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V 1 Teenagers love Madonna. am/is/are+Ving Dana is making dinner now.

am/is/are+V3 Madonna is loved by teenagers. am/is/are+being+V3 Dinner is being made by Dana.

Present Simple

Present Progressive

have/has+V3 We have bought the car.

have/has+been+V3 The car has been bought by us.

Present Perfect

V2 You broke that window.

was/were+V3 The window was broken by you.

Past Simple

was/were+Ving She was feeding the baby.

was/were+being+V3 The baby was being fed by her.

Past Progressive

had+V3 He had left her.

had+been+V3 She had been left by him.

Past Perfect

will+V 1 Dan will pay the money.

Will+be+V3 The money will be paid by Dan.


modal+V 1 The police can catch you.

modal+be+V3 You can be caught by the police.



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