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Issue 260

Issue 260 | July 2022

Summer in Tel Aviv 16 P.

Beautiful beaches, a spectacular culinary scene and endless attractions. Our insider's guide to the big city

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Inflight I Issue 260 I July 2022


Editor-in-Chief Nava Marton Production Manager Liat Mofaz Milchan English Translator and Copy Editor Gallia Bronowski Art Director Amram Pikarsky / Studio Liat Rosenzwieg Design Shiri Atzmon Cover and Images ASAP Creative VP of Marketing, Trade and Sales Yaniv Ofir Business Development Manager Alon Fox Senior Sales Manager Ofer Stessel Connectivity Tal Kalderon Talkal@elal.co.il Product Strategy & Customer Experience Keren Raz Inflight Connectivity Manager Ifat Mandelbaum For information regarding advertising opportunities Please contact Mr. Ofer Stessel at Tel: 052-8000618 Ofer_s@rge.co.il Head Of Inflight Entertainment & Atmosphere Magazine is published monthly by RGE and LDI. Materials in this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission. The opinions expressed in this magazine reflect those of the writers only, and not EL AL Airlines. The publisher and / or EL AL are not responsible for advertising content.

Editor’s Letter “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” (Aurelius Augustinus*) After two years of global lockdown, more and more countries are welcoming tourists anew. Israel was among the first countries to do so, but only in the past few months has the flow of tourists been back to its old self. Israel in the summertime is bursting with things to do and spectacular landscapes to explore. The magazine you are holding contains insight and information about a few of those summer highlights. First stop is Tel Aviv - the city that never sleeps. Our short and sweet summer guide is designed to ensure you get a

exceptional holiday experiences of all kinds - from sleeping alfresco in your own tent, to glamping it up in the desert, holidaying in a caravan or basking in the luxury of a hotel suite. You’ll also be reading about the exciting new restaurants that have recently opened in Israel, the interesting cultural events taking place this summer, and a post-pandemic interview with legendary Israeli singer Shlomo Artzi. He’ll be on tour all through the summer (with a bit of luck you might get a ticket), performing under the stars, in open-air venues across the country. Wherever you may be this summer and whatever your holiday plans are, I hope you have a truly wonderful vacation.

Wishing you a safe flight and pleasant reading, Nava Marton Editor

taste of quintessential Tel Aviv. The diversity of landscapes and

abundant accommodation options for families with children of all ages, ensure

* Aurelius Augustinus was a Christian theologian and philosopher. Variations of this aphorism appear in numerous sources.

Traveler’s Prayer May it be Thy will, Lord of Heaven and Earth, to lead us to peace and safety, to fly us in peace and safety to our desired destination, to find life, joy, and peace. Guard and watch us, we who fly the air pathways, cross the seas, and travel overland routes. Make firm the hands that guide the steering and sustain their spirit, so that they may lead us in peace and safety. For in You alone is our shelter from now unto eternity. The Lord bless thee, keep thee, the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord turns His face unto thee, and gives thee peace. Amen .



Inflight I Issue 260 I July 2022


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See the Sights 16 Explore Our insider’s guide to Tel Aviv in the summertime 20 Enjoy Glamping, camping, or a luxury suite? Ideas for your next family holiday Magazine 28 Shlomo Artzi The quintessentially Israeli singer is back on stage.

Lifestyle 32 Food 7 hot new restaurants to try this summer 36 Fashion Travel with style Digital psychology Dr Liraz Margalit analyzes the impact of the pandemic on our buying patterns 40 EL AL Innovations Technological developments and new features on our website and app Business 38

An optimistic post pandemic interview



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Check-in I Local events I July 2022

What’s On Our Radar This Month

Movies | The Jerusalem Film Festival After a two-year pandemic induced hiatus, the Jerusalem Film Festival is back. To mark its 39 th edition, an opening gala screening will take place on July 21 st at the Sultan’s Pool Amphitheatre in front of 5,000 guests and cinema-lovers. As in past editions, the festival will be stepping outside movie theatres and into the streets of Jerusalem with cultural events happening across the city. For ten whole days, 70,000 people from all four corners of the world will be flocking to see 200 movies from 50 different countries, some of which having won prizes at the most important film festivals on the planet: Cannes, Sundance, the Berlinale, and the Venice Film Festival. Tens of premieres of some of this year’s most striking Israeli films will also be taking place throughout the festival. Jerusalem, 21.7-31.07

Photo: PR

Exhibition | Frida Kahlo The CUBE, Holon

Millions of people have seen the international Frida Kahlo exhibition. Widely praised and presented in more than 30 countries, the show is now coming to Israel as well. Iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was a trailblazing artist whose influence runs deep in contemporary art and fashion. The exhibition sprawls across 1000 m 2 and tells the story of Kahlo’s life through digital reproductions of her work, upon which quotes and color patterns are projected, while visitors are immersed in light and sound as they walk through them. Though Kahlo exhibited her works only once during her lifetime, she has posthumously become one of the world’s most celebrated artists. Still today, her story remains as relevant and powerful as ever. Until August 31 st

Photo: Itamar Ginsburg



Photo: EGOEast Productions

Show | Pink Martini Tel Aviv, Hangar 11

After an auspicious first visit to Israel in 2019, Pink Martini will be back in Tel Aviv to perform its enchanting repertoire of unique multilingual and musically eclectic songs. The Portland-based band, composed of two exceptional vocalists, China Forbes and Storm Large, and twelve musicians (occasionally accompanied by a symphonic orchestra), has been gracing international stages for more than 25 years. Helmed by its pianist Thomas Lauderdale, Pink Martini is a celebration of musical genres, blending old fashioned pop with Latin-jazz, be-bop and classical music, sprinkling it all with lyrics in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese,

Far Away I Photo: Eran Levi

Arabic and yes - even Hebrew. (July 18 th , 2022; tickets: leaan.co.il)

Exhibition | OVERDOSE

The Design Museum Holon The OVERDOSE exhibition will delight art and design lovers of all ages. The Design Museum Holon is home to more than 180 works and exhibits by over 150 artists hailing from everywhere in the world. The exhibition presents hundreds of mundane household items that have been reinterpreted into new abstract creations spurring visitors to rethink their perceptions of everyday objects through humor and imagination. OVERDOSE will include works by Nahum Tevet, Gaetano Pesce, Ron Arad, Andy Warhol, Damian Hirst and more. Until August 13 th

Show | Paul Anka Caesarea Amphitheatre

After all these years, Paul Anka’s voice remains intact and as beautiful as it was when he first began performing way back in the 1960’s. As he approaches his 81 st year, his songs are a testament to his iconic status, untouched as they seem, by transient influences and genres. It’s impossible to remain indifferent to his unique brand of romantic pop, with such legendary hits as Diana, Lonely boy, My way, Put your head on my shoulder, and so many more. An exceptional summer’s night of music is in store. (July 18 th -19 th , tickets: eventim.co.il)

Photo: Mark Weiss



Check-in I Guide

Cycling holidays are a wonderful way to discover beautiful landscapes while enjoying a sports activity. What could be more fun than cycling along the Danube in Austria, the banks of the Amsterdam canals, or across the cobbled streets of Tuscany? Here are 5 useful tips that’ll come in handy on your next biking trip \ By Oren Herschlag 5 Top Tips for your next Cycling Trip

Use the right bike 01 City bikes with gears, either regular or electric, are usually the best option for cycling holidays. Electric bikes do have the advantage of demanding less effort to ride them, but bear in mind they’ll require timely battery charging according to the number of kilometers you plan to cover and the speed at which you’ll be riding. Stay at a biker’s hotel 02 If you’re planning a cycling trip in either Austria, Germany or the Netherlands, get ready to enter the gates of cyclists’ paradise: there are cyclist-friendly hotels and B&Bs at every turn, where not only can you lodge, but bikes can be rented or

repaired, tires inflated, and equipment stored and sheltered for the night. Plan your itinerary wisely 03 The Internet is full of websites with information about the best cycling paths to use on bike trips. They are usually parallel to roads and highways but on a separate lane, so cyclists are shielded from contact with vehicles. Build an itinerary that crosses villages, vineyards, and fields: the landscapes you’ll be riding through will blow you away. Evaluate the length of your bike trip 04 Once you’ve picked your destination, open a digital map, pinpoint the exact spot you plan to start riding and the

one you plan to end on, and calculate the number of kilometers you’ll be covering: it will allow you to evaluate the amount of days necessary to complete the itinerary. Make sure to include enough time for stops and breaks, as you’ll surely want to visit museums, sit in village cafes, and relax in the shade, in between cycling sessions. Pack the right clothes 05 Bike riding, even at a leisurely pace, requires the right kind of clothing gear to ensure maximum comfort and ease. If you’re planning a bike tour when it’s chilly outside, opt for long pants that are breathable and functional, and a sweat-absorbent top that’s lightweight and skin friendly.



Check-in I Check List

Flight Essentials

Bluetooth wireless headphones by Urbanears. NIS 149, available at all authorized retailers and online, on sel.co.il

Purse organizer by Flying Tiger Copenhagen, NIS 15

Luggage tag by Flying Tiger Copenhagen, NIS 10

Bluetooth wireless headphones by Urbanears. NIS 149, available at all authorized retailers and online, on sel.co.il

Luxury travel kit by Moroccanoil including shampoo, conditionner and treatment oil, NIS 169, available at authorized salons and stores, and online, at moroccanoil.co.il

Pack of 3 center-sewn notebooks by Yooletta, NIS 69 (available on youletta.com)

Designer laptop sleeve by ADIKA. NIS 59.00, available on adika.com and in stores countrywide

Waist bag by Puma. NIS 400, available on factory54.co.il

Mini-travel kit by Laline, including shower gel (60ml), body mist (60ml), moisturizing cream (60ml), and hand cream (30g). NIS 99.90, available in stores and online, at laline.co.il

The Luan suitcase by GoLuggage made with lightweight, shock-resistant ABS. Comes in four colors. NIS 1,090 available on goluggage.co.il


Photos: PR

Check-in I Passport Control

When was the last time you were abroad?

“The last time was over the Passover holidays. I flew to Paris with the family. We took the kids to Disneyland and to all the famous museums. We then rented a car and drove down to the South of France, stopping to visit the beautiful cities we passed through along the way. We ended the trip on the Riviera, which is always a dream”. How do you decide where to go on holiday? “There are certain places I keep coming back to, such as Toronto - the city I grew up in and where all my family still lives - and Paris, my favorite city. But I’m always looking to discover new places as well". What’s your favorite type of holiday? “I always prefer urban holidays, as I love visiting museums, discovering new restaurants, and sitting in cafés, watching people go about their day”. What is your ultimate suitcase essential? “Seems pretty obvious in my case… It has to be my make-up bag, which I go nowhere without, while my number one must-have item is sunscreen. No matter the destination and what time of the year it is”. What will you never do abroad? “I won’t “waste” my time on shopping for things I can find in Israel, except if the price difference is significant.” Any special recommendations? “I highly recommend visiting Andalusia. Seville and Granada are gorgeous cities full of culture and history, wonderful food, and top-notch fashion boutiques. Make sure you visit Ronda, a small town near Málaga we arrived at entirely by chance.” Where do you dream of going next? “I’ve been to Tokyo, but I would love to visit Kyoto as well. As would I love to go to Bora Bora, and St Petersburgh, Cape Town, Buenos Aires and Laos”.

What is her ultimate suitcase essential, what will she never do abroad, and where does she dream of going next? Beauty and lifestyle influencer Ashley Waxman Bakshi shows us her passport \ Miri Ben David-Livi “The French Riviera is always a dream”

Ashley Waxman Bakshi is a 36-year-old married mother-of-four, and beauty and lifestyle entrepreneur. She hosts a podcast called The Guru, teaches a class on digital marketing at Reichman University, and of course, is the founder of the successful make-up brand AWB.


Photos: Tal Abudi, Shutterstock, Private album

The Road to the Gold Begins with Eldan Eldan, Israel's leading car rental company, is proud to be the official sponsor of the Maccabiah Games and to support Jewish sports in Israel and around the world. Good luck to the tournament participants, Don't forget to enjoy your journey

* 3003 eldan.co.il

See the sights I Tel Aviv


Our insider’s guide to Tel Aviv in the summertime Like all great cities, Tel Aviv attracts tourists from all over the world seeking to enjoy its many wonders and delights: beautiful beaches, a spectacular culinary scene, endless cultural discoveries, the most vibrant nightlife, and that signature White City energy that’s unlike no other \ By Inga Michaeli

Brunch on the beach Often ranked some of the best in the world, Tel Aviv beaches are the place to be in the summer, peppered as they are with people sunbathing, swimming, playing Matkot (a type of Israeli padel) and footvolley from morning till night. The beachfront also happens to be the location of some of our favorite places for a bite or a drink: Manta Ray is perfect for brunch to the sound of waves crashing on the rocks, and Cassis is great for dinner with an open view of the Mediterranean in the heart of Jaffa. Cocktails at one of the bars lining the iconic Mezizim Beach are always a fantastic option as well.

Tel Aviv, Israel’s second-largest city and throbbing financial, cultural, and gastronomic heart, is a kaleidoscope of high-rises and Bauhaus gems. Its beautiful ‘International style’ buildings have earned it UNESCO World Heritage Site status, while the port of Jaffa and the city’s markets will take you straight to the hustle and bustle of a Middle Eastern city. The city boasts a splendid beachfront, the freshest street food and the most vibrant nightlife, not to mention great museums and a myriad of instagrammable spots for you to choose from. Here are some of our top picks of things to see and do in Tel Aviv.



See the sights I Tel Aviv

Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, located in one of the first buildings in Neve Tzedek, a picturesque neighborhood in the south of the city. Wine and dine Tel Aviv has a phenomenal culinary scene. It is by far one of the best cities for vegetarians and vegans, with six restaurants ranked among the top 50 eateries in the Middle East – including OCD , George & John , and Animar . But gourmet restaurants aside, there’s nothing like getting a taste of its street food to really get to know the soul of Tel Aviv, so make sure you make a stop at Abu Hassan for hummus in Jaffa, Brooklyn Pizza for the yummiest slices, Hakosem for the finest shawarma and falafel, as well as Miznon by Eyal Shani or Pita

An afternoon stroll The city’s famous promenade runs the length of town between two ports that have become must-see attractions, with the Herbert Samuel Esplanade one of the prettiest stretches along the way. Tel Aviv Port is an entertainment hotspot boasting a wooden deck dotted with bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and shops. Jaffa Port on the other hand, is not only one of the world’s most ancient harbours, it is also a fully functionning fishing port that offers cultural and leisure activities, shopping, and tourism, while preserving its unique historical character. A bit more inland you’ll find the best places for an afternoon stroll: Dizengoff Street with its beautifully restored square and trendy bars, cafés, and boutiques, not to

mention Rothschild Boulevard, a major financial hub and one of the city’s most vibrant nightlife spots. A day at the museum If you’re looking to get away from the summer heat and bask in some well-deserved AC, why not spend the afternoon at one of the city’s numerous museums? The biggest one is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art . It possesses a rich permanent collection and presents rotating exhibitions and displays of fine art, sculpture, design and architecture, videography, drawings, and more, throughout the year. Other fascinating offerings for both children and adults include the ANU Museum of the Jewish People and the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History , both at the Tel Aviv University campus, as well as the


Basta at Sarona Market, another culinary hotspot. As for some watering holes, some of our favorite Tel Aviv bars are the Speakeasy on Rothschild Boulevard, the 223 on Dizengoff, the Imperial on HaYarkon St, and the Library Bar at the Norman Hotel. less than a Tel Aviv institution - a colorful human tapestry with a mindboggling array of produce, delicacies, spices, foods, and dining options that are popular with locals and tourists alike. A 15-minute walk from there will get you to Levinski Market , a culinary dream spot overflowing Going to the market The Carmel Market is nothing

with bakeries, specialty stores, restaurants, and shops selling spices, nuts, dried fruit, and exotic foods. A bit further south lies Jaffa’s famous Flea Market , a veritable haven for aficionados of vintage clothes and antiques, brimming with eateries serving local delicacies. The grand tour Exploring the city with an e-bike or an e-scooter is another must-do in Tel Aviv. Download the Tel-O-Fun app for e-bikes or the Bird app for e-scooters and enjoy an extensive network of bike lanes around town. But mind you, the traffic in Tel Aviv can get very hectic, so you are well-advised to be extra cautious at all times. And if you’d rather join

a guided bike, EZRaider, or Segway tour, make sure to check out SmartTour or TLV Bike Tours. Storytime Tel Aviv is a true Instagram heaven. From the alleyways of Old Jaffa, via the treasure trove that is the Flea Market, to the gritty graffiti-adorned streets of Florentin and the blooming bougainvilleas of Neve Tzedek. Further north, the reflecting pool at Habima Square is a joy to admire, as are the beautiful buildings around Rothschild Boulevard - and of course, taking a selfie by the famous Te♥iv sign on the wooden boardwalk of Tel Aviv Port is an absolute must. And when you do, don’t forget to tag @telaviv. ■



See the Sights I Family Holidays

Glamping, camping, or a luxury suite? 6 exciting ideas for your next family holiday

Israel and its many landscapes offer an abundance of options for family vacations. From camping in the desert to a pampering weekend at a luxury hotel, take your pick from our bountiful list of ideas \ By Julia Prilik-Niv

Khan Beerotayim I Photo: Gali Hav Tov

The TravelHotels chain has recently inaugurated a camping site in Kibbutz Dafna , comprising 60 spacious tents with a shared kitchen, shower, toilets, lawns and children’s area. There are hiking trails that begin from the gates of the kibbutz itself so there’s no need for any driving. ‘Khan Beerotayim’ is located nearby the Ezuz community settlement in the Negev. The khan itself is made of natural, local, and eco-friendly materials and is considered one of the country’s most authentic khans. There’s even a spot to rest your camel if you happen to have one, as well as a central dining tent. The khan is equipped with mattresses, carpets and mats, as well as shared showers and toilets. (beerotayim.co.il)

Kfar HaNokdim I Photo: Yoni Gritzner

The Khan / communal camping | Experiencing nature together

In ancient times, khans were a place for convoys of traveling merchants to take shelter for the night. Nowadays, khans are perfect for communal camping, as they can house several tents or one Bedouin style big one. They comprise a central communal area, another for lighting a fire or preparing a barbecue, a kitchen, refrigerators, shared showers and toilets. Who is it for? This is great for an extended family, a large group of friends, or several families

vacationing together and looking to spend time close to nature. How much does it cost? From NIS 80 per person to NIS 150-200, according to the services available. Where? Kfar HaNokdim village, situated between Arad and Masada, offers a variety of spacious tents and khans. The village’s artificial stream is perfect for recuperating from the desert heat, and even more so, in one of the hammocks installed alongside the stream. (kfarhanokdim.co.il)


Kibbutz | A holiday in the countryside with a touch of soul

Though certain kibbutzim have now ceased to function as communal entities, many still operate according to the distinct way of life they always have. Israeli families, and often even tourists from abroad, seek out kibbutz holidays in order to experience it and discover its various agricultural and animal breeding activities. Not only can kids splash in the kibbutz pool, they can also explore chicken coops and cow sheds, experience dining in the communal dining room (not in all kibbutzim) and so much more. Who is it for? This is great for families looking to expand their horizons, explore nature and let the kids roam free - but with all the comforts of a private bedroom and shower. How much does it cost? NIS 400 per room per night. Where? Kibbutzim across the country offer accommodation. Information can be found on booking-kibbutz.co.il.

Blum Village I Photo: Gilad Shushan

Glamping | Sleeping in a tent - but with all the hotel comforts

Perhaps the most recent form of vacationing to date, and certainly the most multi-faceted: glamping, i.e., the marriage between glamor and camping, is all about experiencing the outdoors without having to miss any of the extra holiday comforts and treats. Glamping tents can include quality beds and mattresses, air-conditioning, a bathroom, etc. They are more spacious and of course more comfortable than regular camping tents and are sometimes beautifully designed. Who is it for? Glamping is great for families who love to explore the outdoors together, stargaze, wake up to the sound of birds chirping (and sometimes of other animals as well), while keeping things nice and comfy. How much does it cost? Prices vary according to the types of comforts and treats available, with an average cost of NIS 500 a night per tent and up to NIS 2,000. Where? The Hamat Gader spa complex offers 53 upgraded tents, equipped with air-conditioning and all the amenities. Closeby the tents

are several refrigerators, tables and chairs, barbecue appliances, a convenience store, and restaurants. The tents are located not far from the Hamat Gader thermo-mineral springs which are an absolute must for all visitors. (hamat-gader.com) The Kfar Blum kayak complex operates a glamping site called Blum Village that offers 45 family friendly upgraded tents with AC and all the amenities. (kayaks.co.il). The Sea of Galilee area is a glamping site hotbed. The Maya Glamping site (Maya means water in Aramaic), operated by the Olive Hotels chain, is located right by the shore and comprises 30 snazzy white tents, perfect for a family holiday by the water.

Kibbutz Mizra I Photo: PR

Hamat Gader I Photo: Ori Akerman



See the Sights I Family Holidays

Caravanos I Photo: Uri Golani

Caravan holidays | A magical adventure There are two types of caravan holidays: mobile and immobile. The latter involves arriving at a camp site and vacationing in a caravan that has been turned into a guesthouse. The first requires renting a caravan and attaching it to your car (or renting a car specifically for the occasion). Who is it for? This is great for adventurous families that aren’t afraid of the hard work a mobile caravan demands: unfolding the beds at night, keeping everything tidy, cooking meals, etc. This is most definitely a less pampering kind of holiday but it possesses a unique kind of charm. How much does it cost? From NIS 450 to NIS 1,500 a night. Where? Israel offers a variety of immobile caravan sites, one of them being in Timna Park in the south of Israel which offers double fully equipped caravans. The caravan site is nearby the park’s archeological sites, a café and hiking trails. Various companies rent out mobile caravans in Israel. Caravanos offers fully equipped European caravans that are great for a family vacation (caravanos.co.il). Caravantrek rents out mobile caravans together with personalized hiking tours. The caravans are fully equipped, including a table and chairs, a solar panel, a generator and 100L of water. The caravan adapts to cars equipped with a towing hook. (caravantrekil.com).

Selina Neve Zedek I Photo: PR

Hostels | Mingling with your fellow travelers

chain Selina , was born in Panama in the minds of two Israeli entrepreneurs who dreamt up the concept of a food emporium that would cater to all - digital nomads, tourists, passers-by, families, and couples - and would adapt and evolve according to its surroundings. Selina Neve Tzedek for instance, is stretched across three renovated structures dating back to the times of the Templars, each uniquely designed in accordance with the building’s architecture and artistic aura. Selina kibbutz Beit Oren on the other hand, situated in the Carmel region, is all about the spirit of healthy living and offers visitors a place not only to eat, but also to do yoga, enjoy live music and to serve as a meeting point for hikers. There are currently nine Selina spaces in Israel. (www.selina.com).

In the eyes of many, this is the only true way to travel. The idea is that the room needs to be merely functional while all spare time is spent in the communal areas or simply outside of the hotel. What was once a way for young penniless travelers to spend the night somewhere on the cheap, has become a mainstream way of vacationing for families looking for accommodation that is perfectly situated at winning prices. Who is it for? Families that enjoy meeting other people and don’t mind spartan conditions as long as the city’s attractions are closeby and easy to reach. How much does it cost? Prices start at NIS 500 a night. Where? The number one hostel chain in Israel is Abraham Hostels . Each Abraham hostel, be it in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth or Eilat, offers strategically positioned accommodation options for families at a good price. Stays can be paired with one of the activities offered by Abraham Tours, such as workshops, sightseeing tours, and hikes. (abrahamhostels.com). The idea behind the hospitality

Abraham Hostel I Photo: Aviv Tishler


1977, Yaakov Agam created a room that is still on a display at the Pompidou Museum, Paris

Enjoy Agam's Art ALSO IN ISRAEL

You are invited to experience the colorful and unique art of Yaakov Agam , founder of the Kinetic Art Movement, at the largest international center for kinetic art in the world in his hometown of Rishon Lezion. Agam's interactive art engages and fascinates all ages and audiences, constantly transforming art, color and light. Perfect for families, FITs and groups. Special rates for travel agents.

Address: 1 Meishar St. Rishon Lezion Opening hours: Mon, Tues, Wed 10:00-16:00 Thurs 16:00-20:00 Fri, Sat 10:00-14:30

Te l : 0 3 - 5 5 5 5 9 0 0 y a m a . c o . i l

See the Sights I Family Holidays

Hotel suites | Holidaying in the big city

BoBo Hotel, Tel Aviv I Photo: Max Kovalski

Orient Hotel, JerusalemI Photo: Asaf Pinchuk

Vacationing in a big city, be it Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem, appeals to many families as it offers so many different options and experiences. There are so many museums, theatres, heritage sites and attractions to discover in Israel’s main cities, alongside an abundance of great restaurants too of course. How much does it cost? The sky’s the limit - some hotel suites can cost thousands and thousands just for a night. Where? The BoBo Hotel (operated by the Brown Hotels group) is perfectly located for an urban Tel Aviv vacation, just a stone’s throw from Rothschild Boulevard. The hotel offers two types of spacious and pampering family suites. The first comes in the form of one large room and the other, dubbed the Presidential Suite, is composed of two separate spaces stretching across 120 m² of sheer luxury: it has its own grand piano, extensive Who is it for? Families seeking to experience the pulse and atmosphere of a big city.

bookcases, and a lavish bathroom. The jewel of the BoBo hotel is its rooftop pool and jacuzzi, situated on the 14 th floor, and its chef’s restaurant and lounge bar, helmed by chef Meir Adoni, are unmissable. (brownhotels.com). The view from the Orient Hotel , operated by the Isrotel hotel chain in Jerusalem’s German colony neighborhood, is quintessentially Jerusalemite. This luxury hotel comprises more than 200 rooms, including family suites and a rooftop pool overlooking the sites of the

ancient city. (Isrotel.co.il). Eilat is Israel’s ultimate vacation city. U Splash Resort , operated by the Fattal hotel chain makes it possible for families to spend entire vacations in the resort without having to leave it even once. The hotel offers numerous rooms and family suites, a water park, live entertainment, a children’s and teens’ club with myriad games and activities, swimming pools, a spa, copious meals available round-the clock, extensive space, with everything styled according to a Mexican-desert themed design. (fattal.co.il). ■

U Splash Resort, Eilat I Photo: Aya Ben Ezri


ICHILOV medical center presents the guide

A breath of fresh oxygen The Tel Aviv SouraskyMedical Center's new oxygen chamber can cure complex medical conditions and be effective in cases where other types of treatment have failed.

Health Above all Else Prof. Ronni Gamzu

Is it a submarine? Or a plane perhaps? This is the type of

neurological and cognitive, fibromyalgia, sudden deafness, or sports injuries. Who should avoid this type of treatment? Oxygen chamber therapy isn't suited for patients taking chemotherapy medication, claustrophobia sufferers, pregnant women and more. What does oxygen chamber therapy involve? Treatment programs can include from 20 to 60 therapy sessions, depending on the diagnosis. Each session requires spending two hours inside the oxygen chamber for five consecutive days, from Sunday to Thursday. What do patients do while they're inside the chamber? Doctors recommend reading a book or solving a crossword. It's forbidden to introduce cellphones. It is also forbidden to eat, though drinking water is allowed. Some of the oxygen chamber schemes are covered by Israeli healthcare. More information: *8819, hyp@tlvmc.gov.il

Photo: Pini Siluk

question the unusual new clinic at the Ichilov Hospital may inspire at first glance. It looks like a giant iron tube with small windows inside - a set-up not unlike the plane you're on right now. What it is, is the hospital's brand-new hyperbaric oxygen chamber which treats patients by administering oxygen at high atmospheric pressure. What effects does this have on the body? The hyperbaric oxygen activates a mechanism that increases oxygen levels in the patient's blood and body tissue. This in turn encourages the production of new cells and channels the flow of oxygen to the areas in the body that are most in need of it, allowing wounds to heal and oxygen deprived body tissue to repair itself. Who can this treatment help? Doctors may suggest hyperbaric oxygen therapy to patients suffering from radiation injuries, nonhealing wounds,

Dear passengers, It is with great pleasure that I write these words of introduction to Ichilov

hospital's brand-new Health section here in Atmosphere magazine. It aims to enlighten readers about the extraordinary work our doctors are accomplishing at our medical center and the cutting-edge services we offer our patients. We named this monthly appointment with you - dear El Al passengers - "A Guide to a Healthy Life", because we believe that even though doctors and hospitals take care of the sick, our steadfast focus is on health. As one of Israel's leading medical centers, we see ourselves not only as medical professionals but as teachers and guides, committed to help Israeli citizens achieve and maintain healthier lives Each month, our articles will be filled with information designed to help you take the best healthcare decisions. I am positive our "Guide to a Healthy Life" will capture your interest, as you make your way to your holiday or business destination, or back home to Israel. I wish you a pleasant flight and above all else - health. Ronni Professor Ronni Gamzu is the CEO of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center - Ichilov Hospital

Listen to your heart

Recent technical innovation in the field of virtual diagnostics

detect artery stenosis and even more crucially, whether atherosclerosis, often a prelude to heart attacks, is developing or not, so that patients may be directed towards the right type of treatment before damage occurs". The test is particularly suited to patients that don't have a history of heart problems but may be experiencing chest pain or patients who though symptomless, possess certain risk factors that put them in danger of developing coronary atherosclerosis, such as high levels of fat in the blood, smoking or high blood pressure.

has made it possible to detect potential heart failure and prevent fatal outcomes from occurring. The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center treats patients seeking to undergo early detection by carrying out CT angiograms of the arteries, with the new Philips spectral scan, the "Spectral CT 7500 ", that allows for high image resolution and much less radiation. According to Professor Galit Aviram, head of Cardiothoracic Imaging at Ichilov hospital, "this test makes it possible to

to heal thy l iving

The oxygen chamber. encourages the production of new cells

Photo: Lior Zur

3D printed splints

About egg freezing

What's the hot topic of conversation among

A broken limb instantly conjures up visions of

and replace the uncomfortable plaster casts of old. Each individual splint is created according to a scan of the broken limb, in order to achieve optimal compatibility, freedom of movement and best of all - water resistance. 3D splints are currently able to treat wrist factures though more solutions are on the way. The service comes at a price

them for future use. How does it work? The egg freezing process is timed to coincide with the beginning of the menstrual cycle and ends about two weeks later. The process includes hormone injections, ultrasound scans, blood tests and the last step is the egg retrieval procedure. What are the side effects? Though the procedure is invasive, chances of complication are very rare.

young female singletons you may wonder? Why egg freezing procedures of course! women are born with a limited number of eggs that gradually decline with age, along with the chances of getting pregnant naturally. It's no wonder young and healthy women are increasingly choosing to freeze their eggs to preserve

itchy white plaster casts that blight childhood summers, as they mean no poolside fun and constant discomfort. Dr Solomon Dadia, orthopedic oncology specialist at Tel Aviv SouraskyMedical Center, has put a stop to this sad state of affairs: together with engineer Eran Golden, he has designed and created a 3D printer for splints and braces able to encase limbs

of 900 NIS, To make an appointment call: *8801.

Magazine I Interview

“Live shows are my home and my one true love” After two years at home and away from live audiences, Shlomo Artzi is finally free to roam the country’s theatres and stages. His “Artzi Tour” - a series of countrywide open-air concerts, has finally taken off and a brand-new album is on its way \ By Maya Cohen

Is there a more quintessentially Israeli singer than Shlomo Artzi? His music is so intrinsically identifiable with the common experience of Israeli life, that it has become its very soundtrack. His lyrics speak more for the Israeli experience than a thousand dissertations ever could, and his connection with his legions of fans often feels symbiotic in nature. Just before the pandemic put an end to live shows and concerts, Artzi had still managed to hold a mega concert celebrating his five decade-long career. As lockdowns fell upon the world in 2020, Shlomo Artzi was left housebound and alone, away from live audiences for the first time in years. Not getting off the stage Two years later, things have definitely changed. The summer of 2022 will see 72-year-old Artzi grace stages countrywide, his “Artzi Tour” in full swing, after launching in April. He’ll be giving shows in almost each one of Israel’s open-air venues (on July 14 th

he’ll be playing at the Modi’in Amphitheatre, on July 23 rd at Caesarea Amphitheatre, on July 28 th at the Ashdod Amphitheatre and on September 8 th at the Sultan’s Pool Amphitheatre in Jerusalem). The long-awaited “Artzi Tour” comes after a year of plans being done and undone a thousand times, by a series of Covid variants that paralyzed cultural life in Israel and across the world. Through the chaos, the thirst to get back on stage never left the veteran singer for it meant nothing less than getting back home. “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster”, he confesses with a smile. “You train yourself to accept that there are going to be times that you’ll have to stay home, away from the stage. But frankly, performing every week is just as much of an emotional rollercoaster. Time-outs can be good too, and there’s always that second before going back up there, where you wonder if you’ve still got it. But in the end, everything falls back into place.”

“The album, called “By the sea”, will include 14 songs. It has yet to be launched, as I’m still unsure about it. It’s not that I’m unsure about how good it is, it’s more a question of self-confidence. I keep wondering if this album will resonate with the world right now”


Our quick questionnaire

Favorite destination: If I could pick any destination right now, it would be Lisbon. A live show you attended abroad and would relive if you could: Anything at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Favorite food you’ve had abroad: A gelato I once had in Venice. An artist you’d fly over to see live: I think I’ve seen them all. Just before the pandemic started, I flew out to see Bruce Springsteen play and got to meet him after the concert. Somewhere you’ve never been and would like to visit: Alaska. A foreign language you’d like to learn: French. I understand it a little bit and would love to learn more.

How does it feel to get back on stage? Considering you’ve referred to it as “your home” in the past, do you appreciate it even more now? “Of course. Live shows are truly my home, my kingdom, my one true love. Imagine a love of yours had been taken from you, but you try to keep it alive inside of you, longing for the day it’ll be able to fully express itself again.” But things are different now - you don’t step into the crowd anymore to meet and hug the audience, a trademark feature of your shows in the past. “I think others have stepped in while I was gone”, he jokes, “so I’m taking a step back. I enjoy the change; it allows me to deeply concentrate on the songs and on what’s happening on stage. This way, I can give my absolute all to the performance itself”. And you don’t miss the physical hugs you used to get from the audience? “I feel the hugs just fine! No doubt

Photo: Gabriel Baharlia



Magazine I Interview

process behind his most beloved albums. He’s also taken part in a documentary series about his work which will soon be broadcast on the Israeli cable channel Hot 8. The series, includes rare footage from Shlomo Artzi’s personal family archive and interviews with the singer himself, members of his family and people who’ve worked with him along the way. “The podcasts are basically conversations between Yaron Shilon and me about ten of my albums.” (Yaron Shilon has been Artzi’s stage director for the past 16 years - M.C.). “Yaron chose the albums, and we talked about the memories I have of making them. It was a lot of fun and I documentary. I’m merely one of its interviewees and haven’t taken part in the making of it. As always, this type of thing gets me nervous, but honestly, I’m as curious about it as I am nervous. As a matter of fact, this whole profession of mine has always inspired as much curiosity in me as it has sheer panic - every single thing you put out there, people are going to dissect and judge. This time, I’m not the one who’s behind the wheel, and I’m not the one deciding what’s going to be said about my career. But I believe the documentary’s main focus is on how I overcame certain struggles and evolved through the years”. The last two years have taught us a lot. What’s one thing you’ve learned? “I’ve learned that there are no guarantees in life. It’s important to keep that in mind, to stay humble, hopeful and keep praying for better days”. ■ think they came out great.” And what was filming the documentary like? “First of all, it’s not my

Photo: Lior Nir

about that. There’s something very touching about feeling the audience connect with me emotionally, in their hearts and spirit - it’s palpable in the air we breathe. I feel their presence intensely.” Making a new album via WhatsApp Through the darkness of the pandemic years, there were many moments of hope and light. One of them came in the form of a new album, soon to be launched. Artzi worked on it while he was housebound, in remote collaboration with musician Dudu Tassa. The pair never even spoke. The whole enterprise was achieved via WhatsApp text messages - a whole new creation process. “We recorded the album remotely. I was in my home, and Dudu Tassa was in his, texting each other via WhatsApp every now and again. Later, I reworked the album a little and added three more songs to it. The album, called “By the sea”, will include 14 songs. It has yet to be launched, as I’m still unsure about it. It’s not that I’m unsure about how good it is, it’s more a question of self-confidence. I keep wondering if this album will resonate with the

world right now. While we were making it, a very strong bond was formed between Dudu and me. Being apart, communicating solely via text, probably rendered it even stronger. There was something transatlantic about the whole thing, one person being in one country, and the other in another, and still, they manage to create something beautiful together”. Will the album include songs you wrote during the pandemic? “I’ve left one song on it that refers specifically to lockdown. It’s called ‘All’s quiet in the room now’. It’s a bit of a strange song, with eclectic lyrics, but I think it’s a great song to listen to when you’re traveling. Some of the songs were recorded pre-pandemic.” Adapting to a changing world Artzi knows a thing or two about self-renewal. For decades, he’s been adapting and readapting to a world in constant evolution, identifying new trends and discovering new realms of activity. In the past year, aside from the music he’s recorded, he’s also taken part in a series of podcasts available on the Israeli radio station GalGalatz app, that focuses on the creative


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hot new Israeli restaurants to try this summer!

After two years in the pandemic’s shadow, Israel’s restaurant scene is experiencing a reawakening, with several new venues opening this year, restoring gloss and glamor to Israeli cuisine - from fine dining and sleek interiors to exceptional street-food markets and stalls \ By Sharon Ben-David

Photo: Itiel Zion

Fine dining | Olé Though chef Oren Assido first

Kosher chef’s restaurant | Lotte

Seeped in heritage, the Galei Kinneret hotel was founded in 1946 and is considered to be one of Israel’s most prestigious luxury hotels. It has welcomed prime ministers and heads of state, such as David Ben-Gurion (one of the hotel’s luxury suites is named after him), and Yitzhak Rabin and many more prestigious international figures. During the after Lotte Eisenberg, the hotel’s first CEO, is the jewel in the crown. Lotte is headed by chef extraordinaire Assaf Granit, who spent months researching local cuisine and locating the best Galilean produce. Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Kinneret landscape, typical regional dishes are served in the cheerful atmosphere Granit is a master at conjuring up. 1 Eliezer Kaplan boulevard, Tiberias Top dish Kinneret sardines with Turkish beetroot and sourdough bread pandemic, the hotel was renovated and restored to its former glory. The Lotte restaurant, named

achieved notoriety by winning the third season of Israel’s most beloved cooking reality TV show, “Game of chefs”, he’s been honing his talent for years. Celebrity chefs Assaf Granit and Meir Adoni spotted it immediately. Today, Assido stands at the helm of Olé, a chef’s restaurant that draws inspiration from all things

Mediterranean, from the flavors of Spain to those of Morocco. Olé is located in the newly launched

Top dish Raw fish

on tomato gazpacho with fennel seed grissini

Selina Hotel, next door to Tel Aviv’s also new, HaMesila Park. The menu relies on fresh seasonal ingredients and changes almost daily. The restaurant is exquisitely decorated in modern urban tones, the cocktails are seasonal, and the music is always perfectly synched to the atmosphere, offering diners a top notch uber-contemporary Israeli dining experience. 5 Shvil HaAtad, Tel Aviv

Photo: Noam Preisman


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