Nurit Shany | Spiritual Awareness

Fighting Chance, Oil on canvas, 20 x 30 cm

We are living in a time of unprecedented connectivity, with 7.5 billion of us literally bumping into each other on this planet, and technology allowing us to converge with previously unimaginable speed and frequency ... But our consciousness (and our way of developing it) doesn’t yet match the way we’re living. For the last 5,000 years of human evolution, our spiritual work has been focused on deep internal connection - we close our eyes, go inward and, if we’re lucky, we contact a place of stillness and unity far beyond this world. What if there were a way to step into this level of spiritual connectedness while in full engagement with our world and with each other? Nurit Shany's art is a call for Mutual Awakening to the existence of multiple realities in every instance of life. A spiritual call for awareness that evolves a new attitude to any human community seen as a many fold existences: in – out, real – imagined, hidden – revealed, seen – concealed, yours – mine. Her art discovers the impact of a new point of view of the We-space through reflections. Shany's art is an eye opener aiming to connect human beings to the notion of unending existing parallel worlds.

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