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June 2023

Issue 271 | June 2023

Exploring Caesarea Wondrous archeological remains and gorgeous beaches - Caesarea is the perfect destination for a day trip with the family or a romantic weekend

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In-flight I Issue 271 I June 2023


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Travel News June Highlights 8 What’s on our Radar this Month Local Events 10 Our Guide 6 tips to make traveling with a disability easier 12 Checklist Flight Essentials



In-flight I Issue 271 I June 2023


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Editor’s Letter

As it beckons in the smoldering summer months of July and August, June remains pleasant enough for day trips across Israel. We’ve chosen to head north this month, and explore the wondrous city of Caesarea, ranked by the New York Times as one of the ten best destinations in the world. Founded in the years 25-13 BC by King Herod, it is one of the most fascinating archeological sites in the world, with each square centimeter representing centuries of history, earning it the Italian Travel Journalists’ Association (the GIST) award for world’s best cultural and archeological site. But Caesarea is not only an archeological goldmine – it is also a beautiful coastal city with gorgeous beaches and wonderful gourmet restaurants and

art galleries. This month also marks World Bicycle Day and we’ve prepared a selection of some of Israel’s best cycling trails – from singletracks to challenging rides through the desert, and family fun along the cycling track of Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park. Also this month: a taste of the best Israeli restaurants that specialize in foreign flavors and cuisines, among which the cuisines of India, Morocco, and Japan; Milan Design Week highlights, a glimpse at some of this season’s most interesting art exhibitions, and as always - events, guides, recommendations, and more. I wish you all a pleasant read and a peaceful flight, Nava Marton

Head Of Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity Tal Kalderon Talkal@elal.co.il

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Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



JDW returns for its 12 th edition at the historic Hansen House Center for Design, Media and Technology. Between 22—29 June, 2023, dozens of unique exhibitions, installations, events and projects will be on display, featuring a roster of Israeli and international designers.

In collaboration with

Check-in I Travel News & Updates

June Highlights

Consider this Are we there yet? Ever wondered why flight durations vary according to flight direction? Flight direction influences travel speed and length, according to whether the plane is flying eastward or westward. For geographical and geopolitical reasons, flights departing from Israel are mostly westward bound, and take longer than those arriving, i.e., those that are flying eastward. Jet streams traveling east to west at a height of 12 thousand meters above sea level are the main factor behind this phenomenon. Jet streams are caused by the temperature differences between the Equator and each of the Earth's poles. When a plane is flying eastward, time and petrol is saved thanks to faster jet stream currents, whereas when it flies westward, the plane flies lower (or higher, though less frequently) so that is doesn't have to fly against the weaker jet stream currents.

Post-Covid changes in travel patterns

Covid-19 restrictions ended a little more than a year ago, and the skies reopened. People went back to traveling the world and crossing borders. A new study conducted by the European Travel Commission (ETC) has analyzed travel patterns in Europe and found that the number one cause for concern among tourists nowadays, is the price and cost of their holiday and not health risks, as it was during the pandemic. The study also shows that for 18% of European travelers, good weather is the main criterion for choosing a holiday destination. According to Dr Eran Keter, senior lecturer in Tourism and Hotel Management at the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee who was involved in the study, “in 2021, at the height of the pandemic, last-minute bookings were

the norm; in 2022, there was a real travel boom - as if people were compensating for all the lost opportunities; in 2023 things are reverting to what they were pre-pandemic, and for European tourists, cost and price are back to being the most important criteria for choosing a destination over another”.

Photo: Ori Ackerman

The U.S. ends the last Covid travel barrier for foreign arrivals International passengers traveling to the United States no longer have to show proof of vaccination against Covid. All pandemic restrictions, in place since January 2020, have officially been dropped and neither federal agents nor tourists will be required to have been vaccinated in order to enter the country.

Zakynthos’ Shipwreck Bay will remain closed this summer The legendary beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos, Shipwreck Bay, will stay closed this summer due to the significant risk of landslides caused by the erosion of the surrounding cliffs. The decision was recommended by the Anti Seismic Planning and Protection Organisation (OASP) according to which “the solution to the problem should not penalize the island’s residents, neither financially nor logistically”. The bay is due to reopen next October.

The first boutique hotel in Rishon LeZion has opened its doors The Rephael House Hotel is located on Rishon LeZion’s Rothschild pedestrian main street, a stone’s throw from the city’s main nightlife venues and cultural points of interest. The hotel offers 30 rooms and one suite, all impeccably designed in accordance with the classic elegance of the edifice it lays in, built by the Baron de Rothschild and fully restored after years of serving as a municipal site.



Redefining Luxury Living All over Israel Time After Time



Images are for illustration purposes only





The Yossi Avrahami Group invites you to discover a variety of deluxe residences all over Israel, presenting the very highest standard in modern living. It’s time to level up to a truly inspiring residential experience. * 2232

Check-in I Local events I June 2023 I Shiri Brook-Sagie

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Design | Jerusalem Design Week Jerusalem The 12 th edition of the Hansen House Jerusalem Design Week is packed with events, exhibitions, installations, and workshops, with the participation of dozens of Israeli and international designers. The theme this year is “Lies and Deception”, from the snake in the Garden of Eden to the era of fake news and post-truth, with works dissecting the notions of illusion, exposure of lies, and the possibility of truth and authenticity despite the lies and the deception around us. June 22 nd – 29 th www.jdw.co.il/en/

Photo: Dor Kedmi

Jazz | The New Orleans jazz festival Tel Aviv The Tel Aviv New Orleans jazz festival is marking its fifth edition with the participation of dozens of international and local musicians. Throughout the three-day festival, concerts will take place in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and alfresco, in the square in front of the Israeli Opera. There’ll be New Orleans jazz of course, but gospel music as well, and blues, rag time, and big band concerts too, including a Duke Ellington tribute concert. June 8 th – 10 th eng.hotjazz.co.il

Photo: Samuel Saada



Body & Soul | Yoga Month Tel Aviv

If you enjoy starting your day with a sun salutation or two, don’t miss Tel Aviv Port’s “EllaYoga” yoga festival. For one whole month, free yoga classes and workshops will take place outdoors, and on June 21 st , the longest day of the year and International Yoga Day, a special yoga celebration will be taking place, with 108 sun salutations and a meditation session to the sound of Tibetan singing bowls. The festival will close with a sunrise Kundalini practice on the morning after Tel Aviv’s White Night celebrations. Throughout the month of June namal.co.il/en/

Photo: Guy Yechiely

Family fun | The Golan Cherry Festival across the Golan Heights With cherry season now upon us, it’s time to head up north for a day of family fun at the Golan Cherry Festival. Visitors get to pick their own cherries and other wild berries, including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, and more. Many more activities are included as well and there’ll be accessibly priced accommodation and dining options for

the duration of the festival. tourgolan.org.il/cherry-festival

Photo: Beatrice Echeverria

Music | The Golden Gate Quartet Akko and Tel Aviv

The Golden Gate Quartet, (a.k.a. the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet), is in Israel for two concerts only, to mark 90 years since its creation. The famous Afro-American vocal ensemble was formed in 1934, with changes in membership over the years though active till today. The ensemble is one of the most successful Afro-American music groups and regarded as

having played a role in making gospel music mainstream. June 27 th at the Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv, June 28 th at the new Auditorium in Akko mysong.co.il/item/2634/credits eventim.co.il/artist/the-golden-gate-quartet/

Photo: PR



Vetting your destination, flight, hotel, etc. for accessibility is the key to a successful trip abroad when traveling with a disability. Here how's to ensure your holiday is as plain sailing as can be Check-in I Our Guide 6 tips to make traveling with a disability easier

confirm it can indeed be transported via plane. 04 Renting a car. Check in advance which car suits your needs. Make sure you know exactly where the rental counter is as well as where you’ll be picking the car up. Note that disability parking permits have different names according to where you are in the world: in the UK, they’re called Orange or Blue Badges, in the EU, they’re called Park Cards, and in the US, they’re known as Parking Permits. 05 Hop on Hop off tourist buses . If you’re on a city break, sightseeing tourist buses are an absolute must. These buses, which you can board and alight at any stop, are almost always accessible to people with disabilities and are great for discovering the city’s main sites and attractions. 06 Accessible tourist attractions. You’ll find that most major attractions, such as the London Eye, the Palace of Versailles in France, the Sagrada Família church in Barcelona, Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, national parks in the US, etc., are accessible. Note that many sites and attractions offer reduced entrance fees or fee exemptions to people with disabilities, so make sure you check in advance, either at the ticket counter or online.

01 Choosing your destination. Paris, Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, are but a few of the major cities on the very long list of accessible destinations according to a study conducted by the Valuable 500 business collective among 3,500 people with disabilities. The study evaluates transport facilities, signage, information availability, hotel and tourist attraction accessibility and proximity, shops, restaurants, etc. 02 Planning ahead. The Internet is full of information, tips, and reviews left by people with disabilities with experience on the matter of traveling with a disability. What is more, AI is a great tool for making holiday plans. Indeed, ChatGPT is able to answer all the questions you may have regarding

found an accessible hotel room, make sure the hotel’s facilities, beyond the room itself, are fully accessible to you, before going ahead with the booking. 03 Airport assistance and exemptions from waiting in line . Airports provide exemptions from waiting in line for people with disabilities. It’s almost always possible to get all the way to the plane itself by using a wheelchair, as well as to request personal assistance from the airline, from check-in to boarding, and at baggage claim once you land. Make sure you let the airline know in advance why you require assistance, and if you use a mobility scooter or a motorized wheelchair, it’s important to provide the airline with the mobility equipment’s technical specifications, so that they may

accessibility levels of a specific destination or itinerary. If you’ve

For more info go to: shavvim.co.il



Installation view at the exhibition “Alberto Giacometti: Beginning, Again,” Eyal Ofer Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2023 . Photo: Yanai Yechieli

Co-organized by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Fondation Giacometti The exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Eyal and Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation

Check-in I Checklist

Flight essentials for your next trip

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Athletic Mood sunglasses, Carolina Lemke Berlin summer collection, NIS 199.90-299.90, available at Carolina Lemke stores across Israel and online at carolinalemke.co.il

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Colorful and comfortable UGG sandals for women and children, NIS 199.90-549.90, available at Original’s stores across Israel, and online at originals.co.il

Mini Bluetooth speaker, NIS 119, available at Gentleman stores across Israel and online at gentleman.co.il

Photos: PR, Shira Raz, Amir Yahel Studio


See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Not only is Caesarea a fascinating archeological minefield, it also boasts a beautifully picturesque port, gorgeous beaches, trendy art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and even an exclusive golf club. Time to rediscover the charms and treasures of this magical city, named among the 10 best travel destinations in the world by the New York Times / By Ariela Aflalo Between past and future: the wonders of Caesarea


Founded in the years 25-13 BC by King Herod and named Caesarea in honor of the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus, the city of Caesarea is one of the most sought after travel destinations, named by the New York Times travel section among the world’s ten best tourist destinations, among the 50 most recommended places to visit by the international travel magazine Travel & Leisure, and best cultural and archeological site in the world by the Italian travel journalists’ association, the GIST. These prestigious signs of recognition are further testament to the colossal restoration and preservation efforts undertaken by the Baroness Ariane de Rothschild and the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation. Caesarea National Park The Caesarea National Park is a world heritage site co-managed by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Caesarea Development Corporation. The remains of Herod’s impressive constructions, including the port, reef palace, watchtowers, temples, baths, hippodrome, theatre, and amphitheatre are all there. It is situated right by the seafront promenade, where there are art galleries, coffee carts, restaurants, open-air spaces to practice yoga, dance, or watch movies alfresco in the summertime. Walking through the ancient streets, impressive ruins, stone archways, mosaic floors, Crusader walls and citadel, is a fascinating experience. The most recent archeological dig undertaken here, the cost of which rose to NIS 150 million, unearthed an ancient synagogue and led to the construction of the promenade. One of the latest conservation projects, involved the restoration of four of the port’s archways. Years

Caesarea National Park I Photo: Doron Nissim

A fascinating conservation and preservation site I Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

The archway visitors’ center I Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

The mosaic floor of the ancient synagogue I Photo: PR



See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Where to eat Café ba Golf: the perfect place to start your day, Café ba Golf is the Caesarea Golf Club café. Delicious breakfasts are served all day long, with many options available: muesli with fresh fruit, vegan lentil flour omelets, eggs benedict with cheese bechamel served with challah brioche. cafebagolf. zapweb.co.il Limani Bistro: located at the steps of the Crusader citadel right by the sea, the Limani Bistro is the ideal spot for a family lunch or a romantic sunset dinner. Limani (“port” in Greek) offers Greek inspired cuisine with mainly fish and seafood dishes, though there are meat options as well. The menu includes such dishes as Greek cheese and chard stuffed burekas, seafood casserole with calamata olives, fresh seabass with orange butter mashed potato, all served in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, and there are wonderful cocktails to pair with the excellent food. @limanibistro_caesarea

The Ralli Museum

Limani Bistro / Photo: Ariela Aflalo

Speculo studio I Photo: Ariela Aflalo

exhibited, and a movie about the life of King Herod is screened daily. en.parks.org.il, caesarea.com/en/ Speculo – glassblowing studio Speculo (the Latin word for “looking glass”), is a glassblowing studio situated atop the Crusader citadel in the port, overlooking the city and the sea. It was founded by Gregori (Grisha) Zilber and Yachdav Gilbar, both glass artists and graduates of the Bezalel Academy specializing in glassblowing and glass sculpting. Together they conduct glassblowing workshops for adults and children

Center, located in the port, takes participants on diving sessions in the underwater national park where incredible treasures can be observed and admired, and in the warm waters of the Hadera power plant to see the dusky and sandbar sharks swim by. caesarea-diving.com/en/ The Caesarea aqueduct The monumental stone aqueduct, with its impressive arches, was part of the water network built by the Romans which diverted water from the Nahal Taninim river and the springs of Ein Tzur and Ein Shuni, directly to the city. Nowadays, the aqueduct is part of the promenade scenery and endlessly instagrammable. A short northward walk along the seafront

Café ba Golf I Photo: Snir Soofgi Gueta

of engineering and archeological research were required to restore the beautiful 7,5 meters-high stone archways that towered above the city’s commercial center in ancient times. It is now the location of an interactive and experiential visitors’ center, where numerous archeological artifacts such as amphorae, tools, ceramic oil lamps, weapons, coins, maps, etc., are

above the age of 6. speculo.life/english/

The Old Caesarea Diving Center Diving aficionados will love this place. The Old Caesarea Diving


For reservations: www.manaratlv.com 03. 6702220 Hayarkon 115 St. Tel-Aviv

Manara is a Levantine-Israeli cuisine restaurant, facing the spectacular view of Tel-Aviv beaches and completing the Levantine experience that characterizes the restaurant’s kitchen, an Interpretation of the local Israeli culinary culture, and broad Mediterranean influences. Manara’s seasonal menu includes carefully selected fresh local ingredients, fresh fish from the Mediterranean sea, organic vegetables, hand-made pastas, a variety of oven-baked breads, quality cheeses and desserts made daily in front of the diners, led by Chef Nimrod Hadas and his staff.

LEVANT CUISINE by Chef Nimrod Hadas


See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Where to stay The Dan Caesarea Resort Two years ago, the iconic Dan Caesarea Hotel, built by the Baron de Rothschild, was transformed into a modern-day all-inclusive resort. The refurbishment project placed strong emphasis on showcasing contemporary Israeli art. A spectacular piece by artist Ron Arad featuring a real size Buick pressed down as if it were a pressed-flower hangs at the entrance to the hotel, sculptures by sculptor Yaacov Dorchin are dotted across the resort gardens, and masks by the artist Tzachi Nevo hang in every room. The resort includes 116 elegantly decorated, lavishly pampering, spacious rooms with balconies, and 15 acres of land, with a tree grove, gardens, vast lawns, sports grounds, children’s tree houses, a playground, a football table and a snooker table in one of the pools, a games room for adults and a lovely kids’ club - this is definitely a great place to come with the family. A big yellow jeep is parked at the front of the hotel and guests can use it to get to the beach, the promenade, or anywhere in the city; a rich and plentiful buffet is always available to guests, there’s a bar in the lobby and another by the pool, as well as a seafood restaurant that also prepares picnic baskets to be enjoyed at the beach or on the hotel lawn. danhotels.co.il

beautiful cove and fishing boats dotting the seascape. The Birds Mosaic The Birds Mosaic was discovered in 1950 during a military exercise, but for years it was covered in sand to prevent deterioration and vandalism, as it was far away from the national park and difficult to look after. In 2004, extensive restoration works were undertaken, and visitors could finally come and admire the beautiful 16x14.5 meters mosaic. Located at the center of a pine grove overlooking the sea, the mosaic consists of 120 medallions depicting birds and waterfowl encased in a frame decorated with fruit trees and animals. The Ralli Museum The Ralli Museum in Caesarea is one of the world’s four Ralli Museums The Dan Caesarea resort I Photos: Ori Ackerman

operated by the not-for-profit Harry Recanati Foundation. Located in a 40,000 square meter park, the museum is composed of two imposing structures and beautiful Latin American sculptures dot the park grounds. The museum’s permanent collection includes works by Salvador Dalí, Auguste Rodin, André Masson, and Arman Fernandez, and many temporary exhibitions regularly take place, notably one showcasing works from the 16 th to 18 th century depicting stories of the Bible, another titled “Herod’s dream” which showcased many unique archeological artifacts. This is such a special place that you need not be an art lover to fall in love with the majestic open spaces and grandeur of the museum and park. Entrance is free. rallimusems.com/en/ ■

takes you to Jisr az-Zarqa, a lovely fisherman’s village where time seems to have stood still, with its



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As of October, 2023 •the flight's duration to Mumbai is 5.5 hours and to New Delhi is 6.5 hours• Entering and leaving the country of the destination is subject to compliance with said location's immigration authority and protocol that may change over time. It is the passenger's responsibility to revise the relevant protocols before their flight •EL AL has the right to make any changes •Subject to the terms and conditions as specified on EL AL's website• E&OE

Lifestyle I Day trips


of the best cycling trails in Israel

In celebration of World Bicycle Day on June 3 rd , we take a look at some of Israel's most beautiful cycling trails, from north to south. On your bikes! / Hillel Zusman, Yaakov Shkolnik, Eyal Hershtik

01. The Israel Bike Trail spectacular landscapes and historical sites The Israel Bike Trail (IBT) runs through the country, north to south, connecting the most important points of interest and historical sites along the way. It covers 450km, from Mitzpe Ramon in the north to Eilat in the south. What makes it so special is how user-friendly and well-marked it is, as from the start it was intended to suit the needs of day trippers and amateur cyclists. The IBT is still in the process of being extended, but it is already one of the longest cycling trails in the world. The various segments which compose the IBT were designed to suit one day's worth of cycling (6 to 8 hours) and end where accommodation and food and drink options are available. Each cyclist is free to complete whatever trail segment they please, in however much time they desire, according to fitness level and interest. The Arad-Masada and Masada-Neve Zohar segments: These are two of the Israel Bike Trail's most beautiful segments. Each one of them is about 45 kilometers-long and is perfect for a two-day trip, beginning in Arad, at 700 meters above sea level, and ending all the way down at the lowest point

The Israel Bike Trail I Photos by Hillei Zusman


Einot Telem (right) and the Jerusalem Cycling Tunne I Photos: (left) courtesy of JDA, (right) Dnan Haftzadi @misstravel_dana

on Earth, at 400 meters below sea level. The first segment, from Arad to Masada, crosses mountain passes which allow you to navigate the steep desert cliff edges. The second one starts at Masada and crosses the riverbeds that carve their way through the Judean Desert. This trail is not an easy ride, shade is scarce and the descents are long and steep, but the views of the Dead Sea and the desert cliffs are truly breathtaking. ibt.org.il/en/ 02. The Jerusalem Cycling Tunnel beautiful landscapes and family fun The Jerusalem Tunnel, known as the Kerem Tunnel by some, is part of the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycling route that surrounds Israel's capital city. The Kerem Tunnel was first excavated in the 90s when works on Jerusalem's water infrastructure were being undertaken to include the city's fifth water line and divert the main sewer line toward the purification plant in Nahal Sorek. Since then, the 2.1 kilometers-long

tunnel has been transformed into a charming family-friendly cycling trail, inaugurated to much fanfare in 2022. Unlike the rest of the Ring Path which is only suitable for more experienced cyclists, the tunnel is easy to ride and perfect for a day of cycling with the kids. The tunnel, in which lights and nebulizers have been installed for optimal comfort, is doubletrack, with one track intended for cyclists and the other for pedestrians. Note that the tunnel is only open during the day. Ein Lavan – Einot Telem: easy to ride, this segment is perfect for cycling with the kids. There are natural water springs in Refa'im River Park and taking a dip before or after your ride is an absolute joy. The tunnel's northern entrance is situated near Ein Kerem springs, about half a kilometer from the Kerem junction, and the tunnel connects the 4km path between Refa'im River and the Motza Valley. Two kilometers further ahead will lead you to Ein Telem, where there are picnic tables and natural springs where you can rest and have a bite to eat, but remember to calculate enough time and energy for the ride back.

03. The Tzippori River Singletack tree groves and flowers in bloom Thanks to the fantastic cycling paths built by the Keren Kayemet LeIsrael Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF), the Tzippori River area has become a major cycling mecca. In the winter and spring months, Tzippori National Park, which spreads across 15km between Kiryat Ata and the town of Tzippori, is covered in flowers and the KKL-JNF has planted more than 7.5 thousand acres of trees, adding to the beautiful Galilean landscapes of green valleys and hills. Cycling in this part of the country is such a pleasant experience, with all the beautiful flowers, tree groves, and green valleys. The cycling trail here is singletrack and allows you to plan your route according to fitness level and preferences – some trail segments are merely 6 kilometers long while others extend to 20. All in all, the track is 100 kilometers-long. The KKL-JNF has built many more singletracks across the country, among which the Nahal Limonim track near Safed, the Gvar'am



Lifestyle I Day trips

Hayarkon park I Photos by Eyal Hershtik

forest track south of Ashkelon, the Asaf Kisufim track in the Negev, and the Herzl track in the forest of Ben Shemen. kkl-jnf.org 04. HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv Green spaces and many attractions HaYarkon Park runs along the HaYarkon river that flows across Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. It is the perfect place to go for a day of cycling for cyclists of all ages and fitness levels. There are cycling trails all along the river and the park's open spaces offer precious respite from the bustling city. The park also has its own pedal-boat lake, a birdwatching lake, seven flour mills, including a water powered one, an area dedicated to sports activities called the Sportek, with a climbing wall, a trampoline and more. There's even a hot-air balloon station for those seeking even more thrills.

HaYarkon Park is the biggest urban park in Israel and the best way to experience it, is to cycle along one bank of the river and come back along the opposite one, which you can reach by crossing one the many cyclist-friendly bridges along the way. If you feel like you need a little bit more time on your bike once you've crossed the whole park, you can continue to ride

along the cycling trails along the coastline which are all made of asphalt and thus suitable for any type of bike. We recommend taking a bite to eat with you and stopping somewhere in one of the park's many open spaces to enjoy it alfresco. Recommended starting point: Tel Aviv port or Ganei Yehoshua parking lot. ■

The Tzippori River Singletack I Photos by Israel Peretz


Magazine I Art & Design

5 exhibitions to check out this month

FOOD Design Museum Holon

With a collection of more than 200 design works, installations and conceptual creations by artists from Israel and around the world, this exhibition explores the role of design in shaping the relationship between humans and food. It takes a deep look at the narratives of temptation, attraction, rejection, from a multitude of points of view, via a range of mediums and creative techniques. In parallel to the exhibition, a series of round tables with leading Israeli chefs and artists will also be taking place. Until October 14 th , dmh.org.il

Miriam, NY Ballet for Interview Magazine, Inkjet Archival Print, 80x80 cm, 2020 I Photo: Michal Chelbin

Michal Chelbin: Daydreamers Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art “Daydreamers” is Michal Chelbin’s second solo exhibition at the Chelouche Gallery and is dedicated to fashion photography, including projects she created for leading fashion houses such as Dior, Lanvin, and Gucci. The works in this exhibition demonstrate the range and diversity of Chelbin’s visual work. Chelbin is drawn to the fragile and androgynous, the antithesis of mainstream beauty ideals. Her subjects seem to carry the weight of the world on their delicate youthful shoulders, as if to unveil the angst and disquiet that lies behind the glamour of fashion photography. Until June 17 th , chelouchegallery.com

The Future Sausage by Carolien Niebling



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Magazine I Art & Design

Living Colors Holon Institute of Technology

The “Living Colors” exhibition opens a window on the world of contemporary fashion and textile related design work from a research, creativity, and color-use perspective. It proposes lines of thought on the role played by designers and consumers in the fashion industry and pushes for a wider conversation on how to navigate the environmental crisis without having to let go of the passion for patterns and color. The exhibition showcases works made of all sorts of fabrics, textiles, and colors that evoke personal memories, existential questions,

body image, and the passion for creation. Until July 5 th , entrance is free, hit.ac.il

Efrat Galnoor, The Road to Ein Harod - A Contemporary Journey, 2017-2020 I Photograph by Efrat Galnoor

Zif Zif Zumu Mobile Museum, Akko

The Zumu Mobile Museum is in Akko with its collective exhibition of 70 artists and designers. “Zif Zif” explores both the positive and negative sides of the tourism industry and how it has shaped the city of Akko, one of Israel’s most visited cities, looking closely at the relationship between guest and host, the traditions of the past and modern attitudes, local and foreigner. The exhibition spreads across two floors of an old bus depot transformed into a vibrant art center. Visitors are invited to participate in workshops, build sandcastles, draw, hang out on bunk beds, and take an interactive part in the exhibition. Until July 1 st , entrance is free, en.zumu.org.il

Omri Goren, Mask, 2022 I Photo by Gili Kati

Protect the Strong Sheetrit & Wolf Gallery

Tel Aviv’s new contemporary art gallery Sheetrit & Wolf is opening its doors with the solo exhibition of French artist Youssef Boubekeur. 42 works almost exclusively drawn with a “Bic” ballpoint pen, explore the relationship between humans and wild animals. Boubekeur frenetically focuses on the eyes and expressions of his creations, virtual minotaurs, half-man and half-wild animal, hybrid beings that conjure up the wildlife tragedy of our times. Until June 30 th


A work by Youssef Boubekeur I From the exhibition

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Sarona Market: A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv's Premier Indoor Food and Cultural Hub

melting pot of local cultures. At the core of Sarona Market lies a perfect marriage between old-world allure and refined cuisine. In addition, the market effortlessly presents a medley of street food, local chef led restaurants, bars, boutique food shops operated by local purveyors, and a selection of local events and weekend markets. A communal dining experience Sarona Market's unique layout encourages a communal dining experience, with dishes available in various portions, ideally suited for sharing among family and friends, as well as an assortment of seating options from nook seating to bar seating to sofas or lounging on an outdoor terrace. The Middle Bar takes center stage, offering a laid-back atmosphere and an extensive range of beverages at value for-money prices. Check out the all-day every day "Happy Hour" with amazing prices! Choose your favorite bites and settle in for a comfortable seat. Open on Saturdays – Sarona Market serves as an ideal spot for a weekend lunch for friends, families and groups. Guests can indulge in an extensive array of lunch options or assemble a picnic basket to enjoy in the picturesque Sarona compound, which boasts several playgrounds, boutique shops, and charming picnic areas, providing a delightful setting for a leisurely walk and a full-day excursion. Local tip: Enhance your experience by visiting with a group and sampling dishes from various popular hotspots, crafting a personalized culinary tour at the heart of the market. Sarona has captured an unmatched culinary spirit in this awe-inspiring location, creating a vibrant epicenter for food, wine, and a fusion of global and local cultures. 0pen hours: Sun-Wed 10:00-22:00; Thu 10:00-23:00; Fri 9:00-16:00; Sat 10:00-22:00, saronamarket.co.il

Photos: Itamar Ginsburg

yourself drawn to the extensive selection of halva, and succulent Maggie tomatoes, fresh produce, and endless options for food gifts to bring back home. Dozens of culinary shops When it comes to dining, there's something for everyone here. You can savor the aroma of roasted meats and indulge in hearty vegetable sandwiches or many kosher options. Sarona Market offers dozens and dozens of culinary shops and dining experiences, from boutique tea to farm-to-table produce to local gelato, olive oil tastings, cheese tastings, and local wines. In addition, Sarona Market boasts an impressive array of local Israeli dishes prepared by the country's most acclaimed chefs alongside rustic cooking by a vast selection of the

Welcome to Sarona Market, an 84,000 square feet local institution that offers a captivating journey of discovery into the world of local and global cuisine. Inspired by some of the most diverse markets in the world, such as La Boqueria and Borough Market, this ex-Templar colony showcases a mix of old-school charm and modern vivacity based on the concept that you can eat your way through local and global fare all under one roof. The market showcases spots by celebrity chefs such as Eyal Shani, Yuval Ben Neriah and more. So close to the train, bus, and public transport, it’s a must-visit destination on any trip to Israel. As you explore the market, you'll come across a delightful variety of dried fruits that will catch your eye with dazzling colors. You'll also find

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Israel's food scene is dazzlingly diverse, embracing cuisines from all corners of the world - from Thai dumplings in Pardes-Hanna, to kosher Greek tzatziki in Tel Aviv, traditional Indian thali in Beer Sheba, and Italian classics in Eilat – here are six Israeli eateries that offer the world on a plate / By Sharon Ben-David Flavors from afar: 6 of Israel's best international restaurants

Photo: Dror Menachem

Authentic Moroccan cuisine | Ewa Safi, Tel Aviv Brothers Miko and Shimon Barak opened this charming little eatery after going on a culinary journey to Morocco to discover their roots and heritage. A veritable bridge between Tel Aviv and Marrakesh, Ewa Safi (“enough already” in Moroccan) offers kosher Moroccan classics in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. The kitchen is helmed by the Barak brothers’ mother Sulika who pours her heart, soul, and deep-rooted knowledge of Moroccan cuisine into each dish. Spicy matbuha, carrot salad, fishcakes, flaky pastry cigars, lamb sausages, pastilla, tanjia, couscous and tajines of every kind, are but a few of the delicacies you’ll find on the menu in this enchanting slice of Morocco in the heart of Tel Aviv. ewasafi.co.il

Photo: Noam Prisman

Deliciously Greek | Greco, Tel Aviv

If you find yourself yearning for a trip to Greece, a visit to Greco will immediately soothe the pangs of longing. The restaurant’s interior is typically Greek in style and there’s always festive Greek music in the background. The menu includes all the classics - tzatziki, stuffed vine leaves, gyros, salads, soups, baked specialties, etc. Greco is a restaurant chain with several locations across the country, owned by Zviki Eshet who

is deeply attached to Greece and its culture. A kosher location has recently opened in Tel Aviv, where the chain’s chef Eliav Goldenberg has created a menu that combines all the classic dishes, with kosher ouzo, refreshing cocktails, and of course, kosher wines. An additional location in Kiryat Ono has also just opened, with an adjacent deli as well, selling olive oil, Greek products, ouzo, and spices. @grecogreekfood


Photo: Nicky Trok

Indian cuisine | Hodu Haktana, Beer Sheba

“Hodu Haktana” (“Little India” in Hebrew) went from being a small family-run eatery to a beloved vegetarian institution that locals, foodies, and students from the nearby university flock to in droves. Owner and chef Hanoch Stamker has been specializing in Indian food for many years, and with the help of Indian-born chefs he has created a menu that combines tastes and flavors from all corners of India, showcasing all the classics, such as chana samosa in chana masala

sauce, Punjabi potato-stuffed samosa, sweet potato vada with spicy chutney, tikka masala fish pakora, thali platters, biryani dishes, and more. Hodu Haktana invites diners on a veritable journey through the flavors of India, and the restaurant’s typical Indian interior offers the choice between upright tables and cushion-on-the floor seating. Note that a second Hodu Haktana location has opened in Ramat Gan and that vegan versions of many dishes are available. hoduhaktana.co.il There seems to be total foodie consensus about how great this little Eilat-based Italian style trattoria is. Pastory’s simple but elegant rusticity invites diners to take a seat and enjoy a bit of the dolce vita. Open for more than twenty years now, this restaurant has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike, who keep coming back for the top-quality pasta, gnocchi, meat and fish dishes, salads, risottos, pizzas made by an expert pizzaiolo, and more. A glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail from the rich drinks menu are the perfect accompaniment to this delightful Italian culinary experience. pastory.co.il

Photo: Danya Weiner

From Bangkok with love | Thai Underground, Pardes-Hanna The success story behind this wonderful Thai eatery began with the launch of a humble food stall by owners Yoav and Sagit Zidon, in front of their woodworking studio. After years of traveling to Thailand and falling in love with its landscapes, food, and culture, the pad thais and lotis they were serving up were so good and authentic, word about them quickly spread in Pardes Hanna, and the lines in front of the stall kept getting longer. Opening hours were extended and the menu expanded, but it soon became clear more space was in need. The couple then opened their first restaurant in a beautiful building that once served the regional farmers’ association, where they also created an organic herb and vegetable garden. Delicious dumplings, eggrolls, fresh salads, soups, curries, stir-fries, and of course pad thais, are all served in a relaxed pastoral atmosphere, with vegan and gluten-free options available as well. @thai_underground

A taste of Italy | Pastory, Eilat

Photo: Rony Balahsan



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Japanese and kosher | Yakimono, Tel Aviv

Yakimono is one of the first restaurants to have brought Japanese cuisine to Tel Aviv. Launched in 1994 by restaurateur, the late Avi Cohen, it was one of the only places you could get authentic Japanese food in the city, as Japanese products were scarce to find in Israel at the time. The attention to detail and emphasis on presentation set new standards, and the Rothschild boulevard eatery soon became one of the best Asian restaurants in the country. After Avi Cohen passed away, his children took over the reins, launching a kosher Yakimono inside Tel Aviv’s Hilton hotel, after the original location closed. In a beautiful space with open views of the Mediterranean Sea, sushi and sashimi, dim sum, tempura, and more, are served on exquisite Japanese porcelain tableware and in an atmosphere of quiet elegance and refinement. @yakimonotlv

Photo: Yael Bonfis, Wolt Israel

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lovers will meet their match with three different versions, the green shakshuka with spinach and greens, a spicy bacon version, and the classic, with extras of your choice. Since 2006, Benedict has been winning the hearts of locals by redefining Israeli breakfasts and winning many accolades, including Time Out’s “Eating And Drinking Awards”, year after year. THE PICNIC BASKET THAT TOOK THE CITY BY STORM One of the most-loved local experiences is the picnic basket, where you go online, make an order for pick up or delivery, and get a magical picnic spread. Choose your preference from an array of summer boxes that include everything you need.

Various locations: 171 Ben Yehuda St; 29 Rothschild Blvd Open 24/7; Sarona Market Tel Aviv. benedict.co.il Everything here is on point, from the bottomless basket of bread to freshly squeezed O.J. to crispy bacon, fries. Shakshuka Benedict's winning concept was a dream of four friends who wanted to open a stylish restaurant that make the day's first meal a full day vibe, a hub for socializing, a dreamy spot for breakfast adventurers and classic food lovers alike. Jam-packed with every comfort food imaginable, Benedict showcases light meals and over the-top breakfast, with a vast spread of condiments and details from the freshest local ingredients. The global selection makes their menu one- of-a-kind with Steak & Eggs, Croque Monsieur, towering pancakes, potatoes, sausages, French toast, and more.

Breakfast is a huge part of Israeli culture, and Benedict remains a quintessential Israeli experience. The reason is simple; Benedict showcases comfort food and abundance like nowhere else. People come to munch on breakfast at any time of the day Benedict, A Global Breakfast Comfort Feast





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Discover Netanya Gorgeous beaches, an impressive seafront promenade, and fascinating nature reserves are reason enough to visit the coastal city of Netanya, but its myriad museums, centuries’ old sycamore tree, and bustling food market - make a day trip here an absolute must

No other city in Israel has this big a chunk of coastline as Netanya - thirteen and a half kilometers of golden beaches and sparkling blue waters - and an elegant seafront promenade all along it. The city's numerous nature reserves, parks, and gardens are a joy to explore, as are the many historical sites and museums. There are shopping malls, a food market, many hotels to stay at and restaurants to experience. Here's an overview of the city's main highlights. One city, endless fun Relaxing by the sea: the beaches of Netanya stretch all along the kurkar coastline ridge down to Nahal Poleg river. There are nine beaches in total, all easily accessible and replete with cafés and restaurants, for whenever the hunger pangs hit. Netanya is also great for practicing all sorts of water sports activities. Independence square: one of Netanya’s main cultural hubs, its interactive installation offers a fascinating multi-sensorial experience for visitors of all ages. Nature reserves and parks: there are many wonderful green spots in Netanya, most notably the Winter Lake Park, the oak tree grove, "Engagement Park" (gorgeous in February when the flowers are in bloom), and Shikma Gardens. Netanya Park is not only a lovely place to go for a hike, it also has a playground and gym equipment. The park's oak grove indeed possesses several impressive oak tree specimens, as well as numerous eucalyptus and sycamore trees. Legend has it that under the grove's most ancient sycamore tree, lie the remains of Umm Khalid, the mother of one of the disciples of Muhammad. Markets and stores: Herzl Street

Mall is the city's main shopping hub, offering numerous fashion, jewelry, and cosmetics stores. Netanya's food market is considered one of the biggest and most diverse in the country, and it is also a major culinary spot, with many renowned restaurants located here, aside the meat, fish, fruit, and vegetable stalls. The market also has clothes and kitchenware stalls. Historical sites and museums: the Netanya City Museum documents the history of the city and regularly presents temporary exhibitions on

the subject. Guided tours of the museum and of the city are available upon request. Art, culture, and nightlife: the city's art gallery showcases works by renowned Israeli artists, some of them Netanya residents, and international artists are involved in some of the gallery's occasional temporary exhibitions. The city's planetarium, Planetanya, is a fascinating science museum both children and adults will delight in exploring. gonetanya.com

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