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Addressing the Global Water Crisis: This is how Israeli Water Technologies can assist a world thirsty for solutions (Page 40 )

FoodTech is one of the hottest areas in Israeli industry: over 200 FoodTech startups innovate to create solutions for healthier, higher quality and more sustainable food (Page 34 )

A wide range of activities and resources at the Technion, are directed towards improving sustainability across a spectrum of fields – stretching from energy and transportation to agriculture,

MASHAV, Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sharing Israel's known expertise in Agriculture and Water with the world (Page 28 )

food, materials and many others (Page 16 )

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Join us to create a world where advancements in agrifood and medical tech truly transform lives, where innovation meets impact on our well-being, our food systems, and our climate. Trendlines is listed on the SGX (42T) in Singapore and the OTCQX (TRNLY) in the USA.

Investing to improve the human condition

Portfolio value with cumulative exit proceeds (As at 31.12.2022)

9.7X return and 175% IRR on exits Market cap: $70 million (17.07.2023) IFRS portfolio value: $89.8 million Non-IFRS portfolio value: $146.6 million Years’ investment and company building experience 16 56 Portfolio companies 20 Advanced-stage companies 10 Exits

A taste of our agrifood tech portfolio:

As Israel’s oldest and leading agrifood tech investor , we leverage our deep and wide experience to invest in exceptional agrifood companies for meaningful, sustainable impact on the entire food supply chain, from farm to fork.

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Opening Words

FoodTech | AgroTech | WaterTech

Dear Readers, W e are delighted to present to you the Second Issue of Isra-Tech Magazine, which deals with AgroTech, FoodTech and WaterTech. It is difficult to see how it is possible to innovate in these fields, since bread is bread and water is water, but nevertheless,

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the best minds in Israel are currently engaged in determining the possibilities of innovations and inventions in these areas as well. In AgroTech , Israel learned the hard way to get crops out of desert lands. Today, it offers, among other things, technologies of precision agriculture that increases the amount of crops from each field; technologies for locating groundwater, technologies for using unmanned aerial vehicles to control herds and crops, and more - all of these are improving global food security. In FoodTech , Israeli companies are engaged in the production of alternative proteins, and in the preservation and improvement of food value, and more. Israel's WaterTech enable smart irrigation, management and purification of water and detection of leaks - all of these help the world preserve and protect this precious resource. More than 1 , 000 companies are engaged in these fields in Israel. These offer a fascinating variety of innovative solutions and inventions. In this publication you will also find an option to cooperate with these companies as investors. Isra-Tech magazine is a quarterly publication and is distributed in cooperation with the Israel Export Institute, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Trade Administration of the Israeli Economy & Trade Ministry, The Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, as well as the organization of Binational Chambers of Commerce. We wish you an enlightening and interesting read. You are welcome to contact us with any questions or suggestions at: Sincerely yours,

Producer and Editor: Inbal Peleg

Editing: Abraham Yehuda

Art Director and Designer: Noa Cohen

Isra-Tech Magazine is promoted by Israel Export Institute, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Economy and Trade ministry, as well as the organization of the Binational Chambers of Commerce and other relevant organizations and NGO’s. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information given in this magazine is accurate and has been received from reliable sources, the publishers / editor do not hold themselves liable in any way whatsoever for any inaccuracy / inaccuracies that may have been published inadvertently. The copyrights to all the photos appearing in the magazine belong to the photographers, the companies that provided them and/or the photo bank from which they were purchased.

Inbal Peleg CEO of Paprika Productions Ltd Tel Aviv

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023


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INDIA Israel's FoodTech Industry | Looking for new alternatives to traditional food IVC Data and Insight | Intelligent Data, Valuable Analysis, Clever Insights Israel’s Foodtech Landscape | Dramatic Growth Fostered by Healthy Investments & Governmental Support WaterTech | Sector Cover Israel Export Institute | Partnering for Success ES Rubber | Leading in Global Elastomeric Solutions Israel Export Institute | Addressing the Global Water Crisis Paprika Productions | Your Marketing Manager to the Israeli Market BEEFREE Agro | Autonomous Flying Cowboys The Trendlines Group | Investing to improve the Human Condition Opening Words AgroScout | Revolutionizing Agriculture with Next-Generation AI Technology Foreign Trade Administration | Water Resilience & Emergency Preparedness 23 Event Sustainable Development | LR Group help in Alleviating Hunger, Energy Deficiency and Water Scarcity EZMEMS | Edge Multi-Sensing Technology Sensoil | Realtime Environmental Monitoring and Groundwater Protection Bermad | A Leading Global Player in Water & Flow Management Solutions Green Technion | Accent on ‘Green’ at Israel’s Leading Technology Institute AgroTech | Sector Cover The Trendlines Group | Providing Agtech Companies the Platform to Accelerate Growth Israel's AgroTech Sector | Growing Yields and Profits Etza Agriculture | Fusion of technology and experience into success Agro-Visions | Join us in Unlocking Partnership Opportunities Haifa Group | Revolutionizing Plant Nutrition for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Vertical Field | Expanding the possibilities of indoor precision farming Year-Round Cultivation of High-Quality Produce | Profit Agro's Hydroponic Solutions Let there be Water | MASHAV's shared responsibility approach FoodTech | Sector Cover

Centers of Excellence in Agriculture Establishing dozens of demonstration centers which serve as a platform for training, extension and transfer of new Israeli technologies RWANDA



FoodTech | AgroTech | WaterTech

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Next Generation AI Technology

Leaf-level image recognition algorithms enhance revenues of food processors, agro retailers and chemical companies

promptly sprayed the affected area to combat the late blight outbreak. Within one week, the disease was confirmed to be entirely eradicated from the treated field, validating the effectiveness of the grower's rapid response. The swift action saved over 3 tons of crops per hectare,

L ong story short: In the rapidly evolving landscape of agriculture, AgroScout, an AI-powered platform, is driving a paradigm shift in crop management. With advanced features and a commitment to sustainability, AgroScout empowers growers worldwide. Providing multilingual support

resulting in substantial financial gains, estimated to be worth tens of thousands of dollars. AgroScout's technology played a critical role in the rapid identification and response to the late blight outbreak, preventing further spread and minimizing potential loss in yield.

to farmers worldwide, AgroScout is active in more than 20 countries and supports 30 different languages. AgroScout collaborates with key stakeholders such as food processors, agro retailers, and chemical companies, aiming to improve supply chain efficiency, product quality, and profitability. Innovative AI Technology: AgroScout leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide farmers with real-time insights into their crops. Through leaf-level image recognition algorithms, the platform offers accurate field scouting information based on data collected from smartphones, drones & satellites that enables data-driven decision-making, optimizing resource allocation, and maximizing crop yields. According to a recent case study - AgroScout Enables Swift Response and Significant Yield Protection Against Late Blight in Brazilian Potato Fields. In February 2023 , a potato grower in Parana, Brazil, utilized AgroScout's technology to scout his potato fields for pests and diseases, leading to a crucial discovery. During the mid-season assessment, a high-infestation level of late blight was identified in one field, covering 15 hectares, posing a significant threat to the crop. With the aid of AgroScout's technology, the grower

Keeping an eye on the environment: AgroScout prioritizes sustainability, helping growers monitor their crops more effectively while minimizing pesticide and fertilizer applications, optimizing irrigation and conserving precious resources. Reducing the carbon footprint: Agriculture significantly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. AgroScout plays a crucial role in mitigating this impact by optimizing farming practices. In a recent case study conducted on a corn crop in Goias, Brazil, AgroScout's carbon - in setting approach led to a remarkable 61 % reduction in chemical usage. By only spraying the identified infected areas, the platform saved the grower money and significantly decreased greenhouse gas emissions. AgroScout HQ is located in the Northern Galilee region of Israel. Our global offices are located in Canada, the USA, Brazil, Mexico and Morocco.

For more information:

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023

Innovating Global Agriculture with Sustainable Solution

Monitor crops, detect pests, and optimize yields - all from the palm of your hand

Get Started with AgroScout Now!

Increase Yields, Reduce Pests, and Embrace Sustainability. Explore AgroScout at


International Water Event

FoodTech | AgroTech | WaterTech

Water Resilience & Emergency Preparedness 23 Event Dozens of international delegations, along with local representatives of Israeli and international companies, visited the first Water Resilience & Emergency Preparedness event that was held recently in Israel

W ater Resilience & Emergency Preparedness (WREP) 2023 was an event held for the first time in Israel in its current format. The event was the first significant international water event in the country after not holding one for several years. The event was organized by the Foreign Trade Administration in the Ministry of Economy and Industry, including Matan Safran, the Economic Attaché to Turkey, Guy Kriger from the Trade Policy Division, and Asaf Argov from the Export Promotion Division, in association with Israel Export Institute. WREP 2023 hosted dozens of delegations with a

variety of international participation, along with local representatives of Israeli and International companies having presence in Israel. More than 200 international guests attended the event, after receiving personal invitations through our global Economic and Trade Mission, headed by the Ministry’s Attaches who worked to promote the conference on the international stage. Interestingly enough, most international guests came from Asia-Pacific region, a part of the world that up until recently had just a few issues with water distress and scarcity. During the event, a total of approximately 600 B 2 B

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023


meetings were held, facilitated and overseen by our team of Trade Officers who arrived with the delegations from abroad. About 300 meetings were scheduled before the event, with the rest being arranged on-site, with the assistance of the team. Preparations for the event were initiated in March 2023 , following an introductory meeting with representatives from all the relevant partners: Foreign Trade Administration, Israel Export institute, Israel Innovation Institute, members of the Water Community's Steering Committee, and senior figures in the industry. Discussions focused on the event's concept and branding, emphasizing the themes of "resilience" and "emergency preparedness". Initially planned as a boutique event for Europe, it quickly became a global one due to the exceptional challenges of climate change, which affected the water ecosystems of almost all countries. The event focused on water management at the government and local authority levels, combining a main day of lectures and B 2 B meetings with two additional days of tours.

tour day. While exceeding all expectations, the logistical preparations, including transportation and meals, were planned to accommodate the large number of guests. The Shafdan tour included a demonstration of emergency preparedness technologies and infrastructures conducted by the Israeli Water Authority and a visit to 'Igudan' (Dan Regional Association for Environmental Infrastructure) Visitors’ Center. A short and engaging lecture by Danny Greenwald from the Water Authority followed the tour, prompting numerous questions from the audience. After the Shafdan tour, the guests split into three groups: one visited the Cyber Park in Be'er Sheva, where they learned more about how the State of Israel is successfully challenging the threats to its critical water infrastructure. The other two groups visited the Desalination facilities in Sorek and Palmachim – two of the largest facilities in Israel, and the world – 150 M m 3 /year in Sorek A, 200 M m 3 /year in Sorek B and 90 M m 3 /year in Palmachim. The second day of the tour began with a visit to the wastewater treatment facility in Modi'in, followed by

Photos: Israel’s’ Foreign Trade Administration

The event featured 45 Israeli water companies, with the sponsorship and participation of Mekorot (the Israeli national water company) and the Water Authority, showcasing their technological solutions to hundreds of key decision makers internationally. The guests represented various sectors, including public and national or municipal water authorities, private companies, and more. The central event took place at the Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv, with 45 Israeli companies

Matan Safran

Asaf Argov

Guy Kriger

showcasing their products and even presenting live demonstrations. The event included a professional seminar, held in the conference hall, featuring speakers from leading industries. This was followed by four roundtable discussions on various topics held in private meeting rooms, allowing in-depth discussions between the parties. Throughout the day, ongoing B 2 B meetings were held in the designated business zone with continuous support from the international team of officers from the Foreign Trade Administration. Prior to the event, a preliminary mapping of top-tier meetings with expected VIP attendees was conducted, and specific schedules were created. These meetings took place in dedicated meeting rooms and elicited very good feedback from both the Israeli companies and the international VIP’s. Around 130 conference participants took part in the first

presentations from several water companies specializing in infrastructure protection, leak detection, and water quality monitoring. The event concluded with a comprehensive tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, allowing participants to experience the city's historical significance. The Foreign Trade Administration invites you to contact the nearest Economic & Trade Mission to find out about the next event suitable to your company!

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FoodTech | AgroTech | WaterTech LR Group

Sustainable Development: LR Group help in Alleviating Hunger, Energy Deficiency and Water Scarcity

Greenhouses in Papua New Guinea

LR Group is a Global Leader that works together with local communities enabling them to make the most of their natural resources | Abigail Koper

F or nearly four decades, LR Group has been at the forefront of rural development, addressing the pressing challenges arising from a growing global population and limited resources. With a strong commitment to sustainability, LR Group has undertaken numerous transformative projects worldwide. Tackling the critical issues of global hunger, energy deficiency, and limited access to clean water, LR Group has established projects in developing countries across various fields such as food security, agriculture, water management, clean energy, and healthcare. Collaborating closely with local communities, governments, sustainable funds and private investors. These initiatives leverage cutting-edge technologies developed in Israel. By integrating innovative solutions, LR Group empowers communities and enhances their resilience. These projects prioritize long-term sustainability and have a lasting impact on the livelihoods of those involved. LR Group's dedication to sustainable development continues to drive positive change, providing hope for a more equitable and prosperous future.

“Our vision is to help local communities thrive by helping them build a whole ecosystem around their human and natural resources”, said Noga Lustig, the CFO of the Herzliya, Israel-based firm. “This in turn improves their standard of living by providing them access to the most basic amenities, trains them with the necessary tools for self-sufficiency”. Helping villages and regions battle aridity and famine "For over 30 years, LR Group, owned by Israeli entrepreneurs Ami Lustig and Roy Ben Yami, has been focusing on advanced Rural Development methodologies and practices, to create secure sources of food, water, energy, and health for rural populations, enhancing their livelihood and economic growth”, said Lustig. “LR has been involved in impact projects since 1985 , making vision reality by delivering the major SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) determined by the UNGA (United Nations Development Group). Photo: Roni Herman

Noga Lustig

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023

"LR took the advantage of the Israeli agriculture settlement experience", Lustig said. "When Israel was founded 75 years ago, its settlers faced the stark reality of a land that had an acute shortage of natural resources. There was no agriculture, no water, no food security. “Israel has a relative advantage in tackling rural development”, Lustig said. “The nation had to create everything from scratch, create its own food security, which was based on agricultural rural communities. Using ingenuity and developing innovative technologies, these rural settlements were instrumental in jumpstarting the nation’s economy in the 1950 s”.

Photo: LR Group

An agro-industrial center in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Over $2.5 billion worth of sustainable development projects globally

LR Group has also specialized in deploying off-grid solutions for health, education, and commerce in remote areas. The E-Cube, a container equipped with solar panels, produces its own electricity to provide essential services such as medical clinics, online study centers and communal refrigerator rooms. The first E-Cube was launched in Nigeria and several more will be placed in Cameron, Papua New Guinea, and Colombia. An additional development created by LR Group is a tailor-made Solar Power Irrigation and Fertilization System, which enables small farmhouses and large-scale agricultural projects worldwide to produce a second annual cycle of crops, in the dry season, cutting back on the high costs and environmental impact of diesel generated irrigation. Over the years, LR Group has set up over $ 2 . 5 billion worth of sustainable development projects globally,

It is this out-of-the-box thinking and knowledge that LR Group has been exporting to nations around the world, including to African and South American regions, Asia, and Oceania, helping locals set up a long list of prosperous ventures and the infrastructure for economic and social growth. "The firm’s access to the most advanced Israeli technologies and methodologies and its focus on bringing “We tailor projects to stakeholders’ needs from inception to conclusion", explained Lustig: "from the initial feasibility study to providing the finance, engineering, procurement, and construction teams, through operation, marketing and management of the project. Our teams sometimes continue to work on the project for a number of years post completion, to ensure that all ventures are sustainable”, she said. Among its projects, LR Group initiated the setting up of a global cocoa company focused on improving key elements in cocoa production and processing. Bean & Co today has cocoa plantations in South America, Africa and Oceania that provide extension services to smallholders, enabling them to triple the yield and increase revenues from their plantations. By up-cycling the whole cacao fruit, which enables the production not only of cacao beans but also of fibers and cacao pulp, it turning waste into food. Photo: LR Group economic and social independence to the communities it works with are what make LR Group so unique", Lustig said.

with over 100 projects in the agricultural industry and rural development, helping boost yield per hectare by an average of four times. “We have established a superb track-record of sustainable projects created through our joint ventures with local communities”, said Lustig. “Our objective is to foster self-sufficiency in every community, ensuring their independence while

Photo: Eli Atias

Roy Ben Yami and Ami Lustig

minimizing reliance on imports. As we embark on this mission, we recognize that there are still numerous formidable challenges we need to overcome.”

For more details: ● + 972 - 9 - 9612000



FoodTech | AgroTech | WaterTech

EZMEMS' edge multi-sensing technology features exceptional measurement performance and robustness, combined with advanced connectivity. This allows for seamless integration into existing systems, facilitating reliable and high performance sensing of multiple physical parameters. The result is a cost-effective analytical framework that empowers various industries to leverage top-tier AI solutions and gain valuable insights from the collected data. EZMEMS presents disruptive edge multi sensing and connectivity solutions tailored for fluidic applications. This cutting-edge technology can measure pressure, flow, temperature, turbidity, conductivity, and pH using a single, cost-effective device. The sensors are thoughtfully designed for easy handling and replacement, facilitating efficient monitoring of fluid quality and system performance. Through strategic partnerships, EZMEMS collaborates with leading companies, seamlessly integrating its cutting-edge edge multi-sensing technology into their FoodTech, AgroTech, and WaterTech systems. The extraction of high-quality data and sensor fusion ensures the generation of critical and meaningful insights for quality management, performance, and efficiency, making it an indispensable solution for mission-critical applications.

EZMEMS – Edge Multi Sensing Technology High-Performance Data & Sensor Fusion in FoodTech, AgroTech and Water Systems

E ZMEMS is revolutionizing situational awareness with its disruptive edge multi-sensing technology. In Foodtech, Agrotech and Water systems, situational awareness requires high-performance data and sensor fusion from critical points in the process, known as edge points. Traditional sensing solutions are often bulky and expensive, making integration challenging where it matters most. EZMEMS offers a sustainable and low-cost approach to the fabrication, integration, and connectivity of high performance and versatile sensors that sense multiple physical parameters in one device. This results in a compact, connected, and cost-effective solution that transmits high-quality data and sensor fusion from the edge points of the system. EZMEMS' disruptive edge multi-sensing technology enables deterministic, reliable, and versatile sensing of multiple physical parameters at the edge points of systems. This opens up new possibilities for cost-effective and high-quality analytics and AI solutions. EZMEMS converts a bulky integration of a bundle of expensive packaged sensors into a fully integrated high-performance multi-sensing system in a single device EZMEMS’ multisensor for fluidics (pressure, flow, temperature, turbidity, conductivity, and pH)

For more information:

Our mission is to extract high quality data by edge multi sensing to enable cost-effective and high-quality analytics and AI solutions

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023



FoodTech | AgroTech | WaterTech

Safeguarding Groundwater Realtime Environmental Monitoring and Groundwater Protection

T he recent 2023 World Bank Water Report states that “Groundwater underpins the development of agriculture, cities, and critical ecosystems”. Despite numerous discussions about the world’s main natural

Sensoil’s VMS is implemented in diverse applications including: Groundwater Research, Management and Protection; Agritech; Earthen Dam Safety; Land and PFAS Remediation and Smart Mining. "Early-Warning" Tool

source of water, proactive groundwater management, recharge and protection are significantly lacking. Sensoil’s solution generates and provides operational data and analyses for the management and protection of the earth’s most important natural water resource: groundwater. Proactive Decision-Making for Groundwater Protection At the core of Sensoil's proven solution lies the Vadose-zone Monitoring System ™ (VMS), which unlocks unprecedented potential for pre-emptive groundwater contamination prevention. VMS provides critical hydrological and chemical information on water percolation velocities and contamination migration fluxes in the unsaturated zone. Sensoil’s samples, data and analyses offer unparalleled insights into potential contamination processes in the subsurface above the aquifer before they occur.

VMS is recommended by government and regulatory agencies worldwide. Over 150 systems have been installed spanning five continents. Research institutions; national water bodies; industrial corporations; engineering companies and governments rely on Sensoil's robust technology. Is the Invisible Visible? Protecting groundwater and preserving the environment becomes a tangible and cost-effective reality with Sensoil's Vadose-zone Monitoring System. In 2022 , UNESCO and the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC), led the “Groundwater: Making the invisible visible” campaign. This is exactly what Sensoil does. Innovation Steeped in Research A culmination of over 15 years of research, Sensoil's technology heralds the era of accessible environmental monitoring, fostering sustainability and responsible water resource management. As an IT company, Sensoil Innovations has harnessed sub-surface

Installation of Sensoil’s Vadose-zone Monitoring System (VMS) sleeve

Harnessing the Power of VMS Data Analysis

Sensoil goes beyond conventional monitoring systems by placing utmost importance on data analysis, using cloud based application. Sensoil's data analysis

Sampling via VMS Control Panel at Denmark's National PFAS remediation testing site. Sensoil is a partner in the EU funded SCENARIOS consortium

services enable early detection, effective mitigation strategies, and timely interventions before contamination threatens aquifer quality.

technologies developed at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, led by co-founders Prof. Ofer Dahan and David Waxman.

For more information: ● ● ● + 972 - 9 - 978 - 3273 Click here to watch Sensoil’s work in progress

August 2023 Israeli Technologies Magazine Isra-Tech



FoodTech | AgroTech | WaterTech

BERMAD: A Leading Global Player in Water & Flow Management Solutions

B ERMAD is a leading, privately-owned global company that designs, develops and manufactures tailor-made water & flow management solutions. These include state-of-the-art hydraulic control

Dedicated to precision engineering and ongoing support

With an understanding that comprehensive water flow management solutions are only as effective as

valves, air valves, controllers and advanced metering solutions. Founded in 1965 , we have spent over 58 years interacting with the world’s major end users and have accumulated knowledge and experience in multiple markets and industries. Today, we are recognized as pioneers and an established leading global provider of water & flow management solutions that

their smallest component, we design, develop and manufacture all hydraulic control valves, air valves and advanced metering solutions in-house according to the most stringent quality standards. This dedication to innovation, precision, quality and reliability enables us to adapt and customize our solutions to meet almost any customer needs; to constantly


BERMAD’s turnkey water supply solution for the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea, Israel

offer our customers unprecedented operational efficiency, superior quality, durability and the performance they need to meet the demanding challenges of the 21 st century. Customized for the unique needs of multiple sectors Incorporating advanced water & flow management capabilities, our best-of-breed solutions have been carefully customized to meet the unique needs of multiple sectors and have proved themselves in every level of the irrigation, waterworks, buildings & construction and fire protection industries. Operating globally for your peace of mind Our extensive integrated global network provides our customers with exceptional service and peace of mind. With 14 globally-dispersed subsidiaries and distributors as well as direct presence in over 85 countries, we have built a reputation for top-quality sales and after-sales service supported by highly-trained and dedicated professionals. This global reputation enables us to make a significant contribution in the world arena, and take part in multiple large-scale international projects. From the Channel Tunnel to the 3 Gorges Dam in China, and the irrigation fields of Asia and South America to the oil fields of the North Sea and the Persian Gulf, governments and private sector partners around the world rely on our solutions for all their water & flow management needs.

integrate the latest and most reliable manufacturing techniques into our processes; and to provide every customer with excellent comprehensive commercial and technical support before, during and after installation. Helping to manage the world’s most precious resource At BERMAD, we understand that the efficient and smart management of our planet’s most precious resource is as vital as the resource itself. Thisunderpinsourcommitmenttodesigning,manufacturing and supplying water & flow management solutions that help reap the full benefits of every single drop of water. Our dedication to our customers is matched by our commitment to the environment. In addition to offering comprehensive solutions that maximize the usage efficiency of water and other resources, we are constantly searching for new and better manufacturing materials and methods to ensure sustainability. As a result, our products comply with the most stringent international environmental standards and certifications.

For more information: Phone: + 972 - 4 - 985 5311 ●

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023

Grow with our experience Irrigation Water Supply Solutions

BERMAD’s Solutions Cover the Entire End-to-end System


FoodTech | AgroTech | WaterTech The Technion

Green Technion – Accent on ‘Green’ at Israel’s Leading Technology Institute The Technion - one of Israel's leading science and technology research universities - established a Sustainability Frontier: a central body tasked with coordinating and expanding the university’s numerous programs that help mitigate climate change

“T he climate time-bomb is ticking,” António Guterres, the U.N.’s Secretary General says. At the Technion, a wide range of activities and resources are directed towards improving sustainability across a spectrum of fields – stretching from energy and transportation, to agriculture, food, materials and many others. To more efficiently oversee and coordinate all of these diverse ventures, the Technion established a Sustainability Frontier: a central body tasked with coordinating and expanding the university’s numerous programs that help mitigate climate change.

In addition to the relevant research pursued at almost every Technion department, the Sustainability Frontier’s purview includes academic courses and other educational

projects, as well as entrepreneurship and technology transfer, collaborations with both the public and private sectors, and more. It is headed by Prof. Avner Rothschild of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Green Research The scope of “green” research projects at the Technion campus is vast. Approximately 200 faculty members from many different fields, including chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, chemical engineering, materials engineering, food engineering, civil and environmental engineering, architecture and town planning, and more, are tackling the diverse challenges to our planet. They are working on converting solar energy into clean, storable hydrogen and electricity; designing biodegradable foams for packaging; utilizing microbiological additives to engineer "self healing" concrete; applying Big Data analytics to optimize indoor energy consumption behaviors; generating electricity from seaweed; and innovating nanofiber catalysts for the conversion of CO 2 into alternative fuel, to name just a few studies.

H 2 PRO: a new era of green hydrogen production. (L-R): Prof. Gideon Grader, Avigail Landman , Prof. Avner Rothschild and Dr. Hen Dotan - all from the Technion

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023

Technion development - water desalination using vertical wind turbines

Cultured meat and alternative proteins conference at the Technion

Green Innovation From scientific discoveries, to applied technologies. T 3 , the Technion’s technology transfer office, is an important link between academia and industry. Its task is to help budding entrepreneurs commercialize sustainable, high-impact

tech hackathon, focused on coping with extreme heat waves in urban areas. The event, organized by t-hub, the Technion Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, in collaboration with the Technion Sustainability Center, the Social Hub, and the Technion Student Association, offered students a hands-on experience of understanding the specific challenge, and developing solutions. The winners, ‘SOLARit’ team, proposed a technology which enables the supply of electricity during power outages by using heat from water in solar water heaters. The team also represented the Technion at the international “Green Challenge” hackathon in Denmark. Green Collaboration Among the Technion’s many collaborations on climate related topics, the most recent is with the Israel Innovation Institute’s PLANETech community. Researchers from different academic departments whose studies relate to FoodTech, water, energy and materials, are now meeting with entrepreneurs and investors interested in Climate Tech. The two groups will tackle the important, high impact challenge of how to accelerate the translation of scientific breakthroughs into applications that will help fight the climate crisis.

inventions. Two of the Technion-born companies that have recently made the headlines are H 2 PRO – a green hydrogen start-up which uses innovative green energy technology developed by Prof. Avner Rothschild, Prof. Gideon Grader, and Dr. Hen Dotan, to produce hydrogen efficiently, inexpensively and safely; and Aleph Farms, a food-tech start-up dealing in cultured meat, which has recently managed to produce the world’s first cell-based ribeye steaks, relying on technology developed by Prof. Shulamit Levenberg. Green Campus The fight against climate change is not limited to the laboratories, but permeates every aspect of Technion campus life. Disposable utensils have been replaced by reusable ones, smart air conditioning regulates the temperature inside classrooms, and recently, the Technion is conducting a comprehensive survey aimed at assessing its total carbon footprint. The study analyzes not only electricity and water use, but also transportation, waste, and other areas that impact the environment. Green Education Among the many activities Technion students engage in to tackle climate change, one can name a recent climate

For more information:


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AgroTech Investments

The Trendlines Group – Providing Agtech Companies the Platform to Accelerate Growth

W e had the good fortune of interviewing Dr. Nitza Kardish, CEO of Trendlines Agrifood Fund. The Fund’s general partner, The Trendlines Group, is Israel’s leading and most senior investor in the agrifood tech space. Trendlines currently has a portfolio of 10 agrifood companies and is publicly listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange ( 42 T) and on the OTCQX in the USA (TRNLY). What was the impetus for investing in Agtech? My early roots in agriculture began at Mikveh Israel Nitza Kardish, PhD, Weighs in on Agrifood Tech – Past, Present & Future

and to generate interest for this hugely important sector. Firstly, we mapped out the markets and the players, as well as defined our investment strategy and began to invest in a portfolio of companies. We also needed to communicate our mission outwards, and this is why Trendlines established the AgriVest Conference, which is happening this November 6 th for the 11 th time and is widely regarded as one of the leading global conferences of the sector. What do think will be the drivers of growth for the sector in the future? A big factor that will continue to drive most of the trends in agrifoodtech stems from the urgent need to make food production, from farm to plate, more sustainable. About 30 % of climate change is attributable to food

Photos: Trendlines

School. I later completed my PhD in plant genetics at Tel Aviv University and did post-doctoral research at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Investing in agrifood tech was a natural transition from academia to business. I happened to meet with Steve Rhodes, CEO of The Trendlines Group, when he was looking to expand the activities of the Group. Our ideas and visions on agrifood technology investing aligned. We were both excited about the fact that it was a largely untapped sector and enthusiastic about the mission of feeding the world in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly

production, and agricultural and food industry practices must change. Both consumers and governments will demand that food production follow sustainable practices, ensuring enough supply, but assuring that sources reduce greenhouse gas emissions and don’t use unsustainable production methods. Can you tell us about some of the big industry challenges and Trendlines' most interesting investments addressing them? Concern for the environment, animal welfare and growing awareness of the link between nutrition and health has increased the

Dr. Nitza Kardish, CEO of Trendlines Agrifood Fund

demand for “future foods” and alternative methods of producing food and ingredients. Trendlines has invested in these amazing companies: Phytolon produces natural food colors through fermentation, providing a sustainable alternative, reducing land use, water consumption, and carbon emissions compared to agricultural-based methods. Celleste Bio produces high quality and high value cocoa ingredients using cell culture methods, eliminating the dependence on cultivation of cocoa trees.

way. Trendlines set up an incubator that started investing in the agrifoodtech sector in 2011 , long before it become a mainstream investment sector. At the time, both in Israel and internationally, there was little investor interest in the sector, even though Israel is renowned for its advances in agricultural technologies, largely developed out of the need for food security using meagre natural resources. What did you do to ramp up interest? We realized we needed to create an ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and strategists

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023

The AgriVest Conference, will be held on November 6 th, 2023

BioFishency markets technologies to enable the production of healthier seafood products, while lowering the carbon footprint, reducing costs, and saving resources. Hargol FoodTech produces superior high-protein ingredients from the world’s only commercial grasshopper farm. SOLVEAT creates unique nutritional solutions by introducing herbal compositions that transform ordinary foods into functional foods that target high impact medical conditions, such as diabetes. ● ● ● There is an urgent need for increasing crop and livestock production without harming the environment. Here are some cutting-edge companies in this sphere: EcoPhage protects plants from bacterial diseases using sustainable and effective, phage-based solutions. IBI-Ag produces a new type of bio-insecticide for selective insect control with no harm to farm workers, consumers, and the environment. AquiNovo has developed animal feed additives that improve animal health and result in producing more protein at a lower cost. ● ● ● Robotics, automation, and digitization allow farmers more efficient management of their businesses and will be increasingly used in agricultural tasks. These two companies are great examples: AgroScout has developed an AI-driven cloud-based

agronomy platform providing a full picture of crop health, allowing timely intervention to transform the food production supply chain. MetoMotion has developed an advanced robotics platform for precision greenhouse farming identifying fruit based on ripeness, and then picking and packing it. How can someone participate in the agrifood tech revolution? One of the ways is to purchase Trendlines shares. As noted, we are publicly listed in both Singapore and the US. Trendlines currently trades at a large discount to our book value, and an even greater discount – more than 50 % - to the non-IFRS value of our portfolio. Of course, an alternative is to invest directly into one of Trendlines' amazing agrifood portfolio companies. What are your hopes for the future? In the next decade we will see the innovative products developed in the last ten years becoming a reality and making a real change in how food is grown and brought to market. I think we will see the transition from an adventure called “agrifoodtech” to an industry that is applied globally and changes the way we produce, regulate, and consume food, and I expect Trendlines to continue to be at the forefront.

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AgroTech Israel's AgroTech Sector

Growing Yields and Profits

336 AgroTech companies are active these days in Israel. Out of them, 15 companies are either merged or acquired companies. About 38 % of these companies are already at the stage of Initial revenues, 44 % are in R&D stage and 8 % have reached the revenue growth. 10 % of the AgroTech companies in Israel are still in seed stage.

From humble beginnings in a region that was dominated by desert, Israeli farmers began to grow food amidst difficult conditions, but yet succeeded in overcoming the odds. Today, it has set benchmarks in converting arid land to agricultural land, in setting up new methodologies in supplying water for agriculture through drip irrigation, creation of precision agriculture that

From humble beginning in a region that was dominated by desert, the AgroTech sector in Israel is now working on creation of precision agriculture, integrating Artificial Intelligence and Unmanned Vehicles in the field work, and more

controls the amounts of water, fertilizers and minerals that must be added to the plants, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in field work, the assistance of unmanned aerial vehicles to control herds and crops and much more. Alongside these innovative practices, multiple new technologies have been introduced to grow more food, create hybrid fruits and vegetables, increase productivity, increase shelf life and to introduce new and innovative methods of processing food. Today, Israeli farming and agricultural methods serve as a standard bearer on a global scale: many countries have adopted these practices and have acquired Israeli consultancy and technology in agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, meat production including meat substitutes, as well as in methods of water sequestration, recycling and desalination. Of the companies in the AgroTech sector, 81 % are proper agricultural companies 9 % , of them are part of the Cleantech sector and 9 % of them are Life Sciences companies. Capital raised by these companies has grown from US$ 18 million in 2014 to US$ 66 million in 2021 and US$ 60 million in 2022 . Records over the last ten years have shown an average of 3 to 4 start-up companies launched each year in the sector.

The data is provided by IVC-Online

Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023

Etza Agriculture is a consulting and projects company, conducting projects worldwide. Etza Agriculture

We offer the best fit technology, according to your needs and goals.

Far beyond the establishment of the projects we also offer our vast experience and practical know-how, with a unique consultation package for optimal performance, combining visits and 24/7 remote supervision. Our staff has over than 30 years of agricultural experience in Israel and worldwide, well familiar with new technologies and practices. Greenhouses and open-field projects. Water treatments and desalination for agricultural and home use. Best of Israeli irrigation systems, to fit any project with any budget. Training farm centers for farmers and students, with special fit programs.

Fusion of technology and experience into success

Website: | Instagram: etzaagriculture Email: | WhatsApp: +972-54-5656306


AgroTech Agro Visions

Join us in Unlocking Partnership Opportunities

W ithin a few months of its establishment, Agro Visions has already invested in promising startups such as RumaFeed , a genetic editing provider optimizing potato haulm for livestock feed, ToBe , providing automated varroa control for varroa-free beekeeping, Treetoscope , developing precision irrigation through direct plant sensing, and Arugga , focusing on robots for individual greenhouse plant treatment and monitoring. As the world's population is projected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050 , ensuring global food supply is becoming increasingly challenging. Agriculture, the oldest human activity, has seen limited technological advancements in recent decades, leaving ample room for Israeli innovation to gain ground and for the "Startup Nation" to become dominant in the Agro/ HighTech revolution. Recognizing this opportunity, Agro Visions, a newly established VC fund, is offering international investors and VCs exclusive access to the transformative and sustainable potential of Israeli AgroTech and FoodTech startups. ● ● ● Benefitting from proximity to the Israeli market and attentive to global needs, Agro Visions enjoys access to a sizeable pipeline of investment opportunities. By investing in Israeli AgroTech and FoodTech innovation, international investors and VCs can contribute to a more sustainable future in agriculture, addressing the growing challenges of food supply and ensuring a thriving planet for future generations. Agro Visions, comprising founders from diverse backgrounds, prioritizes customer insights and product market fit as critical factors of success. The fund’s innovative model encompasses investment expertise, scientific breakthroughs, and direct access to farmers and end customers. Partnering with Bikurey Hasade,

Israel's leading fresh produce distributor, Agro Visions can rapidly validate product-market fit, pilot cutting-edge technologies, and conduct real-world retail testing. This invaluable knowledge helps investors thoroughly evaluate the viability, impact and ROI of potential solutions. ● ● ● The three managing partners of Agro Visions form a strong

investment team, each bringing a unique perspective. Izhak Nakar, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, leads a privately held VC specializing in early-stage cyber security and tech startups. Dr. Ido Schechter, an AgroTech expert and HighTech veteran with a Ph.D. in plant physiology, established and managed a VC fund investing in agricultural technologies developed at the Hebrew University. Ilan Sheva, Chairman and CEO of Bikurey Hasade, closely collaborates with farmers to understand market needs while leading Israel's largest distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Photos: Agro-Visions

A new VC fund offers international investors access to Israeli innovation and deal flow Dr. Ido Schechter Izhak Nakar

Agro Visions seeks to revolutionize agriculture through disruptive Israeli-based technologies that reimagine food and feed production, enhance agricultural efficiency, and promote sustainability. The fund is interested in technologies such as robots, drones, precise water management, IoT sensors and AI-powered analytics. Continuously scouting for the latest breakthroughs, Agro Visions serves investors and VCs seeking vetted opportunities for seed and pre-seed co-investment and fund-to-fund collaborations. For more information: ●


Isra-Tech Israeli Technologies Magazine August 2023

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