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מבנה המשפט בחיוב

Will + V 1

be + going to + V 1

I will call you tomorrow.

Dean is going to sing later.

מבנה המשפט בשלילה

I will not call you tomorrow. (will not=won ’ t)

Dean isn ’ t going to sing later.

מבנה המשפט בשאלת Yes/No

Is Dean going to sing later?

Will you call me tomorrow?

תשובות מקוצרות

Yes, I will Yes, he will Yes, she will Yes, it will Yes, we will Yes, you will Yes, they will

No, I won't No, he won't No, she won't No, it won't No, we won't No, you won't No, they won't

Yes, he is. No, he isn ’ t.

התשובות המקוצרות זהות למבנה התשובות במקוצרות של הפועל Be


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