The University’s U-Tel reopened in the new Student Village on North Campus. Pictured: President Prof. Daniel Chamovitz and Director-General Tal Ben-Haim

Technologies, Innovation and Digital (TID) Division expanded its BGI (business intelligence) System to student management, using it to improve student registration. The University's Moodle learning platform moved to the cloud, improving response times, system availability, backup and security. We also rolled out TomaGrade, which allows professors to check exams and papers anywhere at any given moment. Finally, we launched a new multitouch, cloud-based digital marketing system to optimize and manage applicants’ experiences. The Operations Division focused on upgrading the living experience for BGU students. The Student Village on the North Campus is now at 97% occupancy, and we are currently housing information and communication technology soldier-students in a dedicated dormitory. Concurrently, we worked to improve dining experience at the Marcus Family Campus: over the summer, the central dining hall and its kitchens were renovated, with new furniture and an expanded menu. The Operations Division added dozens of new seating areas, swings, sunshades, and bicycle and motorcycle racks throughout our campuses. A new outdoor fitness

The Sylvan Adams Sports Center expansion should be completed this summer. The new center will be transformed by additional indoor swimming pools, a new cycling room and upgraded grounds and facilities, providing the student body and local community with a state-of-the-art fitness experience. WE HAVE PUT TOGETHER A MULTI-PRONGED PLAN FOR SUCCESS, INCLUDING AN INTEGRATED AND AGGRESSIVE MARKETING PLAN TO ENCOURAGE REGISTRATION At the same time, we have continued both groundwork and construction on the North Campus, enabling the expansion of existing disciplines and the establishment of new ones in line with national needs. Its 57 acres will allow us to accommodate a larger student body and an influx of soldiers and their families whose new bases are quickly moving to the region. We have already secured funding for several North Campus buildings, which is crucial to advancing our goals. As part of its long-term strategic plan, the University focused on upgrading its digital systems. The


President's Report 2023

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