol of hope for their return. The flight was a special flight that transported tons of essential medical and tactical gear for IDF soldiers donated by the Amudim organization and the Phoenix Group in cooperation with EL AL.

Tribute evening at Ben Gurion airport | The fight for the hostages and the missing

Hundreds of EL AL employees took part in the special gathering organized by the Hostages and Missing Families Forum at Ben Gurion airport. Candles were lit and songs were sung to keep hope strong. “Together we shall push away the darkness. Our hearts and minds are with the hostages and the missing”, said EL AL CEO Dina Ben Tal Ganancia at the gathering, which was attended by hundreds of members of EL AL staff.



“A teddy bear for each hostage” is an initiative instigated by EL AL flight attendant Hadar Harik (29). “We believe all the hostages in Gaza are alive, and the idea of a teddy bear waiting for them at home, symbolizes the hope for their release. The project began with me choosing a knitted teddy bear figure, writing knitting instructions for it, and publishing them in various knitting groups on social media. Hundreds of knitters throughout the country contributed to the project, and we ended up with more than 240 teddy bears, all knitted according to the same instructions, but in different colors and styles. It was amazing to see the project develop”, says Harik. She collected all the teddy bears from different points around the Kites for Freedom is a global viral initiative on social media calling for the immediate release of all the hostages in Gaza. This project was inspired by the annual kite festival that took place every Sukkot in the fields of Kibbutz Kfar Aza. The event, full of hope for peace and brotherhood, was supposed to take place on October 7th which became the darkest Saturday of the State of Israel since the Holocaust. The initiator of the Kite event, Aviv Kotz, his wife Livnat and their 3 children - Rotem, Yonatan and Yiftah were all murdered hugging each other in their bed. May they rest in peace. Would you like to be ambassadors for the hostages in Gaza? Take a picture of yourself with a A teddy bear for each hostage

country and organized a display of them waiting for the hostages in what has become known as “Hostage Square” in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. “I met the sister of Romy Leshem Gonen, currently a hostage in Gaza, and was happy to hear from her that the project gives her and the families a feeling of optimism”. With the return of some of the hostages, Harik contacted one of the doctors who greet them upon arrival, and managed to deliver the teddy bears to the cars waiting to take them on their way from the helicopter to the hospital. “The project started as my idea”, says Harik, “but the whole thing really took shape thanks to the many knitters who joined the initiative, and together we were able to reach kite or with our kite photo and dedicate the post to one of the October 7 th hostages. Share on your social media and tag our hashtag #kitesforfreedom Take pictures here on the plane or in other interesting places and spread this initiative to the whole world!

Join us and we will all be ambassadors for the hostages in Gaza! The #KitesForFreedom team

kitesforfreedom.wixsite.com/kff2 kitesforfreedom

Kites For Freedom @kitesforfreedom

our goal. The teddy bears are a representation of us all, as we wait for the release of all the hostages and their return home”.



EL AL Keeps Israel Connected to the World

At the start of the war, two EL AL 787 Dreamliners left New York and landed in Israel, transporting more than 30 tons of vital equipment, including medical and humanitarian supplies donated by associations such as ‘Israel Friends US’. The cargo was both loaded into the belly of the plane and stacked on plane seats and included millions of dollars’ worth of medical supplies such as oxygen masks, bandaging paraphernalia, IV equipment, and protective gear for soldiers. A further Dreamliner plane arrived from New York in November carrying tons of essential medical supplies and gear for IDF soldiers co-financed by the Phoenix Group, the Amudim organization and EL AL, including hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of essential supplies such as first aid kits, tourniquets, stretchers, protective and thermal gear for soldiers and supplies for the displaced families of the South. More than 30 tons of medical and humanitarian supplies for the IDF

Donating frequent flyer points to bereaved families, IDF soldiers and displaced families Fly Card customers can donate points to four associations that help bereaved families, displaced families and IDF soldiers. The associations in question are the Association for Israel’s Soldiers, Zaka Search and Rescue, the IDF Widows and Orphans Org., and the Latet organization. To make a donation, log onto the EL AL website where the points donated can be converted into money and transferred to the association of your choice.

The “Envelope of Israel” cargo plane officially joins the EL AL fleet

The “Envelope of Israel” Boeing 737 is a former passenger plane that was reconverted into cargo aircraft a few months ago. EL AL has also reconverted Boeing 777 planes from its fleet into cargo aircraft by temporarily removing passenger seats. These planes are set to carry 25-50 tons of cargo per flight. Since the start of the war, EL AL has increased cargo capacity on widebody passenger planes which can now carry more than 5,000 tons of cargo, including vital medical equipment donated in part by various organizations in Israel and the world.


Hundreds of children from the South flew out to cheer on Israel’s national football team in Hungary In November, EL AL subsidiary Sun d’Or organized two flights to Budapest with 350 displaced children from the South onboard, as part of an initiative instigated by the “White and Blue Victory” organization. Founded by volunteers, this organization aims to bring joy to the children most affected by the tragic events of October 7 th . The kids were given the chance to support the national team at the two most important Euro 2024 qualifiers. The first match was against Switzerland, the second against Romania and the kids, accompanied by their parents, were delighted to be able to cheer on the players at the stadium.

EL AL CEO with the initiative organizers, the families with the players in Budapest

Feeding our soldiers – EL AL’s “Falafel unit”

EL AL has partnered up with falafel chain ‘Falafel Baribua’ to provide soldiers and rescue forces across the country with the quintessential Israeli snack, the humble falafel sandwich. Last month, our “falael unit” set out to serve up thousands of meals to IDF soldiers posted in the north and south, as well as to medical teams and wounded citizens hospitalized in Soroka hospital. Wanting to lift spirits during these tough times, our “falafel unit” partnered up with singers and comedians and also reached hundreds of displaced families of the South. Food options for those sensitive to gluten and/or lactose were available as well.



EL AL Keeps Israel Connected to the World

EL AL’s “Fly Israel” campaign – buy flight vouchers for future use and donate to IDF soldiers and citizens impacted by the attacks

After the support received in the US, EL AL is expanding its campaign to inspire people to “fly Israel” in Europe as well

EL AL has launched a campaign calling for those who support Israel, and Jews living in the diaspora, to purchase flight vouchers for future use. 10% of their value will be donated to the IDF and to helping the displaced residents of the areas most impacted by the attacks in cooperation with the FIDF and Shoresh organizations. The campaign, first launched in the US, is broadening its reach to include France and the UK. It is estimated that thanks to the campaign, EL AL will be contributing more than one million shekels to the organizations. The vouchers can be used until December 25 th 2025 on all departing flights until November 30 th 2026. The

campaign was launched under the slogan: “When times are tough the tough keep flying. Support Israel. Fly Israel”. 10% of the value of each voucher goes to the FIDF (Friends of the Israel Defense Forces) association - an organization founded in the US in 1981 that cares for IDF soldiers, former IDF soldiers and their families - and to the Shoresh association, an organization that helps Israelis hit by the October 7 th attacks. Dina Ben Tal Ganancia, EL AL CEO: “now’s the time to show support for the Israeli economy. There has been immense generosity and solidarity displayed by people around the world, Jewish communities in particular. So much has been

donated, particularly supplies for our armed forces, most of which having been flown over to Israel by EL AL. We’re calling on people to keep supporting the Israeli economy and make plans to visit Israel in the future and “fly Israel” when they do”. Voucher holders receive special postcards printed at the Be’eri printing house, as well as advantages usually reserved for frequent flyer club members, according to the value of the voucher and the campaign terms. For more information on the campaign, including terms and conditions, log onto: elal.com/eng/ online-services/credit-voucher purchase-uk


Stacie Stufflebeam, a mother of three combat soldiers

Operation Hug

As part of Operation Hug, EL AL is proudly collaborating with Nefesh B’Nefesh, Jewish National Fund USA and Friends of the IDF (FIDF), working together to reunite parents of Lone Soldiers with their children who have been serving in the IDF since the beginning of the war. EL AL flights have brought parents from around the world to Israel, providing them with the opportunity to embrace their children during these challenging times. There are currently approximately 5,000 lone soldiers from around the world serving in the IDF, displaying incredible commitment by leaving their homes, families and friends to immigrate alone to Israel and join the IDF. Since the war began, hundreds of parents have flown to Israel on EL AL flights with Operation Hug, enabling them to see their children for the

first time in a powerful display of familial love and support. EL AL is honored to be part of this initiative, alleviating some of the stress and worry faced by lone soldiers and their families, while demonstrating solidarity with the national effort. Stacie Stufflebeam of Virginia is one of the parents who took part in Operation Hug and was recently flown to Israel by EL AL. Stacie is the mother of two combat soldiers on the front lines and another son in reserve duty, all of whom are serving or have served in the military as lone soldiers in combat roles. “We are deeply moved and humbled, during this challenging time, by the daily courage of all the lone soldiers who are bravely serving our Jewish homeland far away from their parents and family”, said Rabbi Yehoshua Fass, co-founder and Executive Director of Nefesh B’Nefesh.

“We are extra sensitive to the concern this distance is causing the parents of these brave men and women on the front lines and have therefore established our ‘Operation Hug’ campaign to shorten the physical distances. I am proud that national institutions have come together for this beautiful project”. Shlomi Zafrany, EL AL VP of Commercial & Industrial Affairs, reinforces EL AL’s unwavering commitment as the flag carrier of Israel, actively facilitating arrivals amidst the ongoing conflict. As a vital part of this mission, “EL AL proudly collaborates with Nefesh B’Nefesh, facilitating the journey of lone soldiers’ families to Israel—an impactful initiative fostering morale and national resilience. Our dedication remains steadfast as we persist in being the airlift connecting Israel to the world”.



EL AL Keeps Israel Connected to the World

Volunteering with Israel’s Farmers and Pitchon-Lev

After October 7 th , Taglit - Birthright Israel initiated a remarkable effort, recruiting over 1,500 past participants aged 20-40 as volunteers for agricultural and logistical support at the Pitchon Lev center. In collaboration with the Shalom Corps platform at Mosaic United, hundreds of volunteers have already arrived in Israel to assist in the war effort, with more joining each week. These volunteers engage in various tasks, from working in the fields of Israeli farmers affected by the war to assisting in donation centers sorting, packing, and distributing supplies for evacuated residents and military units. This initiative not only provides practical support but also fosters a connection between young volunteers and the

Israeli community. Evenings are dedicated to interactions with Israeli counterparts and hearing firsthand stories from the war, allowing volunteers to share these experiences upon returning home. EL AL, as a strategic partner of Taglit - Birthright Israel, supports the volunteer program by subsidizing ticket costs, contributing to this essential national mission. Gidi Mark, CEO of Taglit – Birthright Israel: "Taglit-Birthright Israel is a Zionism Iron Dome that has worked to strengthen the connection between Diaspora Jewry and the State of Israel since its creation. Today, during a war, the best way to connect young Jews with the State of Israel is through action. Past participants of Taglit – Birthright Israel joined the initiative and during

the next two months, thousands of volunteers are expected to arrive here. Just as volunteers from all over the world stood by Israel during and after the Yom Kippur War, here too, the spirit of Jewish unity and solidarity proves itself". Shlomi Zafrani, VP of Commercial & Industrial Affairs at EL AL: "EL AL continues to maintain the airlift to Israel from many countries, with an emphasis on the United States, even in times of war. We will continue in our efforts to transport essential cargo, fly the families of hostages, and bring volunteers from all over the world to Israel, and we will continue to contribute to national needs as they arise". Some of the volunteers shared their experiences, including Judy Heller from New York, Jared


Yoffi from Canada, and Melissa Liverson from Louisiana, illustrating the diverse backgrounds and motivations behind their decision to contribute to Israel during these challenging times. Stories of volunteers Judy Heller | 37, from New York, fire fighter and single mother to her 13-year-old son: "When it all started, I felt enormous anger. I didn't understand how such a thing could happen. I felt that I had to help to feel meaningful and lend a hand. When I saw that Taglit's volunteer program was being opened, I immediately realized that I had an opportunity to contribute. Of course, I was a little afraid; it was a war after all. But it was actually my 13-year-old son who pushed me to come here. If it was possible, he would have come with me. I left him with a friend and came." "I have friends and cousins here who are in reserve duty, and I even brought them thin raincoats from New York. I pray for their safety, but I don't worry about the country. It amazes me to see how strong Israel is, thanks to the solidarity and support that everyone has for each other. The Israeli strength is simply inspiring, and I have no doubt that Israel will win". Jared Yoffi, 30, from Canada, owner of an engineering company: "I came to get a first-hand perspective on what is happening here and to share these experiences with my friends around the world. There is antisemitism in Canada, and also a lot of disinformation. In Canada, everyone hears about the missiles that land in Gaza every day, but no one talks about the fact that missiles are also

Photos: Courtesy of Taglit organization

launched towards Tel Aviv. I sent a video from here of people in Tel Aviv running away from incoming rockets, and I got responses from people who said they didn't know this was happening. When you are looking for an apartment in Vancouver or Toronto, you check whether or not there is a sauna in the apartment. Here they check if there is a safe room or a shelter - this is crazy reality that people outside of Israel must understand". Melissa Liverson , 26 years, from Louisiana, chemical engineer and fitness trainer: "I felt that it was simply something I had to do, to give you the feeling that as Jews of the world, we are

one big family. My parents were afraid when I decided to go but are very proud and supportive of my decision. They themselves met when they volunteered here at Kibbutz Gesher – my father came from the United States and my mother from Brazil, and they experienced life on the border and terrorist attacks when they were here. I didn't tell anyone at work that I was coming here. My friends saw it in the pictures I uploaded, and they were surprised. Maybe I was afraid of their reactions. Feelings in the United States are hard; antisemitism really is everywhere. When I get back, I will share more about the reality here both with my Jewish and non-Jewish friends".



Together, we shall overcome

On standard days they operate as EL AL staff members - pilots, flight attendants, technical managers, computer experts etc. But, right now they are IDF recruits, protecting our homeland on the battlefield. Here are some of the EL AL employees who proudly exchanged their everyday uniforms for their army fatigues A boarding pass to the IDF

Photos: courtesy of ELAL

Staff sergeant Y’ Age: 22 Position at EL AL: Flight attendant Years at EL AL: 10 months Position in the army: Fighter & combat medic in the artillery. Over the past week a military officer in the Air Force Cooperation Unit. What I would like to say: “I’m glad to take part and have significance in the fight over our homeland, and can’t wait to go back to some routine - to the EL AL flights. Most importantly we need to remember that together we will win – Am Yisrael Chai.”

Adi Peres Age: 22 Position at EL AL: Flight attendant Years at EL AL: 4 months Position in the army: Caracal (Unit 33) fighter What I would like to say: “Being a fighter serving in the IDF reserves isn’t simple under such complex times. Saying that, there are a few things that keep us doing what we do - one of which is EL AL’s contribution to the country, a joy to be a part of. It’s important to continue and maintain unity and high morale. That’s the only way to win!”

Sergeant Major A’ Age: 40 Position at EL AL: Pilot, first officer 737 Years at EL AL: 1 Position in the army: Pilot in the Desert Bird squadron What I would like to say: “It’s a great privilege to report to the squadron at this challenging period, and save lives during the various missions. It’s an additional privilege, as an EL AL pilot, to carry our flag proudly on the plane’s tail across the world.”


Rotem Sultan Age: 26 Position at EL AL: Flight attendant Years at EL AL: 10 months Position in the army: Combat medic What I would like to say: “Beyond the obvious reasons for which I’m waiting for the war to end, I’m also looking forward with impatience to getting back in the air. This is especially true now – so I can continue representing my country, both on the flights and on my stays abroad.”

Assaf Levy Hasdai Age: 52 Position at EL AL: In-flight service manager Years at EL AL: 15 Position in the army: Casualty officer & commander of the “Bnei Hail” camp - the IDF orphans camp What I would like to say: “Both my personal affiliation as an EL AL Air crew member, which carries the Star of David, and as a Casualty officer representing EL AL in the army, unite as one. This is the meaning of being Israeli.”

Dmitriy Stepanov Age: 35 Position at EL AL: Flight attendant Years at EL AL: 9 ½ Position in the army: Reserves major, squad commander at ‘PALSM’ in the maneuver armor brigade in the northern sector What I would like to say: “We’re one nation, one army, and we’re here to win.”

David Cohen Age: 22 Position at EL AL: In-flight entertainment tech support, In-flight CX strategy division. Years at EL AL: 2 Position in the army: Fighter in the 21 st Battalion of the Etzion Brigade What I would like to say: “It’s not easy to leave everything in one day and go back to a military structure, without an end date in sight. But, we give it our all for the mission and the homeland. Even when I’m far away, I feel close. Thanks to my managers and co-worker, who keep in touch and care about me. Love you and I’ll see you soon. Am Yisrael Chai.”

Menachem Halperin Age: 35

Position at EL AL: SAP system administrator, responsible for supporting SAP EL AL users with accounting and procurement Years at EL AL: 5 Position in the army: Fuel cell operations officer in the general staff supply system, responsible for providing solutions for the IDF’s fuel response, including jet fuel response for the Air Force What I would like to say: “Let’s give unity a chance, our similarities outweigh our differences.”

Tamar Penhas Age: 22 Position at EL AL: Flight attendant Years at EL AL: 8 months Position in the army: Ordnance officer in the engineering corps What I would like to say: “In the moment of truth we all enlist for the sake of the country and our future. I landed on October 8 th in Israel on an EL AL flight returning from Bangkok, and since then I’ve been recruited to the Engineering Brigade.”



Together, we shall overcome

Adi Cohenca Age: 25 Position at EL AL: Operations officer Years at EL AL: 2 Position in the army: Fighter in the Bardelas reservists’ battalion What I would like to say: “My boyfriend and I were supposed to get married after the October attacks but both of us are serving as reservists right now, so we postponed the wedding to next year. In these difficult times EL AL has stood by its employees that are serving on the frontlines. I can’t wait to get back to my job and for the hostages to be released”.

Shalom Yehezkel Age: 29 Position at EL AL: Aircraft interior mechanic Years at EL AL: 6 Position in the army: Fighter in the Givati brigade What I would like to say: “Our strength lies in unity. This is why it’s so important for the country to keep supporting the fighters on the frontlines as it gives us the strength we need to go on fighting with pride and devotion”.

Maayan Reuven Age: 32 Position at EL AL: Passenger controller Years at EL AL: 7 and a half Position in the army: Casualty officer based at central command What I would like to say: “It’s an honor for me to serve my country and even though I miss my job at EL AL which has been like a second home to me for seven years now, I’m proud to represent and serve my country”.

Daniel Ronen Age: 51

Position at EL AL: Sales and marketing manager in the maintenance division Years at EL AL: 28 Position in the army: Aircraft mechanic, Apache squadron in the north What I would like to say: “Since the start of the war my squadron companions and I have been focused on bringing back security, the hostages, and a sense of peace to all Israeli citizens, including my granddaughter who’s waiting for me back home”.


Eido Poznanski Age: 41 Position at EL AL: Aircraft interior maintenance team supervisor Years at EL AL: 18 and a half Position in the army: Nahal brigade reconnaissance platoon What I would like to say: “Our job is to keep the country safe, in the cities as on the frontlines”. Leon Epshtein Age: 33 Position at EL AL: Engine mechanic Years at EL AL : 1 Position in the army: Liaison officer in the 401 armored brigade What I would like to say: “Am Israel Hai, we will win. After the darkness we will rise to better days. At the 401 armored brigade, we’re doing everything we can to protect our country so that our friends and families can live in safety”.

Master sergeant L’ Age: 30 Position at EL AL: Ground equipment operator Years at EL AL: 6 months Position in the army: Fighter in the Yahalom heavy equipment combat engineering corps What I would like to say: “Even after more than 70 days of combat we’re still giving our absolute all to do what it takes to keep our country safe. Am Israel Hai!”

Dorel Saig Age: 31 Position at EL AL: Passenger controller, flight attendant, and exit gate operator Years at EL AL: one year and four months Position in the army: CSM in an artillery battery What I would like to say: “When the war started, my family and I were enjoying a big meet-up as my brother and his family from Australia were here for a visit and my sister from the US was here as well for the first time in ten years. They were all a bit shocked to see me on that October morning in my army fatigues. But our job is to defend our country and all our energy is focused on that. And just as I’m proud to wear my EL AL uniform in normal times, and work for the airline that adorns the national flag on its aircraft’s tail, I’m proud to wear my army fatigues and fight for my country. Am Israel Hai!”



Together, we shall overcome

Uri Alon - The Salad Trail I Photo: Maya Kerub


The Eshkol region is Israel’s breadbasket, and its beautiful scenery is peppered with delightful cafés, farms, and bakeries – at least it was until October 7 th , the day tragedy hit. Most of the region’s inhabitants have been displaced, but in the midst of all the pain and destruction, many business owners have decided to get back to work, start picking up the pieces and look to the future. Here are 5 Eshkol businesses we warmly urge you to discover and support Supporting the Eshkol region’s small businesses

The Salad Trail greenhouse farm was established by Shuli and Uri Alon in the moshav of Talmei Yossef. Visitors have been coming here for years to discover northern Negev agri-tech from up close on the many guided tours they offer. On the morning of October 7 th , Shuli and Uri were at home on the farm. “We’re lucky not to have been hurt but some of our family members were killed, and one of our guides, Michel Nissembaum, was kidnapped and taken to Gaza”, Alon tells us. 01 The Salad Trail, Talmei Yossef An agri-tech experience

The Alons came back to the farm two weeks after the attack to start repairing it from all the damage. Family and friends came to help them with the harvest so that the produce could be sold. “We’ve come up with a way to get people to support us by which they can purchase a ticket for a future tour of the farm and support our recovery by doing so”, says Uri. For more information: salat4u.co.il, 050-7248989



Together, we shall overcome


The Chocolate Café, Neve Eshkol Center Chocolate crowdfunding

03 Located right by Kibbutz Magen in the Neve Eshkol Center, the Chocolate Café is very well-known in the area. It was the ideal place to go for a coffee and top-notch artisan chocolate pralines, much loved by locals of all ages and walks of life. In recent years, the café had been co-managed by Dvir Karp Z”L, and Uri Steiner. Karp was in charge of the chocolates while Steiner was in charge of the management per se. On October 7 th , Karp was killed by the Hamas terrorists together with his partner, in their home in Kibbutz Re’im. In the aftermath of the attack, Steiner came to the realization that it would take months to get the business back on track and that the funds it would require to sustain it would end up being too much to bear. “Since the massacre occurred, many of our customers have told me how much they miss our café and that’s how the crowdfunding idea came about”, says Steiner. A crowdfunding page has been set up, in support of the beloved Chocolate Café, to ensure the café is there when the people of the Eshkol region are finally able to come back to their homes. “I wish to remain loyal to Dvir’s vision and recipes”, Steiner adds. For more information: headstart.co.il/ project/76203, 054-5677405 Be’eri is a small artisanal dairy farm that has been operating for more than thirty years. It specializes in handmade cow’s milk cheeses and it’s an integral part of the local fabric – the ingredients are all locally sourced and it is involved in many partnerships with local wineries and businesses. Its workers, Dror Or, Dagan Peleg, and Yaakov Banakot, lived through Be’eri Dairy farm Cheese, glorious cheese

The Chocolate Café - Dvir Karp Z”L

Be'eri Dairy - Yaakov Banakot, Dror Or (kidnapped) and Dagan Peleg I Photo: Yahel Batito

the hell of October 7 th . All three spent endless hours hiding in their safe rooms until they were rescued, but eventually it was discovered that Or and his children had been kidnapped and taken to Gaza and his wife, killed. “Dror being kidnapped has shaken us to our core. Without him, our passion is gone. Right now, we’re in deep uncertainty”, says Peleg. The two

have nonetheless decided to get back and salvage what remains and rebuild what was destroyed. Still not yet back to making new cheeses, aging cheeses are being taken care of, and sold at farmers’ markets as well as at the local wineries they usually work with. For more information: beeridairy.co.il



HaDinarim, Moshav Pri Gan A spice lover’s haven

Ya’ir and Mali Dinar took their love of spice to the next level, growing more than 180 varieties of chili peppers and creating a range of chili-based products such as pastes, jams, and sauces. They sell their products across Israel and have created a visitors’ center at the farm. On the morning of October 7 th , when the terrorists broke into the moshav, Ya’ir and Mali locked themselves in the safe room, from which they were only rescued 24 hours later. “After we got out, Mali and I headed north to stay with Mali’s mother, but a day after we arrived, I realized I just had to get back. It wasn’t about being a hero, it was simply the realization that it was where I belonged. People see me as tough, with all my tattoos, but actually I’m quite sensitive, and after October 7 th I realized how deeply attached I was to our moshav and community, and it was clear I needed to get back to the farm”, says Ya’ir. “We’ve been back selling our products at food markets around the country, and the outpouring of love and support from our compatriots truly brought me to tears”, he adds. For more information: hadinarim.co.il, 054-3244448

Photos: PR

Galit Basharim , Gilu Li Café at Broitman Bread


Galit Basharim and the Gilu Li Café Breads and pastries from Moshav Yesha – now in Eilat

After the massacre of October 7 th , “Broitman Bread”, an Eilat institution, welcomed baker and café-owner Galit Basharim with open arms. Displaced by the events, Basharim has now been delighting Eilat gourmands with her wonderful quiches for several weeks. Her café, situated in Moshav Yesha, was a favorite among locals – always buzzing with people and chock-filled with breads, cakes, and pastries. She named it “Gilu Li”, in honor of her late son, Gil, who died aged ten of bone cancer, and whose wishes were that she always strive to see the bright side of things, no matter what. “Gilu Li” was a shining beacon of optimism and delicious baked goods. On the morning of October 7 th ,

Basharim landed back in Israel from a trip to Morrocco. “The second I landed I opened my phone and discovered dozens of messages and alerts, and I immediately understood something was very wrong. I later learned that the terrorists shot seven people at the entrance to my moshav before continuing on their rampage into the neighboring Moshav Mivtahim. I drove straight to Eilat from the airport, as it’s where my sons live”, she says. Two weeks after the attack, Yuval Ziv from “Broitman Bread” invited her into his bakery. “Yuval wanted to help someone from the Eshkol region, and I quickly found my feet. Everyone here has been so kind”, she adds. Galit Basharim, Gilu Li Café at Broitman Bread, Almogim 17, Eilat

Ya’ir Dinar - HaDinarim



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Medical Tourism in Tlv The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world

I'm Semen Smirnov, 34 years old. On the October,8 2022 the MRI with contrast of the kidney detected a kidney tumor. I decided to avoid any risk of unsuccessful treatment and contacted the International Department of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. On 24 October I started the examination, just after 3 days of examination doctor Avi Bary consultation took place. Doctor explained me all the details of my situation with various ways of treatment and I chose to have the surgery of the partial nephrectomy by DaVinci ISR: +972-3-6973511 RUS: 8-800-100-9616 UKR: 0-800-501933 my experience plan. This will help avoid repeated testing upon arrival, saving you precious time and money. A cost estimate will be provided in advance to give you an approximation of the expected treatment costs. We have Russian-speaking and English speaking designated coordinators who will accompany you every step of the way, from arrival to discharge. At the end of your stay at our hospital, you will receive all of your test results, in English or in Russian, at no extra charge. Your treatment coordinator and our medical staff will be happy to answer your questions regarding further recovery and follow-up. For more information visi t https://ichilov-clinic.gov.il/ or email us at medtour@tlvmc.gov.il

The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world Why choose Ichilov? Israel’s healthcare is world-renowned for its personalized approach to every patient. The Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center is a public-sector healthcare facility and treats patients from all over the world, providing highly professional medical care and consultation to thousands of patients, adults and pediatric on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. We are constantly upgrading our facilities to make sure they feature state-of-the-art technologies, from cutting-edge diagnostic tests to the most prospective patients send us the results of diagnostic tests done at home so that our doctors can review them and make a personalized examination and treatment advanced laboratory methods. Before arriving, we request that

robot. The operation was scheduled for 4 November. All the time during my stay in Tel Aviv the major consultant of the International Department has been extremely helpful to me in all issues. I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Avi Bary, the operating room team for their professionalism and attention. Honestly, I've never experienced such kind treatment in Russia. On the 5th day after the surgery, I could fly home. The kidney function has been fully preserved, no special diet is needed, and only limitation of physical activity for 1 month.

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Ichilov Medical Center offers a series of medical tests aimed at prevention and early detection of cancer. Treatment strategy is selected according to the cancer type and severity, presence or absence of metastases, and the unique characteristics of each patient. Our world-class specialists are expert in treating many different types of cancer in adult and pediatric patients, including: breast cancer, brain

Ichilov Hospital uses cutting-edge

At Ichilov, we use the Da Vinci System – a robotic surgical system. The system uses a minimally invasive surgical approach, helping to avoid large cuts and minimizing side effects. Our surgeons closely collaborate with every other department of the hospital, to create a personalized diagnostics and treatment plan for each individual patient.

tumors, lung cancer, gastric cancer, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, orthopedic oncology, skin cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, vaginal cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, blood cancer and more. Our unique experience in treating children with various forms of cancer allows us to work wonders in curing our young patients.

surgical technologies for a wide variety of surgical interventions in adult and pediatric patients, including complex cancer surgeries, cardiovascular surgery, chest and heart surgery, brain and cranial base surgery, urinary tract surgery, head and neck surgery, spinal surgery and organ transplantations.


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