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May 2023

Issue 270 | May 2023

Celebrating Jerusalem Day Israel’s capital city is in constant renewal and never ceases to amaze. Jerusalem Day celebrations are a wonderful opportunity to see the city from a whole new angle: get ready for a ride through history, culture, flavors, and sounds

16 P.

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In-flight I Issue 270 I May 2023


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover Photo and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel

Editor’s Letter May is the month Israel celebrates

the holiday of water and the opening of bathing season, we’ve compiled a selection of natural springs that are a joy to dive into and delightful spots to organize a picnic with friends and family. This month of May is also Eurovision month. The city of Liverpool is hosting this year’s contest, of which the semi finals take place on May 9 th and 11 th and the final on May 13 th . EL AL flew out Israel’s candidate Noa Kirel there on April 30 th , and we managed to sit down with Israel’s biggest popstar for a heart-to-heart and to wish her good luck, just before she left to give the performance of her lifetime. Also this month: a taste of the best market eateries in the country, spring harvest-inspired Israeli design, and as always, events, guides, recommendations, and more. I wish you all a pleasant read and a peaceful flight, Nava Marton

Jerusalem Day and the Jewish Holiday of Shavuot. Jerusalem Day takes place this year on May 18 th and marks the perfect occasion to make your way to the ancient capital for a visit. Not only is Jerusalem a centuries’ old city of paramount cultural, historical, and religious significance, it is also a modern metropolis in constant renewal. It now has means of sightseeing transportation that allow visitors to discover its myriad sites and attractions effort-free, and through different angles and perspectives. Its red sightseeing double-deckers, light rail, night tour buses, and bright yellow electric two-seaters are some of the exciting new ways of exploring the city, from its narrowest alleyways to its most majestic monuments. As Shavuot is also known in Israel as

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Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen.



In-flight I Issue 270 I May 2023


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See the Sights 16 Explore 4 means of transportation to celebrate Jerusalem Day and explore the city’s beautiful sites and alleyways 20 Discover A Picnic by the water: 5 natural springs to visit this season

Magazine 22

Million Dollar Baby Our interview with Israel’s representative for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest Noa Kirel



Stairs to the rooftop terrace.


t imeLess , e xtraordinary , o ne of a K ind With the finest views of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean

i nterior : 16,145 s q f t r ooftoP t errace : 10,763 s q f t 6 B ed | 7 B ath

The world-class penthouse residence showcasing panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the historic glory and excitement of Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s skyline and its White City heritage situated in the most desirable location. Juxtaposing old and new, history and modernity, promot ing an opportunity to explore that which rests between the two, the space in between. This architectural masterpiece is meticulously designed by world-renowned architect Pitsou Kedem complimented by esteemed Interior Designers Ba ranowitz & Goldberg with spectacular outlooks from every corner of the expansive floor plan including a landscaped rooftop garden by Mohr Avidan. This impeccable penthouse is in a league of its’ own and built for the most discerning of buyers. Complete with a privately secured entryway, multiple living areas, a caterers kitchen, solarium, fitness room, spa area, personal study, and flawlessly furnished for immediate move-in.

Images: Amit Geron

Residents of the penthouse enjoy five-star Jaffa hotel exclu sive amenities: lavish L. Raphael spa, pool, state-of-the-art 24/7 fitness center, lounges and event hall, gourmet cuisine room service offering first-class dining experiences, 24/7 concierge services and private parking. L ouis P asteur s t 2 t eL a viv , i sraeL o ffered at $59,000,000

Full floor penthouse.

Private PH rooftop Terrace.

Private rooftop terrace.

e xcLusive r ePresentation B y i sraeL s otheBys i nternationaL r eaLty office @ israeLsir . com +972.3.7710977 israeLsir . com

In collaboration with

Check-in I Travel News & Updates

May Highlights

Consider this

Caesarea and Jerusalem | Internationally recognized heritage sites

Caesarea remains one of the most visited cities in the world. It has been ranked one of the ten best tourist destinations by the New York Times and among the 50 most recommended places to visit by international leading travel magazine Travel & Leisure. The Italian travel journalists’ association GIST has also chosen Caesarea as the best archeological and cultural site to visit in the world. “The recognition we continue to receive, time after time, by prestigious international entities such as the New York Times or GIST, fills us with national pride and professional satisfaction”, says Michael Karsenti, head of the Caesarea Development Corporation. In addition, Time magazine has this month published its annual list of 50 best places to visit, and Jerusalem has been added to the prestigious list. The museum of the Tower David and its breathtaking lookout

Airport runways are covered with lights, signs, numbers, and arrows. But what are they for? Take for instance the two numbers that appear on the runway itself whenever a plane lands or takes off - these numbers actually indicate a plane’s landing or take-off direction in degrees, out of 360°, but without the 0 in the end. If for example you see the number 27, it means the landing or take-off direction is 270° (west). If you see the number 12, the landing or take off direction is 120°. Big airports with several runways with the same landing or take-off direction will also include a letter to differentiate between runways: L for the runway on the left, C for the central runway, and R for the runway on the right.

Caesarea I Photo: Assaf Pinchuck

points onto the city were specified among of the reasons it was added to list. “We’re delighted to have been mentioned as one of the reasons Jerusalem has been added to the Time magazine list of best places in the world to visit. Our museum not only offers superb views of Jerusalem but many activities as well”, says Eilat Lieber, head of the Tower of David Museum.

Photo: Dovrut Artzenu

The best airport in the world Singapore’s Changi airport has won the “Airport Oscar” organized by the Skytrax website, ranking first place on the list of “best airports in the world”. It has the highest indoor fountain in the world, a botanical garden, the highest indoor airport slide in the world, a transparent glass bridge, and slides crossing through the floors and levels. Weddings and conferences are organized in it, it has a supermarket, a movie theatre, and a children’s amusement center.

Free workshops in the happiest country in the world Finland has recently been declared the happiest country in the world for the sixth consecutive time, and there are now happiness workshops open to tourists wishing to learn about the Finnish secret to contentment. The first “Happiness Workshop” will take place in a resort by a lake in the south of Finland between June 12 th and 15 th .

Natural springs in the Jordan Valley Three new natural springs have been opened to the public in the Jordan Valley, namely Ein Gal, Ein Arnon, and Ein Jabbok. Local young nature lovers joined forces and transformed the area surrounding the natural springs, cleaning it and adding shaded corners so that tourists and visitors can come and enjoy them this season.



Don't miss another fascinating angle of Jewish life at Huvy's gallery Jerusalem Liberation Day A Perfect opportunity to visit Huvy׳s Gallery L isten to your art

22 King David st. Jerusalem office@huvysgallery.com





Check-in I Local events I May 2023 I Shiri Brook-Sagie

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Performing Arts | Rossini Cards, Ballet Ostrova across Israel The Czech National Ballet is in Israel for the very first time with a spectacular dance celebration in the shape of two shows: “Consequence” by choreographer Juanjo Arqués, set to the music of Golden Globe-winning composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, which deals with the tension between nature, the human condition, and technology; and humoristic music and dance fest “Rossini Cards”, by choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, set to the music of Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini. May 2 nd – 7 th , Herzliya, Haifa, Jerusalem, hoh-herzliya.co.il, ethos.co.il/eng, jerusalem-theatre.co.il/eng

Photo: Przemyslaw Sroka

Music | The Felicja Blumental Music Festival Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Felicja Blumental Music Festival marks its 25 th anniversary this year with a rich and varied selection of concerts that combine classical music with contemporary art. Noteworthy shows include: American artist and baritone David Adam Moore’s striking production of Schubert’s Winterreise, the Israeli premiere of Spanish composer Mauricio Sotelo’s work “Wall of Light” featuring a flamenco dancer and traditional Andalusian percussions, and a contemporary creation by the Meitar Ensemble in collaboration with Israeli wordsmith and performer Yossi Zabari. May 8 th – 13 th , fbmc.co.il/en/

Photo: Yelena Conti



Art and Design | Freshpaint art and design fair Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv This year, Tel Aviv’s art and design fair Freshpaint is once again giving center stage to Israeli artists and designers. Art-lovers get the opportunity to meet artists in the flesh, explore, discover, and purchase works by contemporary artists and designers of every kind. The spotlight this year is on the fair’s location, Jaffa Port and its surroundings. Exhibitions and installations are spread across two vast refurbished port hangars, offering a renewed opportunity to visit a fascinating part of town that’s of immense historical, cultural, and artistic significance. May 30 th – June 4 th , freshpaint.co.il/en/

Photo: Ahikam Ben Yossef

Opera | Theodor: an original Israeli opera Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv The hero of this new and original Israeli opera is none other than Israel’s founding father Theodor Herzl. Composed by Yonatan Cnaan and directed by Ido Riklin who wrote the libretto, the opera will be conducted by Nimrod David Pfeffer and premiere in Tel Aviv on May 10 th . The plot focuses on two periods in the life of the political theorist before he became a legendary figure: as a 35-year-old intellectual living in Paris and witnessing the odious developments of the Dreyfuss trial, and as a young student in Vienna, full of hope for the future, each version of himself forced to grapple with a changing reality. May 10 th – 15 th , israel-opera.co.il/eng/

Photo: Marc Montplaisir

Performing Arts | Dance Me, Ballets Jazz Montréal Israeli Opera, Tel Aviv

“Dance Me” is a riveting homage to Montreal-born poet, artist, and songwriter Leonard Cohen. Three internationally renowned choreographers were entrusted with putting movement to Cohen’s legendary songs: Andonis Foniadakis, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, and Ihsan Rustem, and his singular work is brought to life by fourteen Ballets Jazz Montréal dancers. The show is a dazzling blend of dance, music, lighting, scenography, and videography. May 17 th - 20 th , israel-opera.co.il/eng/

Photo: Yossi Tzakar



Check-in I Our Guide


tips for planning a vacation budget

Hotels, restaurants, museum visits and shopping hauls can quickly turn your family holiday into a pricey affair – not to mention all the hidden costs that often get overlooked. Here are a few ways to help you avoid those classic tourist traps / By Moshe Kimhi

- but not much else. Digital accounts and reloadable cards are much better alternatives for tracking and safety purposes. 04 Don’t settle for bad service. As it’s often said, time is money, and even more so when you’re on holiday. So when you’re planning your next trip, make sure not to settle for bad service that makes you wait endlessly for everything. We live in a digital age, so there’s no reason why certain services such as money transfer services, can’t be provided on the spot. There are numerous technological solutions out there nowadays. Check your options in advance. 05 Plan for possible unexpected emergencies. “It won’t happen to me” is the kind of attitude that can lead to lots of avoidable expenses. Make sure your travel insurance covers you in case of an emergency such as the need for sudden medical treatment, or an emergency rescue. You can also set aside a sum of money you only plan to use in an emergency, but whatever you do, make sure you plan for such an occurrence, and look up the relevant points of contact that provide the assistance you may come to require, before you set off on your trip.

01 Look out for hidden costs. Hidden costs can include unnecessarily paying intermediaries for certain services or opting for pricier service providers for no reason. We can sometimes let these things slip by us because we’re too tired or busy to pay attention, but these costs can be avoided. Whenever you book a hotel, transfer money etc., compare prices, do market surveys, and choose the most cost-effective option. It may take a little more time and attention, but you’ll end up saving a considerable amount of money. 02 Plan ahead. Budget planning may not sound like the most exciting activity in the world, but it is essential if you don’t want to end up submerged in extra costs. Plan a daily budget according to the activities set

for each day and put aside a sum of money in anticipation of anything unexpected. Planning ahead allows you to keep track of how much money you have left at each moment. It’s easy to get tempted into spending huge sums of money when you’re shopping abroad, but remember that as fun as shopping may be, your money needs to last you the whole duration of your vacation. 03 Avoid walking around with cash in your pocket. Just as you wouldn’t usually walk around with huge wads of cash at home, avoid doing so when abroad as well. There are three main disadvantages to cash: it’s easy to lose, easy to rob, and makes it difficult to track how much you’re spending and when. Cash comes in handy when paying for snacks, light groceries, or for tipping

Moshe Kimhi is founder and CEO of Neema, a global payments network providing 24/7 money transfer services from any bank account, anywhere in the world.


Eyal Ofer Pavilion Tel Avi v Museum of Art

Alberto Giacometti, Three Walking Men (Small Square) , 1948, bronze, 76x32.7x34.1 cm, Fondation Giacometti . © Estate of Alberto Giacometti / ADAGP, Paris, 2023

Co-organized by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Fondation Giacometti The exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Eyal and Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation

Check-in I Checklist

Flight essentials for your next trip

Amazfit T-Rex 2 - outdoor GPS smartwatch, military-grade toughness, lots of extra features such as dual-band positioning and support for 6 satellite systems, NIS 849, available at retail stores across Israel

Polarbox retro cooler, NIS 269 (12L), NIS 349 (20L), available online at oig.co.il

Mobile phone telephoto lens for flower, insect, and animal photography, NIS 99, available online at gentleman.co.il and at Gentleman stores across Israel

Saucony men’s running shoes, summer collection, NIS 1,099, available online at saucony.co.il

The Tile tracker: Bluetooth tracker that helps you retrieve lost items, from NIS 133, available online at swagg.co.il

Outdoor Revolution Travel Pro rolling duffel bag, 105 L, multiple compartments for easy organizing, padded easy-grip side handles and telescopic handle for optimal maneuverability, NIS 465, available at outdoor gear stores across Israel and online at kalgav.co.il

Hedgren pouch, Nova collection, NIS 224, available at iBags stores across Israel and online at ibags.co.il

Outdoor Revolution backpack for kids with tactical hydration bag, NIS 189, available at outdoor gear stores across Israel and online at kalgav.co.il

Photos: PR


I Check-in I Wellness

5 wellness retreats that aren't just about yoga and meditation / By Shiri Brook-Sagie Retreat and Reset

these retreats are first and foremost yoga centered, the addition of art workshops significantly enriches the experience. practicing yoga, in others, participants create their own mandalas, paint watercolors alfresco, or create a scrapbook. Great for: letting creative juices flow while improving yoga skills – and no need to be the reincarnation of Picasso or Frida Kahlo to join these retreats; art here In some workshops paint in used while

Challenge your resilience levels

Forget about yoga and meditation – this retreat is a journey towards physical and mental resilience. No piña coladas and sunbathing sessions by the pool here, but rather plenty of sports activities and extreme physical challenges in the outdoors, such as hikes at dawn, mountain climbing, extreme mountain biking and a myriad more activities designed to toughen you up and awake the Spartan warrior in you. Great for: celebrating your inner resilience and getting you out of your comfort zone to improve your ability to cope with physical and mental challenges. Enlightenment through darkness Darkness retreats aren’t your typical wellness retreat. They fully embrace the Tao Te Ching quote about how “the path into the light seems dark” and involve remaining in total darkness for days. Such euphoriaretreat.com, runwildretreats.com

world, notably Guatemala, Italy, etc., and though the concept might at first sound gimmicky, it is based on spiritual practices that have been part of many different cultures in various parts of the world, from the Ancient Egyptians to Tibetan monks, and 15 th century French mystics. Great for: facilitating mindset shifts – indeed research has shown that meditating in the dark is biochemically beneficial to the brain. thehermitageretreats.com, darkretreats.com Animal therapy More and more hotels and retreat centers are adding animal therapy to their wellness programs. Many

therapeutic experiences, such as dog-assisted therapy, birdwatching, horse riding, and even horse painting meditation, have been noted to do wonders for aching souls. Great for: improving emotional wellbeing, as it has been shown that being around animals can have a positive effect by reducing levels of negativity, stress, and anxiety. Just giving a dog a little pat can increase the production

is merely a vehicle to increase fun and joy. hydradirect.com, bookyogaretreats.com

Surf the soul

Yet another retreat that combines meditation with sports activities. But this time, the sports activities in question are all practiced in the water. Surfing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, etc. are all enjoyed in the spirit of wellness and wellbeing. Great for: improving both surfing skills and wellbeing levels. Indeed, research has shown that water has a calming effect on the soul. rawsurandfitness.com

of dopamine, aka the happiness hormone.

Art retreats

In recent years, retreats combining yoga with art have been gaining momentum in the wellness world. Though

retreats exist in many countries around the


See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy


‘Hop-on Hop-off’ The double-decker sightseeing bus Like other major capitals, Jerusalem now has its own red double-decker sightseeing buses as well. Passengers sit upstairs on the open roof deck, admiring the panoramic views of the holy city, listening to the audio guide (available in 8 different languages) tell them about the myriad monuments and historical sites they’re witnessing. The tour passes through the Western Wall and the Old City, the Mount of Olives, Rehavia neighborhood, Sacher Park, the Knesset, Mount Herzl, and many more places of cultural and historical significance. There are two types of tours to choose from, first the 90-minute City Tour, and the ‘Hop-on Hop-off’ tour that includes 25 stops and a ticket valid for up to 3 days. Highlights include: Shivtei Israel street: it’s close to Safra square, Jerusalem town hall, and not far from the spectacular Chapel of two-seater, and go for a ride through history, culture, flavors and sounds / By Ariela Aflalo Jerusalem Day takes place this year on May 18 th – the perfect occasion to get yourself some wheels, a sightseeing double-decker, a light rail tram, a night tour bus, or even an electric Celebrating Jerusalem Day



See the Sights I Eat, Travel, Enjoy

Notre Dame where you can walk up to the roof and admire beautiful panoramic views of the Old City; Agripas street: close to Mahane Yehuda Market and the Nahlaot neighborhood; Yad VaShem: near Mount Herzl, it is the World Holocaust Remembrance Center. When: Sun-Thu 10:00-16:00, Fri until 13:00, every hour on the hour Where: Agron street 14, between the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and the American Consulate For more info: itraveljerusalem.com Crisscross through the city The Jerusalem light rail Light rail has a certain European elegance to it, as the trams crisscross through the ancient capital, between Mount Herzl and the newly built neighborhoods on the west side of the city, over Meytarim Bridge, along Jaffa Road, and through the streets of the Old City and the Jewish neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev. The Jerusalem light rail line has a total of 23 stops. The most central are: Mount Herzl: next to the burial place of the nation’s most illustrious figures and to the Herzl Museum. Mount Herzl offers great views of the Ein Karem neighborhood, and it is also where to get off to reach the Jerusalem walking trail that circles the city. Mahane Yehuda Market: no visit to Jerusalem is complete without stopping by Mahane Yehuda. It’s the best place to get a real feel of the city’s spirit and vibrancy – colorful food market by day, and buzzing nightlife hub by night. Safra Square and Jaffa Gate: Safra square is located near Jerusalem town hall, a stone’s throw away from the charming Nahalat Shiva neighborhood, HaNevi’im street, and the Russian Compound district. This is also where to get off if

The double-decker ‘hop-on hop-off’ sightseeing bus I Photo by Danna Hafzadi

The GoCar I Photo: Courtesy of GoCar

The Jerusalem light rail I Photo by Ariela Aflalo


selfies as they wish. When: every week; advance booking required For more info: starcar.co.il/eng Jerusalem by night JLM Light Tours When night falls and the stars come out, Jerusalem is even more stunning than during the day. JLM Light Tours offer a riveting nighttime bus ride across thirty of the city’s most important historical sites and monuments, haloed by urban evening lighting. This 90-minute tour, led by a guide and available in both English and Hebrew, takes passengers through Meytarim Bridge (illuminated at night by colorful projections), the Knesset, the walls of the Old City, the International YMCA building, the Tower of David, the Russian Compound, and many more magical Jerusalem must-sees. Passengers alight at three different stops for the opportunity to take in the views and plenty of selfies. It’s possible to get on the tour bus at one of five stops (including: the Old Station, the King David Hotel, the Royal Wing Hotel, the Olive Tree Hotel, and the Russian Compound), and to get off at the Western Wall. When: Mondays and Thursdays at 20:00, advance booking required For more info: pami.co.il/en/

JLM Light Tours I Photo: Studio Mazor

you’re heading to one of the bars, restaurants or art galleries situated in the “Royal quarter” (where all the streets are named after one ancient king or another), or to the Mamilla shopping mall, Teddy Park, or the Old City. When: Sun-Thu 05:30-24:00, Fri 05:30 until the beginning of Shabbat, Sat from after Shabbat until 24:00 For more info: cfir.co.il Electric, yellow, and cool The GoCar These bright yellow two-seaters are a new and fun way to tour the city. They’re small enough to make their way through narrow alleyways

and conveniently easy to park. The GoCar tour is led by a guide who takes a group of two-seaters on a 90-minute-long tour of the city (available in English as well). The tour begins at the old train station which nowadays is a major tourism hub, full of amazing restaurants and nightlife venues. It continues through the Mesila Park, the International YMCA building, the King David Hotel, and the Yamin Moshe and German Colony neighborhoods. It ends on an exploration of the Old City and of course, there are plenty of stops along the way to allow participants to take in all the sights and as many



See the Sights I Explore, Travel, Enjoy

With the approach of summer and the soaring temperatures, it's time to head to one of Israel's many beautiful natural springs to soak in the cool waters and enjoy a day of fun with friends and family – picnic baskets optional, but highly recommended / By Ariela Aflalo A picnic by the water: 5 natural springs to visit this season

01. Ein Kela Arik Bridge

It might not stay this way for long, but Ein Kela is one of the more confidential natural springs. It’s located near Arik Bridge above the Jordan River and tucked away between green fields and fragrant eucalyptus groves. Accessible to all types of vehicles, it’s possible to park relatively close to the bathing area. You’ll know you’re almost there when you get to a giant eucalyptus tree with a swing attached to it. This is picnic heaven, and the ideal spot to open a bottle of wine and forget about the woes of the world for a few glorious hours. Other great spots nearby: the Sea of Galilee, the Bethsaida Valley, and the water trails of the Majrase Nature Reserve. Situated not far from Highway 90, near the town of Migdal, Ein Nun is a delightful little spring. Its waters are fresh and clear, shallow enough to sit on the edge and splash your feet about, but deep enough to enjoy a swim. The spring, as well as the whole surrounding area, has recently been cleaned and there are walking paths along the edge of the water. A giant water hole made of stone has been built beside the spring to accommodate more visitors. Family friendly and easily accessible, Ein 02. Ein Nun Migdal Junction

Ein Kela I Photo: Ariela Aflalo

Ein Nun I Photo: Oshri Yaloz


Nun is a lovely place to organize a picnic or relax between hikes. And if you walk further along the way beyond Ein Nun spring, you’ll be met with the beautiful Ayub waterfall. Other great spots nearby: Ayub waterfall, known by locals as the “hidden waterfall” and part of the walking trail that circles the Sea of Galilee. 03. Ein Izra’el Mount Gilboa This charming little water hole is nestled among eucalyptus groves and trees of every kind. The natural spring lies below ground and its waters flow through a concrete tunnel and into a huge pool built around a water reservoir from the times of the British Mandate. There are ‘Tarzan’ liana vines hanging from the trees above the pool that kids love to climb before jumping into the water which is about 1,5 meters deep. There’s a parking lot close by, with benches, picnic tables, drinking fountains, trees you can attach a hammock to, and even a spot for barbecues and space to set up a tent. Other great spots nearby: if you walk further down the path along the Navot stream, you’ll come across a lovely pastoral area with lush greenery, nooks to sit and relax in, and a lovely little wading pool to splash your feet about. 04. The Gedor Sea Reserve between Mikhmoret and Givat Olga This lovely, isolated seashore is not officially considered a bathing beach. It’s part of a national park and nature reserve that spreads across 2km between Olga beach and Mikhmoret and is accessible from either side. The Gedor Sea Reserve lies right by Tel Gedor and the beautiful coastal cliffs that soar 21 meters

Ein Izra'el I Photo: Ariela Aflalo

The Secret Waterfall I Photo: Ariela Aflalo

The Gador Sea Reserve I Photo: Yigal Ben Ari, The Israel Nature and Parks Authority

high, creating tiny bays and shallow water holes along the shoreline. It’s a delightful spot to enjoy a sunset, though be aware there is no shade in the summertime, or seating, so make sure you bring your own parasol and picnic attire. Other great spots nearby: Hadera stream and its lovely walking trails. 05. The ‘Secret Waterfall’ (aka the Sharonim waterfall), Hod HaSharon Not so secret for a while now, the Sharonim waterfall still goes by its old mystery-infused nickname. Situated where the Yarkon source springs and the Qana stream intertwine, and a short drive away from the Sharonim

mall, this place is a little slice of greenery and peace. The waterfall flows above an artificial dam and is surrounded by the eucalyptus trees and greenery of Wadi Qana. When you arrive and discover the waterfall peeking from out of the greenery, you get the immediate impulse to jump in the water. But entering the water is only allowed from the springs and not beyond the waterfall itself, since the waters flow directly into the Qana stream which is not fit to bathe in. The area is not particularly tended to, but there’s shade and lots of space for a picnic by the water.

Other great spots nearby: the Hod HaSharon eco-park with its birdwatching decks and charming lake. ■



Magazine I Interview

Million Dollar Baby

We sat down with popstar Noa Kirel, Israel’s representative for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, to discuss fame, Eurovision fever, her new look, love, life, and everything in between / By Maya Cohen

Eurovision "Taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest is not only an absolute honor, it's also an incredible opportunity for me to advance my career on an international level. This global platform will allow me to reach millions of people everywhere in the world. Of course, such considerations bring on a certain dose of stress and apprehension. The best-case scenario is of course to win the thing – but honestly, what does winning mean these days? What does winning mean to me? Once upon a time, winning meant reaching first place full-stop; but nowadays, even if you don't, the Eurovision is still a way to get ahead. Doing my country proud, giving the best performance I can, reaching as many people as possible with my song– in my mind, if I do all that, I've won. The worst-case scenario is not reaching the final – and people don't often realize how tough it is to achieve merely that – especially when you're from Israel".

Home "To me, home means family. I live in Ra'anana with my parents, and I have two older brothers. One lives in the US and the other in Ramat Gan. In the evenings when I get home from endless hours of work, I spend time with my boyfriend Tomer and I disconnect from everything, enjoy my mother's food, and avoid discussing anything work-related. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents who are involved in every decision I make. They're a crucial part of my career". Age "I've been performing since the age of 13 and I often get asked if it made me grow up too fast. I don't think so. I believe I'd be just as mature as I am, had I not gone into the entertainment business. I've always been mature for my age, and I always knew what I wanted and where I was heading. Though this line of work does entail

Photo: Tal Abudi




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working with people who are much older than me - and that's something I'm learning to navigate - I feel ok with it". Body Image "Promoting positive body image has never been my main purpose, but I do work extremely hard to achieve my goals and by doing so, I suppose I am sending out a positive message, as I believe it comes with learning to accept yourself and love yourself the way you are. I get asked about this a lot and get a lot of reactions – some good, some bad – even when I looked a little different to what I do now. But I don't live my life according to what other people think, I do what feels good to me". The Diva Attitude "I don't think I'm a diva at all. Anyone who knows me knows I don't consider myself to be a star – I don't even believe there is such a thing. I believe in hard work and achieving your goals, and whenever I reach a milestone – like performing at HaYarkon Park or being selected to take part in the Eurovision – I take five minutes to pat myself on the back and get excited, and then I immediately look for more goals to achieve in the future. There definitely are divas I look up to though, like Beyoncé and J-Lo: strong women who have expertly steered their careers and used their fame and standing to promote many positive messages". Love "My relationship with my boyfriend keeps me grounded, and it's so important to me. There's a lot of aggravation that can come with being with me: there's a certain degree of unwanted attention and gossiping. It requires being very accepting of a lot

Photo: Tal Abudi


Our quick questionnaire What do you like doing in your spare time? “Sleep” What makes you laugh? “My mother” What makes you angry? “Being hungry” What do people not know

about you? “That I love to cook” What would you be, had you not become a singer? “A psychologist” Favorite holiday destination? “Thailand”

What’s your next dream? “To conquer the world”

of things. It doesn't matter to me if my boyfriend is in the same line of work as me, but he needs to understand the situation I'm in, and it's essential that he be there to support me, Noa - the person that I am behind the public persona". Unicorn – the Eurovision song "To me, it's a song about empowerment, about the freedom to say what I want, dress how I please, dance how I like. 'Unicorn' is about being ok with feeling a bit different to everybody else and even celebrating it. We're all looking for a superhero figure to latch onto, like a unicorn – a magical fantastical creature – to add hope, light and color to our lives". Politics "I'm aware of how politics can affect the Eurovision but it's not something I can do much about, so I choose not to dwell on it. There's enough stress in setting up the performance as it is. I'm proud to represent my country. Israel is my favorite place in the world, it's my home. If politics get in the way of the contest, so be it. It has nothing to do with me. My way of being politically

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involved at home, is through music, and I believe music brings people together. We're a strong and united people with a tough history behind us, and I believe everything is going to be ok. We are one – and that's how things are going to stay". Army Duty "Army duty was important to me. I was glad to be able to serve my country by making use of my abilities as a performer and singer. I took part in more than 200 shows during my military service and in many other projects, performing at army bases across the country. Going through basic training was incredible. It's an experience only the army can give you, and I'll always be thankful for it". Career Plan

most is the ability to make people happy through music. It means the world to me, and it's what consumes me 24/7. These past years, I decided I wanted to develop an international career, broaden my horizons, and challenge myself. It's a long process but it's my biggest dream and I plan to give it my absolute all". Public Reaction "I'll always be affected by public reaction, there's always going to be a certain amount of sensitivity there. But any negativity pales in comparison to the love and positive feedback I receive. I prefer not to read comments on social media even though I know it's part of the game, and not everybody's going to like me. What's important is that I believe in myself, and as long as I keep getting love for what I do, I'm happy". ■

"My career is my number one source of joy. What I love the



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Sarona Market: A Culinary Adventure in Tel Aviv's Premier Indoor Food and Cultural Hub

melting pot of local cultures. At the core of Sarona Market lies a perfect marriage between old-world allure and refined cuisine. In addition, the market effortlessly presents a medley of street food, local chef led restaurants, bars, boutique food shops operated by local purveyors, and a selection of local events and weekend markets. A communal dining experience Sarona Market's unique layout encourages a communal dining experience, with dishes available in various portions, ideally suited for sharing among family and friends, as well as an assortment of seating options from nook seating to bar seating to sofas or lounging on an outdoor terrace. The Middle Bar takes center stage, offering a laid-back atmosphere and an extensive range of beverages at value for-money prices. Check out the all-day every day "Happy Hour" with amazing prices! Choose your favorite bites and settle in for a comfortable seat. Open on Saturdays – Sarona Market serves as an ideal spot for a weekend lunch for friends, families and groups. Guests can indulge in an extensive array of lunch options or assemble a picnic basket to enjoy in the picturesque Sarona compound, which boasts several playgrounds, boutique shops, and charming picnic areas, providing a delightful setting for a leisurely walk and a full-day excursion. Local tip: Enhance your experience by visiting with a group and sampling dishes from various popular hotspots, crafting a personalized culinary tour at the heart of the market. Sarona has captured an unmatched culinary spirit in this awe-inspiring location, creating a vibrant epicenter for food, wine, and a fusion of global and local cultures. 0pen hours: Sun-Wed 10:00-22:00; Thu 10:00-23:00; Fri 9:00-16:00; Sat 10:00-22:00, saronamarket.co.il

Photos: Itamar Ginsburg

yourself drawn to the extensive selection of halva, and succulent Maggie tomatoes, fresh produce, and endless options for food gifts to bring back home. Dozens of culinary shops When it comes to dining, there's something for everyone here. You can savor the aroma of roasted meats and indulge in hearty vegetable sandwiches or many kosher options. Sarona Market offers dozens and dozens of culinary shops and dining experiences, from boutique tea to farm-to-table produce to local gelato, olive oil tastings, cheese tastings, and local wines. In addition, Sarona Market boasts an impressive array of local Israeli dishes prepared by the country's most acclaimed chefs alongside rustic cooking by a vast selection of the

Welcome to Sarona Market, an 84,000 square feet local institution that offers a captivating journey of discovery into the world of local and global cuisine. Inspired by some of the most diverse markets in the world, such as La Boqueria and Borough Market, this ex-Templar colony showcases a mix of old-school charm and modern vivacity based on the concept that you can eat your way through local and global fare all under one roof. The market showcases spots by celebrity chefs such as Eyal Shani, Yuval Ben Neriah and more. So close to the train, bus, and public transport, it’s a must-visit destination on any trip to Israel. As you explore the market, you'll come across a delightful variety of dried fruits that will catch your eye with dazzling colors. You'll also find

The Yossi Avrahami Group invites you to discover a variety of deluxe residences all over Israel, presenting the very highest standard in modern living. It’s time to level up to a truly inspiring residential experience. Redefining luxury living



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Even More Reasons to Celebrate... Wishing You a Wonderful Jerusalem Day & Shavuot!

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Market restaurants are the place to go when you're on the lookout for authentic, seasonal food served in a relaxed vibrant atmosphere. Israel's markets are bursting with eateries that magnificently celebrate local cuisine – here are 6 of the country's best, from north to south / By Sharon Ben-David Every day is market day

Photo: Sapir Kosa

Onza | Jaffa flea market Middle-Eastern flavors in a fun and relaxed atmosphere Aside from being a magnet for vintage enthusiasts, the Jaffa flea market is also a major coffee shop, restaurant, and nightlife hub. Its narrow alleyways aren’t just full of art galleries and interesting locales - they’re also home to some of the best restaurants in town. Onza is one of the oldest market eateries in Israel, drawing partygoers and foodies for more than a decade now. Its chef Ola Fefer has created a Middle-East-inspired menu full of taboon-baked delicacies, salads, sandwiches, and typical Levantine dishes. Add to that great cocktails, top music, and that typical flea market buzz, and you’re guaranteed a fun night out. onza.co.il

Photo: Afik Gabay

Sama | Akko Market fare with a twist

Among Akko’s narrow alleyways and hummus eateries, lies a special little food bar called Sama, helmed by brothers Marwan and Hamudi Barghouti who also own the excellent El Marsa restaurant. With the firm belief that Akko deserves its own sophisticated locales, they inaugurated this trendy rooftop bar with views onto the beautiful Old City of Akko. In charge of the kitchen at Sama is Chef Hmudi Okala (Rasif 33), who

has composed a menu centered around local fish and seafood bought directly at the nearby port, with dishes typical of local Arab cuisine though given a slight modern twist (vine leaves and tomato salsa, fish shawarma and tzatziki, etc.). Pro tip: sunset is a great time to come for a meal here, as you can enjoy its ravishing beauty while delighting in all the fabulous food and drink. samabar.co.il


LEVANT CUISINE by Chef Nimrod Hadas

Manara is a Levantine-Israeli cuisine restaurant, facing the spectacular view of Tel-Aviv beaches and completing the Levantine experience that characterizes the restaurant’s kitchen, an Interpretation of the local Israeli culinary culture, and broad Mediterranean influences. Manara’s seasonal menu includes carefully selected fresh local ingredients, fresh fish from the Mediterranean sea, organic vegetables, hand-made pastas, a variety of oven-baked breads,

quality cheeses and desserts made daily in front of the diners, led by Chef Nimrod Hadas and his staff.

For reservations: www.manaratlv.com 03. 6702220 Hayarkon 115 St. Tel-Aviv


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Located in a Carmel market side street, Merloza is a great illustration of the current Tel Aviv culinary scene. Half restaurant, half typical Levantine watering hole, Merloza is helmed by couple Dor Even and Mor Hazan. While Hazan takes care of diners outside of the kitchen, keeping everybody happy and handing out chasers, Even (formerly Merloza | Carmel market, Tel Aviv A festive place for a bite and a drink

a chef at Taizu, MahneYuda and Ouzeria) is in charge of the food. The menu he devised is full of delicious dishes that celebrate Carmel market produce and Middle-Eastern flavors, perfectly matching the authentic generous market atmosphere of this Tel Aviv

Photo: Noam Prisman

Centro | Levinsky market, Tel Aviv Italian-style deli and eatery Levinsky market has been a culinary hub for decades now, brimming with spice shops, burekas stands, olive stalls, trendy cafés, and specialty delis. Four years ago, around the same time Tel Aviv municipality made the market’s main road entirely pedestrian, young chef Alon Lisi opened “Centro”, a deli and eatery inspired by Italian flavors and dishes, serving paninis, Italian cheeses, charcuterie, and wine in a fun, cheery atmosphere. Nowadays, alongside the paninis and finger food, “Centro” also serves vegetable dishes, cured fish, cocktails, etc., all made with local market produce. It’s a great place to come for an aperitivo, especially during happy hour when prices are reduced and Levinsky market is teeming with merrymakers. centrotlv.com

nightlife hub. merloza.co.il

Be-ito | Haifa A fun and creative food bar

Haifa’s Talpiot market has undergone a bit of a food revolution these past years: aside the abundance of stalls heaped with prime quality produce, it now boasts dozens of restaurants, eateries, and bars. It’s also where “Game of Chefs” finalist Chef Guy Rozmarin opened his food bar, after years working in some of Israel’s best restaurants. “Be-ito” celebrates local cuisine with a menu that changes according to what lands on the market stalls that day. “That’s how I avoid making the same old dishes you get everywhere else”, says Rozamarin. The restaurant’s lighthearted vibrancy is in perfect keeping with the market’s buzzing vitality. beito

Photo: Hagit Sardas


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Tzemah | Jerusalem Top-notch vegetarian market fare

As one of Israel’s most celebrated chefs, Assaf Granit needs no introduction. Since bursting into public consciousness with his market eatery “Mahneyuda”, he’s kept on attaining new culinary heights both in Israel and abroad (including obtaining a Michelin star for three consecutive years at his Parisian restaurant “Shabur”). He has launched one of the biggest restaurant groups in Israel with several partners, featured as a judge on the Israeli reality show “Game of Chefs”, and become head chef for EL AL airlines. Granit’s vegetarian market eatery “Tzemah” is it too situated in Jerusalem’s Mahne Yehuda market and is both an ode to traditional Jerusalemite cuisine and a nod to Tel Aviv inventiveness. Each dish is made with top quality market produce and served in that one-of-a kind Mahne Yehuda atmosphere. tzemahrest.com

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lovers will meet their match with three different versions, the green shakshuka with spinach and greens, a spicy bacon version, and the classic, with extras of your choice. Since 2006, Benedict has been winning the hearts of locals by redefining Israeli breakfasts and winning many accolades, including Time Out’s “Eating And Drinking Awards”, year after year. THE PICNIC BASKET THAT TOOK THE CITY BY STORM One of the most-loved local experiences is the picnic basket, where you go online, make an order for pick up or delivery, and get a magical picnic spread. Choose your preference from an array of summer boxes that include everything you need.

Various locations: 171 Ben Yehuda St; 29 Rothschild Blvd Open 24/7; Sarona Market Tel Aviv. benedict.co.il Everything here is on point, from the bottomless basket of bread to freshly squeezed O.J. to crispy bacon, fries. Shakshuka Benedict's winning concept was a dream of four friends who wanted to open a stylish restaurant that make the day's first meal a full day vibe, a hub for socializing, a dreamy spot for breakfast adventurers and classic food lovers alike. Jam-packed with every comfort food imaginable, Benedict showcases light meals and over the-top breakfast, with a vast spread of condiments and details from the freshest local ingredients. The global selection makes their menu one- of-a-kind with Steak & Eggs, Croque Monsieur, towering pancakes, potatoes, sausages, French toast, and more.

Breakfast is a huge part of Israeli culture, and Benedict remains a quintessential Israeli experience. The reason is simple; Benedict showcases comfort food and abundance like nowhere else. People come to munch on breakfast at any time of the day Benedict, A Global Breakfast Comfort Feast


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